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A Busy Week for the Ralph Lauren Clan, An Unexpected Royal Wedding Dress Reaction

Hello-Hello, please forgive the lack of a post yesterday, things have been crazy-busy here at the Prepatorium.

We begin today with an update on someone we don’t follow in-depth, Dylan Lauren of Dylan’s Candy Bar notoriety.

Photo via Lifeguard Press

There is a significant amount of buzz surrounding the entrepreneur’s activities of late, not all of it limited to her popular candy stores. Some of it involves the launch of her new Stationery and Gifts line with our friends at Lifeguard Press.  Above she is seen at the official début of the new collection yesterday, wearing one of the Candy Bar Tiaras.

Ms. Lauren is also going to be featured on the cover of the May 23 Forbes.

Courtesy Forbes

From that story:

“When your dad is worth $5.8 billion, it’s not like you need to work for a living. But Dylan Lauren, 36, daughter of fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, devotes round-the-clock energy to her ten-year-old retail sweets business, Dylan’s Candy Bar.”

Some pieces from the new stationery collection are available now, like tableware for parties, pens, and sticker sets.

Dylan's Candy Bar at Lifeguard Press

Future additions to the line include agendas, scented iPhone cases and candles.

Ms. Lauren continues to work on expanding her original candy store business as she looks at other endeavors:

“The Manhattan flagship just got a liquor license and opened a redesigned upstairs space to serve candy-themed cocktails as well as pizza, cupcakes and ice cream. There’s talk of a children’s book and a TV show.

To see the entire Forbes story, click here.

In related news, expect to see Dylan, as well as the other Lauren kids on Oprah tomorrow, part of a show featuring Oprah’s interview with their father, Ralph Lauren.

Photos via Styleite.com

As portrayed in USA Today, the “queen of daytime is taking on the king of the runway.” (Cough-cough.)  Here is more from the paper’s story:

“As part of her élite eight — those last eight shows — Oprah Winfrey is sitting down Wednesday with the famously press-shy Ralph Lauren, who is giving his first TV interview in nearly 20 years, according to Harpo, and opening up his RRL Ranch outside Telluride, Colo., also a TV first.”

It is common knowledge within the industry Mr. Lauren is not at all fond of television interviews, tomorrow’s show is likely to do a huge number. (Translation: the show should have big ratings.)


We bring you a quick look at a line we weren’t aware of until today, Regatta.


The company’s runway show at Philippine Fashion Week caught our attention, the pieces are from the Holiday 2011 collection.

Via Regatta Facebook Page

Clearly derivative of sailing and beachside motifs, the line was intriguing.

Via Regatta Facebook Page

The downside is that we don’t see any locations where Regatta is sold in the US, so we can’t speak to the quality of the clothing. (A caveat if thinking about looking for the company’s wares online, this is not the same as the UK’s Regatta, a much older firm whose quality we can attest to.)


A note for royal readers, expect to see author Andrew Morton simply everywhere as he hits the promotion circuit for his new book, “William & Catherine: Their Story“.


Mr. Morton is perhaps best known for his books on Princess Diana.

From his biography:

“He became an overnight sensation with the publication of his groundbreaking 1992 biography revealing the secret world of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.”

Although the book was published just three days after the wedding, the serious publicity only started yesterday, with appearances on morning shows, with lots more on the schedule.  The timing coincides with the launch of Mr. Morton’s new website, The Morton Report. To read excerpts from the new book, click here.


We leave you with a “Help Me understand,” for your devoted correspondent is confused and we just know you can provide insight. Our question involves a surprising reaction to the Kate Middleton wedding gown, it seems a burgeoning number of fashion stories feature similar headlines, “________________ dresses like Kate Middleton at ______________” whatever event.  A case in point, Penelope Cruz and the Givenchy dress worn for the UK première of the latest Pirates film.

Photos: Courtesy Givenchy/Getty Images/AP

From The Daily Mail:

Very Kate Middleton! Penelope Cruz wears white lace to Pirates London premiere

“It had been said that Kate Middleton’s wedding dress would influence bridalwear for years to come.

But it seems her Alexander McQueen lace gown is influencing more than that, as Penelope Cruz showed when she arrived at the premiere of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in London last night wearing a full-length white lace dress”

Really? Are we supposed to believe that Penelope Cruz and/or her stylist saw the Sarah Burton/Alexander McQueen wedding gown and said “Oh, I must have something like Kate Middleton’s dress to wear in two weeks for the UK opening”?! We think not. (Unfortunately this is not one of Ms. Cruz’s best looks, she is generally in something much more flattering.)
Our final note (so we don’t leave you thinking we are a Crankenstein), some of our favorite new pillows, perfect for the sailor in your family.

Cottage Coastal Store

One would also make a splendid hostess gift for your next visit to a friend’s cottage. On that happy thought we say g’bye until next time!


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Princess Prep Founder Chats Royal Wedding & Miss Middleton

We are fortunate enough to share another post from our Royal Correspondent, Queen Bee Swain.

Recently, the Queen Bee had the immense pleasure of asking Royal Expert Jerramy Fine a few questions about Kate Middleton as we now are only single-digits away from THE Wedding.  Jerramy is an outright expert on the Royals; as author of Some Day My Prince Will Come, True Adventures of a Wannabe Princess she chronicles her lifelong quest to meet and wed Peter Philips, the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth (Princess Anne’s son).


The journey took her from the fields of Colorado to the East Coast and twice to London, at one point even studying at the London School of Economics.  The memoir is an unrivaled story of a woman’s relentless quest for what she believes to be her birthright and dream; for more please read my interview with her about the book here.

Since writing the book, she has founded Princess Prep, a camp-of-sorts where young ladies learn all about being a princess, from etiquette lessons to philanthropic outings, this is the dream camp of elementary-school-aged young ladies everywhere.

Via The Huffington Post

(For more on Princess Prep click here.) Without further ado, here is Jerramy’s dish on all things Royal Wedding and Kate Middleton.

QBS: How are you going to be celebrating the wedding on April 29th?

JF: I plan to mark the occasion with something simple and elegant. Because this a formal occasion where email invites would not suffice, I posted paper wedding invitations and inscribed the following: “By the Queen’s Command, I invite xxxx to view the wedding of HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton at 11am at (the address of my flat) on Friday, 29th April 2011 and afterwards for a champagne reception. RSVP.”

The dress code is what I’m describing as “Westminster Abbey Chic.”  This means if you wouldn’t wear it to witness the royal marriage vows at Westminster Abbey, don’t wear it to my party.

Guests will be greeted with trays of morning mimosas and for food I’m creating a stylish buffet of mini sandwiches (no crusts!), warm scones with jam and clotted cream, and bowls of fresh strawberries. As a final touch, I will invite guests to make a donation to the favourite charities of the royal newlyweds, as they have requested this be done in lieu of wedding gifts.

QBS: Have you ever met Kate Middleton?  Any friends who have?

JF: The only person I know who’s met Kate Middleton is a colourist at Richard Ward.

Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images (L), Chris Jackson/AP (Center & Right)

QBS: What is something in terms of protocol/etiquette that would come as a surprise for Kate either on the day of her wedding or in the near future as she kicks off her role in The Firm, despite how well turned out she always is?
JF: I’m certain Kate has been well trained in every nuance of royal protocol. Something tells me this girl is never going to be caught enacting even the slightest faux pas.

QBS: What is something in terms of protocol/etiquette that would surprise us?
JF: When Kate Middleton marries Prince William she will not become Princess Catherine. Her formal title will be HRH Princess William of Wales.

QBS: Which tiara do you think that she will be wearing?

JF: My personal favourite is the The Cambridge Lover’s Knot, which Princess Diana received from the Queen as a wedding gift in 1981. This may be too flashy for Kate and perhaps too painfully reminiscent of William’s mother – but I’m holding out for it all the same!

Via Mastoloni.com

QBS: Any last piece of knowledge that you have as an expat living in London on Kate that we otherwise wouldn’t hear?!
JF: I’m really hoping Kate would opt for Philipa Leppley wedding dress, but I have insider information that she’ll be wearing Bruce Oldfield with her hair half up. (And although I truly loved Diana’s puffy confection of ivory taffeta, I suspect she’ll choose something sleeker – yet not overly modern. And as bare shoulders are not even allowed at Royal Ascot, I really hope Kate will shun the strapless trend, and don something with sleeves!)

Our thanks to both Ms. Fine and the Queen Bee!


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More Bridal Week, 3 Gowns for Kate Middleton? Also, Nautical Totes

Happy bright and shiny day, we do hope you have sunny skies wherever you may be.

We’ve loads to chat about so we shall get going immediately with more styles from Bridal Week.  We begin with a gorgeous look from Carolina Herrera on the left, the gown on the right is by Romona Keveza.

Remember, the designs being shown are for Spring 2012, so you won’t be seeing them at your local bridal shop for some time to come.  Next, an utterly stunning Monique Lhuillier (l), as well as a beautiful Reem Acra (r).

All of these dresses were part of a story in Women’s Wear Daily (subscription req’d.) about…drum roll please…. sleeves on wedding gowns! From that story:

“From barely there cap versions for traditional types to floaty caftan numbers — worn over a bikini, no less — for offbeat beach brides, sleeves are emerging as a major bridal trend for spring 2012.”

Be still, my beating heart. (For those wondering about the insane level of rejoicing, we have a mild obsession issue with the dearth of gown options available for those with less-than-stellar upper arms and shoulders; additionally we’re feeling validated by *the* fashion trade publication echoing the same sentiment we shared in this space on Tuesday. Oh my!)

The gown on the left is from the fab design minds at Fancy New York (we love those two and their retro designs), on the right we see a very foofy Vera Wang creation.

Your trusty scribe never ceases to be astonished at the number of stunning gowns shown at Bridal Weeks.  We hope to share more styles when we have a tad more time available! (Dear Delusional Princess, about that ‘more time’ thing, this is going to happen…how? Is the Time Fairy making an unscheduled visit to The Prepatorium ? Is she bringing some magic pixie dust to help you stretch the hours? Hello?)

One other note about wedding gowns before we leave the topic: the latest word is that Kate Middleton is having not one, not two, but three wedding gowns made. From a story in The Telegraph:

In terms of royal decoys, it would be right up there with the plot of the Prisoner of Zenda. Kate Middleton, if rumours sweeping the fashion world are to be believed, has commissioned not one but three designs for her wedding dress to make sure no-one can second guess what she will be wearing on April 29.”

“Sources close to Miss Middleton have repeatedly refused to comment on speculation about the identity of the designer, but one thing they are happy to confirm is that the future princess is absolutely determined that the dress design will remain top secret until the big day.”



We move now to a congratulatory note for our friend Sarah in Grosse Pointe (MI), proprietress of The Village Palm, the latest addition to the list of Lilly Pulitzer Signature stores. Tomorrow is the store’s official gala, and for anyone who might be anywhere near the Pointes tomorrow, the store is doing a very special event:

Village Palm

The immensely talented Paige Smith, Lilly print designer extraordinaire, will be at the store painting custom prints!  Below we show a wall that Paige personally painted did at the Lilly store in Ardmore, PA.

Paige Smith Patterns blog

Paige created some of this spring’s most popular prints, including First Impression (top) and Calendar Girl (bottom).

The Let Them Eat Cake design from Paige was recently featured on the Lilly Blog, click here to read more.

Lilly Pulitzer Blog

Paige was also showcased by her alma mater, SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) in a story with another Lilly print designer, Paige is seen on the left in the photo below.


To read the SCAD story about Paige, click here. To visit Paige’s delightful blog, click here.  To visit The Village Palm on Facebook, click here.


We also have several delightful totes we stumbled on, all with a nautical influence.  We found the Milly Sailboat Canvas Totes at Net-a-Porter.

Milly via Net-a-Porter

They do look durable with those reinforced corners, the anchor charm is also cute.

Milly via Net-a-Porter

Also at Net-a-Porter, the Anya Hindmarch Boat Bags.

Anya Hindmarch via Net-a-Porter

Our last bag is actually isn’t technically a tote, but it’s so darn cute we simply had to share it.

Radley London

That is the Port of Call bag from a princess fave, Radley London. The bag features Radley out on his boat under blue skies, it looks like smooth sailing for the handsome pooch.


We leave you with two images from the tsunami in Japan.  Below left you see people clinging to an antenna and to a handrail atop a building that was actually the roof of the Government Disaster Readiness Centre.

Shinichi Sato/AP Photo/Kyodo News via The Telegraph

On the right you see what – and who – survived.  It turns out the tsunami hit more than 100 sites previously designated as ‘safe havens,’ evacuation points where people were supposed to go in case of an emergency.

We’ll see you next time, hopefully tomorrow.



  • John Aquino/WWD
  • Steve Eichner/WWD
  • George Chinsee/WWD
  • Kyle Ericksen/WWD
  • Thomas Iannaccone/WWD


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Bridal Week: Are Sleeves Making a Comeback? Also, Kate Middleton’s Final pre-Wedding Walkabout

It’s a brand, grand, splendid new week here at The Prepatorium.

It is also Bridal Week in New York.

John Aquino for WWD

Above, three styles from Marchesa’s Spring 2012 bridal collection. (Yes, I know, it is barely spring 2011, but the fashion world works on a different calendar.)  Most noteworthy? The preponderance of frocks with sleeves, or covered shoulders.

John Aquino for WWD

Frequent readers will know how happy this makes your trusty scribe, we have relentlessly moaned occasionally mentioned a concern that the current sleeveless/bare-shouldered styles are not flattering to all brides.

John Aquino for WWD

Oscar de la Renta’s collection was shown this morning.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta

Once again the designer shows his extraordinary talent for creating stunning gowns.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta

Of course, not all styles had sleeves.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta

But it seems we saw more shoulders covered than in previous collections.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta Bridal

The gown we like more than any others is on the left, the design looks like Lillies of the Valley.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta Bridal

The non-traditional looks were also appealing, the icy blue dress is exquisite.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta

The show closer.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta

If those aren’t cotton candy dresses, we don’t know what is.


Next, a look at Brooks Brothers new line, St. Andrews Links.

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

As we first noted last September, the retailer has partnered with St. Andrews for a line of clothing.

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

Both the Tartan Vest and Golf Skirt are solid basics.

Brooks Brothers

From GolfWeek:

“America’s oldest clothiers, Brooks Brothers, announced Thursday that it will be joining forces with the Home of Golf, St. Andrews Links…”

The men’s collection is significantly larger than the ladies, with 43 pieces to the 6 items offered in the women’s line at Brooks.

Brooks Brothers St. Andrews

However, there are commemorative polo shirts also being offered as part of the collection, with quite a few styles for the ladies.

Brooks Brothers St. Andrews

These are available at the Old Course shop now.

Brooks Brothers St. Andrews

The catalog was actually shot on the Old Course, the photos are gorgeous; many can be seen at the Brooks website.

Brooks Brothers St. Andrews

The new Brooks Brothers blog also showcases the line.

Good for Brooks, this one looks outstanding.


Finally, a quick glance at the final public appearance for Kate Middleton and Prince William before The Wedding.  The couple visited northern England today.

Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images (L), Chris Jackson/AP (Center & Right)

The couple faced downpours when arriving in Darwen, but eventually the sun came out.  The crowds were not deterred by the rain, how cute are these boys?

Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty

Or this little one with her Union Jack, definitely today’s Pretty in Pink.

WENN Photo

Miss Middleton was in a fitted navy suit with understated accessories, many of the well-wishers asked to see her engagement ring.

Andrew yates/AFP/Getty

For more on Miss Middleton’s ensemble, click here to visit What Kate Wore, our sister publication.

Tomorrow’s schedule is simply brutal, so we’ll see you again Wednesday.


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The Bee Plans A Royal Wedding Party

Hello-Hello, and Happy Tuesday! Today your trusty scribe is gadding about so we are immensely grateful to our Royal Correspondent for stepping up to the plate with an in-depth look at party preps, on the off chance anyone might be planning a celebration to mark the upcoming nuptials (you know, *that wedding*).

A bit of background when seeing the suppliers’ names, the Bee selected them for specific reasons: Party Pieces is the company owned and operated by Kate Middleton’s parents, Duchy Originals was created in 1990 by Prince Charles, Althorp is the Spencer family estate where Princess Diana is buried and Highgrove is home for Prince Charles and Camilla, proceeds from the gift shop at Highgrove fund The Prince’s charities.


We’re coming down to the wire to THE wedding.  I recently started to think about just what I would be doing on the day and had a minor epiphany; “I wonder if it would be possible to throw a tongue-in-cheek party using products that are sold and/or the official ____________  whatevers (you can fill in the blank, there seems to be an official everything with this) on the 29th”?  Let me tell you, it’s all too easy to shape up most of your party from Party Pieces and the Duchy of Cornwall’s Line for Waitrose.  Even to concede to the Spencer family, the Althorp Gift Shoppe appears on the List of THE Wedding Party Wares a la the Queen Bee.

Party Decorations:

Party Pieces Union Jack Lantern– On this side of the pond, we’re going to have to get up before even the newspaper kid starts his route, what better way to welcome your guests than a few of these brightly lining the drive?

Party Pieces

Party Pieces 82 Foot-Long Union Jack Bunting– Why not strew a few doorways, tables, houseplants, chandeliers even, with this bunting (my personal favorite).

Party Pieces

9×6 foot Union Jack Flag– Could be used as tablecloth, cape, draped over an armchair or (appropriately) hung with pride.

Party Pieces

Party Poppers- You may be popping the champagne (see suggestions below) but the kiddies can take part in the very British merriment by popping these crackers.

Party Pieces

Champagne Bubbles- You are having bubbles (again, see suggestions below for adult tipples) so why not the kiddies (and those who are children at heart) as the couple makes their way to Buckingham Palace?

Party Pieces

I “Heart” GB Balloons– What better way to dress up your serving table, viewing room or even tie to your mailbox to further take on the air of jubilation.

Party Pieces

Serving Pieces:

Party Pieces Cake Stands– Though we will be using a platter also from bespoke website, this would be the perfect solution to serve all of those cucumber sandwiches for elevenses as the coverage starts to wind down.

Party Pieces

Party Pieces Plates– The heritage and whimsy of English bone china is touched upon in these easy to dispose of paper plates- since who wants a big clean up if you’re going to start partying at 4 AM?

Party Pieces

Party Pieces Party Cups– By far my favorite piece from the whole “British Vintage Street Party” Collection offered on Party Pieces.  Will be great for everything from tea to champers.

Party Pieces

Princess Carriage Party Food Hold-All– Maybe your guests are the type who care to balance cocktail plate, beverage and other miscellany as they celebrate.  Since all the first-tier Windsors (by blood or by marriage) will be employing a carriage on April 29th, why not you?  Though we should note, unless there is rain, you will be the only person with an enclosed carriage.

Party Pieces

Party Pieces Union Jack Paper Napkins– Because it wouldn’t be very princessy to place our cups on the table without one.

Party Pieces

Fairytale Princess Party Napkins– Tongue in cheek, QBS declares, “I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.”

Party Pieces


Althorp Shoppe’s Chocolate Chip Biscuits– Wanted to make sure that the Spencer Family knew that they were included in our celebration (a very tongue-in-cheek har har here).


Duchy Originals Highland Shortbread– As the couple met in Scotland at St. Andrew’s University and is said to have a love for the Scottish Highlands, this is a fitting part of your spread.

Duchy Originals

Duchy Originals Oaten Biscuits– What good British spread wouldn’t include oat-cakes?  Very lightly sweet, they’re great on their own or with cheese; I would recommend a good Stilton (layered cheddar and Roquefort- very British and one of the handful of cheeses that seldom touch these lips).

Duchy Originals

Duchy Originals Sandgringham Strawberry Preserves– We’re starting the day very early, maybe too early for extreme sweets, so a dollop of these preserves over toast might be a better way to ease into the celebrations.  Could also use in a glaze for a roast or in a trifle.

Duchy Originals

Other Non-Royally Produced Suggestions- As mentioned earlier, tea sandwiches ranging from finger to cucumber would be a lovely savory item to serve your guests.  While a bit early for strawberries to be in-season, strawberries and cream is very British and would make for the perfect breakfast treat.


Union Jack Chocolate Cake Kit- Serve this as the Wedding cake along with the Bride and Groom toppers as seen below.

Party Pieces

Cake Kits’ Golden Sponge Cake Mix– Prince William’s new brother-in-law, James Middleton, peddles cake making kits (on his parents website, amongst others), so we’re incorporating more family into our celebration.  Perhaps bake and slice to use in a trifle, as he noted Kate once did after improperly cooking him a birthday cake?  Revenge is sweet and you can use the Duchy Originals’ Strawberry Preserves in the cake to meld Windsor and Middleton families.  Serve in lieu of Groom’s Cake.

Party Pieces

Party Pieces Cake Platter– Surely this is what the Windsors will be serving up the cake on, non?

Party Pieces

Blonde Groom Cake Topper– Though Prince William will be in Dress Uniform instead of morning coat and top hat.

Party Pieces

Brunette Bride Cake Topper– Though I believe Kate will wear her luscious locks up, not down, as to further set off whatever tiara she does wear that day.

Union Jack Cake Candles– Surely at some point Kate blew out a candle with the wish to marry Prince William, why not let your guests make castles-in-the-sky wishes too on the day of a wild-beyond-wild dream coming true?

Party Pieces


Tattigner Champagne– May we suggest the only Champagne to have QEII’s insignia (and therefore official approval) to toast the newlyweds as they walk out of Westminster Abbey as man and wife and proceed in carriage to Buckingham Palace?

Laurent-Perrier– This is the Champagne that has Prince Charles’ insignia proudly stamped on it.  Possibly to save to pop after we’ve seen all the royals on the balcony at Buckingham Palace and are now hunkering down to read all of the blogs and watch re-play of the coverage?

Hereford Reserve Dry Cider– After we’ve all but exhausted our bubbles, we bring out the swill, Prince Charles’ Highgrove brand cider.  Very British to do so, this is what shows up when reveling has gone on into the wee hours, even the first wedding in Four Weddings and a Funeral highlights this practice.


Highgrove Shop’s Engagement Jigsaw Puzzle– To date, I am unsure if the coverage will be wholly uninterrupted, but in the event of commercials or nonsensical morning news anchors unintelligibly babbling, what better way to kill the time than putting together this jigsaw puzzle until the cultural eye-candy is back on the air?

Highgrove Shop

For the record on how I plan on commemorating the day: Pigs in a blanket, a few bottles of Veuve Cliquot, fresh strawberries and as many of those little Union Jack flag toothpicks as we can get our little paws on.  I’m between my tiara or red fascinator to pair with my pajamas.

Party Pieces Union Jack Flag Face Paint Kit– The couple might wear their hearts on their sleeves, but you can wear your pride on your face as we watch one of the biggest weddings of the century.

Party Pieces

Princess Party Tiaras– In the event that unlike QBS, you do not own a tiara AND fascinator, you simply must pick up some of these so your guests are able to be properly adorned; one wouldn’t think of even attending this wedding without some kind of a headpiece.

Party Pieces

A tad more on how QBS will celebrate the day: The Lord Chamberlain did not recognize the Royal House of QBS, so she is without invitation to Westminster, much less the luncheon and dinner celebrations at Buckingham Palace later in the day.  QBS and sister, at present, are planning on sleeping over at their parents’ house, waking up earlier than they did to see what Santa left them for Christmas 1989. We will then commence the merrymaking, much to our parents’ chagrin, but when you buy a larger than large flatscreen,wall-mounted television for the sunroom, how do you say no to your two little darlings 😉  Bottles of good bubbles, including Laurent Perrier are already chilling, QBS has some Union Jack toothpicks that will surely grace the mini pigs in a blanket that we have decided on.  Our mother will certainly insist upon petit-fours, as those are “daintily regal.”  As the celebration starts at four AM (an ungodly hour, even for this gal who is used to 5 AM practices), the dress code will be relaxed enough to wear pajamas and tiaras (or my fascinator, I’m not sure yet).

Glasses Up!

The QueenBee, kHm


A quick postscript for any philatelists, The Royal Mail has released images of the official stamps, for a quick peek click here.


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The Royal Wedding- Bits and Bytes 2.0

Once again we graced by another Royal Wedding update from the one and only Queen Bee Swain – enjoy!


As Prince William returns from visiting the Kiwis and Aussies and Kate is finalizing the last of the wedding preparations for THE Wedding, QueenBee thought she would bring everyone up to speed with a few news items that flew under the radar but are nevertheless exceptionally notable and timely.

A few weeks back, QBS spied the newly created Kate Middleton for the Win, a few friends even sent the link in the past week.  A fun and sassy tumblr blog that features pictures of Kate, William and the usual suspects with droll and dry retorts written on the pictures.

"Kate Middleton for the Win" Tumblr

It’s updated often and totally the site for a quick sweet ‘n’ sour take on our girl.

"Kate Middleton for the Win" Tumblr

Next, a fabulous piece was in the Daily Mail last week, “We’re All Princesses Now” looks at the current trend in Europe’s royal families for the members of marrying age to marry “middle-class.”  The story is a terrific run-down of the women who have recently (or will very soon) marry some of the princes in Europe, from Norway to the Netherlands to Monaco and Spain.

Rex Features via The Daily Mail

There are storied and varied backgrounds from divorcees to family histories with less than savory government regimes to mothers of unwed children from previous relationships; the new princesses prove that one needn’t sit upon a tuffet counting dewdrops on flowers and other Jane Austen-y things in order to marry an heir.  What I would love to see would be a piece on the men marrying the princesses, such as Zara Philips and Princess Victoria of Sweden, both of who will or recently married men who are non-royals (but perfectly fabulous and dashing).

William and Kate are said to have recently firmed up the music for the wedding, electing a more traditional theme (thank heavens no Elton John), The Telegraph has the story here.  While the actual hymns and songs are yet to be named, it was released that the RAF and Household Cavalry trumpeters will play, the boys from the Chapel Royal Choir will sing while wearing their distinctive uniforms, similar those worn by the Beefeaters at the Tower of London.

Via City of London School

The music is also said to have a “Scottish” feel, appropriate as the couple met at Saint Andrews University in Scotland and they are noted to have an affinity for that country.  After the couple walks down the aisle as Prince and Princess, Prince Charles’ official harpist will play music at the reception at Buckingham Palace.  I’d like to say the fact that Charles has an official harpist tickles me.

Ian Gavan/UPPA/Photoshot via The Telegraph

While we’re on the subject of royal music, the piano teacher of the Middleton family composed a piece entitled “A Song for Kate (and William)” as a wedding present for the pair.  Doesn’t this seem like the perfectly British thing to do to celebrate the two and their nuptials?  Further affirms my love for the UK.  The song incorporates words from the poem How Do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, along with part of O’ Lyric Love by Robert Browning, her husband to show the start of a couple’s life together.

A while back the pair noted that in lieu of wedding presents they wished for donations to 26 of their charities, some of which were recently released.

Royal Wedding Gift Fund

One that Kate is championing is an anti-bullying foundation, Beatbullying.  It was recently revealed that Kate left her school mid-term at the age of 13 before entering Marlborough College due to excessive bullying.  The selection of and admission to the fact that she was bullied speaks volumes where the tone of her role as a charitable ambassador is in regard; this isn’t a “fluffy” or fun patronage in the way that an art museum would be; she is sending the message that she isn’t afraid to take on the work of raising the awareness of foundations and charities of less than glamorous causes.  Well done Kate.

In other Windsor news, The Telegraph reports that Prince Charles wants to save the squirrel.

Sue Crawford/Clarence House/PA Wire via The Telegraph

I must confess, I have a secret obsession with squirrels and the article is worth the click for the picture of Charles alone- for whatever reason, I find it hilarious.  On a sidenote, does anyone else think that as he gets older that he is starting to look more and more like the grammar-school version of himself (and I mean this in an entirely kind way)?

Photo: ALAMAY via The Telegraph


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Green is Good, Spring Sperry, Your Own Royal Wedding

Happy Thursday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Paul Beaty/AP Photo

For those wondering what is going on in the photo above, that is the Chicago River dyed green for the holiday. It really must be seen in person to be fully appreciated, but it does give us an opportunity to say “hello” to several of our friends in that area, including Third Coast Prep, Daisy JD, Just Another Preppy Shopaholic (formerly Preppy Little Dress), Tippy L and many other friends.

Below left, a scene from the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Sydney, Australia, and on the right, a promotional event in Las Vegas that kicked off earlier this week.

Now you know why The Consort refers to it as the official start of what he calls Silly Season.



Next, quick looks at a few spring lines, beginning with these shots from Gap Outlet.

Hudson Cuneo/Sandbox Studio for Gap Outlet

They are actually images going on posters at Gap Outlet stores this spring.

Hudson Cuneo/Sandbox Studio for Gap Outlet

Regular Gap stores also have fresh new styles this spring for children, the navy jumper is cute as can be, as is the ruffled bathing suit.

More spring looks for children by upscale UK retailer Hackett.


These styles are from Hackett’s Little Briton collection.


Also new for spring, some of the boots at Sperry. Below we see the Pelican Rain Boot for girls.

But the new styles aren’t limited to the younger set, the women’s Bahama returns in multiple colors and patterns.

There is even a raffia version. (The patent is troublesome.)

But then we fell upon something far more difficult to digest:

Sequins. On a pair of Sperrys. Oh, the horror.

However… we thought about weddings we have attended where the bride slipped into her Topsiders after the ceremony, and knew these would have been a welcome alternative for at least one of the young ladies, she would have adored these for that one day.

The women’s Santa Rosa at Sperry remains appealing, especially for those more fashionable than your trusty scribe.

We get goofy when seeing a nautical print or seersucker.

The women’s Bluefish is appealing.

But our heart will always be with the Original Boat Shoe.

Of course, the Cutest Shoe award has to go to the Baby Bluefish Prewalker.


With apologies to those who may have seen us mention this on our FB page, it seems we have no self-restraint whatsoever when it comes to “Knit Your Own ______” books. Behold, the Royal Wedding as envisioned by Fiona Goble.

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding Fiona Goble

As one might expect, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding provides the patterns and instructions to create your own royal wedding party. If all goes well, here is how the happy couple should look when you are done, along with William’s best man, Prince Harry.

The Queen looks happy, perhaps because of the presence of one of her beloved Corgis.

It looks like there are a number of fun projects in the book from what we have seen online, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding will be released on the 29th of this month.

Our bizarre obsession interest in that book comes on the heels of our fascination with Knit Your Own Dog, already available for purchase online and in some stores.

Knit Your Own Dog

We thought the dachsund was so darling we pestered alerted Muffy Martini.

Knit Your Own Dog

We mentioned the cute bulldog to Tilly.

Knit Your Own Dog

And need to tell La Belette Rouge about the Westie pattern, her darling Lily would want to know.

Knit Your Own Dog

Do we knit? No. Never have, although The Queen Mother is quite the whiz with a knitting needle. We just find all of these to be irresistible.


We have a serious note from our friend Belle at the Beverly Hills Branche blog. She works at a divine jewelry emporium on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, Beladora, with the most incredible estate jewelry. That company, as well as Beladora II (carrying pieces at lower price points) are donating a portion of all sales in March to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund. We think the world of Belle and wanted to pass along this information.

Besides, we seize any excuse to go ogle some of the lovelies, like this vintage Clock & Compass charm.


We leave you with our favorite Irish Blessing.

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind always be at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

and rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Goodbye until next time!


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