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Brooks Brothers Spring Preview

Hello, happy Wednesday!

Just when we needed a little bright and sunny pick-me-up, we fell upon this at Brooks Brothers (in a cyber manner of speaking):

Brooks Brothers

The company’s Spring Preview is now online.

Brooks Brothers

Men’s designs are also shown.

Brooks Brothers

Many looks were shown in our ‘sneak peek’ at the line back in September, for that post, click here.  A few more men’s styles.

Brooks Brothers

Here are more photos from that September post.

PHOTOS: Robert Mitra/WWD

We were particularly intrigued by the heavy nautical influence seen throughout the collection.

PHOTOS: Robert Mitra/WWD

The seafaring motif is also evident in the children’s styles.

Brooks Brothers

We like many pieces already shown in this year’s Resort Collection, including the Girl’s Striped Sailor Dress and the Boy’s Embroidered Swim Trunks, both items available now.

One quick aside, like so many other shops, Brooks is doing its semi-annual clearance (including goods for the Young Man & Miss at your palace) and there are some amazing savings, especially on Black Fleece.


In other news (ahem, there’s a loose interpretation of that word), yet another update on one of our original Anti-Preps. It seems that the Kardashians have a rather large clothing line launching at Sears.  More from Women’s Wear Daily:

“The seemingly ubiquitous reality television sisters, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, are set to unveil merchandise on a bigger retail stage when the Kardashian Kollection launches exclusively at 400 Sears doors in August…”

“The Kardashian Kollection is the latest in a Kardashian fashion and beauty empire that started with the Kardashians by Bebe line, which finishes with resort 2011. Among other things, Kim and mother Kris Jenner are spokeswomen for Skechers’ Shape-ups; the sisters front an apparel line sold on QVC called K-Dash; Kim Kardashian has a namesake perfume and is the face of FusionBeauty’s lip plumpers…”

We giggled when reading a friend’s comment on the upcoming launch: “They are Paris Hilton with boobs.”  Ms. Hilton is yet another of our original Anti-Preps.


We have a couple of quick links for Lilly lovers to enjoy, the first is a story in Lonny magazine’s latest issue, “Pulitzer Prize“.

Lonny Magazine

The story focuses on just how the design team comes up with all of the different patterns and pieces for the multiple collections and pieces. Fashion Director Janie Schoenborn is featured, as are many others, and it is a delightful read.

Lonny Magazine

The second link is to a piece in The Daily Basics on the Lilly spring line of home goods at Garnet Hill, with loads of fodder for our Pretty in Pink and Green list!


Our final photo symbolizes our sympathy for all of our friends coping with the insane amounts of snow, some of it in the strangest of places.


The Mittens Charm may be found at Tiffany.


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Brooks Brothers Finally Shows Some Love to the Young Miss in your Mansion

Hello-Hello, and welcome to another OTT (One Topic Tuesday) here at the Prepatorium.

And what a lovely topic it is: Brooks Brothers is adding a long overdue line, this one for the Young Miss at your Palace.

Kyle Ericksen for WWD

The venerable retailer is launching the collection in time for back-to-school wardrobe needs. And we are just delighted to learn who is designing the collection: Nikki Kule. We have long admired Miss Kule’s design aesthetic, showing a piece from her fab childrens’ line back in May of 2008.

Readers won’t be surprised to learn we love the Kule look (and logo, it is an anchor) as seen below in a collection of favorite styles.

Courtesy Kule.com

Next, a grouping of favorite Boys’ items at Kule.

Courtesy Kule.com

From today’s story in Women’s Wear Daily about the new collection, with insight from Claude Del Vecchio, the company’s CEO:

“Brooks has been offering boy’s wear since its founding, and over the years, Del Vecchio said, many girls would buy the boys’ merchandise. “That’s how women’s started too,” he said. As early as the Thirties, the company realized its polo coats for men were being worn more often by the ladies attending Miss Porter’s School for Girls. Its pink men’s button-down shirts have also been popular with women over the years. Brooks opened its first women’s department in 1949…”

Initially the line will only be in 15 stores, but the company is also doing two standalone stores with Girls’ merchandise, one in Westport and one in Kansas City.  And if the collection is popular it will be carried in more stores.


Lilly fans may want a reminder that the Lilly Pulitzer Home for Garnet Hill collection launches tomorrow!

Lilly Pulitzer Home for Garnet Hill

With that we say g’bye until next time!


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