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Sneak Peek at Intuition for Target, Those Gossip Girls!

Hello-Hello and oh-so-Happy-Friday to all!

We thought everyone might like a reminder about the new line debuting at Targèt this Sunday. (Although it has already been spotted in some stores.)

Cortesy T

Courtesy Target

We are talking about the Hollywood Intuition for Target Collection.  Designer and stylist Jaye Hersh is the creative mind behind the Collection; she is perhaps best known for her more-than-hip Hollywood boutique, Intuition.

The Tarszay line includes handbags and small leather goods, scarves and jewelry, hats and headbands, and more.

Courtesy Target

Courtesy Target

Intuition is a major fave for loads of celebrities, including one of the original AntiPreps. Below, Ms. Hilton carries the HollywoodIntuition Belt Bag.

parishiltonibeltbagPrices for this new group will run the gamut; $2.99 for a headband to $29.99 for a handbag, very much in line with other collections at the Boutique.


Courtesy Target

Those price points are a world away from what some pieces cost in the couture line Ms. Hersh did for the retailer back in 2006; that Collection featured Target’s bullseye logo on all manner of things and prices ranged from $25 to $3000. (Ummm, we must claim Newzheimer’s as we have no recollection of this at all… do you?) Below, faux-leather pouches from the Collection debuting Sunday.

Courtesy Target

Courtesy Target

It looks like there are lots of goodies, clearly something requiring retail reconnaissance in the not-too-distant future.


For those interested in closely following happenings at J. Crew, CEO Mickey Drexler will be profiled on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” this Sunday.

From the Memo Pad story in this morning’s WWD:

“… closely trailing Drexler and his team on and off for about a year, experiencing closed-door design reviews, spontaneous brainstorming sessions, photo shoots and the rise of new retail concepts, such as the Liquor and the J. Crew Collection stores.

It could be an entertaining story, probably instructive for those of us who have studied fashion merchandising and marketing.


As we generally share new of Gossip Girl stars landing on magazine covers, we have news the Blake Lively cover for the Glamour UK August issue.


Courtsy Glamour UK

As always, there is no shortage of photos accompanying the cover story.

Courtesy Glamour UK

Courtesy Glamour UK

We also have a number of other G2 tidbits:

  • Joanna Garcia from “” is guest-starring for 4 episodes, playing ‘Nate’s’ love interest.
  • Hillary Duff’s multi-episode guest spot on the show begins on October 5.
  • Season 3 of the show premieres September 14.

The entire cast has been out and about this week, back on location and shooting in the city. Below we see costars Ed Westwick (at his gnarly best) with Leighton Meester.

Courtesy JustJared.com

Courtesy JustJared.com


Speaking of Season 3, it is merely 5 weeks until we see the return of Mad Men.  August 16. 10pm EDT.

But what we really wanted to ask: has everyone seen the creative way amc-tv packaged the Season 2 DVD set?


The set is designed to look like an old-style mens shirt box, a nifty idea IOHO.


A reminder, ArtHamptons gets underway today; it is worth the trip if you are in the area and in the market. Actually, even if not in the market, it can be fun to attend simply to look at all goodies.

If anywhere near Water Mill,one might want to do a drive-by and peek at the 2009 Hampton Designer Showhouse, it is now officially on the market.  (The area isn’t exactly our ideal, but the proceeds do go to a good cause, Southampton Hospital.)

May be it be a simply splendid weekend for everyone, regardless of where one is located!


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The Princess is Flummoxed

We were all set and ready to toddle on off to the upstairs when we said, “Oh, today was just so utterly frenzied coming back from the holiday, let’s just check on a few more of our favorites.” And then we saw it. The one and only Third Coast Preppy was at it again!

Third Coast Preppy

Third Coast Preppy

Actually, Miss TCP (is that a cool logo or what?) had done something very kind and overly generous that stopped us dead in our tracks, completely halting all forward progress on the trip up the stairs… and aren’t we glad of that! Miss TCP was the recipient of the ‘You Make My Day’ and the ‘Nice Matters’ Awards as bestowed upon her by über prepsters Mom x 2 and Tres Posh Preppy. And in receiving the Awards she then passed them on to other bloggers and we were fortunate enough to be included on her list of recipients!

Nice Matters Blogging Award

Nice Matters Blogging Award

You Make My Day

You Make My Day

Of course, upon seeing this, shrieking and caterwauling of a most unladylike sort then ensued, as we felt the need to notify TSU (The Spousal Unit) of the exciting news. It goes without saying (so naturally we’ll seize the opportunity to say it) that we are more-than-appreciative of Miss TCP’s generosity in thinking of us; being a completely neurotic Princess we don’t feel at all deserving of her high opinion. We’re working on that little inadequacy thing. (One would think a tiara would make this issue a complete non-starter. If only. Sigh.)

One of the cooler things about Miss TCP is her total comprehension of the etiquette thing. Total. She was way ahead of the Times on this front; one of their newer weekly columns is on that very subject. This week’s touches upon a topic TPP readers would never allow to be a concern; we’ll share the question as posed to columnist Philip Galanes so you might see how he responds:

When invited by a friend to dinner celebrating his or her own birthday at a restaurant, are the invitees obligated to split the tab and not allow the birthday celebrator to pay?

Galanes is an outstanding writer, with a new novel due out next month, Emma’s Table. It looks fabulous, just from the cover.

But back to the business at hand, asking two fabulous writers much closer to our heart to accept the awards: Lauren’s Adventures of a Southern Newlywed is a daily read and Lauren herself is more of a daily boost than she realizes, with quick, sweet, supportive thoughts and comments that keep us going when we don’t want to go-go no mo-mo! This *could* be a repeat performance for Muffy Martini, whose eye for preppy everything is awesome and who loves her fiancee almost as much as she loves ostriches. I think. (You did read that correctly.) And we must include Fashion Herald for her patience in attempting to move us into something beyond polos, pearls and twinsets.

If you don’t subscribe to Vanity Fair or usually grab it at the newsstand, you may want to consider the merits of the August issue. There is a healthy feature, The Hamptons: Billionaire Beach Boys, looking at real estate on the “American Riviera.” (VF’s title, not TP’s.)


Additionally, everyone’s favorite fictional prep school students, the Gossip Girls, are included as part of a lush photo piece from Mark Seliger, Bright Young Hollywood.

There is also Who’s Up? Hollywood’s Next Wave looking at the next generation of stars on their way up. And in an interesting twist with a bow to newer technologies, the magazine offers a couple of online photo albums at their Facebook site, including a behind the scenes peek at the August issue’s Hollywood shoot:

Whether they were surviving high winds in Coney Island, navigating a winding stretch of Malibu coastline on scooters, or freezing on a tree branch in Long Island, the stars and starlets of Vanity Fair’s 2008 New Wave Portfolio, photographed by Mark Seliger, proved that they were up for anything.

Those Facebook behind-the-scenes photo albums are linked to here; The Princess does not believe one needs to be a member to see the photos.

With that, The Princess is scooting off to another meeting. (But she’ll be back because there are some TDF Sales she feels a responsibility to report on; royal obligations as we see it. )





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Hamptons Dictionary To-Do, You can Wear an AntiPrep

Well if it isn’t a delightful Monday, despite all efforts for it be otherwise! We hope everyone has settled back into their routines without too many hitches.

We start today with an amazing little book The Princess may just need to add to the library here at the Prepatorium. A friend brought it to our attention after seeing an item in the Post. We are talking about The Hamptons Dictionary: The Essential Guide to Class Warfare. The title alone elicits an immediate chuckle, if only because it is precisely the sort of thing that Daddy would ban from the house, sight unseen, word one unread. It is the sort of thing you just know is bad! It is wrong! It must be, just look at the title, what more do you need to know? And apparently the folks over at the Jitney would agree with Daddy, were he still with us.

The Hamptons Dictionary

The Hamptons Dictionary

Now for those not familiar with the Hampton Jitney (that is not a typo, no ‘s’ on the company’s name), it is a good way to transport oneself back and forth from the city to Long Island. The Ambassador Service the Jitney offers is one of the the best ways to get there (short of personal aircraft), roomier and more comfortable than the train, pretty good mobile wi-fi connection and your own power outlet.

You are now asking, exactly what does author Miles Jaffe say in the Dictionary that has executives at the Jitney so exorcised? The Jitney is referred to as a “cattle car.” In public relations lingo there is a practice called a ‘seat drop,’ where product samples, literature, other materials are dropped on seats for captive consumers to pick up and deal with, be they riding a bus or sitting and listening to a speaker at a convention or seminar. You know where The Princess is headed with this, don’t you? (If not, see example below.)

Way back on June 27th riders on the Jitney received copies of The Hamptons Dictionary; the people in charge of the Jitney didn’t think it such a grand thing to be insulted in the book and also have it handed to riders free of charge so they could read the insult. They said “No, thanks very much… ” to future seat drops. As best we know, that is the sum and substance of the insult, really not much of a bad thing in our humble opinion, especially when one considers Mr. Jaffe’s razor-sharp capacity for slicing and dicing those with whom he has an issue. The author is the individual responsible for the website “Nuke the Hamptons,” a virtual place to go and send imaginary missiles at the homes of folks like Martha Stewart. This was back six or eight years ago, and the entire endeavor was fairly amusing as best we recall.

Appropriate phrases we have gleaned from reading about the book? We’ll start with Megacottage, a noun we hope to be self-explanatory. Others include:

  • Bay Lice, n., Jet skis
  • Hample, Beyond ample; more than more than enough. e.g.: “His and Her Hummers”
  • Slaughterhouse, n., A singles bar where the patrons are desperate.
  • Million Dollar Smile, n., The expression on a real estate broker’s face at a Hamptons closing.
  • Renterror, n., A summer tenant from hell.

Opportunities abound to purchase the book, starting with acquiring it directly from the author, Mr. Jaffe, an author, artist and designer who lives in Bridgehampton. You can also purchase it from the publisher, The Disinformation Company. Of course you can (and should) check with your local independent bookseller, and then there are all of the online megastores. (We are not entirely pooh-poohing them, heaven knows we have purchased enough to finance another wing at the hospital, they can be lifesavers!)

Also today we share an update on one of our AntiPreps, Kim Kardashian, always busy it seems. And in the interest of full disclosure we are more than tardy with this story as it was Breaking News on Ms. Karadashian’s blog last Wednesday, the 2nd. Our apologies for being so slow on this story; evidently we must be more vigilant in tracking Ms. Kardashian.

Ms. Kardashian shares the following on the blog (let us point out the emphasis is entirely Ms. Kardashian’s, not TP’s):

“It has always been a dream of mine to start my own perfume business, since I love to mix fragrances together and come up with new and different scents! I hope you understand my total excitement as I let you, the readers of my blog, become the first to know that I am creating my own fragrance!!!”

Ms. Kardashian also tells us she is working with New Wave Fragrances, distributors of Ed Hardy and True Religion fragrances.

One more note on Ms. Kardashian that will really have you questioning the capabilities of our worldwide field of correspondents here at Intergalactic HQ for the Preppy Princess. We can only pray you find it within your generous spirits to give us another chance to prove ourselves. (Not to put to fine a point on it, but this is rather minor royalty.) At any rate, we had no idea she had blown into Monaco to attend their Film Fest last month; shown below with Prince Albert, her Mother and sister Kourtney.

There you have it.

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