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Preppy Interior Design and Jack Rogers Giveaway Winner!

Hello-Hello, welcome to a Monday. We have lots going on here at the Prepatorium so today we are brief, there are a few tidbits we wanted to share.

We begin with a delightful piece The Washingtonian did on interior designer Kelley Proxmire.  The magazine’s story is titled “Get the Look: Preppy in Pink—and Yellow, it looks at how the interior designer turned “…a Rhode Island summer home into an unabashedly preppy slice of paradise. ”

Neil Alexander/The Washingtonian

The decor is more than appealing.

Neil Alexander/The Washingtonian

From the story:

But it’s small touches like colored piping and monogrammed pillows that pull the whole look together. We asked Washington’s queen of prep to share her tips for creating a room Lilly Pulitzer herself would envy.

Neil Alexander/The Washingtonian

Writer Samantha Miller asked Ms. Proxmire about ‘preppy decor’ in the article:

The trend incorporates a lot of color. Most of the fabrics are bold, geometric patterns, often including stripes of all sizes. In addition to using primary colors, preppy decor can include bold versions of pastels—like hot pink, golden yellow, or lime green.

The yellow hues make the palette bright and sunny, yet they are restrained enough to keep the decor from being garish or overpowering.

Neil Alexander/The Washingtonian

Another snippet from the story :

What advice do you have for those looking to incorporate the trend into their own home?

Go slowly, and don’t go overboard. Preppy colors and designs can be added by way of accent pillows, lampshades, wall mirror frames, or even table linens. Select a few strong accents and then add more preppy pieces as needed.

That makes a lot of sense, although I am guessing it is easier said than done.

Neil Alexander/The Washingtonian

Ms. Proxmire has additional photos of the project on her website.

Kelley Interior Design

I enjoyed the article, including Ms. Proxmire’s thoughts on pink, click here to read the piece in its entirety.  There is also a slide show of ‘preppy home products’ accompanying the story.

Via The Washingtonian

Above we show the Ooh La La striped armchair from Pottery Barn Teen and the Bungalow 5 Jacqui Table at Layla Grayce.




…the lucky winner of a pair of the Jack Rogers Navajos from the College Colors collection is Kimberly B., she commented that her favorite style of Jacks is the Georgica Python. Our thanks to Alysa and Diego at Jack Rogers for their gracious assistance in sponsoring the contest! (Kimberly, if you could email me skelley@PreppyPrincess.com, we’ll get you connected with the good folks at Jack Rogers.)

Finally today, at the risk of over-sharing, I want to send out a special thank you to the Preppy Post Grad, she has done a wonderful series of interviews with bloggers, including the one and only Carly of College Prepster renown, and Sarah Beth of the Greek Girl Shop, and today’s post is an interview she did with…me. (Blushing.) Thank you Miss PPG!


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