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Socialites Needed, & That Superior Preppy Mansion Can Be Yours

Hello-Hello, happy middle of the week to everyone, we’re so glad you popped in for a visit. Today we have a tidbit about the need for ‘socialites’. (Ahem.)

We’re talking about a casting call for TV’s Royal Pains, the show is looking for some extras in the Hamptons, Guest of a Guest has more:

Royal Pains is looking for extras for the show’s fourth season, and they’re bringing their search to the Hamptons.

Royal Pains/USA Network

The show follows a doctor in the Hamptons who makes house calls, it is a comedy airing on USA network, entering its fourth season.  Patch.com reports a casting company is going to be in Westhampton and Southampton. If interested, you’ll need to have the appropriate clothing to pull off the chi-chi look producers are going for, the story says they want:

“people with the affluent look and the wardrobe to portray the high-society Hamptons elite.”

More specifically, Grant Wilfley Casting wants:

“Both union and non-union actors…to portray Hamptonites, socialites, model-types, “ladies-who-lunch,” beach-goers, yachtsman, golfers, tennis players, owners of ultra high-end cars, bankers, brokers, doctors, nurses, orderlies, EMTs and attractive party goers.”

Below we see a still from Season 2.

USA via TV Equals

The show stars Mark Feuerstein as Dr.Hank Lawson.

USA Network via FanPop

The Patch story points out the show has shot on location previously; below we see filming last April.

Paul Robinson via Patch

Back to the casting call, here is a little more detail from the casting company, my favorite is the final bullet point, something of a BYOC (bring your own car) request.

  • Hamptons locals for work on Monday, April 30 in Westhampton;
  • Upscale Hamptonites for work in Southhampton on May 10;
  • physically-fit people to run a muddy obstacle course/marathon (must be ok getting muddy and being chased);
  • people to play Zombies (must be OK wearing zombie make-up, getting muddy, and chasing people);
  • expert/professional pool players for photodouble work (5′8 or 5′10 Caucasian men);
  • SAG/AFTRA members with ultra high-end luxury cars (please note make, model, year and color).

Wondering how it works if you’re chosen? Brendan O’Reilly’s story offers this insight:

Extras are typically treated to breakfast and lunch. During filming in Southampton Village in April 2011, the production set up base camp at the Coopers Beach parking lot, with trailers and a heated tent. The call time was 7 a.m., and extras were required to have their schedule free for the entire day — if someone has to run out in the middle of the day it could ruin a scene’s continuity.

We have had friends who have been an extra for a show or film, and they enjoyed it. The consensus seems to be if you do it for a day or two it is fun, longer than that and it became a touch tedious.


Our other snippet today is about the “Superior Preppy Mansion” as described by the good folks at Curbed.com.


The house was originally built around 1700, more on its the late Ambassador Francis L. Kellogg from Curbed’s story:

Educated at Choate and Princeton, Kellogg established himself as a fixture on the New York social scene, wedding department store heiress Fernanda Wanamaker Munn, before divorcing and marrying Mercedes Tavacoli, now better known as Mercedes Bass…. sailed in seven Newport-to-Bermuda yacht races, claimed ties to the Central Intelligence Agency, and, in his spare time, “raised miniature Dexter cattle, aquatic birds and exotic chickens” at Mill Pond Farm, this 25-acre estate in Westchester County.


Back to the Curbed piece:

The main house, painted a most preppy shade of pink with green shutters, measures 4,500 square feet, with five bedrooms and five baths. Originally built circa 1700, the house was added on to by the venerable architecture firm of McKim, Mead, & White and decorated by none other than Billy Baldwin.

While it’s not necessarily what we would term ‘pretty’ per se, we’ll still make it today’s Pretty in Pink. The house can be yours for $5.9 million, click here for more.


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