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Gwyneth Leaving the Silver Screen? Also, Why Andy Spade Is Thrift Store Shopping

Hello-Hello, happy middle of the week.

Today we have a mish-mash of little stories, beginning with word that über-prep Gwyneth Paltrow is apparently looking at leaving the silver screen. (Gasp!)

Via GOOP Pinterest

Via GOOP Pinterest

The news come via an Us Weekly report.

Gwyneth Paltrow is giving up showbiz for, well, business. A source says that after the 33 Dias actress wraps her next few films, she will focus on growing her lifestyle website, Goop, and the fitness company she co-owns with trainer Tracy Anderson.

In fact, the headline to the story claims Ms. Paltrow wants “an empire like Jessica Simpson.”  If so, she has laid the groundwork well. Her online presence continues to grow: the GOOP lifestyle website and newsletter she founded has a strong Facebook following, Ms. Paltrow’s Twitter followers number 1.4 million+, there are multiple other GOOP/Paltrow social media accounts and apps. Below, items from the Veronica Beard/GOOP collaboration.

Veronica Beard at GOOP

Veronica Beard at GOOP

I doubt Ms. Paltrow would give up acting entirely, foreverandever, so to speak. One thought that occurred to me this morning after reading more on the continued Macy’s vs. JC Penney lawsuit (those pesky Martha Stewart products!):  Macy’s should hire Ms. Paltrow to fill the Martha Stewart role, it would be perfect.

Also today, an interesting take on monograms. J. Crew asked menswear expert and GQ editor Glenn O’Brien to write a piece on monograms.
J. Crew

J. Crew

WITH MORE THAN SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE on the planet, you have to make an effort to be somebody or else you’ll fail on Facebook, get dropped on Twitter. Your name may be forgotten, your number lost. The solution to identity in an age of teeming masses is setting yourself apart stylistically.

Consider the venerable monogram—it’s a traditional nicety that has long been a mark of personal style.

Below, some of Mr. O’Brien’s handkerchiefs.
J. Crew Blog

J. Crew Blog

One point Mr. O’Brien made with which I disagree:
We live in a landscape that is covered with corporate logos. If individuals are going to compete today, we need logos too.
Non, non, non.  Je ne suis pas d’accord. For openers, we do not need to compete. Furthermore, why would we want to?  There is a fascinating element of Mr. O’Brien’s piece:

Why limit monograms to your initials? My friend Andy Spade wears shirts monogrammed EDW. He bought them in a thrift shop and liked the randomness. And think of Elvis Presley, who had TCB (“Taking Care of Business”) monogrammed on everything. Three letters can spell out your interests and attitudes: FYI, TKO, BYO, ETC, IPO?

From the post.
J. Crew Blog

J. Crew Blog

Who knew?
You can read the entire piece here. If interested in looking at what Crew offers, you can find the men’s offerings here and women’s here. (No, I am not being compensated by J. Crew, nor have I suddenly fallen in love with all they offer, it’s just happenstance we have two posts so close together referencing the company’s wares.)
With that we say G’bye until next time, may all of your monograms be in the proper order!


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Gwyneth + Butter London, Hermès + Bazaar, Le Bal Crillon des Débutantes

Hello-Hello, happy Wednesday.

We’ve just a few morsels to share, beginning with word about yet more design and/or product collaborations. The first is a little different from others we have reported on, this one is a partnership between Hermès and Harper’s Bazaar.  More accurately, the collaboration is with the magazine’s e-commerce site, Shop Bazaar.  More from Women’s Wear Daily:

Hermès clings to exclusivity the way a monarch clings to power, which makes the French luxury brand’s debut Thursday on ShopBazaar.com, Harper’s Bazaar’s e-commerce site, unusual — not that a magazine selling product on its Web site isn’t unusual enough. For the first time, Hermès will sell its products on a Web site other than its own.

The products Hermès will sell on the magazine’s site? Shoes, six different styles.

Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

As Hermès fans know, the storied company has only just flirted with footwear; executives are hopeful the partnership with Bazaar will expose its shoe line to a broader audience than it would normally have for a product launch.

There are other Hermès partnerships, recently we heard about scarves the brand asked legendary Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo to create. The scarves are due out in February, we show one of Kawakubo motifs below, Styleite.com has more.

Courtesy Image via Styleite

In the same vein, we had nary a clue über-prep Gwyneth Paltrow is doing a nail polish line with Butter London.


More from Refinery 29:

The star’s signature lifestyle site, Goop, got together with one of our fave nail polish brands to create three picture-perfect, holiday-ready shades that we can’t wait to get on our hands.

The shades are titled with typically Goop-y charm: Hampstead Heath, Bread & Butter Pudding, and Abso-bloody-lutely. They all sound like perfect stocking-stuffers, if you ask us!

Nail polish really does make a great small gift or stocking stuffer, the set is available in Ms. Paltrow’s GOOP store:


The most minimal of investigations reveals that GOOP is laden with all manner of design partnerships, I do feel like the last person on the planet to know this fact. Below, one of those collaborative items, the Rag & Bone Bromley Knit Blazer, $495.


Now, Rag & Bone make some wonderful apparel, they can do exquisite tailoring. There are plenty of other items to contemplate, pop in and take a gander yourself.


Our other topic today, the annual Le Bal Crillon des Débutantes, also known as the Crillon Debutante Ball.

Ophélie Renouard Facebook

Above, this year’s 25 young ladies at the Crillon on Saturday.

Below we see several of the young ladies, including Bronwen Carter ( daughter of Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair’s editor) on the far right, she is a student at the university of Pennsylvania. Sophia-Rose, Sylvester Stallone’s 16-year-old daughter, is second from the right. Also in the mix this year, Roseanna Arquette’s daughter Zoe Bleu Sidel, she is on the left of the picture.

Guest of a Guest

A closer look at Ms. Sidel and her party frock.

Fashionista (l) / Tatler (r)

As with most of these functions, there are always proud parents, below Ms. Arquette and Mr. Stallone.

Via Madame Le Figaro

Another proud parent, Mr. Carter and his daughter Bronwen.

Via Fashionista

With this particular function the primary fun comes in looking at those pretty party dresses. Below, identical twins Miyuki and Ikue Uramune of Tokyo in elegant floral prints, both of those gowns are Valentino Haute Couture, on the far right we see Lan Vy Tran.

Via Guest of a Guest

Here is another look at those gorgeous Valentino dresses.

Via Fashionista

And another look at Lan Vy Tran’s dramatic dress by Jan Taminiau.


Many will recognize Celine Buckens, the Belgian-born actress starred in “War Horse,” we see her below on the arm of her escort (aka “Cavalier’) Leopold Coppieters Gibson, she is wearing Christophe Josse Haute Couture.

Via Tatler

Another actress made her début, Christa Brittany Allen of hit TV show Revenge.


Miss Allen wore Dior Haute Couture.

Also taking part, shoe designer extraordinaire Christian Louboutin, most (if not all) of the debs were wearing Louboutins.

Madame Le Figaro

As we have previously mentioned, this particular function has become highly commercialized. It seems most everything is sponsored, from the shoes to the jewelry to the stylists and even the Hotel. There also appears to be a growing Hollywood contingent. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of this, it’s just quite removed from traditional coming out galas.


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Gwyneth Gets Her Prep On & Is Coach Going To Lose The Logo?

Hello-Hello and Happy Monday!

We begin with something that is generating quite a bit of buzz, Gwyneth Paltrow’s deal with Swedish retailer Lindex.


The actress is the new face for the brand’s upcoming collection, “Modern Preppy”. Three looks from the line.


This one makes perfect sense, the celebrity is frequently described in these pages as an über-prep. More on that topic from Ms. Paltrow via The Daily Mail:

‘My style is modern preppy because I grew up wearing a uniform, always starting from a preppy aesthetic and making my own twist on it.

‘I love stripes, I wear them almost every day in my life.’

As far as Lindex is concerned, here is how they describe the choice of spokeswoman:
The campaign was inspired by the sporty, relaxed lifestyle that is characteristic of USA’s East Coast gems, such as Long Island and the Hamptons, yet with a certain Scandinavian touch.
Several more styles from the upcoming collection.


Unfortunately for US shoppers Lindex delivers only to Sweden, Norway and the EU countries, the company describes itself as “Northern Europe’s leading fashion chains with about 430 stores,” they also have stores in Dubai, Russia and other areas. That’s a shame, several pieces in the line look appealing.


Our other tidbit involves Coach, a brand we have frequently lambasted occasionally chided for its abundance of logos and ubiquity. Today, Women’s Wear Daily shared news that the company is re-shaping its business.

“The accessories maker will unveil a new dual-gender collection inspired by its heritage that will become the cornerstone of its business as well as impact every other aspect of the brand, from increased price points to marketing…”

A few of the pieces in the new collection, the new Legacy Duffles.

Coach Courtesy Photos via Refinery 29

I’m betting a few friends (Miss Pretty might be at the top of the list!) will rejoice in the following story about the line new direction, via Refinery 29.

Coach’s new aesthetic direction — where the focus is more on the classic, heritage look, and less on those cheesy canvas monograms.

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus.

I think this is the cheesy canvas monogram being referenced above, we show the ‘Embellished Signature C Domed Satchel’.

Via Coach Facebook Page

Back to the Refinery 29 story:

“The new leather bags, accessories, shoes, jewelry, eyewear, and outerwear mark a forward motion (and backward step) for the brand, which is going after a more fashion-conscious audience while looking to bring back what made Coach so successful in the first place…”

Shoes from the Legacy collection.

Coach Courtesy Photos via Refinery 29

Additional details from WWD‘s story:

“…these lighter, brighter bags not only come lined with interior pockets, but also carry a heftier price tag. Small women’s purses retail for $178, with larger tassel totes retailing for $798. The iconic new duffle will start at $348 and go up to over $1,000, depending on size and materials used

Below, two additional new styles.

Coach Courtesy Photos via Refinery 29

It seems to be a classic case of less is more. As far as this shopper is concerned, anything that prompts minimization of the logos is a step in the right direction.


Finally, a quick reminder that if you want to win the world’s cutest key fob from LL Bean, be sure to enter our little contest before Wednesday!

LL Bean

Click here to be transported to the post where you can enter, all you need to do is leave a comment to win the Key Fob and LL Bean’s fabulous 100th Anniversary book.

G’bye until next time!


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About That Fashion’s Night Out Celebration

Isn’t it nice how quickly Friday rolled around this week?

Today we focus on only one topic, Fashion’s Night Out, last night was the third year for the event, and we’re curious about your thoughts on the celebration. Below we share the official description of FNO.

Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) is an unprecedented global initiative originally created in 2009 to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, and boost the industry’s economy during the recession.

On September 8, 2011, in response to overwhelming demand, Fashion’s Night Out will return to New York City and over 250 cities nationwide to highlight fashion and support retail with exciting events that include designer appearances, celebrity guests, fashion shows and musical performances.

The event was started by Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, she was a busy lady last night; below we see her with Lea Michele at Saks and with Francisco Costa at Calvin Klein.

Getty Images

Here is another perspective from the City of Light via a Reuters story:

“What I love is to see youngsters,” Dior Chief Executive Sidney Toledano told Reuters in Paris, where thousands thronged the fashion mecca of Avenue Montaigne, home to Dior and to flagships for other luxury brands such as Chanel and Gucci.

“All (these young people) will not become clients, but we need to seduce them today to have them tomorrow,” he said.

In Soho Victoria’s Secret hosted a bevy of beauties: models Alessandra Ambrosio, Erin Heatherton, Adriana Lima and Lily Aldridge.

John Parra/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

There were parties all over the world, including the UK, where we see Samantha Cameron, Asprey managing director Paddy Byng and Vogue UK editor Alexandra Shulman (L) and über-prep Gwyneth Paltrow wearing Stella McCartney at Stella McCartney.

AP via Vogue UK

Back in the States Brooks Brothers Black Fleece designer Thom Browne was at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street Store, while candy store owner Dylan Lauren and pal Olivia Munn were at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Getty Images

From a story in yesterday’s Times, before the parties got underway.

Fashion’s Night Out, the annual retail bacchanal, is back tonight. The city’s fanciest retail corridors will teem with celebrities, designers and the tipsy shoppers who love them until long after posted store hours say they should.

From another Times story about FNO from today’s paper.

As an attempt at crowd control, many stores kept their guest lists secret until the last minute on Thursday, when word was sent out through Twitter and Facebook.

But just as suddenly as those announcements were made, almost frightening scenes seemed to materialize outside and inside stores like Yves Saint Laurent (for Nicki Minaj), Dolce & Gabbana (Justin Bieber and Beyoncé), Moschino (Cyndi Lauper), Michael Kors (Michael Kors) and Saks (Joe Jonas, plus a cast member from “Glee”).

At the Soho Bloomies there were bunnies.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for GQ

Oscar de la Renta serenaded Sarah Jessica Parker.

Jenna Greene via WWD

The Dolce and Gabbana store was almost overrun by shrieking, weeping teenage girls on hand to see Justin Bieber.

Women's Wear Daily L)/Associated Press (R)

After all was said and done, did cash registers ring up big sales? Was the economy helped? Did people get to interact more personally with brands and designers?  We’ve nary a clue, although we do know some charities will benefit, as varying stores used the event as a fundraiser., and that is a very good thing.

So here’s the question: is Fashion’s Night Out an event that is still needed? Is it necessary, or appropriate to say “Let’s go shopping!” when faced with the current unpleasant economic realities? Does FNO offer a fun (and free if you don’t purchase anything!) and frivolous celebration that at the least can’t hurt the industry? Or has it become simply another celebrity-laden marketing tool?

As we clearly don’t have the answers we’re asking for your insight and gracious assistance, hoping you will take part in our utterly non-scientific poll. You can pick one or two answers (no more than that) and even add a suggested answer of your own.  It will be wonderful to see your thoughts, thank you!


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Signs of Panic for Monaco Wedding? A “Preppy Revival” & Kate Middleton’s Prep Look (Again)

Hello-Hello, and happy Monday.

There is an abundance of news to share, we begin with a story about the upcoming wedding of Monaco’s Prince Albert to Charlene Wittstock, seen below heading into Westminster Abbey for the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Chris Jackson/Getty Image

The Sunday Times (London) carried a story titled “Alarm Bells Ring for Albert’s Wedding”.

With only two months to go before the 53-year-old Albert exchanges vows with Charlene Wittstock, a former Olympic swimmer from South Africa, invitations have yet to be sent out. “Albert and Charlene” wedding memorabilia is not yet ready. Nor is the commemorative postage stamp or a “Princess Charlene” rose that was supposed to have been created by now.”

With all due respect to the Principality, the lack of a commemorative stamp or hybrid floral component hardly seems catastrophic.  However, one would think those invitations need to get in the mail fairly soon. And there are other issues we hadn’t thought about. Back to Matthew Campbell’s article:

“Another worry is that Albert could end up being embarrassed by the mothers of his illegitimate children.”
Perhaps the most glaring part of that sentence was “mothers,” as in plural? Multiple offspring? Recognizing much of the world finds the American perspective on monogamy and children born out-of-wedlock to be provincial, we remain convinced Albert’s mother, Princess Grace would not be thrilled at the situation.  More on the offspring from Mr. Campbell:

“Nicole Coste, a former Togolese air hostess and mother of Alexandre, 7, has a record of turning up uninvited at Monaco’s red carpet events and is said to have been signed up by German media to give an account of Albert’s big day.

It is not known whether Albert’s 19-year-old Californian daughter, Jazmin, and her mother are on the guest list. They may turn up anyway, furious at the rejection.”

Below we see the couple awarding Rafael Nadal the winner’s cup at last month’s Monte Carlo Masters tournament.

Claude Paris/AP Photo

The event does sound as though it has the potential to get a bit off the track (understatement of the week), at the very least an interesting case study for those studying such things. One last portion of the story:

“Displaying signs of panic, the palace protocol chief in charge of the wedding has sent for reinforcements, hiring two experienced French wedding planners. It is hoped, at least, that the date, time and venues of festivities will not be subject to further changes…”

To read the entire story click here to visit a forum with the entire post (the Times is available by subscription only). There is an official wedding website for the media.


Several stories referencing the prep aesthetic have surfaced in the last several days, below we share part of a story from Savannah Now, sister site to the Savannah Morning News.  From an “An Ode to Mommy Fashion“:

“There is also the preppy mom of uniformed preparatory school children. Her uniform is collared shirts and conservative solids and plaids.

Old-school brands like Brooks Brothers, Lilly Pulitzer and Ralph Lauren are returning this preppy look to popularity. Does your mom delight in her latest look from Lilly? Does she casually toss her sweater over her shoulders while watching your tennis match? Yes, preppy mom is back!”

The piece is illustrated with a vintage Time magazine cover.

Time Inc. via Savannah Now

If that doesn’t evoke wistful thoughts of another time, a more civil and genteel time, I don’t know what will.


Next, a story looking at “The Preppy Revival in Fashion

“It’s been patronised by icons from Grace Kelly and Jackie Onassis to Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow but, give or take the odd overnight fad (the choppy “Rachel” haircut in the 1990s for example), it’s never dominated fashion.

Now it appears that Alexa Chung’s white cuffs were the tip of the iceberg. The global preppy movement currently bubbling under the fashion radar is not going to be merely a “revival”.

Writer Julia Robson’s story ran in The National (UAE), offering an international perspective.

“New preppy, though, is more glamorous and distances itself from campus and vintage looks. Think everyone’s new favourite fashionista Kate Middleton – who never looks anything but exquisite in her pared-down, impeccably ironed clothes – and you are good to go.

New preppy isn’t about Charlotte Olympia clunky platforms or Hervé Leger cleavage dresses. It’s classic Burberry raincoats, neatly pressed cream silk blouses and dainty hats all the way. It involves quality labels, conservative styles, not wearing too much make-up or tampering with natural hair colour (though brunette home hair-dye is seeing off its rival, blonde).”

Ms. Robson wisely distinguishes between classics and fads.

“Amazingly, by preserving… fundamental preppy stalwarts such as classic raincoats, brands like Ralph Lauren and Burberry look fresher than ever. The fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger is particularly enjoying a fashion “moment”.

Not surprisingly, Prep World, Mr. Hilfiger’s collaborative collection with Lisa Birnbach, is mentioned, as is the quirky “Meet the Hilfigers” campaign.

Craig McDean via Design Scene

Click here for the entire story, it makes for a good read.


Speaking of Mr.Hilfiger, add his name to the list of designers who would like to dress Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge.  From Vogue UK:

“”Catherine has a very classic yet modern style,” Hilfiger told us. “I would love to dress her and I think she already has the makings of the perfect preppy!”

That list of designers is lengthy indeed.


We leave you with a few images from the weekend’s events.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Mornings at a racetrack are indescribable, stripped of the frou-frou accompanying the actual race. This is especially so at marquee events.

Al Bello/Getty Images

As always, the hats were delightful.

John Sommers II/Reuters

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The more whimsical chapeaux are also fun.

Jeff Haynes/Reuters

It was an amazing race.

Travis Lindquist/Getty Images

Hopefully Animal Kingdom had a little treat with his dinner. 🙂

Garry Jones/AP


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