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That Hermès Bag Auction & Bobbi Brown Makeup/Lilly Pulitzer Parfum at Tuesday Morning

Hello-Hello, happy week-after-Christmas!

Today we have a few bits and bytes we thought you might enjoy, the first is about Hermès.  In a recent Journal story by columnist Ralph Gardner, the writer explains how grateful he is that his wife hasn’t ever asked for a “$10,000 Hermès Birkin or Kelly handbag for Christmas”.

I can’t say I spend a lot of time thinking about handbags, though I’m aware that a certain caliber of lady who lunches would feel naked without the correct designer bag.

Mr. Gardner’s story centered on a recent auction of Hermès bags, below we see a woman examining some of the items that were to be auctioned.

Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal

We were intrigued by geographic preferences for certain colors in the handbags, geography seems to play a part:

“”New York is a little more subdued—browns and blacks,” Mr. Rubinger said. “Whereas in Beverly Hills there’s a slight preference for bright oranges, bright pinks.”

“In Dallas,” Ms. Guzman added, “they tend to collect more multiples. Everyone down there has a closet full. They don’t just use them; they decorate with them.”

Mr. Rubinger recalled the case of the Judith Leiber collector in Dallas. “The client had a dinner party,” he recalled. “Instead of flowers as the centerpieces, she had Leibers.”

As far as the auction goes, a new record was set, this Birkin sold for $203,150 to an anonymous bidder who lives in the Dallas area.

The rare bag is made of crocodile skins, it’s accented with gold and diamond detailing. The sale was at Heritage Auctions in Dallas, to see all of the bags auctioned, click here.


Also today, word about a few ‘beauty bargains’ from an unexpected source.  While researching a future post on mall appliance prices at those flash sale sites I stumbled across this:

Bobbi Brown at Tuesday Morning

If it is difficult to see, those are three Bobbi Brown makeup items, including the Bobbi Brown EYES Pastel eyeshadow palette at $39.99.

Bobbi Brown EYE Shadow Palette at Tuesday Morning

Doing a quick price check we found it at QVC for $60, elsewhere ranging from $45 to $60.  If memory serves me correctly, this is past season, but as someone who uses Bobbi Brown on a daily basis, this very much looked like a bargain. As you can see, there are two other Bobbi Brown items on sale at Tuesday Morning.

The other brand that struck us by surprise at the deep discounter, Lilly Pulitzer.

Lilly Pulitzer Parfum at Tuesday Morning

Parfum spray in Squeeze, Wink, and Beachy are available at $19.99. A quick price check on these shows them at Drugstore.com for $34 (with shipping included), and The Perfume Spot at $29.99.

So what do you think…are these good deals?

With that we say goodbye until next time!


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