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Brooks Brothers Goes Ivy League & Why Those Slippers Need to Stay Home

Hello-Hello, welcome to a delightful Friday here at the Prepatorium, it has been a hectic week.

We begin today with news of another new endeavor for the folks at Brooks Brothers, they will be producing a line showcasing 15 colleges and universities.

Via Brooks Brothers

News about the new collection came late last week that the company will be offering products with the logos of fifteen different colleges and universities.  Here are examples of a few items you can expect to see, specially selected with TQM in mind, that Notre Dame logo seen lower right has a special place in her heart.

Via Brooks Brothers

There was quite the to-do initially, some thought the folks in New Haven were being left out. From the Yale Daily News:

Preppies, have no fear: despite some rumors to the contrary, Yale will be included in the upcoming Brooks Brothers Collegiate Collection.

Several blogs picked up a Bloomberg story about an unannounced clothing line from Brooks Brothers that would feature fifteen colleges, including Harvard, Princeton, and Cornell. Yale was not featured in the article’s list of schools, but according to several sources, the University will be participating in the new collection, available August 15.

For the record, here is the list of schools.

  • U.S. Naval Academy
  • Alabama
  • Auburn
  • Boston College
  • Columbia
  • Cornell
  • Georgetown
  • Notre Dame
  • NYU
  • Ohio State
  • Princeton
  • Stanford
  • Vanderbilt
  • Univ of Virginia
  • Yale

One FYI: in most blog posts and stories we have seen Harvard and/or Georgia included on lists of schools, here is the list shown on the Brooks website.

Brooks Brothers

Look carefully, for we do not seen either Harvard or Georgia on the rundown of schools currently included in the collection.

BTW, a new tie has been added to the Brooks collaboration with Social Primer; here is the Tennis Hall of Fame tie.

Social Primer for Brooks Brothers

As you can see from the photo, there are little white tennis rackets and a ball on the blue portion of the tie, it honors the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum in Newport, Rhode Island.


Also today, a look at relatively new trend: wearing evening slippers out and about. You know the kind of footwear we’re talking about, basic velvet with one’s monogram.

Broadland Slippers

Or the family crest if appropriate.


Designed for an evening of casual elegance at home (and a very limited group of other social occasions), evening slippers have been updated, as many readers are no doubt aware. Below left we shoe “Jardin” for women, on the right the men’s “Storm,” both from a shop we have been fond of for some time, Stubbs and Wootton.

The Journal recently carried a story about the new trend, “How Going Outside in Slippers Became Cool.

“Velvet evening slippers à la Hugh Hefner have caught on with some young celebrities, fashion editors, publicists and other early adopters of men’s high fashion. But no one’s saving them for intimate evenings at home by the fire. Instead, men are hitting the streets in hard-soled, heeled slippers, using them to add an insouciant flavor to shorts, cropped pants, jeans and full suits.”


Ray Smith’s story was accompanied by a photo of Kanye West wearing the aforementioned slippers. With his jeans.

Getty Images via The Wall Street Journal

The slippers in one form or another have been around forever, but the wretched habit of wearing them out in public is recent.  Fortunately there is a voice of reason on the topic, prompting us to say, “We stand with Esquire on this.”  A headline from the magazine’s Style Blog:

A Trend We Can’t Support: The “Casual” Velvet Slipper

“If you read the Wall Street Journal this morning, you might be tempted to head over to Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren and snag yourself some velvet slippers before they’re sold out.  Please don’t do that.”
Mr. Soller provides solid reasoning as to why one should just say no.
“Prince Albert Slippers, as they’re officially known, or Hugh Hefner slippers, as the WSJ would have them known, are made of velvet for a reason: They’re meant only for formal occasions. And actually, at one point, they were intended to be worn only by the host of a party — in times gone by, people actually had formal events in their own homes. Today, if you wanted to be particularly dashing (or, in some circles: obnoxiously preppy), you could slip on a pair of these slippers right after you put on a tux. For this to work, you’d have to be headed somewhere nice for the evening — somewhere inside.
Very well put, we’ll leave it at that. (Except to say, click here to read Mr. Soller’s entire post on the topic.)
We leave you with a bit of Friday Fun, we have been busy getting in new things here at Princess InterGalactic HQ. Like our Exclusive Kiel James Patrick Stede Bonnet Headband.
KJP Stede Bonnet Headband at Preppy Princess
With that we say goodbye until next time, if interested in the Kate and William visit to California starting tonight, we will be busy tracking those events at our sister blog, What Kate Wore.
May the weekend be fabulous!


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