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Why Barbie Might Have Trashed Her Dream Home

Hello-Hello, welcome to a wonderful new week here at the Prepatorium, we’ve lots to share in the next few days.

We start things off this Monday with a rather odd tale, we are looking at a number of photographs from the “Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse” series. Below, the kitchen.

Carrie M. Becker, 2011

Some readers are familiar with a television show called Hoarders; we’ve never watched an episode (but feel like we have simply via friends’ tweets about the program), that show was the first thing we thought of when seeing these images.  They are by artist Carrie M. Becker, they are actually photographs of scenes she created, below, Working from Home“.

© 2011 Carrie M. Becker

The amazing thing is that these were all made from miniature, everything is done in 1/6th scale, most items were made by the artist. Here is “The Teenager’s Bedroom,” note the pink wellies on the floor.

"The Teenager's Bedroom" © 2011 Carrie M. Becker

Lest we all become depressed by the less-than-uplifting scenes, there is a scene called “After the Cleanup”.

© 2011 Carrie M. Becker

Ms. Becker sells the photographs in her etsy shop.

Our theory? Barbie saw this news:

A source tells the new Us Weekly, on stands Friday, that the reality stars will be immortalized as Barbie’s pals in an upcoming limited-edition doll line. “The dolls will reflect the girls’ measurements and may even comes in Kardashian-designed outfits,” says a source.

That might make me destroy my palace too.


We make a 180° for our other tidbit:

Downton Abbey on Masterpiece

Last night on Masterpiece Theatre Season 2 premiered, Slate has a fabulous piece on it today.  The column addresses things, one of my favorites involves a new character, Sir Richard Carlisle.


“I’m curious what you two make of Sir Richard Carlisle. I am exceedingly disturbed that he doesn’t know the difference between hunting tweed and walking tweed (after all, the man’s a Scot!), and that marriage proposal—“I think very highly of you”—wasn’t exactly heart-stoppingly romantic….

Exactly. How can you look up to a man unclear on the differences in tweed worn at country estates? (Heh, heh, heh.)

If wondering what all the fuss is, click here for the Season 2 trailer.  Better yet, watch last night’s entire episode here (at no charge), or revisit all of Season 1. (Available for a limited time.)

Until next time, may your afternoon be filled with sunshine.


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