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What The Consort Likes These Days

Hello, hello all.  The Consort here striding confidently mikeside to amuse and bemuse you while The (lovely and talented) Princess enjoys a spa day.  I’ve been lurking around the Interwebs and have uncovered some items that have captured my attention.  They are generally expensive, loud or shiny but, hey, I’m a guy and we like those things.  Let’s get started, shall we?

L.L. Bean never lets me down.  Never.  Take a stroll through the Signature lines and you’ll be ready for the worst weather fall and winter can offer.  The prices are attractive, too.  I’m loving the plaid shirt pictured at left for only $69.  The hooded field coat seen at right is $249.  A small price to pay for something you will probably be able to hand down to your heirs.

While we’re discussing jackets let’s turn our attention to the stunning Belstaff Roadmaster jacket.  How can I describe this work of genius?  Here’s what Belstaff says: “Hand-waxed cotton seals out the elements. – Reinforced elbows and shoulders provide extra protection. – Throat latch and triple-snap cuffs seal out the wind and rain. – Bellows pockets hold personal effects without extra bulk. – Collar and cuffs are lined in cotton velvet.”  I think of it as armor for the outdoors.  You can find yours at J. Crew for $595.  It’s an investment – especially if you really do ride a motorcycle.

Did I mention motorcycles?  I’m enthralled with Blitz Motorcycles in France.  I’ve ridden Harleys for years but am evolving into a “if it doesn’t make the bike go faster or stop sooner keep it off the bike” kind of guy.  That’s why I’m so attracted to Blitz.  The bike pictured is their version of the bike Steve McQueen rode in his classic film “The Great Escape”.  The remodeled BMW is stunning in it’s simplicity.  You can order a Blitz bike but be ready to wait.  The bespoke rides begin at about $20,000 and they only make about ten a year.  The shop is in Paris but the address is unlisted.  I love that.

You’ve got the jacket and you have the motorcycle.  It’s road trip time!  Wait! First grab your Filson Duffel Bag from Brooks Brothers and then you’re all set.  These twill and leather medium-sized duffles are water repellent and have loads of interior pockets.  I know we’ve been looking at some international things but these bags are made in the USA.  As the good folks at Brooks Brothers say,  you “might as well have the best”.  I love that, too.

I also love people with vision.  Randy Grubb lives in Southern Oregon.  He’s the owner of Blastolene, a garage where works of art like the Art Deco motor coach you see above are born.  Randy used a 1973 GMC motor home and a White Motors truck cab from the 1950s to create the behemoth Decoliner.  The portholes and flowing lines are fantastic.  Randy also turned out the Blastolene Special, a monstrous tank engine-powered hot rod that now can be found in Jay Leno’s garage.   It’s safe to say that Randy Grubb is creating classics.

Another classic turns 50 years old this month.  James Bond made his movie debut with “Dr. No” in 1962.  Sean Connery was the first (and I say best) James Bond.  That was a different time: John Kennedy was president, gas sold for 28 cents per gallon, a year’s tuition at Harvard would set you back $1,520 and October saw the US and Russia square off during the Cuban Missile Crisis.   But there was no crisis  Commander Bond couldn’t resolve in his trademark style.  The films are fascinating snapshots in time.  Each one tries to trump the special effects and plot twists seen in previous films.  I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll never be as suave as James Bond.  But then he’ll never be the Princess Consort.  You lose, Mr. Bond.

Where does the time go?  I must run but The Princess assures me she’ll be back next week.  Until then I remind you to take good care of your waitperson tonight because they’re working hard for you.  Have fun, all!

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