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The Men Who Love My Little Pony & That Pink & Green Chanel Jacket

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a much-needed edition of Friday Fun.

We begin with something we found more-than-entertaining, a new hobby apparently becoming quite popular with an unexpected audience: men.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" via TV Tropes

Today’s Journal has the story: “Hey, Bro, That’s My Little Pony! Guys’ Interest Mounts in Girly TV Show”. From that story:

Meet the self-described “bronies.”

The object of the bronies’ fascination is “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” a remake of a 1980s animated TV show for preadolescent girls featuring plucky, candy-colored equines.

For those struggling (as I did) with what exactly a ‘bronie’ is, it is a combination of “bro” and “ponies”.  The men with fondness for the little blue pony and friends are described as being nerds. More from the story:

Bronies…established a quarterly New York convention, called BroNYCon, this year. They’ve spawned at least two Pony-themed websites and enjoy a thriving subculture of artists whose creations include Pony-inspired music and their own writings about Twilight Sparkle and the gang.”

Below we see men at a New York airport as they head to this summer’s “BRONYCO” convention.

Anthony Kyuubey Yimsiriwattana/The Wall Street Journal

Should I be concerned that The Consort would not directly answer a question when I asked about his interest in this? To read the entire story, which is fascinating, click here.


Before we get to our preppy pink and green Chanel jacket, we spend a quick moment looking at something new showcasing the label’s Grand Pooh-bah, Karl Lagerfeld. We have seen Mr. Lagerfeld in many versions, including the $1500 Steiff bear, an artisan’s mouse and the 2005 Tokidoki Bobbleheadish figure (about $200).

Steiff Courtesy photo/House of Mouse via Fashion Indie/Tokidoki

Those are just a few of the versions we have seen over the years, there are scads of them out there. But for those in need of a newer model, we have what you need. Behold, the Karl Lagerfeld snowglobe coming to Sephora.

Sephora Courtesy Photo

The snowglobe is part of the designer’s collection for the retailer, not available until the 6th. Below we show two of the nail polishes that will be part of the line.

Via Premium Beauty News

For a witty (and biting) list of possible products Mr. Lagerfeld might consider making in the future, visit Racked.com here.


We wrap things up today with something we discovered over at discovered over at Fashionista in this post, it is an insane timewaster  outstanding creative outlet and certainly the most fun we’ve had online all week. Chanel’s ‘Kid Spot’ is part of a microsite created by the fashion powerhouse for an event in Beijing.

Once at the site you select from a series of fashionable objects that may be colored in, like a snappy hat or an iconic Chanel jacket.


And then the fun begins. The first item we decided to color will surprise no one, after all, our logo is a big bow.

Via Chanel

Next, we went for our very own version of the jacket in pink and green. We did go a little crazy with the handbag, all that turquoise is pretty wild.


The site should really come with a cautionary warning about addiction.

On that note we say ‘bye until next time!


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