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The NY Times Looks at Lilly: “Hilarilously Preppy” & “Terrifying”

Hello-hello, and welcome to another sodden April day here at the Prepatorium, the downpour glorious in its own right for what we know will ultimately follow.

Regular readers know our fondness for the Critical Shopper columns in the Times, a fabulous feature critiquing retail establishments in the city. Today’s column is loads of fun, a look at the Lilly Pulitzer Mother Ship on Madison from writer Cintra Wilson.

Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times

We love the way Ms. Wilson described her own apparel as she entered the store:

“When I visited the newly refurbished two-story shop on Madison Avenue, I was, as usual, dressed entirely in black, which doesn’t make me self-conscious in most New York locales. But here, it was a bit like attending a children’s birthday party in a latex ski mask.”

Here is the portion referencing ‘hilariously preppy’:

I was charmed by a device invented for the vintage rack: pristine Pulitzers of bygone decades (most around $200) with printed tags reading “If This Dress Could Talk,” and mini-questionnaires below, on which previous owners have handwritten the who-what-where of a memorable moment in the garment’s past. These tend to be unintentionally yet hilariously preppy:

“Summer of ’69 … Sailing on the bay … Mitzi and Tripp … Sunny afternoon.”

“1975 … Martha’s Vineyard … My true love … Champagne and bike riding.”

It sounds like the previous owners of those frocks were in perfect settings for a little Lilly, oui?

Courtesy Lilly Pulitzer

Ms. Wilson appears a tad puzzled by the men’s section of the store:

“The second floor was also home to some absolutely terrifying sport jackets for men. I imagined it was what Anita Bryant’s linen closet would have looked like after Hurricane Andrew: violent mangos, pinks and aquamarines starched into jackets of such female bedspread intensity they might cause even Ricardo Montalbán to run toward the volcano.”

We’re not understanding; things like this are too bright?

Above left we show the Peter Blazer in Shorely Blue Bizzy Little Fizzy, and above right, that Blazer in Daiquiri Ten Ton Bouquet.

We have a little more from the Times story:

“How does one become as polished, poised, cheerful and sane as Jackie O, while living a life as bent, backward and whitewater-intense as anyone else’s?

The answer might lie in matching the print on your chemise to your daughter’s pedal pushers, your son’s swim trunks, your husband’s Bermuda shorts, your father’s bow tie and your paper cocktail napkins.”


Next, a quick glance at something that surprised us: the Marimekko fall collection.

The photos are via WWD, we simply had nary a clue the firm did ready to wear.  The fall collection was just shown at Danish Fashion Week, but Marimekko has been doing fashion styles for quite some time.  And here we thought it was all about pillows and aprons and cute jackets!

Below, a look from this spring’s collection in silk and linen, we’ll say it’s today’s Pretty in Pink.

Here is the Pixie Dress in a jaunty black, white and pink print, rather appealing IOHO.

We are huge fans of almost all everything the Finnish company creates, but primarily thought in terms of the brand’s iconic prints on household goods, like the Unikko Bed Linens or Unikko Tea Towels.

What a delightful discovery, that puts a smile on our face!


We close with Monday evening’s Dressed to Kilt event hosted by Sir Sean and Lady Connery.

Above we see actor Sam Waterston and NBC’s Al Roker modeling their kilts at the annual fundraiser.  Beneficiaries of this year’s event include the Wounded Warrior Project and Paralyzed Veterans of America.  Below we see Miss Scotland, Katharine Brown.

Andy Barr/The Scottish Sun

Also on hand, Kelly Bensimon (we believe she is a housewife on one of the many ‘Real Housewives…’ shows?) and singer Kellie Pickler.

Vets also walked the show, no small accomplishment for many of them.  Below, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Dan Nevins, injured in Afghanistan.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Some may remember last year’s event featured Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick.

PHOTO: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

He was not a participant this year, but G2 designer Eric Daman took part in the festivities.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

With that we say G’bye until next time!


  • Marimekko Fall 2010: Johnny Kangasniemi/WWD
  • Dressed to Kilt: Lucas Jackson/Rueters
  • Dressed to Kilt: AP Photo/Peter Kramer


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Lacoste Black Label, Lush @ Brooks Bros & When Anti-Preps Gather…


We continue Fashion Week coverage, starting today with the Brooks Brothers presentation of their Fall 2009 Collection. Like many others, this is not a runway show, but an event at the Madison Avenue store.

George Chinsee

PHOTO: George Chinsee

The styles are displayed in tableaus, as seen above. We like the rich gray and lush purple, it is very striking.  The review in yesterday’s WWD mentions plenty of cashmere, in twinsets and coats.

George Chinsee

PHOTO: George Chinsee

In an interesting partnership with Wilson, the official NFL football maker, Brooks will debut a new briefcase and duffle crafted of vintage leather from Wilson. And they will retail a limited edition co-branded football made of this same material; the football is just visible in the photo below.

George Chinsee

PHOTO: George Chinsee

The review also talks about changes in the Black Fleece line from designer Thom Browne:

“The women’s wear has lightened up. “We’re softening the girl,” Browne said, noting there are “more skirts and dresses” offered this time. “The collection is a lot more feminine, from the shapes of the skirts to the looseness of the knits.”

We are intrigued to see the Men’s full-length beaver overcoat Mr. Browne has created. All in all it appears to be a nicely done collection that is eminently wearable.


Thought we’d sweeten your day with a few tidbits we haven’t posted yet, including the debut jewelry collection from Liberty of London.

Photo by WWD Staff

Photo by WWD Staff

The line will be available at Barneys.

We also share a few images from the Lacoste Fall 2009 Men’s collection, we ran out of time when posting the Women’s collection on Saturday.

Talaya Centeno

PHOTO: Talaya Centeno

As the WWD staff put it in their review of the line:

“Christophe Lemaire’s newly named Black collection for Lacoste offered plenty of comfort. In men’s wear, Lemaire showed the strongest conviction with his milky-colored, fine-knit suits, but sweaters…. held the most appeal.”

Another look:

PHOTO: Talaya Centeno


We have another frightening instance of multiple AntiPreps being located in the same place.

At. The. Same. Time.

Behold, the Tracy Reese runway show yesterday:

Amy Sussman/Getty

PHOTO: Amy Sussman/Getty

Between Ms. Kardashian and Paris Hilton is Nicky Hilton, singer Kellie Pickler is on the far right. Quote of the Day award clearly goes to Ms. Hilton, as seen in an interview with E! News this weekend:

“There’s nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde, like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana and, right now, I’m that icon.”


We bring you an update on a favorite brand for TPC (The Princess Consort), Hart Schaffner Marx.  In this January post we detailed the firm’s bankruptcy filing, but there was good news on Friday from a Federal judge, allowing a line of credit to be extended so the menswear manufacturer can keep operating.  It also appears creditor are showing patience with HartMarx as it works to dig out of the financial mess.

Hart Schaffner Marx

Hart Schaffner Marx

President Barack Obama owns several of the Hart Schaffner Marx Golden Trumpeter suits; it was also a tuxedo from the line that he wore to the Inauguration Balls.  Speaking of Presidential fashion, one of First Lady Michelle Obama’s favorite designers was at Fashion Week.

Maria Pinto did not do a runway show, but rather, held appointments to show her Fall looks. Below, the one we found most appealing:

Kristen Somody Whalen

PHOTO: Kristen Somody Whalen


It would not be Fashion Week without seeing models struggling in the insane shoes they must now wear. These shots are from Sunday’s Hervé Léger by Max Azria show:


The model on the right was wearing these:


PHOTO: Getty

One designer, Maria Cornejo, is vocal in her thoughts on the heels and the spills taken by models; she spoke with NY magazine:

“That’s just sad, you know? It’s boys dressing women. I’m sorry — they don’t have to wear the —– shoes…

What could I possibly add to that comment?  Except, perhaps this:

Here is one for the “When Pink Goes Wrong” category, the high-heel sneaker.

Photo by WWD Staff

Photo by WWD Staff

This one is the result of a Puma – Sergio Rossi collaboration.  Not that that should be anything about which to brag…

Ta-Ta for now.


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