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eBay’s Designer Outlet Opens and Eau de Prep….?

Hello-Hello, happy Tuesday!

Once again we are ridiculously overcommitted have a few volunteer obligations the next few days, so this is really more of ‘TuWednesday’ post covering both today and tomorrow.

We begin with an update on a topic previously covered here, the new eBay Fashion Outlet Mall, promising designer duds for less.  Brands taking part in the new mall that may be of interest to our crowd include Brooks Brothers, Hanes, Elaine Turner, Hanky Panky, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Hickey Freeman.  eBay claims almost 200 other brands however (more on that number later), most of them ‘household names,’ from off-price department stores like Neiman Marcus Last Call to run of the mill retailers like Elie Tahari, Bruno Magli, Fossil and Hush Puppies.

From today’s Women’s Wear Daily story about the endeavor.

Some items are made exclusively for the outlet, and the made-for-outlet items reflect competitive pricing that is typically not further discounted. Additional discounts on all items, include MFO items, might be available during promotional periods.

(MFO is Made for the Outlet.) Here is how the home page looks.

eBay Fashion Outlet

From what we could tell the majority of brands are remaining consistent in their logo and overall look, this is the same image one sees if shopping a Brooks Brothers outlet.

Brooks Brother eBay Fashion Outlet

We decided to do a little shopping, starting with a Princess fave, Brooks Brothers. As of this writing its eBay outlet is sparsely populated, but that will change.


In fact, Brooks Brothers tells us they plan to add the full assortment of their 346 line, including children’s *and* women’s styles, really outstanding news for BB customers, especially those for whom there is no nearby outlet.

We also checked out Bobby Jones, it also offers only men’s merchandise.

At the Calvin Klein storefront there is an abundance of merchandise, including loads of items in the home goods section, 376 in that category to be precise.

Calvin Klein

Whether or not the pricing is in line with outlet pricing is an unknown, at least for this merchant, it has been ages since we looked at Calvin Klein, an oddity as we very much like this brand.

Pricing is easier for your truly to track at the Lacoste store, with only three items on the site at this point.


We looked at the Stealth Space Collection High-Top, $80.50 at the eBay Lacoste outlet. Here is what we discovered when comparing the price at other sources:

  • Neiman Marcus Last Call” $80.50 (regular site, not eBay)
  • Pick Your Shoes: $119.99
  • Lacoste standard site: not shown

The pricing does appear quite favorable at Canterbury New Zealand, the Placement Stripe polo shirt is $70 at its online store, $21 at the outlet. The two look identical, no?

'Regular Site' (L) / eBay Outlet (R)

That also is the case for CNZ’s woven shirts, its Sean Long-sleeve Shirt is $98 online, but only $19.50 at the eBay Factory Outlet.

In looking at some of the women’s shoes there also seem to be savings. The Delman Sacha shoe at ‘regular’ online merchants is $249.95 (at Shoe Buy), but only $116 at the Delman eBay Outlet. Below left we show the Shoe Buy image and the Outlet image is on the right.

Shoe Buy (L)/Delman eBay Outlet

Comparing the prices for women’s clothing is more of a challenge, there simply isn’t that much womenswear available yet.

Tommy Hilfiger has a sizable amount of goods however, and checking prices reveals some differences, in this case favoring the Hilfiger Online Store. Below we show the Three Color Stripe polo, $34.99 at the Hilfiger site, $49 at the eBay outlet.

Hilfiger Online Store (L)/Hilfiger eBay Outlet (R)

Prices are the same for Hilfiger’s Basic Chambray Skirt, $24.99, and the Little Girl Argyle Sweater is $35 both places.

So we’re thinking the pricing on the Striped Polo is more of an aberration, an oversight. That does bring up another question though, if all or almost all prices are the same, what is the benefit of the outlet store? (Scratching head.)

One other observation, the number of vendors is rather reminiscent of what we used to call fuzzy math; if you click on the Seven for All Mankind link you do not connect with an online outlet store for the brand, you are taken to the Neiman’s Last Call eBay outlet site. The same is true of CJ for Cookie Johnson, Frye, and many others.

All in all it seems a good concept. One big benefit for some consumers will be shops like the Brooks Brothers Factory Outlet, not currently offered online in any capacity that we know of. Additionally we expect the number of vendors will increase, and many of the companies with minimal offerings will boost inventory significantly, especially if this proves to be an easy way to add to the bottom line.


We have a very quick update about the Missoni for Target collection. Here is what one now sees in stores if seeking merchandise from that collaboration.


Finally today, word of two new perfumes from Tommy Hilfiger.  Are you ready for the name? “Eau de Prep”.

Courtesy Image via WWD

From a Women’s Wear Daily story about the perfumes:

According to the designer, it was inspired by his spring-summer 2011 Prep World collection, which celebrates all of the iterations of the preppy lifestyle worldwide.

Another look from the campaign.

Courtesy Image via WWD

More from Julie Naughton’s story in WWD:

While the traditional Tommy Girl and Tommy customers might be preppy — with the guys wearing, say, pleated khaki trousers and the women oxford shirtdresses — the Eau de Prep mind-set is that there are no rules, said Hilfiger. “The Prep World and Eau de Prep customer mixes preppy with vintage and gives it a wink and a nod. They aren’t trying too hard to be cool and chic — they just express what they feel.”

The perfumes are currently available online at Macy’s, from the description of Tommy Girl Eau de Prep:

Tommy Hilfiger has returned to his preppy roots with updated styling and a cool, new fragrance: Tommy Girl Eau de Prep. It’s all about the classic life with a twist and Prep has never looked so fresh.

Really? The scent is $70, it is also available in a Men’s version. We leave you with Tilly’s reaction to word of ‘preppy perfumes’.

Until next time!


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Missoni Crashes Target Website, J. Crew Spring 2012 Runway Show

Hello-Hello, and happy Tuesday.

We begin today with an update on the long-awaited Missoni for Target collection:


It seems demand for the limited edition collection was is so high the website crashed, it has been down for several hours as of this writing (1:45pm) (3:14pm), some friends on Twitter report being able to use the site at various times this afternoon, but yours truly has yet to accomplish that. (Is it possible the Consort is at play here with some behind the scenes techno-maneuver to keep moi from shopping the line, a new austerity measure?)

The company also used Twitter in an effort to keep shoppers updated, both its ‘Bullseye View’ magazine account and primary Twitter account.


Woof! indeed.

If interested in seeing the entire Missoni for Target lookbook, click here.


We move on to New York Fashion Week, J. Crew held its first runway show this morning.  Head Designer Marisa Webb says her inspiration for the line was nature and oceans, here are a few sketches.

Courtesy Photo

Readers may recall that Crew has historically staged presentations with models wearing the styles while store buyers and media sip a cocktail or nibble hors d’oeuvres. That made today’s show a bigger deal than normal. As Ms. Webb told Harper’s Bazaar in an interview:

Launching right into Fashion Week…it’s not easy, you know? You’re playing in the big leagues. So it was a natural growth and it seemed like the right time.

Several looks from the show.

Getty Images via Fashionologie

The pink is luscious, there’s no other word for it, like cotton candy and sherbet and your favorite nail polish colors all together in one fabulous shade. The lines seem cleaner in this collection, less frou-frou, fewer ruffles. Here is more from FabSugar’s review:

“Hello, color! J. Crew presented a Spring collection that satisfied our want for all things, bright, shiny, and printed, delivered with their signature eclectic prep styling. Even Beyoncé stopped by to take in the citrusy brights, stripes, and covetable accessories.”

Next, several styles in a more basic color palette, note the striped coat, we’re rather partial to that.

Getty Images via Fashionologie

Pants still seem to sit fairly low on the waist, although not in every case.More pieces in the red/white/blue/green colors.

Getty Images via Fashionologie

This may surprise some readers, but it seems there is a lot to like in the spring collection (gasp!), at least from what we see online. More Pretty in Pink.

Getty Images via FabSugar

Several celebrities were on hand for the show including Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, below we see Jenna Lyons with Solange, Marisa Webb is on the right.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

To see the entire collection via FabSugar, click here.


Tomorrow we hope to share more from the runway, including Tory Burch, Milly, Ralph Lauren and more. We leave you with a few more looks at what inspired spring collections.

For Milly’s Michelle Smith, via WWD:

The collection is modern and geometric in print and cut, grounded by earthy materials like wood and tortoise resin.” — Michelle Smith, Milly

For Tory Burch, Deauville in the 1920s was the creative force, Ralph Lauren merely provided an image with no verbal description or details.

Via Women's Wear Daily

Until next time, may your runway be bright and colorful!


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Sneak Peek at Missoni for Target

Hello-Hello, welcome to another gorgeous day, the kind we all live for here in The Great Midwest.

Our focus today is that much-buzzed-about Missoni for Target collection, the retailer’s upcoming collaboration with the fabled Italian design house. We have a sneak peek at the line, although anyone looking at their September fashion magazines has already seen a bit of the line.

Missoni for Target

If you’ve not yet seen the campaign, prepare thyself. It will be *everywhere*.

Via Designers for Less

There is a twenty-page buy just in Vogue’s September issue.

Courtesy Image

There has already been significant editorial coverage on the line, including this piece in the August issue of Vogue.

Vogue August 2011 via Shopping's My Cardio

We start with these two pieces for your little prince or princess, they are darling.  As with the entire collection, the key will be quality: hopefully these are as soft and snuggly as they look.

Missoni for Target via All The Way Up Here Tumblr

Missoni’s signature motif is evident in just about all of the photos “leaked” (more about that later) thus far.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here tumblr

This is Target’s most ambitious collaborative effort yet, with 400+ pieces in the collection.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here tumblr

The group is so big there is more than one bicycle.

Missoni for Target

There are housewares of all kinds, including dishes that look very fun.

As well as accessories and luggage.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here

The cosmetic cases look pretty.

Via Nitrolicious

Linens and home accent pieces are also part of the enormous line.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here

There are lots of things for the tabletop.

Via Fashion Roi

Office supplies look a little zippier in Missoni designs; although this isn’t our favorite color palette, the colors are in keeping with a fall/winter collection.

Via Nitrolicious

Even with all of the other categories teeming with treasures, fashion remains a key focus of the collection.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here

These scarves are very Missoni.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here

There are plenty of choices for your MOTH (Man of the House).

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here tumblr

As well as the Young Miss in your palace.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here tumblr

We referenced the “leaked photos’, they carry the scent of a very well done publicity campaign, suddenly appearing on the tumblr blogging service. (Yes, yours truly also has a tumblr, found here.) The blog is All the Way Up Here, penned by “Marina”.

“That’s right, joints, hinges and all. And like every doll, I’m obsessed with everything stylish in the world. So that’s what my blog is all about. I hope you enjoy the view.”

A very savvy effort indeed.

The Times carried a lengthy story about the collection on Monday.

“Some Americans may be confused about how to mix and match the brand’s bold colors — bright hues of green, blue, fuchsia and orange — and patterns, including the company’s trademark jagged lines, against other prints.

Online viewers will find a selection of items called “Margherita’s Must Haves.” As they click through the products they like, they will see recommendations on how to combine those items with others.”

The collection launches September 13, although those lucky enough to be in the the city for Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th will have a chance to shop early at a pop-up store.  Prices will range from $2.99 to $599.99, the Times story says most items will be less than $40.


Because we are partial to libraries and books we leave you with a note about a wonderful event this weekend, the annual Author’s Night party befitting the East Hampton Library.  This year more than 160 authors will be on hand at the party, including Martin Amis, Nelson DeMille, Susan Lucci and Kathy Freston.  Tickets start at $100, that gets you into the party at the library with the authors, that function is followed by private dinners all over town, those tickets run a bit more.

Here are just a few of the books by authors who will be at the event, the volume shown far right, Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead, is a very good read, the others are all books sure t be added to the never-ending list of books marked as “to read”.

Via Author's Night

On that literary note, goodbye until next time!


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Popped or Not, Nantucket or the Vineyard?

Hello-Hello and happy Monday.

For those who don’t summer an entire season at the shore it is once again that time of year, friends and families are packing up and heading off for for a few days at the beach. That makes a story in today’s Boston Globe perfect reading, it looks at two of our favorite places.

Via Weather-Forecast

Islands Apart” considers the age-old debate about which is the preferred island: Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard…? The story suggests that perhaps sentiments on the topic have intensified.
“But what has changed, natives say, is how rabid the rivalry has become off the field, especially among the summer people… who care very much about what their island choice says about them.”
Now, we don’t come from the school of “let’s pick where we summer based on how it will impact the way people think of us”.  IOHO basics like proximity, history, ease of access, and weather make more sense when determining one’s vacation spot, no? Nor are we sharing our personal preference between the two islands (full disclosure: yours truly grew up summering on the shores of Lake Michigan, these two lovely spots are merely places we have been fortunate enough to visit), but we can say many of the observations made by residents and visitors in Billy Baker’s article ring true:

“Both islands, of course, are summer paradises of great natural beauty. They are also very expensive, very exclusive, and very preppy. Nantucket, the broad-brush argument goes, is just more extreme in all categories. In other words, many Vineyarders say, “snobby.’’

One point made in the article involves simple geographic distinctions:

“Martha’s Vineyard is much larger and more populated, with six towns that have distinct personalities; while Nantucket is just one town. The Vineyard is also considerably closer to the mainland. The traditional ferry takes just 45 minutes to arrive, and well over two hours to get to Nantucket.”

The story hones in on an aspect of the rivalry that may be easiest to envision, fashion differences between ACK and the Vineyard, more specifically, brands.

“In Vineyard Vines, a self-described “preppy’’ clothing store that began on Martha’s Vineyard and has now spread to other Sperry meccas, including Nantucket, pastels, braided belts, and shorts with whales on them rule the day.”

And it’s here where we get to a hot-button issue for many Princess readers, the article quotes a VV assistant store manager, Julia Graham:

“It’s basically the same style,’’ said Graham, who is from Greenwich, Conn. and has been summering on the Vineyard her whole life. “But in Nantucket, they pop the collars up.’’

The popped collar, even for a girl from Greenwich, is a thing, a symbol, the epitome of the preppy snob. Except that on Nantucket, many wear that exact stereotype as a badge of honor.”

Full disclosure #2: your trusty correspondent does not ascribe to the popped collar practice.  With no disrespect to those who do, we never have, it is more-than-unlikely we ever will.

Murray's Toggery

When presented with Graham’s assessment, John Murray, the latest generation of his family to own Murray’s Toggery Shop in Nantucket, the birthplace of Nantucket Reds – perhaps the quintessential preppy trouser – did not dispute the pop-collared joke.

“I’m OK with that,’’ he said. “We like to think of ourselves as more sophisticated.’’

Via Damee NYC

Your thoughts? Is one or the other considered a favorite?


Also today, a quick update on this weekend’s Red Cross Ball in Monaco. Below we see newlyweds Prince Albert and Charlene, behind them you can just about see the Prince’s sisters, Princesses Caroline (L) and Stephanie.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Princess Charlene wore a deep fuchsia gown by Akris, as well as a custom-made necklace by Van Cleef and Arpels.

Reuters via The Daily Mail

As an update to our post that shared some of the rumors about the couple’s relationship and marriage, the Palace says those reports are untrue; the couple is suing L’Express, a French magazine that printed allegations about the Princess trying to flee the country just days before her wedding. Hmmmm.


Finally today, an early look at one of the soon-to-be-released ads promoting the upcoming Missoni for Target collection.

Courtesy Image

The enormous collection launches September 13, and will be a major component of Targét’s Fashion’s Night Out event.

We’ll be back on Wednesday, until then may the sun be shining on your island, wherever it may be.


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Oops: Leaked Missoni For Target Pix, Serious Sales & Another Vanity Fair Royals Cover & William

Hello-Hello, we hope everyone enjoyed their extended weekend.

We begin with a sneak peek at a very few items from the oh-so-secret Missoni for Target collection. The retailer has been even more tight-lipped than usual about this particular collaboration, those invited to the preview were forbidden to take photos of any kind, nor were they supposed to disclose too much information on the collection itself, what sort of products were being created, etc.

Thanks to a Tweet from our friend Madeleine at the always-fabulous In New York Paris Tomorrow blog, we have a few images of said collaborative collection.

Via The Fashion Spot

Apparently the photos were taken by a paparazzi when seeing commercials being shot for the campaign, awarding Targét an honorary “Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men….” award.  Above and below we see Margherita Missoni, she will be featured in the advertising campaign.

Via The Fashion Spot

Ms. Missoni is the eldest grandchild of the company’s founders, and also the firm’s accessories designer. Here are two more quick images, again, via The Fashion Spot.

Via The Fashion Spot

Clearly there will be luggage, scarves, shoes (I think) as well as some interesting pieces in the menswear group. With 400+ products in the collection it seems there should be something for everyone, presuming the quality is a notch above some of the retailer’s more recent design partnerships. To see all of the photos at the Fashion Spot, click here.

On a related note, the second of five hotels under the Missoni name has just opened in Kuwait, Curbed has marvelous photos if you are interested in seeing how that famous zig-zag pattern and bright colors translates.

Via Curbed


The past weekend is always big for auto racing, both here in the States as well as in Monaco, where the Grand Prix was held Sunday. Always an occasion bringing glitterati to the Principality as well as locals, below we see Princess Caroline’s daughter Charlotte Casiraghi visiting the pits before the race (L), and soon-to-be Princess Charlene Wittstock is seen congratulating the race winner, Germany’s Sebastian Vettel.

PHOTOS: Reuters (L) / Getty Images (R)

Ms. Wittstock was elegant at the Formula One Gala, we’re guessing she may be wearing Giorgio Armani Privé.

Photos: Getty Images

But our favorite ensemble for the evening was on racing legend Jackie Stewart.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images


For those still seeking to supplement their wardrobe, we share a few quick Sales & Savings opportunities, the first at Net-a-Porter.

It’s the upscale boutique’s end of season sale, and the bargains abound, including some very affordable trinkets that might enhance your gift closet.  One the left we show the Marc by Marc Jacobs Enamel Bow earrings at 50% off (now $24) and on the right, Mulberry’s Heart Keyfob, also discounted by 50% (now $32.50).

Staying with a Pretty in Pink theme, the Smythson Dreams and Thoughts notebook is 30% off ($294, originally $420) and the Vivienne Westwood Tartan Leather iPad Case is discounted by 50% (now priced at $110).

Today’s other fiscally friendly mention involves a new ‘flash sale’ site, but this one is a little different from the others. For openers, it is from über-merchant Amazon, called My Habit.  Additionally there is no nonsense about the site being “by invitation only” or “members only,” regular readers know how irritating your cranky trusty scribe finds that practice. The site has been operational for a few weeks now, but we thought we would mention it today, as Tod’s Shoes are on offer.

Via MyHabit.com

To be clear, the classic driving moc by Tod’s is not being offered, but a style we are fond of, the Dee Ballet Flat is available, as are a few other styles.

Other sales coming up at My Habit include Bruno Magli for men, as well as several brands for women we enjoy a great deal, Lafayette 148 and Sigerson Morrison get underway this week. Most sales start at 9am Pacific time, Noon on the East Coast, usually running 3 days. Click here to learn more about My Habit.


We leave you with two royal notes, the first is next month’s Vanity Fair cover featuring a previously unpublished photo of Prince William and Kate.

Mario Testino/Vanity Fair

The Mario Testino image is from the photo session for the couple’s formal engagement pictures.  The magazine’s website has an interesting tidbit from the upcoming story accompanying the photo:

“Despite Will and Kate’s new official titles—dude duke and duchess, respectively—Will made it clear at the wedding that he will continue to be addressed as Prince William, meaning Kate by default will be Princess Catherine, reports Vanity Fair writer Katie Nicholl. This may rattle some family hierarchies— the Countess of Wessex had wanted to be known as Princess Sophie, but had been forbidden by the Queen.”

Also, those interested in the newlywed’s July tour in Canada with its quick visit to Los Angeles might enjoy this link to the “Official Royal Tour” website.  The itinerary is posted, as well as photos from previous Royal visits. We were a little disconcerted after clicking on the ‘photos’ link, this was the first photo that came up.

Via Royal Tour

That is from the 1991 visit, the site explains the historical images will be replaced with photos from the tour as soon as possible. We do love that impish look on Harry’s face.


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