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J. Crew Bridal: A Closer Look, and An Unusual Seal of Prepaliciousness Recipient

Hello-Hello, we are are efforting grace and calm as we whine and wail and rail approach a ridiculously overbooked somewhat busy day, so today’s post is shorter than most.

Like many of the fairer sex, when given the opportunity we cannot resist looking at wedding gowns, they are simply too wonderful to behold.  We previously posted about the new J. Crew Bridal shop; today we have a more extensive look inside and more on the retailer’s collaboration with Miriam Haskell jewelry.

Tuesday’s party celebrating the store’s official opening brought out scads of notables, including Kate Spade with her daughter Frances, Martha Stewart Weddings’ editorial director Darcy Miller, and Crew’s Jenna Lyons.

J. Crew Courtesy Photo via StyleList

On hand to cover the event, AOL’s Stylelist.com; here is a snippet of their story:

“J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons has done an about-face on wedding dresses.

The creative director, who got married years ago in a full-length, embroidered linen gown, would go a lot simpler if she did it again today.

“I’d probably wear the 18-inch feather skirt and a chambray shirt and loads of pearls,” she told StyleList at the opening of the J.Crew Bridal store on New York’s Madison Avenue at 66th Street, Tuesday evening.”

Ms. Lyons revealed the dress remains at the dry cleaners where it has been for six years. Here are more images from the StyleList story.

Wireimage/Courtesy of J.Crew via StyleList

Appointments are required for the bridal salon, located on the first floor of the new boutique.

Holly Watson/AisleDash

Shoppers interested in other merchandise are welcome to shop at their leisure without an appointment.

J. Crew’s new 769 Collection of party frocks and accessories is available only at the Bridal store.

Holly Watson/AisleDash

There is also an elegant offering of basics, such as the firm’s cashmere sweaters.

Holly Watson/AisleDash

Pieces from the Miriam Haskell collaborative collection of wedding jewelry are also displayed.

Holly Watson/AisleDash

Below, two rings from the Miriam Haskell for J. Crew weddings collection.

Next, two pair of earrings from the Haskell collection.

We also have a few looks from J. Crew’s Fall 2010Wedding and Parties lineup.

Two more styles for the fall.

Finally, one more dress from the new store.

Holly Watson/AisleDash


We have a rare and unusual event; today we award the official Seal of Prepaliciousness to an individual not generally associated with the prep life. Perhaps an even more amazing fact: we are naming a professional athlete as our recipient of the Seal.

Armando Galarraga

Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga is our unusual choice for the honor.

Many may know why we are taking this extraordinary step. However, it is not because Mr. Galarraga threw a perfect game last night against the Cleveland Indians and had that extraordinary accomplishment stolen by an umpire’s bad call on what should have been the final out of the game.

For those not familiar with the inner workings of the game, this means there are no runs allowed.

No hits.

No errors.

No nothings.

27 men come to the plate, and 27 men leave without a hit. Nada, nothing, zero, zilch.

To understand the difficulty of attaining such perfection, it has only happened 20 times in the history of the game.

Mr. Galarraga successfully retired 26 hitters last night and was within one out of accomplishing the unthinkable; to see what happened, click here.

It was not to be, and sadly, no one feels worse than the umpire who admits he made a bad call. From a Detroit Free Press story:

“No, Jim Joyce said, “I did not get the call correct. I kicked the (expletive) out of it.” No, he would not blame his angle. (“I had a great angle on it.”). Or say it was close. (“I just missed the damn call.”)”

Paul Sancya/AP

As mentioned, the Great Seal is not being awarded because of the athletic accomplishment; that’s not our focus here at the Prepatorium, at least not until they start playing in pink and green uniforms accented by Lilly prints. No, it is what Mr. Galarraga did not do that draws our admiration and respect.

He did not pout. He did not whine. He did not complain, nor did he talk about calling his agent or threaten to contact a lawyer to look into legal action or throw his glove or engage in any of the tantrum-type activities we have sadly seen with many athletes of late.

As a Free Press sports writer explains, Mr. Galarraga did quite the opposite.

“I told Galarraga that Joyce said he felt terrible, that he cost Galarraga a perfect game and that he was really beating himself up over it.

Galarraga did not hesitate.

“Tell him no problem,” Galarraga said. “I can go tell him.”

He smiled. “I should probably talk to him. It will be better.” And he did.”

The 28-year-old from Venezuela, who was pitching in the minor leagues two weeks ago, did something else:

“…. Galarraga said that he hugged Joyce and told him, “Nobody’s perfect.””

For that grace under pressure, we award Armando Galarraga the Seal of Prepaliciousness.

In our dreams should we behave with such elegance and dignity under that kind of pressure.

We kind of like the look. What do you think?

Altered Reality Courtesy The Consort

We just hope they can get the uniforms embroidered in time for this afternoon’s game. (Heh-heh-heh.)

Until next time, g’bye!


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J. Crew Bridal Store Open & 769 Collection Launch

Hello-Hello and happy almost-weekend!

We jump right in to things today, starting with a look at the new J. Crew Bridal store.

John Aquino/WWD

Frequent readers are familiar with our tedious whining concerns about Crew’s ‘disdain’ for preppy, but we remain favorably impressed with the firm’s bridal line.

Crew is also launching a new line, the 769 Collection, available only in the new store. This collection will feature cocktail dresses and evening gowns, as well as tuxedo jackets and harem pants, according to the Women’s Wear Daily review of the store today. The story quotes Crew’s president, Tracy Gardner, on the store’s niche.

“… J. Crew bridal fills a price niche between David’s Bridal and Vera Wang, offering a range from $229 for a silk tricotine Sophia gown or $350 for a Duchess bow monde satin cocktail dress, to sequin gowns for $1,500, or $3,500 for a metallic Twenties-inspired tulle gown. “We’re not fancy here. We’re still J. Crew, but it’s an elevated experience,” Gardner said.

The Times also has a review of the new shop:

“… has cocktail dresses from the 769 Collection that are exclusive to the store (the one at left is $795) and jewelry pieces like Lulu Frost mesh necklaces with vintage pins and brooches attached (below, $695).” (Here are the images referenced in the Times story quote.)

Courtesy Images via NY Times

There appears to be a solid commitment to customer service, more from the WWD story:

“The receptionist in front of the store is the tip-off to the high-service environment of the store. It’s manned with four personal shoppers and six wedding specialists equipped with hand-held technology and Wi-Fi to quickly answer questions about products and locate items that may be elsewhere in the J. Crew’s multichannel distribution network. “

Shoppers will also find products from Cosabella, Leah C. veils, jewelry pieces from the firm’s collaboration with Miriam Haskell, and cosmetics from Bobbi Brown.

The store officially opens Tuesday with an appearance by Darcy Miller from Martha Stewart Weddings, so if in the city anywhere near Madison and 66th, pop in for a visit.


In other news from J. Crew Group, merchandise from their Madewell brand is finally now available online; the e-commerce site for Madewell is up and running.


Yesterday we talked about the single most-popular post here as we hit the one-million blog views milestone; we’ll merely say that post involved the Hamptons and Gossip Girl.  Imagine our surprise when checking WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription required) this morning, seeing a sizable story titled “Summer in the Hamptons: Better, But No Boom“.

The piece looks at the recession’s impact on the area, focusing on the retail sector, noting the departure of one luxury retailer, Gucci. But there is a lengthy roster of store openings: Balenciaga, Chico’s, Juicy Couture, and many more.  One way to gauge expectations for summer? Traffic on the Jitney, which a spokesperson described in the story:

““2009 was our best year ever as far as passenger counts, and currently for 2010, we are already surpassing those numbers, month to month,”

Good news for Jitney riders, the posh Ambassador service is returning, complete with on-board movies.

If in that corner of the globe on Saturday, fans of Hamptons Cottages & Gardens can meet the magazine’s new Editor in Chief, Kendell Cronstom; there’s a little get-together at the Maidstone from 5-7pm.


We have a few more Sales & Savings opportunities, beginning with an important note we forgot to mention in yesterday’s list of fiscally-friendly offerings:

  • And Neiman’s is promoting a special on Cole-Haan, 40% off select styles; this is also an online-only promotion and runs today (Thursday, 5/27) only, ending at midnight.



We leave you with a special Pretty in Pink today in keeping with our wedding chatter, a piece from the new Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaid collection.

On that lovely image we say g’bye until next time!


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