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French Preppy Style (?) and Other Collaboration Updates

Hello, and welcome to a new week, we are blessed with another bright and beautiful day.

We begin with a quick look at J. Crew’s new capsule collection from Joseph Altuzarra, described by Crew as being inspired by “Brigitte Bardot in Saint-Tropez and French preppy style.” Here we see the designer with a model wearing pieces from the new line.

J. Crew Courtesy Photos via The NY Times

The collection launched online last week, today it arrives in stores, the Times’ T magazine has more on the collaboration:

This week, the preppy-classic brand introduced its latest combined effort––a seven-piece capsule from the 2011 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner Joseph Altuzarra that includes a list of closet staples like denim bottoms, cashmere sweaters and crisp, gingham shirts ($85-$345).

The Patricia Dress is $145.

Joesph Altuzarra Facebook

Eric Wilson’s story in the Times offers this perspective:

It’s perhaps preppier than what you might expect from Mr. Altuzarra, based on his three-year-old label, but it’s certainly a French version of preppy. And, in a way, it’s a logical expression of the styles of both Mr. Altuzarra, who was raised in Paris, and J. Crew.

The Sabrina Dress is done in Thomas Mason® gingham, it is available in both dusty blue, shown in the first photo above, and navy, $228.

J. Crew

Also from the collection, the Odette Blouse, it comes in pink, navy and dusty blue, $228.

Joseph Altuzarra Facebook

In this photo we see the Manon Skirt, offered in Shadowy Blue and White, $168; also from the collection, the Corrine Espradrilles, they are available in Maraschino Cherry and Apricot Mist, $345 (ahem).

J. Crew/Joseph Altuzarra Facebook

There is a lot to like with the collaborative effort, although some prices are skewed to the higher end of the scale.


Also today, two more brands that joined forces, Finnish textile house Marimekko and US sneaker manufacturer Converse.

Via Coolhunting

Full disclosure: yours truly is a little gaga when it comes to Marimekko, having been fortunate enough to be exposed to the fun fabrics as a wee prep, way back when. In the Dark Ages. You know.


There are seven styles of Chuck Taylors and four pair of Jack Purcells in the vibrant prints, they are an awful lot of fun.


One last collection launch to share today, another with somewhat preppish lines.


These are styles from the Keds for Opening Ceremony line, more from the Keds’ website:

“…for the first time, our happy heritage goes head-to-toe, with the debut of Keds clothing for She and He. It’s feel-good-style- for life, play, and the passionate pursuit of happiness.”


Some of them look eminently wearable.

Keds for Opening Ceremony

This is one we wouldn’t mind seeing in person. Sadly, Opening Ceremony only has US stores in New York and Los Angeles at the moment.  Sigh.


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That New Sex & The City Show, & J. Crew Collaboration Announced,

Hello-Hello, welcome to the middle of a fabulous week, we hope yours is going splendidly.

We begin today with something creating a little buzz about the interwebs, the upcoming Sex and the City prequel series. The new show will air on the CW, it makes sense for this network, already home to other popular dramas like Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill.

The show is shooting in the city this week, featuring scenes with the “new Carrie,” played by actress AnnaSophia Robb.

Via AnnaSophiaRobb.com

The “Carrie Diaries” is slated to launch late this spring, with the pilot airing in May. We show the actress in character above, and below.

Photos Via AnnaSophiaRobb.com

Many recall that the popular TV series ended in 2004, and there were also the two SATC films. Set in the 1980s, the new program features Carrie during her teen years.  There isn’t universal approval of the new show, below a tweet sums up a reaction we have seen expressed by others.

Via Web Pro News

Style experts Tom and Lorenzo shared their thoughts on the new series today.

The more we hear about this Sex and the City prequel, the less sense it makes to us.

The choice of actress for the iconic Sarah Jessica Parker role is irksome for the witty duo, but nowhere near as much as fashions being seen on set.

But okay, let’s go with the idea that you can take a character with an established history and simply erase it to make her palatable to a younger audience. Let’s assume all that is a brilliant move.

What we absolutely canNOT accept is some costume designer getting an “’80s New York” brief and thinking a few paint splashes on a standard purse will get the job done.

Methinks they are referencing this bag.

Via AnnaSophiaRobb.com (L)/TomandLorenzo.com (R)

Back to their thoughts on the new show.

No teenager in the ’80s ever dressed remotely like this – unless they were going to a costume party as their mothers. And it’s not like ’80s teen fashion is some obscure phenomenon that would require extensive research.In other words, the thinking behind this prequel seems to be:

  • Carrie Bradshaw: Anyone with curly hair.
  • ’80s fashion: Just like 2012 fashion, except with more paint splashes.

So you can understand our disappointment and confusion.



We also have news today about another designer collaboration for J. Crew, this time with Joseph Altuzarra.  More from Fashionista’s story:

Earlier this month, speculation was running wild regarding a collaboration between CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner Joseph Altuzarra…and J. Crew and now we have a verbal confirmation from Altuzarra himself. We caught up with the always cute and friendly designer on the red carpet at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares event last night and he dropped this tidbit on the collab.

Below, we show three spring 2012 styles form the designer’s existing line (*not* the J. Crew line), as seen at Barneys.

Barneys New York

Back to the Fashionista story:

So what should we be expecting from the celebrated young designer who recently showed some tricked out coats for his Gypsy-themed collection for Fall 2012?

“Well, it was a really interesting project because it was like a conflation of their language — or of their world — [and] of our world and putting it together,” he hinted after realizing maybe he gave up too much info. “And I think that was really interesting for me to work on.”

The new collection is expected in J. Crew stores in a few weeks, we’re intrigued to see how it looks and what the price points are.

That’s it for now, goodbye until next time!


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Latest J. Crew Collaboration, ‘Palm Beach Preppy’

Hello-Hello, happy Friday!

We have all manner of tidbits today, so we shall jump right in with a look at the new Angela Adams for J. Crew bags. The collection launched today.

J. Crew Angela Adams bag

Courtesy J. Crew

The bags are made of recycled sailcloth, an outstanding and highly durable fabric perfect for a tote.

All bags shown above retail at $198 at J. Crew, they are also available online.

We have long been fond of this designer, below two of the bags on the Angela Adams site.

Courtesy Angela Adams

In other Crew news, we have previously chatted about the J. Crew launch on Net-a-Porter, that collection has debuted.

Courtesy Images via FabSugar Australia

This post on Australia’s version of fashion site FabSugar has more.

“Get those Visas out peeps, because this is one preppy-chic label which is just too good to ignore.”

A reminder, this is from the Net-a-Porter collection available internationally; currently only one J. Crew item is seen on the upscale discounter’s US site.


Next, a quick look at swimwear from Strong Boalt, described by the fab team over at Refinery 29 as Palm Beach Preppy.

palm beach preppy

Courtesy Image via Refinery 29

“The prepped-out, sexy, and summery shots are totally Lilly Pulitzer-meets-Vilbrequin-meets-Saturday’s Surf NYC, with a vintage, Cali-cool aesthetic that’s putting us in a mood for an uber strong gimlet. So guys, pack up an L.L. Bean tote: You know you’ll be rocking these to some Vampire Weekend tracks come Memorial Day weekend.”


And then there is this: the List of Preppy Baby Names. Now, call us crazy, but we are a tad stymied by some of the names selected for the list:

  • Fortune
  • Veina
  • Wannie
  • Wusshy
  • Xeiss
  • Yemer
  • Yupey

And those are from the list of Girls’ Names.

Yesterday we offered a lengthy listing of just some of the new merchandise we’ll be adding to our Lilly Pulitzer Stationery and Gift line, available mid-summer.  One of the personalized items to be offered is an acrylic tray; below we show the version we shall be carrying in our Jonathan Adler Nifty Gifties collection.

Via Shelter Pop

(We already have those snappy Reusable Plastic Tumblers in stock.)


For a bit of Friday Fun we show actor Ed Westwick at last night’s party celebrating the 30th Anniversary for Express stores.

INF Photo via RadarOnline

The stars from that favorite faux prep school show, Gossip Girl, is shown below with Chanel Iman, Caroline Trentini, Elettra Wiedemann.

Ed Westwick

Billy Farrell/Patrick McMullan via Style.com

Below, Mr. Westwick’s costar, Chace Crawford, headed into this week’s CW upfront presentation. (The annual presentation to advertiser and agencies, yours truly has been through many of these and they are always fascinating.)

Via I'm Not Obsessed

The network is only introducing two new shows, Nikita and Hellcats (ahem); the latter is described as a cheerleading drama.  Indeed.

Jack Rowand/The CW via NY Magazine


With that we say g’bye until next time, may your weekend be filled with sunshine!


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