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An Early Look at Kate Spade and J. Crew for Spring 2010

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

It seem this has been a week from you-know-where for so many of our friends, many with battered spirits and others with weary bodies; we hope the weekend brings a respite and time of recharging for everyone.

For us it brings an all-day rummage sale at church; no one will be surprised to learn we are not entirely (ahem) prepared for said sale.  Therefore, today’s post is brief with scant commentary from these quarters.

J. Crew presented their Spring/Summer 2010 line Wednesday, we thought we might share some of the styles garnered via this story in WWD:

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

In the story on next spring’s collection WWD writes:

“In an upbeat presentation, J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons started with a Hockney-inspired palette of neutrals with pops of neons. She applied this to looks rooted in counterpoint: whimsically ruffled and otherwise embellished pieces juxtaposed with boyish military-inspired outerwear.”

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

A little more from WWD:

“For the most part, the contradiction worked like a charm, even if one or two looks felt overstyled.”

Thoughts from the StyleFile Blog:

“…Lyons’ latest effort could be her strongest yet. Layered with the girly cocktail frocks and cashmere cardigans in acid-bright hues were camo cargo jackets, slim plaid shirts, and a streamlined version of the Men’s Shop’s top-selling suede desert boots.”


All photos by John Aquino/WWD.


Two more looks:


The styles seen in the photos left us somewhat underwhelmed: at this juncture we’ll attribute that reaction to our incredibly s-l-o-w recuperation.


Also shown this week, Kate Spade’s collection for next spring, and we can only say our reaction is much more positive! In their brief review WWD called it “….a playful retro-chic line that harkened back to simpler times.”


We concur, the cleaner lines and lack of frou-frou prompted a big thumbs-up here at Princess InterGalactic HQ. The WWD story has more:

“And who doesn’t need a little levity these days? There was plenty of that: dresses in whimsical sunglass prints, along with tweed jackets and striped sweaters done in a faded red, white and blue color palette that recalled the boardwalk.”

Again, all photos from Women’s Wear Daily; our appreciation to Thomas Iannaccone.


A little more from WWD:

“There were also great accessories — multicolored, oversize woven leather bags, faceted-gem clutches, charming colorful bauble necklaces as well as bright flats and high heels in color blocks and with adornments.”

PHOTO: Thomas

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone

And while we certainly never intended to do a ‘compare and contrast’ between J. Crew and Kate Spade (it is actually the result of our time crunch), one can’t help but notice the distinction between the two looks and styles when scrolling by the pictures. It’s rather amazing, we would not have predicted such a stark contrast.


There are several upsides specifically related to this week, the first being that our dreary bug was NOT related to this genre of flu:

Courtesy Trendhunter

Courtesy Trendhunter

The next being that we were not reclining in home goods that look like this:

Courtesy Trendhunter

Courtesy Trendhunter

The third being that when perking up the Prepatorium and disposing of things, we did not actually use a receptacle like this:

Courtesy Trendhunter

Courtesy Trendhunter

Hopefully you don’t think less of us.

With that we send a Thank You to all of our cherished readers for sending such kind thoughts and good wishes, you are the best!


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Twilight’s New Moon at Nordstrom, Sales of a Preptastic Sort

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

We are off shortly for a girls day visiting TQM (The Queen Mother), doing lunch and a movie.

We are a little late to the party with this one, many friends have already seen The September Issue, we are invoking better late than never privileges here.


One fashion trend that does not appear to have a prep aesthetic comes courtesy of the soon-to-be-released film, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The movie release is November 20.

Also on the way, Twilight clothing at Nordstrom.

Courtesy Nordstrom
Courtesy Nordstrom

Officially the line is called The Twilight Saga: New Moon for BP (Brass Plum, Nordstrom’s junior collections). Some merchandise can be purchased in stores and other pieces pre-ordered online with shipping later this month.

If in need of a man around the house, the Twilight collection can help:



As we understand things that is Edward Cullen and he is part of the collection, all 6 feet of him. Be advised some assembly is required. If he isn’t your kind of guy, perhaps Jacob is more suited to your personal taste. He is also available (click here) although his style doesn’t appear as natty as Edward‘s.

For others as terminally clueless as TP, unfamiliar with the storyline and stars, here is a photo with Edward (actor Robert Pattinson) in the background:


One can also see actress Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella, and Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob.

The line features tee shirts and tanks, many displaying one’s allegiance to either Team Edward or Team Jacob.

Some pieces like this tunic carry phrases we presume to be integral to the plot or characters.

Nordstrom also has jewelry, including necklaces, charm bracelets, and bag clips like the one shown below.


There you have it. We suspect this is merely an early entry into the expected tidal wave of merchandising plans tied to the film. (For more on the Twilight Luna cosmetics line, here is our August post on that topic, this merchandise is available at any number of retailers. )


We want to alert readers to a number of Sales and Savings opportunities, beginning with the Saks Friends and Family promotion.  Use the code FRIENDS2 for a 25% discount on most merchandise, 10% off beauty items.  To recieve complimentary shipping on all orders, use the code OCTSHIP9.

Today’s Pretty in Pink also comes from Saks and is another Breast Cancer Awareness item, the Key to the Cure Tee by Michael Kors.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Another Princess favorite, Kate Spade, is also offering some fiscally friendly possibilities.


This sale ends October 25.  BTW, the Kate Spade store that opened yesterday in Tokyo looks charming, below we see work before the big celebration.

Courtesy Kate Spade

Courtesy Kate Spade

Another retailer offering markdowns, Tory Burch; this sale begins today (Friday, 10.16.09) at noon.


Just an FYI, the URL is ToryBurchPrivateSale.com, not the standard website address.  These discounts end October 19.

One more online stop some may want to make, Gilt Fuse, another of the ‘members only’ online shopping sites that run sales for specific, limited amounts of time.  Gilt Fuse is the younger, hipper offshoot of Gilt. Today at noon the Betsey Johnson sale gets underway, and while much too cool for TP, we do like some of her styles.

Betsey Johnson Scallop Dress

The Scalloped Dress originally retailed at $425, it will be $144 during the sale.  We will be in and out of the office today, but if interested in an invite, just email me (thepreppyplanet at gmail.com, that is a deliberately left space in that address, so do delete it if using the address) and we’ll do our best to get one headed in your direction.


We leave you with some Friday Fun, compliments of a delightful blogger,   Miss Tied Up With a Black Velvet Headband, also known as TUWABVH.  Knowing our Logophobia and attendant complications, she directed our attention to this yesterday.

Something about the polo-playing ponies seemed disturbing, or perhaps it was the hubcaps. Either way, the image was posted on a website known as People of Walmart. The site’s “about us” page shares more on their raison d’etre:

“We personally have nothing against Walmart. We, along with most of America, shop at Walmart for nearly everything we need.  This site is simply a satirical social commentary of the extraordinary sights found at America’s favorite store.”

The site was originally pointed out to us some time ago by the always-on-top-of-things Misadventures of a Newlywed; naturally we typed in the wrong URL and landed in cyber-purgatory. Now we know better. Our thanks to both Misadventures and TUWABVH for keeping us from being perilously out of touch.

May your weekends be warm and wonderful!


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When Logos Run Wild


It is time for Friday Fun, and we begin with a look at one of favorite bloggers,  Miss Techyness:

Courtesy Her Techyness

Clearly this ever-so-smart young lady (she is scary smart) is studying (ahem) the technical merits (not) of the Lilly Pulitzer Jeep, part of the company’s Golden Anniversary celebrations.  Miss Techyness was visiting the Pink Paddock Lilly store, and was good enough to send us some photos of her shopping trip!  Miss Techyness moves to Houston next week, and we think she desperately needs the Jeep to better handle the warmer climate.


Now we move a less tasteful topic, something a little more nouveau gauche. This next photo submission has us close to convulsions here at the Prepatorium, symptoms of a brutal attack of LogoPhobia.

Burberry Car

Yes, it is the Burberry plaid used in a car interior, brought to our attention by  the ever-vigilant Miss Daisy. She spotted it on the streets of Chicago and felt it important to share it with the LogoPolice.

It is not however, as hideous as this Vauxhall seen on the far side of the Pond.


This actually belonged to a radio station in the UK, encountered an unfortunate end and then allegedly surfaced on eBay.

But when considering the range of Hideosity on the Logo-om-uh-ter (pronounced log-ahm-uh-tur, the first o is silent. Of course.) it pales compared to this:







Here is a final entry in this chapter of “When Logos Attack”:

ourtesy Luxuo
Courtesy Luxuo.com

In case you missed it, we zoom in for a closer look:

Courtesy Luxuo.com

Actually, we find these all quite entertaining and not to be taken seriously, TP is possessed of a sense of humor, despite all evidence to the contrary.


Images and conversation about logo insanity provided entertainment today, and a much-needed smile.

For after all, it is a day we have come to loath, a day when horror on the east coast…

Dan Hulzheiser/AP

Dan Hulzheiser/AP

Spread to Washington…


And then to a field in Pennsylvania…



And the more it sank in…

Jeff Christensen/Reuters

Jeff Christensen/Reuters

The less real it became…


… as brains tried to wrap themselves around images that were incomprehensible.

PHOTO: Tom Sperduto/US Coast Guard

Tom Sperduto/US Coast Guard

Eight years later it is no less painful for those who lost a part of themselves.

Jason Cohn/Reuters

Jason Cohn/Reuters

When a piece of you is ripped away, there is no such thing as closure.

Changh Lee/Reuters/Pool

Changh Lee/Reuters/Pool

But sometimes it helps to know others remember too.

Biswaranjan Rout/AP

Biswaranjan Rout/AP

The sand sculpture was spotted on a beach in India, a reminder grief knows no geographic boundaries.

To learn more about US plans for a memorial, here is a link to the National 911 Memorial.


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Pictures of New Target Collection + Just When You Thought it Was Safe…Wimbledon Fashion Fracas Escalates

Happy-Happy Sunday everyone!

We start off with a few early photographs of pieces from the Richard Chai for Target Collection due in stores August.

Chai for Target #1

Chai for Target #3
Chai #4

Our thanks to Nylon magazine for these. It will be fascinating to see them in person, and also to read Nylon’s in-depth piece on Chai. They look fun, don’t they?

Wimbledon 2008

For a substantial portion of our readers this time of year means not only transferring life from city to coast, it also means increased time out of doors on the golf course, the tennis court, the open sea, the Great Lakes, wherever, whenever – you name it, we’re there. The opportunities are endless and we want to go charging into all of them, eyes and arms wide open.

However, on rare and isolated occasions you will find some of us huddled inside, regardless of the weather outside. We are approaching one such occasion: the Wimbledon semi-finals, depending on the match-ups, and the finals. And lest you think we are hopeless relics of another age, we are aware of devices that record the goings-on on the little screen and even if we did know how to Tivo-ize the matches and watch them at a time that wouldn’t intrude upon beach time, tee time, you-know-the-drill-time, trust us, we might. But you see, when taking into consideration the time difference and well, accounting for the little interruptions wrought upon slumber by one’s advancing years, there is every chance we may see some of this in real time.

Wimbledon Aerial

All of this a very long-winded way of saying how much we enjoy Wimbledon. And also nudging ourselves that we promised to follow-up Tuesday’s post in which we mentioned Roger Federer’s creamy cardigan, the one worn onto the court prior to his first and second round matches.

2008 Wimbledon roger federer sweater #1

There were a few inquiries and/or comments about the cardie as they are called in other parts of the world, but my goodness, not nearly so many as we had about Ms. Sharapova’s Tennis Tuxedo. Lordy, did that cause a few folks to reach for their blood pressure meds! And just when you thought it was safe… well, more about the tennisnondress that didn’t belong anywhere near Wimbledon in just a sec, but first, the details on St. Fed’s sweater.

Preppy Cardigan on Federer at Wimbledon 2008

As you no doubt noticed, it did have that swooshy gold Nike embellishment, but you won’t find it at Nike.com, unless something has changed. The Gatsby-esque sweater is a cashmere and linen blend, which must be an absolute dream to have on. Despite the herringbone pattern that gave it a heavier look, we bet it is über breathable. Only 230 of these treasures have been created, representing the 230 weeks Mr. Federer ranked as the #1 tennis player in the Galaxy. It would appear what we have is a limited edition sweater. For the curious, the five gold buttons symbolize the Swiss superstar’s five consecutive Wimbledon titles. The Princess is not entirely clear on how these sublime sweaters will be sold, although we fully expect some to be used as gifts for high-end corporate sponsor types and others to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to one of Mr. Federer’s charities or perhaps another cause yet to be named. There are also reports some may be available at the NikeTown in London, others at the Nike shop that practically sits on Centre Court, but TP is unable to substantiate that info. When we learn more, we’ll let you know.

Maria Sharapova Tennis Tuxedo Wimbledon

Now back to the story that will not die! In TV News parlance, the preceding wasted verbiage joining two adjacent segments of a television newscast together is often referred to as the “toss.” 

You sly dog…. you recognize the term. You know this. Why, you have seen it happen! Night after night! As when the anchor ‘tosses’ it to the Weather Bunny who tosses it to back to the News Units who may or may not ‘toss’ to the break and then we’ll ‘bump back in’ to the segment with a wide shot of the news anchors who will then toss nicely (we hope, and we can only hope you see, for if we are in the booth producing this nightmare and not out on the desk reading the hits, then we have no control over what The Talent does and sometimes as you may have also seen, The Talent is not nice to each other and therefore they don’t ‘toss nicely), we hope to the Sports Dude… and if SportsDude does the Sports in the precise time allotted, then perhaps tonight’s newscast will end precisely on time, as expected. You know, at the time viewers, station management and countless others expect it to end. Yourself included, so that you might catch the beginning of Leno, or Nightline, or whatever, but you do sort of expect it to end at the proper time, yes? Indeed. Thus, one of the problems with The Toss and The Talent, but we simply won’t go there today. No.

Maria Sharapova Wimbledon 08 tennis tuxedo

The above then (well, the above that was above the above), that was an elongated (long-winded too), version of ‘a toss,’ so ‘long’ in fact, we would have ‘gotten out late’ of the newscast, or ‘gone long.’ But since that old clock isn’t tickety-tocking in my ear, let’s chat up that Tennis Tuxedo that really wasn’t. It is a very cool look in some respects, not our preference for Wimbledon, too reminiscent of a waitress’s uniform (seriously, we finally figured out what was bugging us), but still a stylish look cool for another purpose but most definitely not a Tuxedo, Tennis or otherwise. Still, the Tennis Tuxedo was the look of choice for Maria Sharapova.

But it was not a look Alla Kudryavtseva cared for at all, an unfortunate turn of events for Ms. Sharapova, as Kudryavtseva was her Wimbledon opponent Friday. Ms. Kudryavtseva claims it was her substantial distaste for the headline-grabbing Tennis Tuxedo that provided motivation for her to trounce Sharapova on the court, eliminating her from competition.

Kudryavtsevas Bio PIc

As described in yesterday’s post, the comments were somewhat nastier than portrayed here, but at least we thought that was the end of it. Until we learn today of Nike Senior Designer Colleen Sandieson’s reaction to all of this.

“I was quite shocked when I heard she had been saying this about the outfit. I didn’t think it was very sporting. The outfit is 100 per cent functional for tennis, although it has a glamorous look.

“I shouldn’t say too much about it in case it starts trouble.

“Both girls are Russian and there will be a fierce competition there.

“I have seen Kudryavtseva’s outfit and without going into it too much, I would describe it as understated.”

It may not be sporting, but my, it could well sell a few more Tuxedo tops. If I am at the Nike Mothership, I am thinking it is possible, nay, likely this little controversy might sell just a few more garments. Just a few more. It was one thing to have known with certainty that Ms. Sharapova’s attire would generate conversation, consternation, perhaps even some controversy. But really, can’t you see the Nike marketing folks getting over their sadness at the Sharapova loss in a big hurry while listening to the post-match news conference with Ms. Kudryavtseva? ‘Nuff said.

We also promised to let you know what attire had ‘prima ballerinas and ‘fashion folks chatting it up together.’ Here it is:

Urszula Radwanska Wimbledon

Urszula Radwanska of Poland in a skirt some found reminiscent of a tutu, with its multiple layers of material. We *wish* we could say who the designer is, but despite the gold swooshyness, we can’t find anymore information on the skirt. When we do learn something, we will advise of that information.

Clarification: Knowing some readers may have a concern that The Princess must be perilously close to an attack of Logophobia as a result of all the golden swooshyness we have witnessed of late, rest easy. Somehow in our genetic makeup the appearance of small (ahem) courtside logos is not the irritant it can be on ‘street clothes.’ We don’t know why this is the case, but we are ever-so-grateful for the good fortune. We’re sure you are as well, for we know you couldn’t possibly bear another hysterical diatribe to listen to our mewling about the topic.

One final item in what must be a rotten week for Ms. Sharapova: the Grand Pooh-bahs at the Russian Olympic Team have said ‘Nyet” to her request/offer to carry the flag during the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. Not because of what she has or hasn’t worn at Wimbledon, or how she did or didn’t play, but apparently because they don’t think standing around for 3-4 hours in the hot weather will do Maria, or her game, any good.

Just so we end our missive on an up note and send us all into the next week smiling, news of a wedding to share. And this one is also tennis related! (There’s that little toss thing… okay. We stop now.)

Chris Evert and Greg Norman were married yesterday in the Bahamas. The couple (both of whom are 53, if you can believe that!) exchanged vows in a sunset ceremony; all three of her children participated as did Norman’s son Gregory.

Chris Evert - Greg Norman Wedding


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