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Weird, Wonderful & Wacky: the Top 15 Searches at The Princess

Hello-Hello, happy Tuesday!

We are blessed with a gorgeous day here at the Prepatorium and hope you are enjoying the same wherever you may be.

In yesterday’s post about making it (miraculously) to the million mark in blog viewers we promised to share the highest ranking search engine terms.  We’re going to share the Top 15, doing most of the list in a visual way and in reverse order.

We will start with the 15th and 14th most searched terms as they are so similar: Number 15 is “preppy blog” and Number 14 is “preppy style”, both equally difficult to describe with just one image.  The best we can do is share the brief back story on an ancient item of clothing, a basic turtleneck we purchased ‘back in the day’ when Abercrombie & Fitch stood for something worthwhile. When its name was Abercrombie and Fitch Country Clothiers. When the most one would see of a logo on anything carrying the brand’s name was this. Below left, the inside of said turtleneck and below right, the external tag at the hem of this piece of perfection.

For those interested in more on the topic (at least from our very early archives), we discussed the topic in Those Abercrombie Abs…Part One and Part Two, also probably the earliest mentions about our horrific case of LogoPhobia.  (Of course we still wear the turtleneck, it is in perfectly good condition!)

Number 13 is perhaps better explained by a map.


(The Hamptons.)

At Number 12,  a brand that once shone brightly in our little corner of the globe.


Number 11 covers a topic sadly featured in many posts, we’ll go with an image from The Snuggie at Fashion Week last fall.

PHOTO: Jason DeCrow/AP

Number 10: This individual is mentioned in multiple posts, but here (more than 2 years ago) we officially confer Anti Prep status upon her. And yes, we are aware the young woman has undergone some significant image rehabilitation, but official Anti-Prep membership carries lifetime status.

(Kim Kardashian, famous for being Kim Kardashian.)

Number 9 comes to us from TSU (The Spousal Unit, aka TC), in his post titled The Consort’s Version of Cash for Clunkers, or Carpe Auto:

Yugo? No go.

This one came as a surprise to us, here is Number 8:

Via Two Barking Dogs

The search is just one word, “fireworks”, not a term we would associate with the Princess blog, this oddity addles our little brain.

Very similar to Numbers 15 and 14, at Number 7 we have “preppy” and rather than search for one comprehensive or spectacularly preppish photo we shall take the wimp’s way out and simply show the full image from whence we found our avatar.


It would seem our affection for madras is deeply rooted.

Number 6:

NYC Prep Cast

Courtesy Bravo TV

This image may be one of the least familiar to our readers, it is the cast of NYC Prep, the one-season wonder chronicling the lives of ‘real prep school students’. Ahem.

Number 5 (from multiple posts on a Princess favorite, Goyard):

Courtesy Goyard

Number 4 (from multiple posts):

Kris Connor/Getty

Number 3 from Why There is no Preppy Princess Post Today:

The actual search term is iPhone, again – utterly baffling. Why on earth would anyone come here for that topic?

Coming in at Number 2:

Andrew Eccles/The CW Network

(Actor Chace Crawford in a publicity still from the inaugural season of Gossip Girl.)

And now (drum roll please) we share Number 1:

Andres Eccles/The CW Network

Our Number 1 most searched term also hails from the cast of Gossip Girl: Blake Lively.

As of this writing 19,538 searches for Blake Lively have brought people to the blog. Is anyone else troubled by this fact? Especially when we confess to never having seen a full episode of G2?

With that, we must solicit your thoughts: did any of these surprise you?


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The Preppy Princess Turns 500


Happy Tuesday to everyone, and apologies for yesterday’s whineathon of a post, it was most unbecoming. We promise to be a better Princess today. In fact, today’s post is all sweetness and light. Seriously.

Because today marks our 500th post!

And to mark the occasion we are going to do something we’re not very good at: talking about ourselves (all of us, each and every Princess…heh-heh-heh), in a manner of speaking. More accurately, talking about life on the Preppy Planet as seen through the eyes of our little blog.

Our very first post was back on February 10, 2008, titled Prepalicious Alberta Ferretti. We looked at an outstanding collection from this designer (perhaps better known for her Philosophy line), but not one generally considered to offer a preppy aesthetic.

Our single most popular post? It is titled Gossip Girls Haunt the Hamptons & Here’s One for the Military:



“… this would be actor Ed Westwick, a Brit who plays a rather slimy fellow named Chuck Bass. There were other celeb sightings: we were told that any females in the vicinity of actor Chace Crawford tend to swoon, or get a bit giggly, as seen in the photo below. You know, teenage, pre-teen, post-teen, tweens, you name it, almost any female breathing in and out could be susceptible, at least from from what we understand.”


Our second most popular post has to have the longest title ever created: Summer Olympics Fashion Focus, Ralph Lauren Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniforms Reactions, and Who Was “Preppy” Dressed Team?

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Other hot topics include Tiffany Eyeglasses….

Courtesy Tiffany

Courtesy Tiffany

Goyard totes,

Courtesy Goyard

Courtesy Goyard

…along with all manner of apparel and accessories, especially of a preppish design.

Jim Young/Reuters

Jim Young/Reuters

And when those styles intersected with politics and/or celebrity (let alone darling little girls), that only seemed to heighten the interest. Sketches have also been popular.

Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

J. Crew proved especially adroit at maximizing marketing opportunities in this arena.

Occasionally we let a little of our LogoPhobia (a little?!) rear its head, and we have delighted in sharing felt obligated to report on those newly named to the Anti-Prep Wall of Shame.  We have also loved finding things that are Pretty in Pink, discovering Argyle Adventures, not to mention sharing anything nautically inclined, adorned with grosgrain ribbon, or done in a seersucker or madras motif.

The goings on here at the Prepatorium have also been topics for discussion, as well as our little trips to visit TQM (The Queen Mother) and other royalty, along with cataloguing the travails of getting that drawbridge over the moat up and down when we’re at the mercy of such a testy group of gnomes.  Don’t you find that getting good help is so hard these days?! (This is where one inserts the smirk.)

Classic prep retailers, clothing with a Lilly label (let alone our Lilly Pulitzer stationery collection), spring and fall Fashion Weeks, Grand Slam tennis, nothing is safe it seems, especially if The Consort is doing the post! And we’ll probably keep it that way, unless you direct us to do otherwise. (Although some might be surprised at what we consider our favorite post, as it has nothing whatsoever to do with preppy style or fashion.)

Because we follow your lead; the very best part of all this bloggage has been our treasured readers. By far.  We consider ourselves more-than-fortunate to have made so many friends via this medium, we really are blessed. So if there is something you want to see more, or hear less about, anything at all, do tell! We always want to know your thoughts.

After this there really isn’t anything we can say other than “Thank you”.


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More Goodness at Goyard, Big Bucks for Bonobos

Hello-hello and a hearty harrumph.

Not at you of course, but rather, at Mother Nature, she of the unceasing rain and cloudy skies.  Another torrential downpour is really. not. needed.

But our conscience does remind us we would be pouting and whining endlessly somewhat miffed if this were a different form of precipitation falling from the sky (can you say snow?), so we’ll stop right here, and move along to a far more pleasant topic:

We are speaking of the new London store for one of TP’s favorites, Goyard.  All those with a love for the French leather-goods firm will be happy to know everything is still on track for a summer opening.

The new shop is near Grosvenor Square; our thanks to the kind and generous Joe of the 00o00 blog (“All the Inane and Unnecessary Wants in Life“) for sharing his fab photos of the soon-to-be-new-home for this classic design house.

The giant trunk replica in front of the construction site adds a touch of whimsy, showing again the company doesn’t take itself too seriously. But then, this is a firm with the wisdom to open a store carrying only their upscale pet products!


We were also pleased to read that Bonobos has received a cash infusion allowing the online-only retailer to offer more products. Fans of their classic men’s pants (the Supersoaker is on the left, the Twill Khakis on the right) will be happy to see the product line expanding.


A story last week in WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.) explained how the retailer wants to use the funding:

“…new categories such as shorts, knit shirts and swimwear, as well as bolster customer service and invest in its Web site…”

This is outstanding news for those of us who love the line’s attention to detail and outstanding customer service.


Is everyone familiar with the TDF tees from the stylish folks over at Ball and Buck? Their 100% Organic Pocket Tees are rapidly becoming de rigeur in many prep closets; we share a look below.



Becca and company are doing a nifty event tomorrow for a good cause:


For those anywhere near ONC (Our Nation’s Capital), Toast to Fashion starts at 6:30 pm Thursday (May 14) at Belle Haven Country Club in Alexandria.  The fundraiser promises to be a great time while also raising much-needed cash for The Campagna Center. What better way to treat yourself to one of these?


One more product update before we go..well, actually, it is multiple products for one designer, Philip Lim. The designer is entering three new product categories: swimwear…

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

As well as footwear…

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

And lingerie…

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Three new areas to merchandise and market is a big step, but this designer has been extremely popular, bucking many of the recessionary trends hitting so many in the fashion industry. What do you think of the new creations?


We close with news that Linens ‘n Things has been resurrected, at least online. The home fashions retailer’s name has been purchased by investors and they now have a new website up and running. We found the

Linens & Things

The Little Skipper Bedding Collection has a nice nautical look, in bright and cheery colors.


The seagoing theme reminded us we forgot to mention that our cotton canvas Boat Totes are now arriving in more colors in the Large size:


They feature heavy-duty cotton canvas with a zip top; at $20 they are an outstanding value. With that, we shall sail away until next time. (We do apologize for this, apparently the Princess took silly pills today.)


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Goyard Limited Edition and More Scandinavian Preppy

Hello-Hello, is everyone settling into the week?

We start with simply outstanding news for Goyard fans, especially those of us fond of the color pink.

The upscale luggage maker has released a limited edition group of pieces.

The Life in Pink Collection for Spring/Summer 2009 is now available. There is a great selection at Bergdorf Goodman, and of course the Goyard stores scattered about the country also have these pieces.

We were also told about a piece being offered on eBay:

It appears to be authentic, but with items like this TP is a big believer in purchasing directly from the company. If interested in the auction be advised it ends May 3.


Some readers may remember our post on Scandanavian Preppy styles with an emphasis on Swedish retailer Boomerang. The company’s tagline is “Defining Swedish Preppy Since 1976.” Here are a few more looks from their Spring/Summer 2009 Men’s Line.


The women’s and children’s collections are equally outstanding.


Today marks the release of The Towering World of Jimmy Choo: A Glamorous Story of Power, Profits, and the Pursuit of the Perfect Shoe.

How’s that for a title? We absolutely love the way Publishers Weekly starts their review of the book:

“Backstabbing and bitchery dominate this tale….”


Those pondering their summer reading lists may also be interested in the latest from Jay McInerney, his new collection of short stories, How it Ended.  As reviewer John Freeman (US editor for British literary mag Granta) describes the author:

He has been a roguish night crawler, a faithful chronicler of the preppy party class and their vodka and tonic-fueled lurch through life…”

Sunday’s Dallas Morning News carried Mr. Freeman’s review:

Madonna of Turkey Season,” a rather aborted tale of brothers competing to bring home the loveliest holiday guest, is littered with too many towns and prep school names.

The book is available at many libraries as well as Amazon and other online booksellers.


When it rains it pours, at least if it is April and Fred Perry is the topic! Here at the Prepatorium we were excited to read that one of our favorite retailers, Gargyle, is offering 30% off all Fred Perry!



We like the 50’s Style Shirt, but also think the Contrast Tipped Cardigan might look rather snappy on the Consort.


To receive the discount, use promo code FPSPRING30 at checkput.

Don’t forget the Lilly Pulitzer Sale this Friday at RueLaLa, an ‘invite only’ shopping site. If you want to shop and are not yet a member, here is how you join:

  • Go to http://www.ruelala.com
  • – Select “Invited by a Member”
  • – Enter this email address as your key to get in:  VIP@ruelala.com

Also remember to enter Muffy Martini’s Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway if so inclined, it’s a doozy!

We hope you enjoy a day full of smiles!


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7 Wacky Things, The Christie’s Goyard Auction

Hello-Hello on a splendid afternoon in The Great Midwest!

Because The Princess was tagged by the Call the Preppies In, you will now be subjected to 7 random facts!

1) Although selected for the Cheerleading squad in high school TP declined because she figure skated 3-6 hours a day.

Alessia Pierdomenico/Reuters

Alessia Pierdomenico/Reuters

2) Our previous dog was a Giant Schnauzer.  Above, this year’s Crufts Best in Show winner, Philippe, a Giant Schnauzer.  Below, our boy Phred; we had him thirteen years. Our current canine is Tilly, a rescued Bulldog, one photo below Phred’s.
Phred le Deux

Phred le Deux

3) My first media job was as a radio host while in college; in my last position I was the General Manager of a CBS affiliate.

Silly Tilly on Patrol

Silly Tilly on Patrol

4) Despite all evidence to the contrary, we really do know how to cook. Kind of.

5) The Palace is about to be swallowed whole by the paper blob, because we read all the time. All. the. time. The list of periodicals we subscribe to is obscene, not to mention the pile of books from the local library.

6) Speaking of….TP has worked on numerous campaigns (issues only, never candidates) including the last two local millage requests for libraries.

7) Fairly early in the television career I was producing a live television special. Shortly after breaking into programming, the primary talent took off his microphone and walked away saying, “I’m out of words.” What followed was not pretty.

We tag Bec’s Bohemia, the Landlocked Mermaid, Mom x 2, Fashion Addict, and Fashion Herald.

This afternoon we once again find ourselves wishing the Concorde were still flitting across the pond, Heathrow to JFK or Dulles, and then back again to Heathrow, or maybe de Gaulle depending upon one’s plans. That way only 3-1/2 hours or so of one’s life were lost to travel time…well, a little more because of customs and whatnot, but nothing like today’s travel trauma.

That would make the upcoming auction of Goyard bags and luggage at Christie’s Paris almost manageable. Almost being the operative word, but still…

This will be the 3rd Annual Auction benefitting cancer research efforts at the Curie Institut in Paris. 21 women from the fashion, sports and movie worlds were asked to customize an item from the Goyard collection.


Vahina Giocante design for Goyard auction

The notables participating include Elodie Bouchez, Cécile Cassel, Catherine Deneuve, Zoé Felix, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vahina Giocante, Chiara Mastroianni, Helena Noguerra, Linh-Dan Pham, Barbara Schulz, Audrey Tautou and Elsa Zylberstein. Bags will be on exhibit at Goyard on St Honoré.  Sigh. (The bag seen below is from a previous auction.)


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