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Princess Prep Founder Chats Royal Wedding & Miss Middleton

We are fortunate enough to share another post from our Royal Correspondent, Queen Bee Swain.

Recently, the Queen Bee had the immense pleasure of asking Royal Expert Jerramy Fine a few questions about Kate Middleton as we now are only single-digits away from THE Wedding.  Jerramy is an outright expert on the Royals; as author of Some Day My Prince Will Come, True Adventures of a Wannabe Princess she chronicles her lifelong quest to meet and wed Peter Philips, the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth (Princess Anne’s son).


The journey took her from the fields of Colorado to the East Coast and twice to London, at one point even studying at the London School of Economics.  The memoir is an unrivaled story of a woman’s relentless quest for what she believes to be her birthright and dream; for more please read my interview with her about the book here.

Since writing the book, she has founded Princess Prep, a camp-of-sorts where young ladies learn all about being a princess, from etiquette lessons to philanthropic outings, this is the dream camp of elementary-school-aged young ladies everywhere.

Via The Huffington Post

(For more on Princess Prep click here.) Without further ado, here is Jerramy’s dish on all things Royal Wedding and Kate Middleton.

QBS: How are you going to be celebrating the wedding on April 29th?

JF: I plan to mark the occasion with something simple and elegant. Because this a formal occasion where email invites would not suffice, I posted paper wedding invitations and inscribed the following: “By the Queen’s Command, I invite xxxx to view the wedding of HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton at 11am at (the address of my flat) on Friday, 29th April 2011 and afterwards for a champagne reception. RSVP.”

The dress code is what I’m describing as “Westminster Abbey Chic.”  This means if you wouldn’t wear it to witness the royal marriage vows at Westminster Abbey, don’t wear it to my party.

Guests will be greeted with trays of morning mimosas and for food I’m creating a stylish buffet of mini sandwiches (no crusts!), warm scones with jam and clotted cream, and bowls of fresh strawberries. As a final touch, I will invite guests to make a donation to the favourite charities of the royal newlyweds, as they have requested this be done in lieu of wedding gifts.

QBS: Have you ever met Kate Middleton?  Any friends who have?

JF: The only person I know who’s met Kate Middleton is a colourist at Richard Ward.

Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images (L), Chris Jackson/AP (Center & Right)

QBS: What is something in terms of protocol/etiquette that would come as a surprise for Kate either on the day of her wedding or in the near future as she kicks off her role in The Firm, despite how well turned out she always is?
JF: I’m certain Kate has been well trained in every nuance of royal protocol. Something tells me this girl is never going to be caught enacting even the slightest faux pas.

QBS: What is something in terms of protocol/etiquette that would surprise us?
JF: When Kate Middleton marries Prince William she will not become Princess Catherine. Her formal title will be HRH Princess William of Wales.

QBS: Which tiara do you think that she will be wearing?

JF: My personal favourite is the The Cambridge Lover’s Knot, which Princess Diana received from the Queen as a wedding gift in 1981. This may be too flashy for Kate and perhaps too painfully reminiscent of William’s mother – but I’m holding out for it all the same!

Via Mastoloni.com

QBS: Any last piece of knowledge that you have as an expat living in London on Kate that we otherwise wouldn’t hear?!
JF: I’m really hoping Kate would opt for Philipa Leppley wedding dress, but I have insider information that she’ll be wearing Bruce Oldfield with her hair half up. (And although I truly loved Diana’s puffy confection of ivory taffeta, I suspect she’ll choose something sleeker – yet not overly modern. And as bare shoulders are not even allowed at Royal Ascot, I really hope Kate will shun the strapless trend, and don something with sleeves!)

Our thanks to both Ms. Fine and the Queen Bee!


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Dressing for Dinner with Tory, Vuitton’s Creatures, Has Kate Designed her own Dress?!?

Hello-Hello, welcome to a new week.

We begin with a little party-hopping, Tory Burch was honored at last week’s “Dinner with a Designer” gala, put on by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America).

John Shearer/Getty Images via WWD.com

We were intrigued by what the folks at The Fashion Lovers said about how guests were dressed:

“In a night where everyone dressed a little too casual for my taste, it was nice to see some stars dressed up a bit.”

Below, Haillee Steinfeld (l) and Eva Amurri (r), both wearing Tory Burch.

John Shearer/Getty Images via WWD

Other stars on hand, Teresa Palmer, Michelle Monaghan and Kristin Davis, all three ladies are also dressed in pieces by the designer.

PHOTOS: John Shearer/Getty Images via WWD.com

We’re guessing singer Eliza Doolittle may be one of those underdressed individuals being referenced in the quote above.

John Shearer/Getty Images via WWD

It is difficult to grasp why anyone would arrive at a party attired this way.


A few very brief updates on the Kate Middleton wedding dress front, the rumors and speculation are now flying at a fast and furious clip.

  • Over the weekend Yvonne Yorke wrote “exclusively!” in a HuffPo post that the designer is Sophie Cranston of Libélula, some readers may recognize the Dulwich coat from that label as worn earlier this year by Miss Middleton.

    FAME via The Huffington Post

  • One peril of suddenly achieving notoriety on a global scale, the traffic can crash your website.

Via Libélula

  • The Daily Mail then breathlessly reported another version of the story:

“Kate designs her own dress: It’s ivory satin and lace with pearl buttons a 10ft train and a ‘nod’ to Lady Diana”

We’re guessing that before we hit publish on this post there will be many more headlines on the topic, it is all becoming very entertaining to watch from afar. (For our two cents on the designer’s wedding gowns, click here to visit sister site What Kate Wore.)

One other note, this one on a footwear line favored by Kate Middleton that we also happen to like, Women’s Wear Daily reports that LK Bennett is entering the US market.

PHOTO: Robert Mitra/WWD

The line will be available this fall at Bloomingdale’s and other upscale shops, as well as two LK Bennett boutiques.

Again, not everyone is interested in the event and all of the hoopla surrounding it. In fact, Page Six reports that NBC is scaling back some of its coverage of the event:

“NBC Universal has cut a number of pretaped segments from its “aggressive and comprehensive coverage” of the royal wedding because insiders fear Prince William and Kate Middleton are “too boring,” according to sources.

“But sources told us worries over viewer fatigue resulted in a decision to cut up to half of the pretaped footage. “They’re allotting fewer resources to it because they’re afraid it’s not going to rate well,” said one.”

According to the paper NBC denies they are cutting back on coverage.

Last week we mentioned a gift popular among those not-quite-so-interested in the goings-on:

Via Sorry But...

We have good news for stateside readers interested in the mugs, they are now available internationally.


We also have quick word about what is being called a “True Prep” sale at online “members only” site Gilt Groupe. The sale is described this way:

“A preppy look is always spot-on for spring—think elegant lawn parties and trips around the Cape—and in this sale you’ll find pieces that go way beyond basic polo. Stock up on buttoned-up basics like cute cardigans and madras dresses, plus an array of pants, skirts, and trenches.”

Below, some of the images accompanying the promotional information (we don’t recognize *any* of the three styles shown).

Via Gilt.com

Frequent readers know we are more-than-underwhelmed by promotion touting the “members-only” aspect of the flash-sale sites, as anyone can join. (If in need of an invitation just click here.)

However, Gilt has previously offered decent discounts, so it is likely we’ll take a peek at what is offered; the sale opens (in a virtual sense) online at midnight tonight (12:01am Tuesday to be more precise).  Gilt is also offering $5.95 shipping on all orders through the 21st, nothing to scoff at IOHO. (They are currently running a Shoshanna sale, another line we are rather fond of here at The Prepatorium.)


We leave you with a few amazing creations from Louis Vuitton.

Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

The ‘creatures’ are all made of small Vuitton leather goods, created at the company’s request by UK artist Billie Achilleos.  Above and below, the “Grasshopper.”

Via "If Its Hip Its Here"

The Chameleon.

Via If Its Hip Its Here

The armadillo.

Via If Its Hip Its Here

A very different use for the usual offerings from the luxury leather goods company.

Goodbye until next time!


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J. Crew’s “Glamorous Prep” (Ahem) for Fall, Hermès on the Beach

Hello-Hello, thank heaven it is Thursday!

As always by this day of the week, it seems we have accumulated many little bits of information we think you might enjoy, so we begin right away, today’s first topic is J. Crew’s Fall collection.  Yes, we know, spring has yet to arrive in many parts of the globe, including here at The Prepatorium, and most of us have minimal interest in looking at fall clothing. However, we feel an obligation to share at least some of the line in our never-ending efforts to keep you apprised of notable events on Planet Prep.

The Crew presentation was Tuesday, accompanied by cocktails and canapés.

J. Crew Courtesy Photo via FashionEtc.

Fashionista refers to it as “glamorous prep”.

For fall, Jenna Lyons, Marissa Webb, and the rest of the J.Crew women’s collection team chose a decidedly preppy look. “Of course they did!” you might say. But it was prep in the way we like to think of it: buttoned up with a bit of quirk and glamor for good measure. There were geeky platform loafers in lavender satin, sky blue cropped trousers, and a fit and flare trench that is sure to become a wardrobe staple for many.”

Courtesy Photos via FabSugar Australia

From FabSugar Australia:

“The US brand’s styling is always on the money, and the Winter line up was no exception with buttoned up blouses providing a preppy base for snappy layering, head to toe tonal ensembles, and a clever mash-up of leopard print, brocade, chambray and sequins. In short, we’ll have one of everything!”

More styles.

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

From WWD’s review:

“The silhouettes were classic, with tailored full-leg trousers and cigarette pants worn with a cashmere V-neck or a vest and simple white shirt. Webb punched up neutrals with bold magenta, green and sherbet orange, often putting the brights on the bottoms for a change.”

Courtesy Image via FashionEtc.

From Refinery 29’s review:

From flares to ankle grazers, we are loving all the deep purple and pink pants that are mixed with jewel- and neutral-toned tops and sweater. Mid-length to long flowing skirts and a maxi sequined dress in a cranberry color that is just to-die-for round out this collection of luxe-looking items that will be staples in every girl’s wardrobe. Even the most notorious lady in black won’t be able to resist these bold hues!

Hmmmm. There some items with tremendous potential, the silk brocade pants lower right could be smashing for the holidays with the right top and accessories.

Courtesy Photos

But then there are things we don’t understand, like the slouchy (comfy looking) chinos in the second photo, and this is ignorance on our part, but how do those differ from mom jeans? (No snark, we genuinely don’t know the difference.) Below, another look via HuffPo.

Via Huffington Post

Below left, the rose and red dress looks like it may be in a satin fabric, a lush and pretty feel for the holidays.  But does anyone else think it looks totally like it belongs at Talbots?

Courtesy Photos

To see all of the images, pop over to Fashionista or Fashionologie.


We dedicate our next portion of the post to the inimitable Summer is a Verb, she is fond of (perhaps more appropriately referred to as a connoisseur?) the classic and coveted Hermès bracelets.


To say we are also fond of the bangles would be an understatement, we do love the bright enamel coloring and designs.  Here is why we dedicated this portion of the post to Miss Summer is a Verb, for she really needs to be on hand for the next one of these:

Jason Loucas/The Australian

This year the Hermès Australia Beach party featured bangles big enough to walk through!

Via Style Me Romy

Now may be the time to start wangling for an invite to next year’s beach bash.


We leave you with two quick notes, the first merely an update on a sister publication that is finally launched, What Kate Wore, where, as time permits, we shall attempt to offer coverage of Miss Middleton’s sartorial selections.


WKW is also on Facebook, as well as Twitter and Tumblr.  However, all that folderol is merely an amusement. Our first love is, and always shall be, The Preppy Princess. 🙂


Much more importantly, our second closing item involves marking the significance of the day, it is a date on the calendar we wait for with impatience.  Every year it finally arrives and we sit with big silly smiles, gazing at the television.

Opening Day

The day brings optimism and hopes that this will be The Year. There is magic in the air.



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