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“Desperate Preppy Makeover” Opportunity. Seriously.

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

We are über-busy today, with lots of tidbits that caught our eye, beginning with the open casting call:

“Are You Preppy and Need a Makeover? Casting Now”

This is posted on the Reality Wanted website, a fascinating place to peruse and pursue all manner of… all manner of, well… ahhhhh, we’ll just say ‘opportunities in reality tv’ abound at this site.


The rest of the ad reads as follows:

“Do you and your friends dress preppy and want a Jersey-style makeover? Do you dress very preppy and are desperate for a bold new look? If you or someone you know dresses ultra conservative and want a completely different look PLEASE RESPOND ASAP  – the show is next week!”

We do not foresee readers partaking of the “opportunity” to go from conservative to Jersey-style, but we have been wrong before. (Heh-heh-heh.)

If interested in looking at the current applicants for the show offering salvation from prepdom, click here. Perhaps this should be filed in our You Can’t Make this Stuff Up category….?


We also have an update on Preppy Glam style (ahem), this one via the folks at FlyPaper, the blog by online discounter Bluefly.

Now you may be asking yourself: “What exactly is ‘preppy glam’ style?” In a NY minute, it’s simply the place where your inner nerd intersects with your inner diva — think Bill Gates and Sasha Fierce standing side by side and not looking awkward (roll with me here.)

And it’s so Spring 2010.”

There is a Polyvore illustrating the look.

Courtesy Bluefly.com on Polyvore

Definitely not for us, nor many readers, but we do enjoy seeing the continual stream of different interpretations of “preppy styles.”


We also have an early look at the new Kate Moss for Longchamps collection.  Those  unfamiliar with the storied brand’s advertising campaigns may wonder about the collaborative effort; Ms. Moss has been the face of Longchamps for several years. Below, an ad from this winter’s marketing campaign.

The new collection was revealed this week at the Paris Ritz. We have a few looks via The Daily Mail, with the Soho Clutch (L) and the Ladbroke R).

Fashionologie also has images, in this instance from Vogue Paris (the February issue).

Vogue Paris via Fashionologie

One of the  more interesting facts from the launch involves the Valentino dress worn by Ms. Moss.

Photo: Dominique Maitre

WWD reports:

“…the supermodel also did some handiwork for her party outfit and took scissors to a black Valentino number. Moss lopped off eight inches, making the dress into a micro-mini and matched it with a vintage white couture Valentino jacket she bought in Rome.”


Fashionologie has more on the upcoming advertising campaign for the line:

“The ads will run with taglines like “Don’t You Wish Your Bag Was Hot As Kate’s?,” “An Absolute Moss-have,” “Kate Is Not A Plastic Bag,” and “My Moss Bag Brings All The Boys To The Yard.”

We are clearly not hip enough, several of these strike us as a little off the mark, particularly the yard example.

We remain obsessed with interested in the Le Cabas bags.

Courtesy Photo Via LeSacaMain.fr


Our next item involves that Polo Ralph Lauren Haiti relief shirt we first told you about on Wednesday.  Some readers may be surprised to hear TP defending the company responsible for the wretched logo-ing of America designer and company bringing the world logos the size of canned hams, but we are doing just that today.

First, the shirts in question:

Polo Ralph Lauren

The reason we feel the need to defend PRL? This post on the topic at Newsweek’s The Gaggle blog:

“Gosh, what’s a preppy with a big wallet and a big heart to do to prove to his buddies down at the club that he’s doing his part to stop the suffering in Haiti? Maybe pop the collar on his new Ralph Lauren Haiti Relief Polo Shirt. Pick your color, only 98 bucks. All proceeds to charity. Thanks, Ralph. Helping the needy never looked so chic.”

Is it us, or does this seem like snarky crossing over the line into downright nasty? We have read and re-read the post multiple times since it first appeared on Wednesday; it remains rather churlish IOHO.

We elected not to leave a comment on the post, doing so requires registration and we are loath to do that.  So we emailed the post’s author, Daniel Stone, asking about additional perspective on the situation. We recognize many may find $98 pricy for a knit shirt, but as other Ralph Lauren polo shirts run $75 – $115, the pricepoint seemed in line with the brand’s merchandise and image.  Surely no one proposes the retailer do nothing?

The obvious suggestion might be that the company make a private donation (keeping in mind we have nary a clue what else, if anything, they are doing), but that does not keep Haiti in the public eye and dialogue, something the shirt does accomplish, one can’t miss the message whether looking at it from the front or back.

Others might argue that PRL should be doing the same thing with a less costly product; this would be foolhardy on their part, “cheapening” the brand’s accomplishes nothing in the long run.

We can’t say why the post remained so troublesome. Perhaps it merely struck us as mean-spirited at a time when such sentiments do little to help a critical situation.  We shall alert readers if we hear back from Mr. Stone.


We move on. It is Friday and we cannot possibly close the week on such a cranky note. (The horror. Gasp! Heh-heh-heh.)

To avoid such a dreary circumstance, we leave you with a little Pretty in Pink, the Light Fuchsia Shirt by Gant.


One caveat, the shirt is at Rue La La, one of those ‘registration-only’ online sale sites. (We can’t bring ourself to refer to them as “members only” sites as it seems everyone and anyone with an email address can become a ‘member’.)

Also PIP, the Nautica Girls’ Rugby (50% off!)and the Ladies’ V-Neck Sweater, only $13.99.

And finally, the Paul Smith Jackie flat at Zappos, featuring pink hearts.

There. We feel better looking at a little pink. Thank you for indulging us.

And may everyone enjoy simply splendid weekends filled with love and laughter!



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