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2 More *Big* Designers to Target, Gossip Girl Casting Call

Hello-Hello and happy day!

Oh my goodness, the witty and wonderful “Well I Do Declare” has been ever-so-kind and dubbed The Princess a Kreativ Blogger! Whoo-hoo!

While feeling utterly undeserving, we say “Thank You” and share 6 blogs that make our day brighter and better.

Tickled Pink & Green is always fun, especially her photo of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin in their Dancing with the Stars debut.

Mom x 2 is an outstanding writer who shares the wit and wisdom that help us keep things in perspective.

Lipstick at the Mailbox somehow (and we don’t know how) manages to find the time to create posts that are sheer bliss to read.

The Jewish Girl in WASPS’s Clothing is an extraordinary writer with insight usually found in much older individuals. We think she has an old soul in a young body. In our dreams we write like this.

The Southern Social is planning parties, sharing social activities with readers, and loving life in Atlanta.

Muffy Martini is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face while also providing some perspective on preppy life on the west coast.

We need to get ourselves updated here at the Prepatorium. We have fallen woefully behind on reporting some of Target’s newest collaborations, as they are blockbusters. Both are by what many in the younger generation would call ‘hip’ designers, both are worn by a certain Presidential candidate’s spouse, and both will hit the Boutique Tarzjay smack-dab on a holiday.

The clues are in the photos that follow; in the first Michelle Obama wears a dress by Designer Number One.

Jae C. Hong/AP Photo

Jae C. Hong/AP Photo

His name is Thakoon Panichgul and Michelle Obama wore his creation (seen above) on the final night of the Democratic convention in Denver. She also wore a Thakoon design to the presidential debate at the University of Mississippi in September. Below, the Floral Inside-Out dress as seen on Ms. Obama and then at the eLuxury site, available for purchase for $1250.

Emmanuel Durand/AFP/Getty

Emmanuel Durand/AFP/Getty

The sportswear collection actually hits Target stores on Christmas Day, an odd choice to debut a collection, in our humble opinion. And how was it working with Target? In a story last week in WWD (Women’s Wear Daily):

“They were very easy to work with,” Panichgul said Saturday in Dallas. “They wanted a lot of prints, and I chose silhouettes that have done well in the past.”

Now, in this next photo she has on jewelry from Designer Number Two….

Rick Wilking /Reuters

Rick Wilking /Reuters

The Erickson-Beamon brooch is front and center on Ms. Obama’s dress (seen with daughters Sasha and Malia) worn at the Democratic Convention in Denver. BTW, the dress was one of the pieces worn by Ms. Obama from Chicago-based designer Maria Pinto. The brand, named for designers Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon, is only the fourth partner selected for a jewelry collaboration with Target.

Here we show the Erickson Beamon Flower Brooch in blue, available at Blue Bee for $303.

As for Erickson Beamon, their collection hits on Valentine’s Day next year, a day that is probaly a little more manageable for most in terms of shopping.  Here we see a more elaborate piece from the “I’m with the Band!” Collection, featuring crimson leather intertwined through the 22″ triple chain.

This is available at Electric Couture for $658. Next we show something Ms. Obama is probably more likely to gravitate toward, the Gold Leaf Cuff at Net-a-Porter for $525.

Moving on from the wacky world of politics to the bizarre land inhabited by Gossip Girl.

CW Courtesy Photo

CW Courtesy Photo

Perhaps the Gossip Girl production company has all of the extras they require for the  big party shoot this week… but perhaps not. If you are looking for some pocket change, the New York Craig’s List has an ad for extras to shoot Gossip Girl party scenes this week. The compensation is $85 for a ten-hour day, but one is required to BYOW, Bring Your Own Wardrobe.

“We are currently seeking women who can portray Upper East Side types between the ages of 18 and 28 with formal gowns in cool “icy” colors such as ivory, silver, light grey, slate, ice blue, ice violet, etc. We are also seeking gentleman who can portray 18-28 y/o with full traditional black tuxedos with ivory or buff colored vests.”

We’ll be looking for you on the little screen.


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7 Wacky Things, The Christie’s Goyard Auction

Hello-Hello on a splendid afternoon in The Great Midwest!

Because The Princess was tagged by the Call the Preppies In, you will now be subjected to 7 random facts!

1) Although selected for the Cheerleading squad in high school TP declined because she figure skated 3-6 hours a day.

Alessia Pierdomenico/Reuters

Alessia Pierdomenico/Reuters

2) Our previous dog was a Giant Schnauzer.  Above, this year’s Crufts Best in Show winner, Philippe, a Giant Schnauzer.  Below, our boy Phred; we had him thirteen years. Our current canine is Tilly, a rescued Bulldog, one photo below Phred’s.
Phred le Deux

Phred le Deux

3) My first media job was as a radio host while in college; in my last position I was the General Manager of a CBS affiliate.

Silly Tilly on Patrol

Silly Tilly on Patrol

4) Despite all evidence to the contrary, we really do know how to cook. Kind of.

5) The Palace is about to be swallowed whole by the paper blob, because we read all the time. All. the. time. The list of periodicals we subscribe to is obscene, not to mention the pile of books from the local library.

6) Speaking of….TP has worked on numerous campaigns (issues only, never candidates) including the last two local millage requests for libraries.

7) Fairly early in the television career I was producing a live television special. Shortly after breaking into programming, the primary talent took off his microphone and walked away saying, “I’m out of words.” What followed was not pretty.

We tag Bec’s Bohemia, the Landlocked Mermaid, Mom x 2, Fashion Addict, and Fashion Herald.

This afternoon we once again find ourselves wishing the Concorde were still flitting across the pond, Heathrow to JFK or Dulles, and then back again to Heathrow, or maybe de Gaulle depending upon one’s plans. That way only 3-1/2 hours or so of one’s life were lost to travel time…well, a little more because of customs and whatnot, but nothing like today’s travel trauma.

That would make the upcoming auction of Goyard bags and luggage at Christie’s Paris almost manageable. Almost being the operative word, but still…

This will be the 3rd Annual Auction benefitting cancer research efforts at the Curie Institut in Paris. 21 women from the fashion, sports and movie worlds were asked to customize an item from the Goyard collection.


Vahina Giocante design for Goyard auction

The notables participating include Elodie Bouchez, Cécile Cassel, Catherine Deneuve, Zoé Felix, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vahina Giocante, Chiara Mastroianni, Helena Noguerra, Linh-Dan Pham, Barbara Schulz, Audrey Tautou and Elsa Zylberstein. Bags will be on exhibit at Goyard on St Honoré.  Sigh. (The bag seen below is from a previous auction.)


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Anya Hindmarch Target Collection Early Release, Just Not at Target

Does the greeting card below remind you of anyone who calls you? We thought it might. It seemed appropriate to attempt humor again this afternoon, just in case the market craters again. The Princess is beginning to think she should start contacting friends, if only to leave messages on voice mail asking, “It’s 5pm…do you know where your trust fund is?”
Here in the corner condo at InterGalactic Headquarters for the Preppy Princess we are thinking that if financials start to augur in right before our eyes we may need to change channels. It is unlikely The Princess Consort is going to be desirous of talking us off the ledge again.
We do find the following story from The Hill interesting, although it would have been wise for editors to think through this particular title for the article:
House limits constituent e-mails to prevent crash

When we saw the title by itself we actually thought to ourselves “How can limiting email to the House of Representatives possibly prevent a crash on Wall Street?”  At any rate, the story explains the following:

“The House is limiting e-mails from the public to prevent its websites from crashing due to the enormous amount of mail being submitted on the financial bailout bill.

As a result, some constituents may get a ‘try back at a later time’ response if they use the House website to e-mail their lawmakers about the bill defeated in the House on Monday in a 205-228 vote.”

We feel validated; yesterday afternoon we thought our online activity was markedly slower than normal, and here in the office we are fortunate enough to have a T1 line. It didn’t make sense, but then, neither did most of yesterday.

One suggestion: do not even think about using email to contact your elected Representative in our nation’s capitol unless you enjoy the exploding brains experience. (Yes, it is quite tacky to have used such a expression but we are at a loss. No pun intended.)  We attempted to get to the main “Email Your Representative” page several times so as to better share the experience with you; not a bright idea.  Each and every time it froze our browser (using either Safari or Firefox on an iMac) and ultimately shut down the browser.

We are hopeful the much-too-kind Europa Fox won’t deem this post inappropriate for a recipient of the Smile Award…especially when leading into discussion of such a fun topic!

She is just too wonderful, bestowing upon us a SMILE award. You know Europa Fox, international style star and truly our eyes and ears on the other side of the pond.  More importantly, a wonderful mother to the completely adorable Caspar. In fact, when Caspar is of age in another 19 years or so The Princess Consort knows he is being replaced. It is simply understood. Now here are the rules for spreading the smiles to fellow bloggers:
  • Must display a cheerful attitude.
  • Must love one another.
  • Must make mistakes.
  • Must learn from others.
  • Must be a positive contributor to blog world.
  • Must love life.
  • Must love kids.
Rules when receiving the award:
  • The recipient must link back the the award’s creator
  • You must post these rules if you receive the award.
  • You must chose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself
  • You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award, as posted.
  • You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
  • You must create a post sharing your win with others.
  • You must thank your giver.
So now that it is our turn to share the Award with others, here we go :
  • Preppy Pink Crocodile is a daily read for her fun and fabulous posts, not to mention the recipes, oh yes indeedy, those recipes!
  • Mom x 2: Exquisite taste and lots of fun, this is another must-read, and her recipes are also a smash hit here at the Prepatorium.
  • Preppy Lizard: Liz exudes elegance while remaining down to earth, a combo we find extremely hard to find. She also has extraordinary taste and has done Interior Design as a pro; the woman is a genius at this.
  • Fashion Herald: You could almost say the Herald shops for a living. And she has friends with names like ChristmasTime.
  • Tickled Pink & Green: A witty writer, Miss TP&G demonstrates her good taste day in and day out, and she can also write. Goodness, can this woman write!

Thank you Miss Fox!

Some readers may remember our post back in June about some of Target’s designer collaborations, part of their GO International initiative. New collections that launch next week (Sunday, October 12th) are handbags from Anya Hindmarch and shoes from Sigerson Morrison. However, visitors to the Hindmarch site can purchase the bags now.

Anya Hindmarch Target Look Nine

Anya Hindmarch Target Look Nine

Abve we show the Look Nine bag in navy and black. Below, Ms. Hindmarch’s Look Five for Target, already out of stock on her site.

For those not familiar with Ms. Hindmarch, she is best known for her “I am not a plastic bag” environmentally friendly tote, but she has designed handbags since the 90’s.


We leave you with one more greeting card image from someecards, an online greeting card company. It is also a financially friendly site (our newest moniker for these trying times), as all of their cards are free.



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