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When Logos Run Wild


It is time for Friday Fun, and we begin with a look at one of favorite bloggers,  Miss Techyness:

Courtesy Her Techyness

Clearly this ever-so-smart young lady (she is scary smart) is studying (ahem) the technical merits (not) of the Lilly Pulitzer Jeep, part of the company’s Golden Anniversary celebrations.  Miss Techyness was visiting the Pink Paddock Lilly store, and was good enough to send us some photos of her shopping trip!  Miss Techyness moves to Houston next week, and we think she desperately needs the Jeep to better handle the warmer climate.


Now we move a less tasteful topic, something a little more nouveau gauche. This next photo submission has us close to convulsions here at the Prepatorium, symptoms of a brutal attack of LogoPhobia.

Burberry Car

Yes, it is the Burberry plaid used in a car interior, brought to our attention by  the ever-vigilant Miss Daisy. She spotted it on the streets of Chicago and felt it important to share it with the LogoPolice.

It is not however, as hideous as this Vauxhall seen on the far side of the Pond.


This actually belonged to a radio station in the UK, encountered an unfortunate end and then allegedly surfaced on eBay.

But when considering the range of Hideosity on the Logo-om-uh-ter (pronounced log-ahm-uh-tur, the first o is silent. Of course.) it pales compared to this:







Here is a final entry in this chapter of “When Logos Attack”:

ourtesy Luxuo
Courtesy Luxuo.com

In case you missed it, we zoom in for a closer look:

Courtesy Luxuo.com

Actually, we find these all quite entertaining and not to be taken seriously, TP is possessed of a sense of humor, despite all evidence to the contrary.


Images and conversation about logo insanity provided entertainment today, and a much-needed smile.

For after all, it is a day we have come to loath, a day when horror on the east coast…

Dan Hulzheiser/AP

Dan Hulzheiser/AP

Spread to Washington…


And then to a field in Pennsylvania…



And the more it sank in…

Jeff Christensen/Reuters

Jeff Christensen/Reuters

The less real it became…


… as brains tried to wrap themselves around images that were incomprehensible.

PHOTO: Tom Sperduto/US Coast Guard

Tom Sperduto/US Coast Guard

Eight years later it is no less painful for those who lost a part of themselves.

Jason Cohn/Reuters

Jason Cohn/Reuters

When a piece of you is ripped away, there is no such thing as closure.

Changh Lee/Reuters/Pool

Changh Lee/Reuters/Pool

But sometimes it helps to know others remember too.

Biswaranjan Rout/AP

Biswaranjan Rout/AP

The sand sculpture was spotted on a beach in India, a reminder grief knows no geographic boundaries.

To learn more about US plans for a memorial, here is a link to the National 911 Memorial.


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