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The Consort v. The Smart Phone

Hello-hello, The Consort stumbling mikeside to capture your attention while The (lovely and talented) Princess continues her East Coast visit.  She’ll be spending quality time with one of our favorite partners in Rhode Island.  So while she’s gallivanting I thought I’d take the opportunity to upgrade my cellphone situation.  Hang on tight; this is going to be a rocky ride.

You must first understand that I embrace technology.  I love my 8-track tape player.  Those tapes sound great and I love hearing all the music that kids are listening to these days.  So you’d be correct if you concluded that I would be sporting a great cellphone.  Here’s what I’m carrying now…

Can you hear me now?

Beautiful. eh?  If you’re standing right next to me and call my phone there is a good chance I’ll be able to hear you.  But The Princess has told me to upgrade to one of these so-called Smart Phones.  Now that the new Apple iPhone is out I’m going to think about that.  She loves her iPhone and it seems to work very well.  The camera function is impressive and I hear the new iPhone has what is called a forward facing camera.  So if I get a new iPhone who wants to bet that I will still manage to get things confused and end up taking pictures of my own forehead?  Anybody have any advice for me?  What phones are you using these days?  This is no time to be shy with your tips and I’ll appreciate any direction you can provide.

One of the true joys of these conversations is the opportunity to meet some creative people.  One such person joins us from the Philippines where she is involved in the fashion industry.  She also dabbles in creative cooking.  Before I go further I must remind you that I fancy myself as an old-school tough guy.  Not “men tremble, women faint and children cry” sort of tough but it generally takes a lot to rattle me.  I was rattled when I saw this:

Lip-smackin' good

Our creative cook in the Philippines put this main dish together in a fit of hunger.  What’s in this culinary collision, you ask?  Start with a package of shrimp flavored noodles, add some diced cheese (does it really matter what kind?), half an onion, some ketchup, salt and pepper and mix in a can of Spam.  Cook it all up, mush it into a ball and alert your arteries that you’re going on the attack.  I gotta try this.  How bad can it be?  Indeed.

I mentioned earlier that The Princess is goofing off doing some work on the East Coast.  She shares this picture to let us know what a grind she’s enduring.

Tough job

I love it.  Isn’t that a beautiful picture?  The only thing that would make that even more beautiful is if The Princess were in the shot.  She’s having a great trip and sends her best wishes to you all.  She’ll be back with you Monday.

So I’ll say ta-ta for now and I’ll leave you with my usual reminder:  Take care of your waitperson because they’re working hard for you today.  While I’m gone I hope you’ll enjoy the modern song stylings of these young kids from New York City.  Good night, all!


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A Few Fall Accessories & Fab Preppy Sales

Hello-Hello and happy day to everyone!

Good gracious, it seems as if we have been away forever!

Before we do anything else, we send an enormous Princess “Thank You” to everyone for all of their kind thoughts and support in light of yesterday’s iPhone Tragedy.

The Consort (aka TSU, The Spousal Unit) once again demonstrated his capacity for level-headed thinking in response to our hysteria concerns about the missing Address Book data; he did something called a ‘Restore’ and all is now well in the Corner Condo here at Princess InterGalactic HQ.  (Our conclusion: we have probably had enough excitement on the electronics front for the time being. Really.)


And so we return to the beginning of yesterday’s post, which started with TP once again expressing her gratitude to the Consort for Tuesday’s wonderful post in our absence.  When we grow up we want to be able to write just like him, he is so darn good at this stuff, we are continually amazed at his many talents.


In more standard news of the day we share our concern that a major SOTT (Sign of the Times) bomb is emerging on the Princess radar, one that has been hovering in the background that is now being upgraded to a full SOTT Alert: word that our beloved T & C (Town and Country magazine) may be on its last legs.

Fashion Week Daily’s story on the topic details one of the more disturbing signs that Hearst may not keep the fabled title alive.

“Take a look at Townandcountrymag.com. Within the last three years, Hearst’s Digital division has aggressively invested funds in relaunching websites at fellow flagship titles like Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Esquire, and Seventeen.  Town&Country‘s site remains strictly a subscription model rather than a brand ambassador that offers original content.”

This would not be a good thing dollfaces, honestly.


Next on our hit parade, a look at some of the fall accessories we will soon be seeing, according to this story in WWD.  First, the headband from A La Tête.

PHOTO: Robert Mitra/WWD

PHOTO: Robert Mitra/WWD

Evidently the popularity of this accessory is expected to continue:

“Thanks to the hipster-prep aesthetic of “Gossip Girl,” the headband has made a triumphant return to the well-coiffed head…”

The Bodhi Bag in a color probably not well-suited to those believing bags should only be brown or black.

PHOTO: Robert Mitra/WWD

PHOTO: Robert Mitra/WWD

Next, the Dog Tag necklaces by David Yurman.

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

While typing, the words ‘dog tags’ make us hesitate, and then we stop cold. Our immediate thought? “Wait a minute, this is what our military personnel wear for purposes too horrid to be considered acceptable conversation at most dinner tables.”  While we don’t believe Mr. Yurman intends in any way to belittle or demean those who keep us free and protect our safety, somehow the notion of marketing jewelry made in this image makes us uncomfortable.

What do you think? Are we being a bit of a crankenstein in our dotage?


A few Sales and Savings of a Preptastic sort readers may want to be aware of, starting with the Vineyard Vines Friends and Family Sale.


To receive 20% off almost everything use promo code G0791.

The Tory Burch Private Sale is also underway; to sign in with your email, click here.

hm_privatesaleSavvy shoppers know ther are more seasonal sales and markdowns than anyone can keep track of, but we’ll continue in our efforts to post some of them.

With that we must fly out the door. May everyone have a big sunshiny smile of an afternoon!


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