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A Day of Silence

We are proud to participate in the Day of Silence.

For a list of ways to help, click the image above.

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Friday Fun, Interrupted

Hello, and welcome to a Friday.

This was a somewhat unusual day, in that we had a post all written and ready to go before we retired for the evening last night.  At the risk of sounding boastful (for we are not), we thought it was actually a delightful little screed, focused on Friday Fun of the prepalicious kind, loaded with all manner of pink and green goodies.

But things happen in far away places while one is sleeping.

Vincent Kessler/Reuters via The Los Angeles Times

Unforeseen events that alter one’s perspective upon greeting a new day.

Associated Press

Technically they are circumstances impacting people we do not know: a Prime Minister in Parliament watching the ceiling shake.

PHOTO Toru Hanai

A mother protecting a child, shoppers holding on to each other in a bookstore.

Associated Press

People in temporary shelters.

Itsuo Inouye/AP

Yet we disregard that technicality, for the circumstances, and the people seem much closer than Japan.


And we just can’t do the lighthearted.

Kyodo News/Reuters

The chipper and cheery.

AFP/Getty Images (L) and @bordermash on Twitter (R)

The light and frivolous.


Because after the shaking stops.


And the fires are out.

AFP/Getty Images via CNN

(For surely they must go out?)

Reuters via CNN

The waves aren’t going places unprepared for raging water.


Via The BBC

And the waters recede.

Kyodo News/AP

Ships will be righted.

AFP/Getty Images via CNN

Runways will be visible again.

Associated Press

Air traffic control towers won’t be in rushing waters.


Airplanes will be back on dry ground.

Associated Press

As will cars.

NHK/AP via The Christian Science Monitor

People will return to the grocery store.

AFP/Getty Images via CNN

And feet will once again feel like they are on solid ground.

But the images make it clear, the damage will be catastrophic.

The heartbreak, immense.

So while it sounds trivial, the sentiment is heartfelt: may the sun shine again on the Land of the Rising Sun.


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