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Stanley Korshak Does eBay. Seriously. Also, When Madras Goes Wrong.

Hello-Hello and Happy Sunshining Day to everyone!

It is yet another crazy, chaotic tour of duty here at the Prepatorium, compliments of the social secretary overbooking us yet again. Honestly. How difficult can basic appointment scheduling be? (Ahem, social secretary? As in TP overbooking herself??) Therefore we must stoop to such pastimes as gossip, fashion and other less-than-deep endeavors for today’s post.

Has everyone read about the next endeavor for Lauren Conrad of “The Hills“? The Times reports she is doing a line for Kohl’s.

““Now that the economy’s not doing so well, I think it’s everybody that’s looking for bargains,” Ms. Conrad said. “I think that it’s actually great timing.”

Courtesy Kohl's

Anything that will have people back in stores and buying is a good thing IOHO.


Yesterday’s Variety has an excellent story about Isaac Mizrahi’s increasing notoriety and popularity.

“….has once again tapped into the zeitgeist with two buzzed-about collections and as the centerpiece of a new reality show for Bravo called, suitably enough, “The Fashion Show.“”

Courtesy BravoTV

Courtesy BravoTV

Above, Fashion Show judges Kelly Rowland, Issac Mizrahi and Fern Mallis. We could very well become addicted to this one depending upon the production’s structure and contestants.  TP adores Isaac, and is thrilled he seems to be rejuvenating Liz Claiborne.


We’ll show you ours if…now ladies, hush! Please, please get your mind out of the gutter so The Consort’s can float by. What we were going to say was, “We shall show you what we’re reading if you will tell us what is on your nightstand.” Really. All of this as part of our noble little effort to remind everyone that it is World Book Day, as decreed by UNESCO.  On our nightstand?


Cheever: A Life by Blake Bailey is beyond fascinating, if seeking a little more information about this one, pop over to Coterie Books.  Be forewarned: it is 750+ pages and it is very heavy when one is propped up against their pile of pillows in their boudoir! To recover from this we are contemplating something a little less intense:

Vision in White from Nora Roberts looks intriguing, although we must make a confession: we have never been fond of authors’ names appearing in a font larger than the title of the book, let alone above the title of said book. But then, we are not in the business of marketing books, are we?

As always, we recommend a stop at your local library for your favorite books, movies and much more!


It is entirely possible we are the last to realize this, but we were absolutely staggered to read about this yesterday at the Journal’s site: Stanley Korshak is now selling on eBay.

Courtesy Stanley Korshak

Courtesy Stanley Korshak

The reasons behind selling in this venue will surprise no one, as the story explains:

“But as owner Crawford Brock watched the recession take hold, a new idea clicked.

Mr. Brock decided to sell some of his excess merchandise, which included $5,700 Kiton sport coats and $900 Christian Louboutin heels, in a decidedly more downscale venue: eBay.”

How is it going for the upscale retailer with some of the best customer service we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying?

“….a Loro Piana sweater vest that the retailer says was originally priced at $975 sold for $195 on eBay, and a pair of Bottega Veneta sandals originally priced at $920 sold for $242.50.”

Currently the retailer is offering a variety of goods, including these Valentino shoes, originally priced at $695 in the store.


The opening bid is a mere $150; the auction ends in three days on the 26th. For those interested in perusing some of the goods at the online auction site, writers Ray A. Smith & Geoffer A. Fowler also reveals the Stanley Korshak eBay User Name: takeitawayluxury. The reaction from one eBay Korshak customer?

“…one man who bought a Bamford & Sons dress shirt from takeitawayluxury for $80 declined to give his name for this article. He says he didn’t want acquaintances and colleagues to know he was shopping on eBay. “There’s a little bit of a stigma,” he told me.”

At this juncture, we simply want the company to survive and thrive again, so their eBay undertaking does not translate into any less love for Korshak in these quarters. The topic serves to remind us how crazy we are for this!

The Wolf Designs Jewelry Box remains a favorite. In fact, it is today’s Pretty in Pink!


And finally, a look at what happens when Madras Goes Wrong:

Courtey HighSnobiety.com

Courtey HighSnobiety.com

The tees are from Visvim, a line many would refer to as streetwear, or urban cool, or some such moniker.  This may surprise readers, but we have shown pieces by this designer previously, and in a most positive light.  We frequently enjoy their use of madras and other preptastic textiles, clean design lines and risk-taking. It is just in this case we find the end result to be….well… wretched. We are not exactly their demo however, so we aren’t too concerned about upsetting them!

With that dollfaces, we are off to our local library!


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