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When Preppy is Helpful & Making New Hermès Old

Well now. If that isn’t white stuff spewing forth from the skies, whimper-whimper-whine-whine-snarl-hiss-boo-hiss.

Lest we wallow in meteorological misery, we move on to a new topic, sharing a question being asked by several writers today: “When is preppy helpful?” The question was posed in several stories about a new clothing line, 46664 Apparel.

Via Associated Press

Those recognizing that sequence of numbers won’t be surprised to read the line is being launched by 46664, Nelson Mandela’s charity originally focused exclusively on AIDs, but now addressing all manner of humanitarian issues. When sentenced to life in prison he was the 466th prisoner at the facility, that is how the number originated.  Profits from the new line will be used for the charity, thus the media comments that preppy can be helpful. Obviously we don’t care what particular style is referenced as being “helpful,”  be it punk, prep or goth, as long as that help is forthcoming.

Here are two looks for women.

Via 46664 Apparel

The global brand will offer a broad variety of ladies and menswear, with merchandise available beginning this August.  In addition to funds being raised for the non-profit, a significant ancillary benefit will be work for South Africa’s challenged fiber and manufacturing industries.

Via 46664 Apparel

While US media is focused on the brand’s ‘preppy’ styles (in part because the early photos showed styles of that ilk), the reality is there will be all manner of items, including shirts modeled after those worn by Mr. Mandela.

46664 Via BBC News

(One note, if trying to access the 46664 website, be patient, it is significantly overloaded.) Here is a better look at the new brand’s logo.

Via Fibre2Fashion

An update on Mr. Mandela, he remains under 24-hour medical care at his home in Johannesburg as he continues to recover from a serious respiratory infection.


Next today, a look at the resourceful way Hermès is upcycling discards and other items from its production facility. Meet “Petit h“:

Hermès via ECouterre

The capsule collection gives those discarded and defective items a new lease on life, for more on the “little h” capsule collection we visit the site’s page:

“…a nod to capital H Hermes we pronounce “little h” – h favors the invention and production of objects of all kinds. All different, functional, unusual and unpredictable … Poetic, offbeat, free. Like a small jazz ensemble called to work alongside his improvisations of the great symphony orchestra Hermes, h has its own tempo…”

Below, several pieces from the group, including scarves (L) that didn’t make the cut, and leather pieces put to work.

We love the innovation, accompanied as always, by the Hermès touch of whimsy. Below, the logo for the collection.

Via Quintessence

The collection will be available in Japan in May, then New York and Beverly Hills this fall.  For more, visit Ecouterre or Quintessence, both of whom reported the story well before your faithful servant learned about it.


For our final item we must thank our dear friend Julie, as we had nary a clue about an important milestone for one of our favorite Mad Men.

Via Matchbook Magazine Tumblr

Yes, the always dashing (well, usually) Don Draper Jon Hamm celebrates a birthday today, the actor is turning 40.

So in honor of any opportunity to put up pictures of attractive men our friends who appreciate Mr. Hamm’s bedroom eyes acting skills, there you are.

Until next time, we hope the sun is shining on you.


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