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Liz Taylor’s Treasures – And You Can Buy Them From Home

Hello-Hello, it is a bright and sunny (and nippy!) day here at the Prepatorium.

Please accept our apologies for such sporadic posts, it is the height of holiday shopping season and we have been more than a little unhinged slightly busy, so today’s offering is yet again a two-in-one, we’ll call it a Thriday post.

Our topic is those amazing auctions of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry and other items.  The showcase sales are the live auctions at Christie’s New York, running from next Tuesday (the 13th) through Friday. Two separate sessions will offer “The Legendary Jewels.”

Via Bullion Street

To saw there are jaw-dropping pieces would be an understatement.


One of the most anticipated lots being auctioned live is the late actress’s La Peregrina Necklace by Cartier.

La Peregrina by Cartier at Christie's

More on this piece from the catalog:

“…the two-strand necklace, comprising fifty-six natural pearls and four cultured pearls, intersected by eight circular-cut diamond and cushion-cut ruby flame motif plaques, mounted in platinum and gold…”

Estimates for La Peregrina are in the $2,000,000 – $3,000,000 range. Perhaps the best aspect of the auction is knowing there’s plenty of time for The Consort to see this and get busy (not for moi, for TQM, honestly).

Following the two jewelry sessions, another genre of collectibles goes under the hammer, “The Icon and Her Haute Couture” take center stage Wednesday night.  Yours truly would be very happy with just the buttons off the jacket seen below on lot #311, “A Versace Black Silk Dinner Suit & Sugar Pink Satin Evening Bag”. (Not that we would ever desecrate an item like this by removing the buttons, but they do look exquisite.)

Christie's Lot #311 (Sale 2627)

Because this is supposed to be a blog that deals with preppish topics, we had to find something pink and green from the auction. We offer Ms. Taylor’s Christian Dior Sugar Pink Taffeta Evening Sheath and Pale Green Evening Gown, Lot #351.


Both pieces are labeled PRINTEMPS-ÉTÉ 1965 (spring/summer of 1965), the estimate is $5,000 – $8,000.

Following the two fashion-related sessions, the fifth and final live auction is for “Fine & Decorative Art & Film Memorabilia,” this also includes costumes.  Estimates shown for many of the lots in the live sessions appear to be on the low end (quite low IOHO), a good example is this group of Daum Glass, lot #842.

Christie's.com Sale #2634/Lot #842

From the catalog:

A Collection of Floral Acid-Etched Glass, 20th Century, comprising a large pink and green rose vase, two small pink and green rose vases, two orchid dishes, a small violet rosebud, and a clear and pink glass vase, various sizes, the largest 12 in. (30.5 cm.) high

The estimate for the glass lot is only $2,000 – $3,000, on its own merit the lot would be in that range, add in the Elizabeth Taylor mystique and we expect the lot will go for more like $6,000 – $8,000. We’ll have to keep an eye on this and report back once the prices realized are published.

The other component of the sale is something new: for the first time Christie’s is doing an online-only segment of the sale, with about 950 items up for bid. Pre-sale estimates for this part of the sale go from an art deco bracelet estimated at $100-$200, to more than $10,000 for a diamond necklace.

Two items in the online auction, the Cartier “Love” earrings (now at $4000), and a Lot of Perfume Bottles (now at $900)

Christie's Lot #1038 & Lot #2151

Here is another example of what might be found in the online only auction, a Gemstone Necklace, below the description & photos of the piece.

Designed as three strands of pink and purple beads, with a diamond and platinum clasp, 16½ ins., shows signs of normal wear, overall condition good

Christie's New York

The current bidding on the piece above is at $1600.

What makes the online portion of the sale so intriguing is the chance to participate. Who would have thought even ten years ago that you or I would not only be able to look at Liz Taylor’s jewelry (!), but have an opportunity to bid at auction for some of her treasures? The online auction runs through December 17.


We leave you with these Lillyfied lovelies, Christmas ornaments from etsy seller The HoneyDew Shop.

The HoneyDew Shop on etsy

May everyone who is off to the Fall Warehouse Sale Friday & Saturday find all manner of treasures.


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Talbots Spring 2011 & Some Serious Tiffany Blue

Hello-Hello, happy Wednesday! Here at the Prepatorium we almost hear faint echos of “There’s Got to be a Morning After,” a comment made without a red, blue or purple influence, merely a means of saying we need to look at something lighter and brighter today, oui?

Fitting nicely in that category, the Talbots collection for Spring 2011.  We begin with two looks we love, both with an appealing and easy elegance.

Two ensembles that are a little too figure-hugging for this decrepit old woman. (Heh, heh, heh.)

Style has more on what inspired the designs in their story on the collection:

“… the 1950’s and the spiritual setting was Paris, so the silhouette is hourglass and the palette is macaroon bright.”

That Parisian influence is seen in almost every look.

We do note the fifties figure referenced, but not the “macaroon bright’ palette, at least we don’t see it in the images shown online. There are a lot of muted colors and hues.

The Style article touches on the retailer’s continued efforts at overhauling the brand, its image and its merchandise.

“But not to worry, Talbots has no intention of alienating its core audience. The classic blazer, cardigan, and white shirt are all still here, but with updated, “Grandma, can I borrow this?” fits.”

From comments left after previous posts about Talbots we know some readers are enjoying the new look, but others are not; here are two looks we aren’t crazy about.

They aren’t hideosities, just not for us. Back to the collection.

More nipped in waists and full skirts.

Cropped dress pants appear to be with us for many seasons to come.

The style on the left is pure Betty Draper, and the sheath on the right might also work in that capacity.

We are guessing that many of the fabrics used are better appreciated in person, silks and tweeds with a lush feel that feel better in the hand than they appear online.  While more than fond of basics in neutral tones, the lack of bright colors that really pop is disheartening. To see all of the images at Style, click here.


Next on our list of less intense topics, football players and fashion.  Below left we see Calvin Pace and on the right, D’Brickshaw Ferguson (who looks enormous) from the New York Jets, they promenaded down the runway as a fundraiser at Saks for the Jets Foundation.

Also looking stylish, Jim Leonard (L) and Kris Jenkins (R), the latter appearing even larger than Mr. Ferguson, if that is possible.

Women’s Wear Daily reports Mr. Jenkins’ custom-made sport coat was a 62 long.


Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany is almost as famous for its robin’s egg Tiffany Blue® as it is for its jewelry.  Every year the firm hosts a “Blue Book Gala,” where it showcases new merchandise. So how does one decorate for the event? Of course.

Tiffany & Co.

On hand for the gala, actress Byrdie Bell, adorned with (what else?) Tiffany jewels.

Tiffany & Co.

The company has posted a Facebook photo album with pictures of the event, should you be interested in seeing more images.


A few Pretty in Pink and Green goodies round out today’s fun and frivolity beginning with a sign of the season, the Lilly Pulitzer Christmas Ornament ($48) at Splash of Pink.

Splash of Pink

We also have Lilly Ornaments ($17.50) at The Princess.

The Preppy Princess

One of the niftiest totes we have seen for next spring is from Balenciaga.

Balenciaga via The Purse Blog

A little pink and green is always good for the soul.


One final note that *is* election-related, but we promise it falls in the fun and lighthearted category.  It involves yesterday’s post and this photo.

Via Standpoint Magazine

Do you see all of the literature stacked on the table? A comment on the post shares more:

“OMG. I am so excited to read this post today. The second picture down…yeah, I created that poster, brochure, and book. I never saw this photo before. Thanks for sharing!”

Kathleen at “Leggings are NOT Pants” shared that tidbit, very cool IOHO, and another great demonstration of why we so love the interwebs.

Goodbye until next time!


  • George Chinsee/WWD: Jets Fundraiser


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Pretty in Pink… and Green

Hello-Hello, and Happy Monday!

Does it seem like the weekend flew by ever-so-quickly, or is that simply a reflection of our addled brain? We hope everyone enjoyed family, fun, and perhaps even a little down time to reflect and regroup, we are in the middle of what can be a more-than-wacky time of year!

Today is mostly pix, not prose, as the insanity of orders piling in is consuming most of the day. Our focus today is on gifts with a pink and green theme; we start with a find from the Pink & Green Scene:

The Fleece Throw looks like it would rank very high on the Snuggleometer.

From the folks at Not Soap, Radio we show the I’m Really at the Country Club collection.

Not only does it look like a perfect color combination, it is also an Adventure in Argyle, albeit in an understated pattern.

For those seeking something with a musical influence, the Mini Pink Piano at Neiman Marcus is really very cute.

Also at Needless Markup this establishment, and also possessing a high cute factor, the Paw-Print Cuddles & Burpies.

In honor of Jen at When Pigs Fly, we share this beauty in papier-mâché:

We found the little porker at Middleburg, an etsy shop, just one of many treasures available there.  Also at etsy, the Pink & Green Vines sleep mask from SourdoughSF‘s store, perfect for helping to smooth over any holiday wrinkles.

If still looking for tree decor, our friends at Tar-szay offer the Skiing Hippo (L), and on the right, Kurt Adler’s pastel Pink & Green Heart.


Our fondness for the All Smiles ornament in pink will surprise no one,nor will our appreciation of the Pink 1959 Cadillac.

The Baby Girl’s Dress is sweet, and comes nicely packaged. On the right, the Painting Diva offers her handpainted pink and green ornaments in her etsy shop.

As one might expect, this year’s Lilly Pulitzer Glass ornaments are very popular; on the left we show Checking In, and on the right, Free Falling.

Both items shown above are at the Pink Pelican.  New this year are the Lilly Pulitzer Photo Ornaments, available at the Princess and many other retailers.


For something a little more upscale, Smythson never fails to offer outstanding choices. Their Small Jewelry Roll is perfection, and one can’t go too far astray with one of their Key Fobs.

Other leather goods in fun colors can be found at Baekgaard. The Slim Case is available in a number of colorways, and very attractive from a pocketbook perspective.

Saks has bright leather Passport Covers:

Keep your little one warm and toasty in this sweet Faux Fur Jacket. The Pink Rosette coat is done in fleece, equally cute, but not quite as heavy.

We leave you with a few ideas for the four-legged family members, beginning with the Fairisle Wool sweater, available at Pretentious Pooch.

And then this, the Bone on Board sweater at Paw Palace:

After this, what could we possibly add?  Nothing of value, other than a ‘thank you’ for popping in to visit, and we shall see you next time.


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More Lilly Pulitzer Sneak Peek & “When Logos Attack”

Hello-Hello everyone, happy Thursday!

We are ever-so-pleased to finally be composing our little post today, because it means that electrical service has been restored to the Prepatorium. Honestly, this is the sort of thing that causes us to question the wisdom of that moat around the Palace, you all know the perils of raising the drawbridge when lacking electrical power, the minions are just so cranky on this issue.

And frankly, the timing is classic, as we had such grand Bloggage plans today, coordinated in advance with Miss Misadventures Herself (aka Misadventures of a Newlywed) as we were covering the same topic, and we were both going to send our readers to each other’s site to “see more pictures.” Pictures of what, you ask?

Why, it’s time to share more from this fall’s new (and exceptionally fabulous) Lilly Pulitzer Stationery and Gifts Collection, arriving here at the Princess within weeks!

We start with the new Lilly Holiday Ornament Sets.



These are offered in our favorite color combo, natch, and will run $17.50 for a set of three.



We have moved up the start of pre-ordering, it begins Monday, the 6th!

Next on our hit parade, the Lilly Highlighters Set, an ideal gift for any time of the year, definitely perfect as a stocking stuffer.



Also new on the horizon, the Lilly Cocktail Shakers, more-than-fun IOHO, sure to make any beverage tastier.



Shaken Up and Juice Bar, left to right respectively, are the patterns for the shakers, retailing at $39.50.  And Juice Bar will match all of the other Lilly Juice Bar and Juice Stand tableware for an even more stylish table.

Also on the beverage front, new Thermal Travel Mugs.



The patterns are Vintage Patch, Private Property and Trouble Hibiscus; these are $15.50. We have more images of the Paper Doll Book:

Preppy Princess

Preppy Princess

Does anyone else recognize a familiar piece of clothing or two…? These look like loads of fun for your Tiny Prep.


We cannot believe how quickly our IT Department (cough-cough, IT Dept = The Consort) has created the new web pages for everyone to use to pre-order, he is just Mr. Speedy!


This next item is so incredibly fabulous we absolutely had to include it today, despite it making the post even pokier than usual.

It’s the collaboration between Lacoste and Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana, creating polo shirts for the preppy retailer’s 4th Holiday Collector’s Series.

Courtesy Lacoste via Dezeen.com

Courtesy Lacoste via Dezeen.com

How remarkable are these?

Courtesy Lacoste via Dezeen.com

Courtesy Lacoste via Dezeen.com

There will be 20,000 of the limited edition polos available, and while much-too-cool for yours truly, we adore their spirit.

There will also be a “Super-Limited Edition” (ahem) of the shirt seen below, created entirely from the little Lacoste Alligator logos.

Courtesy Lacoste via Dezeen.com

Courtesy Lacoste via Dezeen.com

There are to be only 12 men’s and 12 women’s in this version; here is a closer look, via Yatzer.

Courtesy Photo via Yatzer.com

Courtesy Photo via Yatzer.com

If wondering about our Logophobia, we can only say “non, non, non, ce n’est pas un problème,” for these appear to be done with an artistic eye, yes, but an outlook accompanied by a touch of whimsy.  They do not appear to take themselves too seriously. Very, very witty.

Now, if seeking furniture, the brothers are also noted for their Alligator Chair.

Courtesy Yatzer.com

Courtesy Yatzer.com


Grins and giggles until next time!


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