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More Toys for Boys & The Best Guitar You’ve Never Heard Of

Hello again. Yes, it’s the Princess Consort stepping mikeside to lead tonight’s entertainment. And what a lineup we have! We have three-legged hogs, tools to make MacGyver green with jealousy and the sweetest voice you probably have never heard. Let’s begin!

I have been a Harley-Davidson rider for the better part of three decades. I have my share of scars and jeans with holes burned in them by hot exhaust pipes. Through the years the Motor Company has been the living example of how dynamic a powerful brand can really be. Think of it this way: People tattoo the company logo onto their skin. That, my friends, is a strong commitment to a company. So I have to ask myself why, in H-D’s 105th anniversary year, have they foisted this on the faithful?

This three-wheeled monstrosity is billed as the first tricycle produced for the general population by the H-D factory. It’s called the Tri Glide Ultra Classic and lists for $30,000. That, by my math, is $10,000 per tire. But it does have an optional electric reverse gear. So there you go. Unless you go this way…

North of the US border is Canada, home to polite citizens and Bombadier Recreational Products. The company is best known for snowmobiles and other grown-up toys. Now they’ve rolled out the Spyder, a reverse tricycle that lists for just under $15,000. I have seen a number of these on the roads and I have to say, as a motorcycle builder, Bombadier is a great snowmobile company. Odd-looking doesn’t begin to describe it. Poseur does.

To brighter things… I’ve often heard that one of the factors that distinguishes humans from animals is our ability to use tools. I always thought the opposable thumb played a part but what do I know? To my point: the Leatherman tool. If the important people in your life do not have one of these tools then you have an obligation to rectify that oversight. Now is the ideal time to do just that.

This work of art is the 25th anniversary Leatherman tool created by Argentinian silversmith Adrian Pallarols and is available in either sterling silver or 18k gold. It has all the blades, screwdriver bits and other items that make the Leatherman so indispensable. Pricing begins at $240 and reaches $40,000. I’ve had a more pedestrian version of the tool for years. It is indestructible and worth every cent. A classic in both form and function.

Finally, something for the musician in your life. If your special someone plays guitar I want to introduce you to a friend. Abe Wechter is a master luthier who creates amazing guitars from his small shop in northern Indiana. In a world dominated by Fender, Gibson and other behemoths, Abe fights the good fight. I own one of his Pathmaker acoustic-electric guitars. The voice is stunning and at about $450 it is a bargain. But enough of me rambling. Please enjoy this Wechter Pathmaker in the hands of someone who knows his way around a fretboard.

Thanks for your attention. The Princess will return tomorrow and I’ll be back soon. Meanwhile, try the veal. Now enjoy the musical stylings of the Chi-Lites. Good night.


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