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Collaborations, We Have Collaborations (DVF/Gap Kids, Mad Men/Estee Lauder)

Hello-Hello, happy new week!

Today we share a look at two of the more notable collaborations now on sale or about to launch, starting with the Diane von Furstenberg for Gap Kids collection.


There was quite a bash at GapKids and babyGap in Los Angeles celebrating the line’s upcoming debut.

Donato Sardella for Women's Wear Daily

The new line covers newborns to 14-year-olds.

Gap Courtesy Photos via Pinterest

The babyGap styles have the Cute-o-Meter peaking in the red zone.

Gap Courtesy Photos via Pinterest

In a WWD story the designer reveals why she has shied away from children’s collections:

“I used to say no to doing kids collections because I wanted the little girls to grow up, but this is so fun and happy and I like the optimism of it,” said the designer, who greeted several tots and their celebrity parents at the invite-only event.

Below we see Ms. von Furstenberg with her granddaughter Talitha and friends, on the right she is is with Molly Sims.

Donato Sardella for Women's Wear Daily

At the Los Angeles launch party there was even a petting zoo for the kids with bunnies and puppies.

Donato Sardella for Women's Wear Daily

As one would expect from this designer, the designs are bright and vibrant, one recurring pattern showcases hearts intermingled with the designer’s initials.

Courtesy Photos via The Telegraph

Other signature themes are also evident in the new line, splashy prints and vivid colors.

Courtesy Photo

Prices run $20 to $120; there is even an update to the Ms. von Furstenberg’s most noted silhouette, more in this news release:

“The legendary DVF wrap is re-invented with a child-like higher waist detail, in structured cotton or as a jersey romper shape for babies and toddlers”

Courtesy Photos via Tom & Lorenzo

We like the way Tom and Lorenzo described their reaction:

When we first heard about this, we pshawed the whole thing, joking that she’d wind up making wrap dresses for toddlers. Well, shut our mouths; wrap dresses for toddlers are ADORABLE.

There is a serious cute factor even this grizzled old crone finds hard to resist.

DVF for Gap Courtesy Photos

Just how darling did Tom & Lorenzo think the collection is?

We think children should be kept in boxes and only let out to serve their adult masters drinks, but even we squealed a little at some of these pieces. We’re kinda sad now that all our nieces are tweens and teens. We would have had a blast buying up this stuff for various birthdays, back when they didn’t ask for gift cards and money.

So darn cute we’ll even overlook our usual line in the sand thought on little girls and “heels”.

Courtesy Photos via Tom & Lorenzo

The good news is that a second wave of designs will launch in time for the holidays. Hopefully this will provide Gap with a much-needed boost.


On to our next collaborative tidbit, the Mad Men and Estee Lauder partnership.

Estee Lauder

The two entities have teamed up on a lipstick and creme rouge.


Promoted with the “Shake. Stir. Seduce.” line, the campaign showcases a blond beauty reminiscent of Betty Draper. Lipstick is $25 and the rouge is $40, both are available now. (It seems so long since I have seen the word ‘rouge,’ it was a bit of a surprise.)

With those two items we say ‘bye until next time, yours truly has to run the beasts to the house of pain vet for a little scheduled maintenance.


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