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Burberry & Hilfiger Limited Editions, Coach & Hermès Going for the Guys

Hello- Hello!

We are experiencing a bit of a Friday Frenzy here at the Prepatorium, but nothing like that caused by the big snow, yikes! We hope all of our friends impacted by the nasty weather are able to stay warm and dry.

In light of the inclement conditions a look at Burberry’s collaboration with French retailer Colette seems in order:


This may shock some readers, but TP rather likes what Burberry did with this piece.  (Calm, remain calm. We have no intention of purchasing one, so there is no peril you’ll have to cross the street when you see us coming.)  The details are a little over the top for us:


Besides, knowing our propensity for careening into walls and walking into furniture that has been in the same place for years, it seems likely we might injure ourselves on the studs.

We are not as fond of the trench in its longer version.


But then, we have never been accused of being fashion-forward. Hee-hee-hee.


Also available at Colette, the Tommy Hilfiger collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation.



The limited edition collection officially launches in September, but the chic French firm has pieces available now for men, women and children.

The Children’s Rain Boot above shows the iconic Haring motif, as does this hi-top tennis shoe.

A pair from the Men’s collection.

All of them are fun, with the touch of whimsy one might expect from such a pairing.


As we are on the footwear topic, we share a few pieces from the Sorel fall  collection.

Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Here are some of the boots we shall see in the fall:

Not unlike several styles currently available at the Sorel online shop, here are two more from next winter’s collection.

We had a pair of Sorels that were acquired in another century, they were absolutely fabulous. Sadly, they have been sent on to their next life for a variety of reasons unrelated to their warmth, high quality or waterproofing capabilities.


Word of a few companies recognizing the men in our lives, beginning with Coach. Come May the first Coach store for men only opens in the West Village, a great spot for such an establishment.  According to this story in WWD the new shop will offer  a broad selection of men’s leather goods and accessories, sunglasses, footwear and coats.

And the new Hermès MAN shop on Madison Avenue opens this Tuesday, the first stand-alone men’s store for the fabled brand.


We leave with two brief items, first a new bag offered by Louis Vuitton; in the blogosphere it is being called the “Trashbag Purse”.

LVMH via Refinery 29

Some readers may have already seen these on our Facebook page, over at the Coterie blog, perhaps elsewhere, we are actually rather tardy with the story. But because of our October post related to the brand and trashbags, we couldn’t resist sharing the latest. (Below is the October photo we are referencing.)

Via Trendhunter

Also noted on our FB page, the Tory Burch Valentine’s Collection,

This is the designer’s first Limited Edition Artist’s Series, done with illustrator Leanne Shapton.

We hope everyone can sit back and relax this weekend!


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