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The Princess is Sad

Hello.  It is a sad Princess that greets you today.

Yours truly called Denver home for seventeen years and was always grateful to live in what we called a “two-newspaper town.” There was the Rocky and there was the Post.

Below, the final edition of the Rocky Mountain News, published today.

Courtesy Rocky Mountain News

Courtesy Rocky Mountain News

Because of our job at one of the network affiliates we also worked closely at times with people at both papers, ultimately entering into a formal working relationship with one, something new and scary at the time for both entities.

Growing up we were also fortunate, enjoying two dailies; one delivered in the morning and the other arriving late in the afternoon. Then the afternoon paper switched to morning delivery.  And now both papers are ceasing home delivery; they will publish almost exclusively online, beginning next month.

So TQM will no longer be able to physically hold her local morning paper as she sips her cup of coffee.  To be sure, her Times will continue being delivered on a daily basis. But she wonders for how long?

We understand the economics of the situation. We comprehend the fiscal realities and market forces driving these decisions. Sadly, we anticipate seeing even more of this in the not-too-distant future.

But understanding something doesn’t translate into feeling better about it. And this one hurts.

In an effort to keep this being a complete waste of your time, we’ll leave you with a few “Pretty in Pink” efforts. The first is this dress sporting the biggest bow we have ever seen on a party frock!

PHOTO: Mauricio Miranda

PHOTO: Mauricio Miranda

The dress is from the Moschino Cheap & Chic Fall 2009 RTW show in Milan yesterday. Our thanks to WWD for the photos.

The second item features our Lilly Pulitzer Letterpress Correspondence cards.

Lilly Pulitzer Correspondence Cards

Lilly Pulitzer Correspondence Cards

The pink is the Color By Numbers design, definitely giving us a little touch of spring! We’ll close with a reminder to enter our Lilly Stationery Giveaway!


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