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Two New Prep-Influenced Lines, Pink & Green Gifts

Hello-Hello, welcome to a new week, and yet another of our annoying this-will-have-to-do-for-two-days posts, with apologies.  (Yes, the mayhem has commenced, heaven help us all.)

We have looks at two soon-to-debut lines.

Via Jak and Jil

These styles are from the upcoming Thom Browne women’s collection.

Via Jak and Jil

(This may surprise readers, but we don’t recall ever seeing sequined madras before.)

Many of the styles echo pieces in Mr. Browne’s men’s line for spring.

Replication in theme and fabric can be seen throughout the collections.

Via Jak and Jil

The Brooks Brothers Black Fleece designer has previously done small collections for women, but this is Mr. Browne’s first step into a mass produced line.  Pearls and grosgrain are used generously.

Via Jak and Jil

We are guessing that taken alone, several of the pieces are stunning in person; the detailing on Mr. Browne’s designs is always exquisite.

While TP is *nowhere* near stylish enough to sport pieces this cutting-edge, it will be interesting to see the line in its entirety.  (Umm, TP and cutting edge in the same sentence? Hee-hee-hee.) As far as the collection falling into a ‘preppy’ category..? Non, non, non. Grosgrain ribbon accents and piped lapels do not make it thus.

The new line launches in the spring; the Jak and Jil blog has more photos, just click here to be transported there.


Next, a new line from designer Tommy Hilfiger.

The new line is simply called “Tommy,” these styles are from the spring 2011 debut collection.

Women’s Wear Daily has more:

“Comprised of preppy-with-a-twist women’s and men’s wear, the youthful lineup included casual separates.”

“The styles, which Hilfiger describes as playful, are priced from $29 for a knit top to $119 for a short trenchcoat, while handbags and footwear begin at $49 and $59, respectively.”

Many pieces show a classic influence, but the more closely fitting and shrunken silhouettes belie a prep heritage.

On another note, the company is making a return to television advertising, beginning this evening, something that can only be deemed a positive SOTT (Sign of the Times).

Courtesy Image via WWD

The spots will feature the fictional Hilfigers, wackiness personified.


It has been a few weeks since we shared any Gossip Girl fashion news. The LA Times has an interesting story about fashion on the show.

From the article:

“Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, the actresses who portray Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, respectively, have been fêted and flung under the wing of Vogue’s Anna Wintour faster than either of them could utter an “OMG.”

The piece is accompanied by a slide show with images showing some of this year’s fabulous styles.

This brings us to a “Help Me Understand” moment:

Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Does the little ferret-faced Ed Westwick character (Chuck Bass) frequently receive pedicures on the show? Really?


We wanted to share a smattering of pink and green gift ideas, starting with an item from Lands’ End that works for just about anyone, the Antistatic Fleece Throw.

If seeking something for the ladies on your list, Lands’ End offers its Half-zip Pullover comes in a variety of pink and kinda-sorta-green shades.

If shopping Lands’ End, a quick Sales & Savings note: their 30% off everything promotion ends tonight (Monday, 11/15/10) at midnight.

Lands' End

(Use promo code LESHARE and PIN 7785 to receive the discounts.)

We have a few more quick  ideas, the first is the Grosgrain Ribbon ornament, $2.79 online at Sears.  On the right, the Pink Flamingo Double-Walled Tumbler, at Le Boutique Targét.

The set of Tinsel Alpine Trees is also from Targét; they run $79.99 and also come in the bright lime color shown on the right, as seen in the chartreuse Pre-lit Fantasy Tree.

Le Boutique also has energy efficient LED lights in our favorite color (well, close enough); put those on the Lime Cashmere Tree, and you would have quite the look. Quite. The. Look.

But the favorite item seen online in today’s colossal waste of time research comes from LL Bean, and shows nary a hint of pink or lime green.

LL Bean

The Deluxe Edition Scrabble Game looks like loads of fun, we wouldn’t turn Santa away if he appeared with this in hand.


We leave you with a word about two delightful bloggers, we are flattered both are offering giveaways showcasing Princess products.  Amid Privilege is celebrating her newly overhauled (and ever-so-chic) blog design, and the inimitable Nautical by Nature is commemorating her three year Blogiversary. Do pop in and say hello to both charming ladies if so inclined, we are grateful they to call them friends; they represent our favorite result of having an online presence: friendship. 

With that, g’bye until Wednesday!


  • Giovanni Giannoni/WWD:
  • Thomas Ianaconne/WWD


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A Very Cool New Product & Is Gossip Girl Look Here to Stay?

Hello-Hello, and Happy Friday!

Apologies for the lack of a post yesterday, you can imagine the frenzy that has overtaken the Prepatorium — yikes! But it is a good craziness, one that allows us to create loads of smiles, and that is fun indeed.

We begin with a sneak-peek at a fabulous new item we just added at the Princess, literally moments ago! Behold the Personalized Photo Clip Sheets from the fine design minds at Whitney English.


A closer look at the new style, featuring any photo you select.

The personalized ClipSheets™ come in a stack of 75 atop a clear acetate clipboard that is just a little bit bigger, and are $38.50.  The photo you send us will be cropped to fit within the design you select.  We adore them, just think of the endless possibilities!


The sheets also make an incredible gift, but a word to the wise for those thinking about Christmas: they can only be ordered through the 10th to guarantee that delivery time frame.  We’ll have more on these Monday, but simply had to share the news today.


We also have a quick look at an online story: “Gossip Girl style is here to stay“. One of the most interesting parts of the story for us was about the author’s trip to the opening of a XXI, the upscale offshoot of Forever 21; she was looking for an item she had seen in the store’s window.

“Oh, that’s in the Gossip Girl section,” she said, as my jaw dropped, seemingly in slow motion.

“The what section?” I said, stunned.

“The Gossip Girl section,” she repeated. She explained that the store was divided into sections based on the most popular shows—mainly Gossip Girl and the revived-from-the-90s 90210.

Once one accepts that G2 fashions are not based in the reality of current dress codes at private schools, looking at styles from the show can be rather fun. Below we see Leighton Meester and Blake Lively.

Courtesy The CW

The piece ran on Culture Map, a Texas-based site:

“…the variety of styles on the show are appealing to many audiences. While some love Blair’s perfectly polished ensembles and flawlessly coiffed tresses, others covet Serena’s earthier style…”

Here are current looks from this season’s episodes.


More from the story:

“From J.Crew’s gorgeous feminine details in both their clothing and accessories to Forever 21’s droves of ruffled tops, dresses, floral headbands and preppy looks, Gossip Girl style is here to stay…”

Below, a look from Monday’s episode, The Debarted.

Courtesy The CW

The sartorial display isn’t limited to the ladies; below we see Ed Westwick. (Chace Crawford and Ms. Meester can also be seen in this photo.)

Gossip Girl style is about pushing the limits and combining prints, textures and accessories like never before—bright purple or yellow tights with an otherwise simple dress, an unexpected sparkly brooch in the hair for the evening, a great, chunky bracelet with a mini dress, layers of charm necklaces in varying lengths—the possibilities are endless.”

This brings us to our Question of the Day: in your estimation, is there such a style, and if so, is it here to stay?

One more tidbit about Miss Meester and another actress, someone frequently referred to in this space as an über-prep, Gwyneth Paltrow.  She will be starring in a film with Leighton Meester and Tim McGraw, “Love Don’t Let Me Down,’ with country music as the backdrop for the plot.


We have decorating and shopping news to share , beginning with a peek at some of the White House decor.  Here is this year’s Gingerbread House, all 400 pounds of it.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Our favorite part has to be the replica of Bo, the Obama family’s dog.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

It appears Bo is chewing on something, but we are unclear as to what that might be, unless it is a bone…? The confection also includes a replica of Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The unveiling of the annual Gingerbread House is always a treat; they are much larger than they look. Below, Laura Bush with the 2005 House.

Courtesy Life Magazine

With ‘visions of sugarplums’ in our head we say adieu and hope everyone enjoys a delightful winter weekend!


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A Manly Take on Fashion Week & Another Gossip Girl Preppy Look

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday! The Princess is ever-so-pleased to welcome a weekend after playing catch-up most of the week from our mini-vacation.

We are most assuredly ready for some Friday Fun. With that pleasant prospect in mind we start with a quick hit we would almost consider “must reading” for its entertainment value: Time magazine’s column on Fashion Week. A sample:

[F]ashion shows are the most serious events in the entire world. Nobody in the audience smiles or talks; the models look like they’re on the Bataan death march; and people slowly, lifelessly clap at the end. I’ve been to political panels, criminal trials, locker rooms of playoff losers, graduate English classes and the Ron Paul convention, and I’ve never seen people take themselves quite this seriously.”

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for IMG

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for IMG

The writer is the talented Joel Stein who may need his own bodyguard after writing this:

“Vogue editor Anna Wintour, whom I vaguely knew as the lady who wears Prada and is remarkably similar to the Devil, has two bodyguards–that’s how serious fashion is. I’ve interviewed a lot of celebrities, and you know who had bodyguards? Nobody.”

Fashion Week is too fun

If already planning to visit the Time site, one might want to read their review of the new Candace Bushnell novel “One Fifth Avenue,” a title we have mentioned in previous posts.

Already talking about fashion does allow us to segue right into our next topic, an interesting quote from this week’s Gossip Girl as uttered by the character Blair:

“Are those Tory Burch’s last-season flats?”

We presume it was spoken in horror (oh the shame of wearing last season’s styles) but were also pondering the fact that prior to this primetime hit it is difficult to conceive of dialogue written that specifically about a designer, or playing a role of this importance in a plotline. (Full disclosure: TP did not watch the show but simply saw the quote so many places we felt compelled to share it with those who are fans.)

So, in our apparently never-ending “How to Dress Like Gossip Girl” category we have four quick pieces from a wonderful column by The Chic Spy. The primary style statement is the Sonia Rykiel blazer. Cropped shorter than what one is likely to find at Brooks Brothers, and with oversized (the Queen Mother’s translation: loud) buttons, the double-breasted blazer is available at Net-a-Porter.

The other important piece is one that would send TP into a Logophobic coma were it not for the smelling salts, the the Burberry wraparound check kilt, complete with fringe, brass pin and double side buckles. The kilt, made in Scotland, has a velcro closure inside the waist. Velcro. Indeed.

Should the look be one that you find appealing, the skirt is available in an almost identical style in Girl’s Sizes 2-14 on the Burberry website.

The Spy also showcases Nanette Lepore pumps and the Be & D “Kan Kan Tote” available for pre-order on the website. If that brand sounds familiar, it may be you are remembering Be and Steve’s insanely popular Garbo handbag from last year. And if not a G2 fan, stop by and visit The Spy for some simply delightful reading.

On the topic of reading, here is one addition to the Fall reading list you may enjoy, definitely a ‘must’ for us: Valentino: Themes and Variations by Pamela Golbin.

Themes and Variations" by Pamela Golbin

The book was released earlier this month and it looks just stunning and with Rizzoli as the publisher you know the quality will be top-notch.

Do enjoy!


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