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Black Friday Starts…TOMORROW. Seriously. And Preppy Bargains Abound.

Hello-Hello from a sublime and sunny day in the Great Midwest, so nice we can hardly believe it is November!

But we may want to fasten our seat belts, as it could be a bumpy ride this Fall, at least for retailers. However, storekeeper stress also means outstanding savings opportunities, so today we are simply discarding our usual neuroses about usage of the ‘M’ word, and offering what insight we have on hand.

For openers, K-Mart is starting their Black Friday offerings tomorrow.  As in Sunday, November 2, 2008.

For anyone unfamiliar with Black Friday, a previous post has a tad more insight on the phenomenon, including a mention of this Ralph Lauren Factory Stores ad, offering something called Midnight Madness.  The ad says, “Join us after your Thanksgiving Dinner. Most stores open at the stroke of midnight.”  Indeed.

Courtesy bfads.net

Courtesy bfads.net

Back to today’s post: the Kmart ad does not refer, or apply, to all parts of the store. In fact, it really only offer savings in one area of the store, as explained in Friday’s Advertising Age story:

“The retailer …  said it will offer the deals exclusively in the home-electronics category to help customers kick-start their holiday shopping. The category has become an area of particular concern for retailers, as consumers pull back on discretionary items.”

Should shoppers be looking for the special deals in their Sunday newspaper? Evidently not, at least as best The Princess can discern from yesterday’s story.

“Early Black Friday” sales on about 15 items will roll out in Sunday circulars between Nov. 2 and Nov. 23, as well as on Kmart.com. The deals are being worked into existing circular plans… “

And surprisingly, the discounts will be available for more than one day, different from ‘standard’ Black Friday sales:

“Kmart’s deals are also meant to make holiday shopping more convenient, Mr. Aiello said. Unlike typical Black Friday sales, which require an early wake-up call and heavily promoted limited quantities, the specials will be available for an entire week, with ample supplies in stock.”

Because we do heart your pocketbook (we have been told this is the proper way to use this verb) we went decided to be adventurous and go to the K-Mart website. These are the only two sale circulars we see that are applicable commencing tomorrow; the first seems to be primarily Disney and Hannah Montana related.

KMart Ad 11.2.08

Kmart Ad 11.02.08

And the second is a Dollar Days theme:

Kmmart Ad 11.02.08

Kmart Ad 11.02.08

Enough of Black Friday, let us move on to Bergdorf’s, shall we? Their Fall Savings event includes the Tory Burch North-South tote in this color is too fun.

Barney’s thinks their sale is groovy; we are not yet convinced, but are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The Prada Ruched Pump is not destined for our shoe rack,

But the Mawi Enameled Bangle is fun and comes in several colors, including our favorite.  And the pinstripe cashmere throw, as well as the eggshell with multi-color stripes both rank extremely well on the Snuggle Factor.

It seems that Brooks Brothers continues its aggressive marketing stance with their Preferred Customer Event.

This translates to a 25% discount if one uses their Brooks Brothers Platinum MasterCard Platinum, a mere 15% savings for those paying through other means.

J. Crew is pushing their ‘Fall Sale.’

And TP is simply ga-ga over the Clea Flats:

And speaking of J. Crew, a reminder on the next Men’s Shop:

Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

It shall be interesting to watch the way Crew plays the Men’s Collection in this locale, as it is quite different from the ambience of the Liquor Store site.

Saks is also eager to assist one’s wardrobe enhancement efforts, offering multiple sales, like the Stuart Weitzman Patent Slide.  And ladies, TP can personally vouch for these; they are divine. Dowdy? Maybe. Frumpish? Perhaps. But they are us, and we don’t have the only toes clad in these at JL meetings.

Then there is the Lord & Taylor ‘Just in Time’ sale which has so many different elements we can barely keep them straight.

But because we want to do our best to help locate fiscally friendly merchandise for all of our Princess readers, we’ll give it a go. L&T is offering:

  • Additional 15% off Cashmere
  • 33% off Gloves
  • 25% off Handbags
  • Free shipping on all orders more than $99

J. Press is always an excellent choice, and this fall it is no different, with multiple markdowns throughout the store. These snappy madras trousers for The Spousal Unit at a superb price; they will be ideal during this winter’s annual getaway.

Their Short-sleeve New York Polo is also fun.


And so we might close with an ‘appropriate’ Pretty in Pink, here is the Lilly Pulitzer Infant’s Cover-up; Saks is offering this at an attractive markdown.

Happy Hunting!


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David Yurman Sunglasses and 18KT Kids Jewelry? A New AntiPrep is Crowned.

There is soon to be another name in the already crowded designer sunglass market: David Yurman is about to join the fray. The new collection for men and women was introduced at a rooftop launch party this week at Yurman’s Tribeca HQ. Co-designed with his wife Sybil (below right), the glasses come complete with the ‘Yurman signature’. Paper Magazine’s blog reports the following:

I asked Sybil, who co-designed the line, what her vision for the shades were, to which she replied, “It’s jewelry for your eyes.”

Readers will be pleased to note the madras presence at the event (above left), although we don’t really see a ‘preppy personality’ wearing the heavily embellished glasses seen above, do you? Prices for the shades will run from a low of $395 up to $1100; they will be available this fall.

Did you know there is a David Yurman Kid’s Collection? Yes, we discovered this while on the Yurman website. Indeed, there is quite the collection; if you are looking for a child’s gift in Sterling Silver with Gold and want to just scoot ahead, click here. If you are thinking that the little Miss really should have something in 18KT gold, click here. There is a broad range to choose from if you are selecting a gift, including this 18KT Gold Bracelet with Pave Diamonds, available in both Large ($1060) and Small ($990) sizes.

The Princess is flat-out stupefied by all of this.

We didn’t realize jewelry in precious metal and diamonds was now being made and marketed for girls 8 and up. This seems a bit insane – we’re not talking about a Disney charm bracelet, we’re talking about things like this:

From the Cable Kids Collection, 18kt yellow gold and pave diamond bracelet. 4mm cable. Cable Kids jewelry intended for use by children 8 years and older.

However, if one wanted to do matching Mommy-Daughter 18KT Gold bracelets they could, although we must point out the photo of the “Mommy Bracelet” on the right is ‘only’ sterling silver:

Forgive our naïveté, but when did it become necessary or even acceptable for little girls to wear things like this? Have we become too far removed from popular culture in our advancing personal growth years? We recognize and respect that in some cultures jewelry in many forms is worn at an early age, but these items don’t fall into that category. Nor is this about a pair of pearl studs or a sweet sixteen party.

If this were a :10 second tease for a newscast the script would read something like this: “Conspicuous consumption bumps it up a notch – tape at eleven.” Unless corrected by sound logic and even more solid reasoning, we call this such wretched excess we have no alternative but to dub it as our next AntiPrep.

One FYI in the interest of full disclosure, both photos of the Yurman bracelets above are from the Neiman Marcus site as these pictures are larger and better defined. And today’s ‘one last thing’ since we were already at Neiman’s and we are talking about kids and this simply popped up:

Truly, we much prefer leaving you with a bright and sunny child’s disposition in her perky Lilly Pulitzer Tiki dress over leaving you with the wacky remnants of the Princess’s crankenstein rant commentary on children and jewelry. As always, we welcome your thoughts on the topic.

(But honestly, don’t you think that an 8 pr 9 year-old child wearing that sort of thing is just Okay, we simply can’t leave without asking: isn’t this jewelry issue a bit beyond the pale?


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Florence Eiseman & Lilly Pulitzer for the Little Ones

Kelley\'s Kids Hat Kelley\'s Kids Floral Striped Hat

If anyone is looking for something bright and perky for their Tuesday morning, here it is: a couple of sweet and irresistibly cute hats from Kelly’s Kids. These are perfect for protecting the little ones sensitive skin from the sun, and an even better deal since they are on sale! The first is a bright pink and blue madras pattern, while the second is a pink & green floral in a cotton/spandex knit; both are also machine washable. What’s not to love?

Best Dressed Child lilly Tee Best Dressed Lilly Pink/Green Terry

We also thought you might enjoy a look at these cuties from Best Dressed Child, a shop The Princess had not previously visited. The Lilly Tee is sweet, and the toddler Hot Pink/Green Terry Hooded Cosette Cover Up is very popular, so grab it while you can. The pink and green girls Simona Tunic is also fun (is there a Mommy size, puh-leeze?), but the big Summer Fun winner this week is positively the girls Beach Club Blue 2008 Novelty Skirt with the whale applique. Does Lilly Pulitzer ever run out of cool prints and fabulous goodies?

Best Dressed Kids Tunic Best Dressed girls Lilly Blue Novelty Skirt

Lest anyone think The Princess isn’t concerned with the styling little guy, nay-nay we say! Just look at this darling blue Seersucker by Funtasia, also at Best Dressed.

Best Dressed Boys Blue Seersucker with shark Best Dressed Boys Blue Seersucker c/u

Also a great choice for the toddler boy, this Florence Eiseman Turquoise Seersucker ‘shortall’ as it is called, just fun, fabulous, and most assuredly, Prepalicious… who can resist?

Best Dressed Flo Eiseman Turquoise Boys Best Dressed Flo Eiseman

BTW, Best Dressed has quite the collection of clothing in their “Beach Portrait” category, so anyone considering the uber-formal look for the family Christmas card shot may want to check it out. We are showing a couple of their outfits in this collection below, simply click on the photo to be transported to their site! We must fly – Happy Tuesday!

Best Dressed Boys Beach Portrait Outfit #1

Best Dressed Boys Beach portrait Suit #2

Best Drssed Girls Beach Portrait #1 Best Dressed Girls Portrait #1 c/u

Best Dressed Portrait Girls #2 Best Dressed Girls Portrait #2a Blue


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