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Martha Stewart at Penney’s Might Not Be A “Good Thing” & “New Preppy Style”

Hello-Hello and welcome to a Tuesday.

Today we offer a few Bits and Bytes, beginning with a follow-up to a story we shared in February, “Now, Now, Now, Can’t We All Play Nice?” Some may recall the brouhaha, it involves Martha Stewart’s announcement she was selling part of her company to JC Penney, who would then sell Martha’s merchandise in its stores. The only problem?


Macy’s sells the brand in its stores, they have for years.  Executives at Macy’s were understandably upset, not only had they made a huge investment in Martha Stewart, they were apparently blindsided by the news she was jumping ship and going to a competitor.  As you might imagine, things went downhill in an hurry: Macy’s sued Martha in January for breach of contract, Ms. Stewart countersued in February, and everyone landed in court last Friday.

The judge in that hearing ruled in favor of Macy’s, issuing a preliminary injunction against Martha Stewart. More from Women’s Wear Daily:

A New York State judge granted Macy’s a preliminary injunction, barring the home goods firm from selling Martha Stewart-branded bedding, bath, kitchen textiles, dinnerware and cookware in Penney’s stores. That shuts Penney’s out of some of the brand’s key categories for now.

Macy’s says they will continue selling Martha Stewart products until 2018. And what does Penney’s plan to do? They say they will still open the planned Martha Stewart mini stores inside its stores beginning next year.  For the average customer things appear to be normal, there is still plenty of Martha for sale at Macy’s, below we show a screen grab taken this morning from the retailer’s website.


But the drama isn’t over. The injunction wasn’t the end of the line, merely a step along the path to a full trial; that is scheduled for November.


Our other tidbit today involves a look at “new preppy style” (cough-cough) via MSN for Her (?), a UK site.  More from “Get Ready for the New Preppy“:

The Preppy Handbook gets a re-write for autumn with bold checks, vintage lines and heritage styling. Here’s how to make the look work for you…

The preppy look is one of the easiest trends to re-create, whether you choose prim blouses and pencil skirts, polo shirts and cargo pants or masculine tailoring in tweeds and brogues.

One of the suggestions: Peter Pan collars.

Preppy style is about neat collars, tucked-in shirts and conservative lines and this autumn the Peter Pan collar gives the school girl look a new sophisticated edge.  Wear on a simple dress like Emma Stone, (or) with smart tailoring like Alexa Chung…

Via MSN UK Style

Other tips include looking at Ralph Lauren, especially pieces influenced by English heritage style, that makes sense for a site in the UK. Other ideas offered: tweeds, tartan, and the varsity look.

No prepster’s wardrobe would be complete without a varsity jacket and college scarf. For authentic pieces it’s worth scouring charity and vintage shops.

MSN UK Style

A jacket or scarf from one’s own school? Sure, always fun and classic. From some other establishment one has no affiliation with? Probably not. Because there is no fuddy-duddy like an old fuddy-duddy.

The story does a good job pointing out the benefits of vintage finds:

‘Fifties style was dominated by Christian Dior,’ says Angela. ‘He dispensed with the utility look and introduced a new silhouette of the tiny waist and a full skirt accessorised by a wide belt. Then came pencil skirts and cigarette pants teamed with off the shoulder tops.’

To read the piece in its entirety, click here.

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