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Sneak Peek at Missoni for Target

Hello-Hello, welcome to another gorgeous day, the kind we all live for here in The Great Midwest.

Our focus today is that much-buzzed-about Missoni for Target collection, the retailer’s upcoming collaboration with the fabled Italian design house. We have a sneak peek at the line, although anyone looking at their September fashion magazines has already seen a bit of the line.

Missoni for Target

If you’ve not yet seen the campaign, prepare thyself. It will be *everywhere*.

Via Designers for Less

There is a twenty-page buy just in Vogue’s September issue.

Courtesy Image

There has already been significant editorial coverage on the line, including this piece in the August issue of Vogue.

Vogue August 2011 via Shopping's My Cardio

We start with these two pieces for your little prince or princess, they are darling.  As with the entire collection, the key will be quality: hopefully these are as soft and snuggly as they look.

Missoni for Target via All The Way Up Here Tumblr

Missoni’s signature motif is evident in just about all of the photos “leaked” (more about that later) thus far.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here tumblr

This is Target’s most ambitious collaborative effort yet, with 400+ pieces in the collection.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here tumblr

The group is so big there is more than one bicycle.

Missoni for Target

There are housewares of all kinds, including dishes that look very fun.

As well as accessories and luggage.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here

The cosmetic cases look pretty.

Via Nitrolicious

Linens and home accent pieces are also part of the enormous line.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here

There are lots of things for the tabletop.

Via Fashion Roi

Office supplies look a little zippier in Missoni designs; although this isn’t our favorite color palette, the colors are in keeping with a fall/winter collection.

Via Nitrolicious

Even with all of the other categories teeming with treasures, fashion remains a key focus of the collection.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here

These scarves are very Missoni.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here

There are plenty of choices for your MOTH (Man of the House).

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here tumblr

As well as the Young Miss in your palace.

Missoni for Target via All the Way Up Here tumblr

We referenced the “leaked photos’, they carry the scent of a very well done publicity campaign, suddenly appearing on the tumblr blogging service. (Yes, yours truly also has a tumblr, found here.) The blog is All the Way Up Here, penned by “Marina”.

“That’s right, joints, hinges and all. And like every doll, I’m obsessed with everything stylish in the world. So that’s what my blog is all about. I hope you enjoy the view.”

A very savvy effort indeed.

The Times carried a lengthy story about the collection on Monday.

“Some Americans may be confused about how to mix and match the brand’s bold colors — bright hues of green, blue, fuchsia and orange — and patterns, including the company’s trademark jagged lines, against other prints.

Online viewers will find a selection of items called “Margherita’s Must Haves.” As they click through the products they like, they will see recommendations on how to combine those items with others.”

The collection launches September 13, although those lucky enough to be in the the city for Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th will have a chance to shop early at a pop-up store.  Prices will range from $2.99 to $599.99, the Times story says most items will be less than $40.


Because we are partial to libraries and books we leave you with a note about a wonderful event this weekend, the annual Author’s Night party befitting the East Hampton Library.  This year more than 160 authors will be on hand at the party, including Martin Amis, Nelson DeMille, Susan Lucci and Kathy Freston.  Tickets start at $100, that gets you into the party at the library with the authors, that function is followed by private dinners all over town, those tickets run a bit more.

Here are just a few of the books by authors who will be at the event, the volume shown far right, Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead, is a very good read, the others are all books sure t be added to the never-ending list of books marked as “to read”.

Via Author's Night

On that literary note, goodbye until next time!


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