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Of Royal Weddings And Rumours

Hello-Hello, welcome back to the ‘real world,’ it truly feels like summer now, the fireworks and celebration of freedom yesterday make it seem more seasonal.

Today’s post might be considered ‘old news,’ and many readers may have already read about it, so do accept our apology if it is somewhat stale information! Of course, we are talking about this weekend’s wedding in Monaco. Festivities really began with an Eagles concert last Thursday night, below we see Prince Albert II and Charlene with the band.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

As a refresher for those not quite as obsessed not entirely up to speed on how things work, there were two ceremonies for the former Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert, the first was Friday’s civil ceremony, below we see the couple at that event. The bride wore a powder blue pantsuit she is said to have co-designed with Karl Lagerfeld, the Grand Pooh-bah of Chanel.

Getty Image via The Daily Mail

Crowds watched the ceremony on giant screens set up outside the Palace.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The religious ceremony was held Saturday and the (now) Princess Charlene was stunning. Here we see her father escorting her in to the courtyard of the Palace in Monaco, where the mass was celebrated.


The dress was created by Giorgio Armani, the bride is a longtime customer of the house.


Here is another angle better showing the dress and train.

WENN via Clebitchy

Princess Caroline’s daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, was pretty in pink at the Catholic Mass.

Eric Gaillard/Reuters

We see her again with her Albert’s sisters, Princesses Stephanie and Caroline of Monaco.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

For the evening’s festivities there was another gorgeous gown for the bride.

via The Daily Mail

That night there was a formal dinner, and Princess Charlene changed into another gown, also designed by Armani, with ruffled tiers of sparkling white fabric.

The weekend was filled with functions mandating very serious party frocks, and even a tiara or two. Some refer to Princess Caroline’s children as the next generation of royals, here we see Pierre Casiraghi, Charlotte Casiraghi and Andrea Casiraghi on their way into the formal dinner Saturday night.

EPA via The Daily Mail

As one might expect, there was royalty everywhere.

Below left, Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel, on the right we see  Princess Mary of Denmark with Prince Philippe of Belgium.


Prince Louis Alphonse of Bourbon and Princess Marie Marguerite are seen on the left, and on the right Prince Laurent of Belgium.


Italy’s Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies is shown lower left, on the right we see Thailand’s Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana.


Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa of Luxembourg are seen lower left, on the right we show Princess Sophia and Prince Alois of Liechtenstein.

There were also fireworks.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

But perhaps not the kind everyone expected.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

It seems there may be some truth to the unfortunate rumors surrounding the wedding, allegations involving more illegitimate children fathered by Prince Albert, one hypothetically born in the last 2 years. (Ms. Wittstock moved to Monaco to be closer to Prince Albert several years ago.) From the London Telegraph:

“But sources cited by the French press on Sunday said the former Charlene Wittstock, 33, had even tried to take refuge in her country’s embassy in Paris in an attempt to get out of the wedding.

Instead senior Palace officials confiscated her passport and then persuaded her to take part in the weekend’s nuptials.”

The story was originally reported last week by a French newspaper and largely ignored by ‘mainstream media’. But “palace confirmation” of some aspects of the story have moved the rumors onto more prominent pages of newspapers, many the kind of publications that don’t generally traffic in such discussion.

More from the story in The Telegraph:

“The sources said that when Charlene visited Paris in May to try on her white-silk Armani wedding dress she “took refuge” in the South African embassy.

Later that month she also tried to escape during the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, they alleged. Then, last week, she allegedly had her passport confiscated en route to Nice airport via the helicopter service which runs between regularly between Monaco and France.

Senior police officials were reported to have confirmed the passport confiscation to Le Figaro newspaper last week.”

Both the bride and the Palace denied the rumors last week. The tears shed by the Princess consort (technically her title) during Saturday’s mass only served to heighten the tone and tenor of the conversation, the internet fed the fire.  There are numerous video clips of the bride’s tears making their way around the internet and I watched one. As someone who wept with joy (so much I had difficulty mopping up during the ceremony!) during her wedding, these do not look like happy tears.

Monaco Television/Reuters

On the other hand, I don’t know the bride and have no idea if she was filled with joy or sorrow. Either way, she did make a beautiful bride, and it was a lovely wedding; we hope the rumors are found to be false and the marriage is a happy one.

Until next, may your day be summery and bright. 🙂


  • Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images
  • Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
  • Sean Gallup/Getty Images
  • Emma Foster/Pool/Reuters


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Gossip Girls & Guys at Fashion Week, Preppy Nail Polish?

It is a grand and glorious day, despite the wild wind outside and prospect of more s-n-o-w. Bleh. But it is warm and bright here in the corner condo at Princess Intergalactic HQ, we are doing all we can to create our own sunshine!

While it is always fun to look at the styles being shown at New York Fashion Week, it is even more fun to share a philanthropic story about the goings-on in the city.  In conjunction with the opening of his new flagship store on Fifth Avenue, Giorgio Armani donated $1 million to the Fund for Public Schools in New York.

PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP
PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

That is news that brings a smile to this camper’s face, it is wonderful to see anyone sharing like this.

One could almost term the celebrities ubiquitous at the gala celebrating the store’s opening, including one of our favorites, January Jones of Mad Men.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner
PHOTO: Steve Eichner

Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford makes another Fashion Week appearance:

PHOTO: Evan Agostini/AP
PHOTO: Evan Agostini/AP

Also at the festivities, designer Thom Browne, he of Brooks Brothers Black Fleece fame.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner
PHOTO: Steve Eichner

Mr. Browne is also known for the length (or lack thereof) of the pants in his men’s suit designs.  Mayor Bloomberg and Caroline Kennedy joined Mr. Armani as part of the ceremony marking the designer’s donation to the City’s schools.

PHOTO: Evan Agostini/AP
PHOTO: Evan Agostini/AP


We mentioned Thom Browne above; it reminds us of the sneakers he designed along with Converse for the fabulous French store, Colette.


Other Gossip Girls stars were spotted at varying shows. First, Taylor Momsen at Anna Sui.

PHOTO: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

PHOTO: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Also seen, Leighton Meester in attendance at Proenza Schouler.

PHOTO: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

PHOTO: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Ms. Meester appears to be sporting a new do, with bangs!


The Tommy Hilfiger show was this morning; we will effort more photos later today, in tomorrow’s post at the latest. This grouping is from a just-published story in the Telegraph.

PHOTO: Getty via The Telegraph

PHOTO COLLAGE: Getty Images via The Telegraph

You know that TP is simply ga-ga over the pink coat. Below, four more looks from this morning’s show.


PHOTO COLLAGE: Getty Images via The Telegraph

We shall have additional photos as promised. We intend to do the same with another prep-style designer, Tory Burch, who showed her Fall 2009 collection yesterday.

PHOTO: Imaxtree

PHOTO: Imaxtree

According to this story from the WWD staff, the designer has shifted her approach:

“Tory Burch is trading in her sandals and ballet flats for a pair of ready-to-rumble combat boots. This season, she’s gone streetwise and edgy.”

Here is one more style:

PHOTO: Giovanni Giannoni

PHOTO: Giovanni Giannoni

The WWD story cautions those fond of a little more tailored or conservative look not to be alarmed by the edgier pieces. Apparently the collection also includes designs more familiar to the Tory Burch customer.

Actually, Ms. Burch was in the front row at a show herself, viewing Narciso Rodriguez yesterday.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner

PHOTO: Steve Eichner


Because we attempt to keep an eye on all things prepatitious (?), we thought we’d share the following with you from this post at the Fashion Matters blog:

“Anyway, Orly has introduced new spring colors for its Prepster Collection.  Prepster. Preppie. Get it?”

PHOTO: Courtesy NewsOK

We are loving the names for the different colors, they are fun and witty:

  • Prim & Proper – lavender shimmer
  • Tennis Anyone? – nude crème
  • OMG – fuchsia pink crème
  • Polo Princess – pastel pink crème
  • Country Club Khaki – taupe crème
  • Cashmere Cardigan – iris blue crème

Below, a closer look at Polo Princess, courtesy of the always-ahead-of-the-trend Katee at the E-Polish blog.

Courtesy E-Polish Blog
Courtesy E-Polish Blog

We simply have to ask: what name do you fancy the most?


We share a little piece of heaven we just got in, part of our Lilly Pulitzer stationery and gift line here at the Princess. Below, the Take Note Mousepad:

Lilly Stationery at PreppyPrincess.com

Lilly Pulitzer at PreppyPrincess.com

This is too fun in the pink and green Cabanarama pattern, a standard size mousepad topped with a pad of paper! (And all for only $15, who can beat that?!)


The always-wonderful Ronda at All the Best shared some insight today about this poster, long a favorite of ours.

The message just says it all, don’t you think?  We’ll close on that thought dolls, we hope your day is splendid!


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Is it a “Pink Plague” for Girls? Barbie in Burberry and More!

The Princess is excited this morning. Why?

Because we are lucky enough to have been given an award by two different Belles! Yippee! And the timing is sublime, as we just topped 300 posts!

The fabulous Belle in Bloom was kind enough to give us an award yesterday….

Belle in Bloom

Belle in Bloom

And then we learned that the always delightful Tale of a Southern Belle bestowed the same honor upon us today!

Tale of a Southern Belle

Tale of a Southern Belle

We are talking about the Lemonade Award, and we say “Thank You” to both ladies, both of whom are always an excellent read.

Lemonade Award

Lemonade Award

The Award has some rules:

  1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
  2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE!
  3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
  4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
  5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Here are the 10 we are nominating, starting with a blog in the spirit of the two that nominated us!

  1. Belle of the Ball
  2. Preppy Pink Crocodile
  3. Jewish Girl in WASP’s Clothing
  4. Monogram Chick
  5. Preppy Pink Lizard
  6. Poetic & Chic
  7. Third Coast Preppy
  8. Lipstick at the Mailbox
  9. Legally Blonde Ambition
  10. Very Busy Mom with Four
  11. Mom x 2

We realize several of the blogs we are nominating may have already been suggested, but wanted to include them anyway. Thank you again Miss Belle in Bloom and Tales of a Southern Belle!


Do you think too many toys for girls are done in pink?  The U.K.’s Daily Mail had an interesting story on the topic, “Pink plague: Stores are accused of making girls’ toys just in pink to encourage pester power.” (The headline reminds us of the film Broadcast News and the line “When all else fails, alliterate.”)

At any rate, a case is made that pink is used in a discriminatory fashion from the time girls are wee little things, quoting Sue Palmer, a ‘literacy consultant and author of Toxic Childhood.’

“‘I’m worried about the “pink plague”,’ she said. ‘You can’t find girls past the age of three who aren’t obsessed with the colour.”

The story’s author, Sarah Harris, shares these thoughts as well as some photos illustrating her point :

“It soon becomes apparent during a visit to a Toys R Us store, that hundreds of girls’ toys come in just one shade: A lurid sickly pink.”

Brent Cross, The Mail on Sunday

PHOTO: Brent Cross, The Mail on Sunday

We are standing by to hear your thoughts on the pink issue.


Talking about this reminds us about the increasing to-do over Barbie’s 50th Anniversary, including her runway show at Fashion Week in February.   Monday’s IHT (International Herald Tribune) has an excellent story about the designers Barbie has encountered over the years, accompanied by a fabulous slide show “Pretty in Plastic.”  TP is fond of the cateye glasses in the outfit below.

1959 Roman Holiday Barbie Doll (Courtesy Mattel)

1959 Roman Holiday Barbie Doll (Courtesy Mattel)

We are hopeful you won’t be aghast to learn TP has more than a few retro pieces in her walk-in.  The story talk about the many designers creating clothing for Barbie.

“From Benetton and Burberry to Versace and Vera Wang, Barbie has been dressed by more than 70 designers, including Giorgio Armani, Christian Lacroix and Monique Lhuillier.”

The story also carries a great three-shot:

Courtesy Mattel

Courtesy Mattel

The look on the far left is Armani, Burberry is seen in the center and on the right it is Benetton. The article and slide show really are fun, definitely worth a peek if you have a spare nanosecond to invest!


Speaking of investing, it will take more than a nanosecond to ingest/digest the latest book on the topic of wealth, “Rich Like Them“.  Released yesterday, the full title is “Rich Like Them: My Door-to-Door Search for the Secrets of Wealth in America’s Richest Neighborhoods,” written by Esquire editor Ryan D’Agostino.

Rich Like Them

Rich Like Them

An excerpt from the Publishers Weekly writeup:

D’Agostino took a more direct—and more entertaining—route: he picked the 20 wealthiest neighborhoods in America and went door to door, garnering interviews with 50 very wealthy, very different individuals.”


A quick couple of hits:

Courtesy CW

Courtesy CW

  • The W Editor’s Blog showcases two lengthy pieces from a former intern detailing her time working on the show in “I was a Gossip Girl Extra,” running yesterday and today. Part 3 will be posted tomorrow. (We had no idea this much could be written about a stint as an extra. No. Idea.)

Until next time!


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Preppy Manny Ramirez?!? Who are Michael Phelps Favorite Designers?

Regular readers know what a baseball fan The Princess is, and won’t be surprised to learn she is watching playoff games when she should be working while simultaneously working very hard for the Preppy Princess. She wastes countless hours occasionally scans a headline or two about the sport; imagine her surprise upon reading this in a Sports Illustrated story about superstar Manny Ramirez:

“Manny Ramirez looked jarringly preppy in a gray, argyle-style V-neck as he stood outside the Dodgers clubhouse not long after his Game 1 destruction of the Cubs in the NLDS last week.”

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty

PHOTO: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty

Manny Ramirez? Preppy? Methinks not. This is an extraordinarily gifted athlete best described as a baseball savant, to modify a term in the story. Part of what makes Manny “Manny” is the hair.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty

PHOTO: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty

“He didn’t look like his rumpled on-field self at all: He was polished, with dreads cut neatly. And then it happened … his inner Mr. Magoo materialized. Manny emerged in a corridor of Wrigley Field, but he wasn’t looking for the Dodgers’ team bus. He wanted a taxi to take him wherever Manny likes to go — outer space, perhaps.”

We’re struggling to remember the last time we saw hair like this on anyone described as “preppy,” although it is actually clear in the story the author doesn’t think he is either.  Manny is a lot things, many of them good, some not-so-wonderful, but preppy is not one of them.

After our recent post all about cardigan sweaters we could hardly omit sharing this one, sported by Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick, otherwise known as Chuck Bass.

TP thinks it is this one from Brooks Brothers:

A friend who struggles with the fact we don’t watch the show is constantly tormenting us with updates and the weekly plot synopsis of the upcoming episode. We have to admit Monday’s show title is really very clever: “New Haven Can Wait.” One of the funnier things in the upcoming episode has to be “Chuck’s” kidnapping, hypothetically carried out by Skull and Bones members while visiting Yale. Honestly.

We are trying to decide if it is a sign of advancing age that we aren’t crazy about Taylor Momsen’s look seen during Friday’s shoot …


PHOTO: Splashnews

Or her photo spread in the next issue of Crash magazine

It just all looks a little, well, unnecessary. We didn’t realize she played “Cindy Lou Who” in the “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” but after thinking about it we definitely see the resemblance.  Sadly, we had the same reaction to the dress (nightie?) worn by Blake Lively, who plays Serena van der Woodsen on the über-hot show.

Le Poulin/Splash News

PHOTO: Le Poulin/Splash News

Another silly Sunday tidbit: Michael Phelps has more than one favorite designer.  In speaking with the good folks at NY magazine the Olympic star said he considers Giorgio Armani and Diesel.

Mike Stobe/Getty

PHOTO: Mike Stobe/Getty

Of course he also includes Lacoste among his first-string, although we have never been able to confirm the fashion  house is an official sponsor, as Speedo is. And when asked about going to Fashion Week next time around?

“…we asked if Phelps got invited to Fashion Week. “I have no idea if I did or not. I’m not sure where I was at that point, but I was traveling and I was super busy.” But if the designers in Paris had invited him to the shows, he so would have gone! “I’ll go anywhere. I’ll go enjoy myself. Come on — it’s fun going to those things…”

One heads-up for anyone still interested in the Phelps Phans tee-shirts we mentioned in a post back in August: they are gone.  Apparently the phrenzy is either over or just too much to keep up with, we’re not sure.

And with that we say ta-ta for now.


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Top Ten ‘Social Status’ Brands – Is Yours on the List? And an Anti-Prep Update

Recently The Spousal Unit indicated that at times The Princess might be a bit… well, a tad ‘snarky’ in her posts. Snarky? SNARKY? Moi? Feeling the need to defend my good name and reputation, it became obvious that some research was in order. Below we offer partial results for perusal at your leisure.


Pronunciation: \ˈsnär-kē\
Function: adjective
Etymology: dialect snark to annoy, perhaps alteration of snark to irritate
1 : crotchety, snappish
2 : sarcastic, impertinent, or irreverent in tone or manner <snarky lyrics>
snark·i·ly \-kə-lē\ adverb

We were delighted to find a wealth of information on the topic, with page after page of definitions, discussion and even some debate; it was really quite educational. Frankly, our favorite part of the research involved learning that snark may also be used as an adverb. Right now I’m trying to think of a way to insert it into conversation that way. How do you feel about Snarkalicious…? Oh, TSU was spot on, as always.

Let’s start with an Anti-Prep Update. This was, quite frankly, impossible to resist. As some may already know, Paris is beyond über Anti-Prep. She actually transcends the category, surpassed only by Kim Kardashian and possibly Perez Hilton. And maybe a few others. At any rate, we present Exhibit A, a heartfelt statement from Ms. Hilton on the home page of her hair extensions site, viewable here:

Everyone should get the chance to be me. That’s why I created the world’s hottest hair extensions. Choose from ten fabulous shades and you will be a clip away from hotness.

Paris Hilton

If we had only known that everyone should have that chance. To be her. Darn it. Once again our unhotness has been exposed in all of its stark, naked horror for everyone to see. And I had no idea I had the chance to be her. No. Idea. At All.

Well, chin up, shoulders back and all that, for here at the Prepatorium we do not let little tragedies like this derail us; we move on. We stated we would be discussing the Top Social Status Brands and we will proceed to do precisely that, hotness-like hair extensions or not. Harumph.

This particular list comes as the result of extensive research done by the Luxury Institute, and The Princess is more than gratified to see who is at the top of The List. You may well recognize The Knot clutches below from the Number One brand.

Bottega Veneta Knot Clutches

The Institute polled 1600 individuals with a minimum annual income of $150,000 for the survey, and Bottega Veneta took the top spot. In a story about the poll, Luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza notes “Bottega is subtle and inconspicuous — and paradoxically has gotten some press for this…You know it if you’re in the know. It’s for people who aren’t looking to impress others.” Below we show a look from their Fall/Winter 2008 apparel line.

Bottega Veneta Fall Line

Valentino follows in second place, then Prada (landing page at Neimans seen below)

Prada at neiman Marcus

Then Chanel, followed by Hermes in fifth place.

Chanel Logo

Giorgio Armani was in sixth place, then we have Versace (that is a dress from the 2008/2009 Versace Resort line below),

Versace Resort Look

then Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. And there you have the top ten from the list.

Vuitton Bag at eLuxury

BTW, if you were wondering who Anna Wintour might fancy come this fall’s election, here’s a clue: she had quite a role at last night’s fundraiser for prospective First Lady Michelle Obama, at a Manhattan gallery. (Wintour is the oh-so-powerful Editor at Vogue magazine and hypothetically the role model for Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Anna Wintour

Judging from the list of attendees at the function it was quite the place to be.Remember our mentions of Lauren Santo Domingo in previous posts? She was also at last night’s festivities at the Chelsea gallery in a divine Oscar de la Renta frock along with Spike Lee, designers Monique Lhuillier, Georgina Chapman and Nicole Miller. (You know, the Nina Ricci-SJP-SATC-Premiere-Dress-from-You-Know-Where-Nightmare that Lauren wore first?)

Lauren Santo Domingo Michelle Obama Fundraiser 6/17/2008

Speaking of Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixon also attended, wearing Calvin Klein Collection. Others in attendance included Lebron James and his girlfriend, and you could see Zac Posen’s “Yes We Can, Obama 08” t-shirt beneath his blazer. Many thanks to Fashion Week Daily for the fab photos!

Cynthia Nixon Calvin Klein Michelle Obama Fundraiser

Lebron James at Obama fundraiser

Zac Posen at Obama fundraiser

Mizrahi & Andre Leon Talley at Obama Fundraiser

We close with this absolutely delightful image from the good folks at Barneys. It was part of an email from them several days ago; looking at it keeps bringing a smile to my face. On an afternoon when some whimsy seems like a good idea, we’ll just leave things here and say “Au revoir.” (It is linked if you feel compelled to click!)

Barneys Louboutin shoes


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Black Tie Optional–Now What?

(While The Princess is continuing to help her power-challenged Princess Mother the role of author will be played by the Princess Consort. Thank you for your kindness.)

On this Father’s Day please take a moment to remember the man who loved you more than any other man ever could. A strange feeling goes through a new father when he holds his child for the first time. He sees time unspool before him. He wants to stop the clock and hold the moment forever. But he knows he can’t and his child will grow up to a life of school, new friends and weddings. Which brings us to today’s topic… black tie.

It has always been my contention that black tie optional is an opportunity to look devastating. It all starts with your own tuxedo. Come on, admit it. You should have given up renting a tux when you were seventeen. Owning a tuxedo is a wardrobe necessity and it’s affordable. Plus, classic style never goes out of fashion.

Let’s get started with a bespoke tuxedo.

Photo: Jeff Westbrook/Studio D

Giorgio Armani calls his line of bespoke tuxedos “Handmade-to-measure” and they are exquisite. Some things to consider when selecting a bespoke tuxedo: Go with the peak lapels and you won’t be mistaken for the waiter; the mohair is tempting but stick with the wool; a double vent will be more comfortable as the night wears on; so will pleated pants although the plain front always looks trim; single breasted is timeless while double-breasted can appear trendy. How much for all this style? You’ll ante up $4,325 to get into this game. Check with your friends at Needless-Markup if the Armani is your choice. Sounds nice, right? Let’s get this look at a more modest price.

Our friends at Jos. A. Bank Clothiers have a number of very affordable tuxedos that won’t devastate your budget (admit it, with gasoline at $4+ it all adds up). The peak lapel jacket is 100% wool with grosgrain lapels. The matching pants have the grosgrain stripe. Normally it’s a steal at $795. Now that it’s on sale for a mere $449 there is no excuse for you to not add this to your closet. Remember, it’s always a good idea to have several tuxedos. You own more than one suit, right?

I get my shirts at Charles Trywhitt in London and you should too. Brilliant workmanship and great prices. The Marcella bib front classic collar tuxedo shirt is 100% cotton. Double cuffs are standard and studs are mandatory. Depending upon exchange rates you can expect to spend about $130, although it’s now on sale for just $95.

Let’s stay with Trywhitt for our bow tie and cummerbund. Both are black silk and traditional. If you need a reminder of how to tie a bow tie I’ll give you a refresher here. No clip-on ties, please. You don’t want to be the man at the end of the party who, when the other gentlemen loosen their ties, must unclip his. Also, a reminder about the cummerbund: The pleats are worn up. Tradition is that the cummerbunds are worn pleats-up to better catch crumbs during dinner. Expect to pay $60 for tie and $70 for the cummerbund.

Of course, you could do all this at Brooks Brothers. But you knew that already.

Jewelry is up to you. Stud and cufflink sets are everywhere for every price. I prefer vintage but that’s just me. The traditional guidelines for tastefully wearing jewelry apply.

Footware is a source of personal taste. Velvet uppers are elegant but maybe not for you. I prefer the finished look of Allen-Edmonds.

Photo: Allen-Edmonds

The Park Avenue balmoral is a timeless look with traditional cap toe styling and fit. You cannot go wrong with this shoe, trust me. It’s also extremely affordable at a mere $325.

The best part of owning a tuxedo is the options you have. If you are obligated to go to that dreaded party to which we are all invited occasionally, just show up in a tuxedo. The people there will assume you have somewhere more important to be and you can escape gracefully.

Thank you all for sharing your weekend with me. It’s been fun and I’ll return the next time The Princess needs a getaway.


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Shoes @ Burberry, Selma Hayek’s Brother @ Target, LL Cool J @ Sears, Men @ Hermes

Burberry Shoe Boot at Nordstorm

The Princess is beyond mystified at this juncture by the ups and downs, the little vagaries of the retail world, so without editorial comment here’s what we can report about the varying ‘marriages of commerce’ recently announced.

Burberry Stud Plate Bootie at Nordstrom Available for pre-order  Burberry \'Armor Plate\' Buckle Flat

First off, the numbers are in, the data never lie, and the shoe sales at Burberry are more than sizzling, they are on fire. Therefore the luxury retailer plans to expand this segment of their business tenfold, and accomplish that massive task in five years time. The Princess loves capitalism. Really. Above you see the company’s ‘Stud Plate Bootie’ (left) available for pre-order at Nordstrom, and the Burberry ‘Armor Plate’ Buckle Flat (right), also from our good friends at Nordstrom. Those who think The Princess is merciless in her criticism of this firm for their commercialization of the brand should note the second shoe shown above, as it is a style perilously close to “cute,” also something we might actually purchase and wear! Egads! Not to worry. Our keepers will ensure that doesn’t happen.

Also Wednesday, word from everyone’s favorite discounter, Target, they have another limited-edition collection on its way, this time from Sami Hayek, brother of Hollywood actress Salma Hayek. The line will feature contemporary furniture, bedding and stationery. Prices will run the gamut, with a low of .99 cents to a high of $149.99 for an office desk.

Sami Hayek™ for Target® Floral Comforter Set Sami Hayek™ for Target® 220-Thread Count Sheet Set - Pink Star

The collection is aimed at college students and according to Le Boutique, it will be done “with minimal packaging that is designed to be reused or recycled, making the items both stylish and practical.” Hayek is quoted as saying the Target collection reflects his “core design beliefs, which include structure, humor and a commitment to sustainable design.” Below you see the Sami Hayek™ for Target® Striped Comforter Set in Brown on the left and the Reversible Coverlet Set in Gray/Tan on the right.

Sami Hayek™ for Target® Stripe Comforter Set - Brown Sami Hayek™ for Target® Reversible Coverlet Set - Gray/ Tan


The snooze news release goes on to say that “Anyone who values function and practicality housed in great design will gravitate toward Hayek’s product.” Of course; we were thinking just that. When one does a search at the Target site for ‘Sami Hayek,’ 17 results are returned. We do know there are pieces also available for purchase in the stores, we just don’t know how many or what kind of merchandise they are. Have any of our fearless readers spotted any Hayek pieces yet? Anyone with early reviews they can share? As best we can ascertain, this clearly isn’t the Whim line from Cynthia Rowley, but then it’s not intended to be. Some of the pieces appear to have bright colors that pop and reversible fabrics – and you know we like reversibility!

And now for some truly significant discourse. I know, I know, you have been very patient these past months and previous 99 posts, wondering if we might ever engage in some kind of meaningful conversation about life, man’s inhumanity to man, that kind of thing. Well, that time has arrived, and to whom do we give our thanks for initiating the dialogue? Eddie Lampert* and his gang of goofballs at Sears. (This is definitely a candidate for the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” list.) Evidently LL Cool J is going to save Sears, with a casual clothing line for juniors & young men, girls’ & boys’ that is supposed to hit stores starting this September. The price points will be at the higher end of the spectrum for Sears, $22 for a graphic tee and approximately $50 for a pair of jeans, according to Women’s Wear Daily. What greater topic for meaningful conversation than this?

LL Cool J LL Cool J for Sears

According to WWD “The collection of casualwear for juniors, young men’s, girls’ and boys’ will roll out to 450 of Sears’ 900 stores in September and could generate as much as $100 million to $150 million in its first year, sources said.” A 40-year-old hip-hop star at Sears? I dunno’. Apparently he’s at Macy’s (See reference below) with a different line, and has been for a few months. BTW, we don’t know about the hyphenation of hip-hop, and that is causing us all sorts of aggravation…. guidance from any of our, well, our hipper readers? 

LL Cool J for Sears look #2 LL Cool J

Think of all the other old dullards like TP learning what LL Cool J stands for: Ladies Love Cool James. Oh. Duh. Did everyone but yours truly know that? Huh? I mean, I might have walked into a Sears to learn that fact (doubtful), maybe (not) looked more closely at an ad, perhaps (please call Sister Mary Hand Grenade as this whopper is getting bigger and bigger) watched a TV commercial more closely if I had the time. Or not. Gone into a Sears to return a Lands End purchase gone bad? In a heartbeat. But then, we are not, most assuredly not the demo Sears is after. Not even close. And as mentioned above, we are a raging capitalist at heart, and nothing would be better than to see this little endeavor go great guns. 

Now, The Princess does know celebrity lines are what it’s all about in terms of branding and buzz for retailers. Think Vera Wang at Kohl’s. Or the upcoming Avril Lavigne at Kohl’s. Can we talk about Jessica Simpson? Martha Stewart? Hello? It is not as though this is unheard of. But it is also not as though Sears hasn’t tried this. Repeatedly. Again. And. Again. And Again. The Chicago Sun-Times covers Sears quite well, they have to – the company is practically in the paper’s backyard. And according to an article in Wednesday’s paper, Sears has been down this path 97 times:

“Sears previously launched 97 multicultural concept stores in its stores, and has offered African-American-themed items in its catalogs. It also has sold labels by Latin TV star Lucy Pereda, as well as well-known designers Liz Claiborne and BCBG’s Max Azria.”

“Meanwhile, analysts expect another dismal quarter at Sears when the Hoffman Estates-based retailer reports earnings on Thursday.”

Where the Princess becomes completely confused is this: no one seems to mention in any of today’s coverage that LL Cool Jay just launched another line of clothing this spring, the Todd Smith line! (The star’s real name is Todd Smith.) Nor do we see mention of Smith’s 2006 apparel line; this link takes you to a 2006 MSNBC story that makes interesting reading. The photos below are datelined March 8 of this year with a caption reading “LL Cool J Debuts His New Clothing Line ‘Todd Smith’ at Macy’s Department Store,’ so TP is most confused. Why start an additional line, arguably competitive line?

LL Cool Debuts Todd Smith Clothing Line at Macy\'s Culver City

We leave this confusion behind for the time being, and move on to the news that Hermes will open its first stand-alone Mens shop in New York sometime this fall. The success of its men’s and women’s apparel lines has been explosive, and added emphasis on menswear has been in the works for some time. The luxury goods seller wants to continue raising its mens ready-to-wear profile; the heavy focus on men’s products at its Financial District Boutique that opened earlier this year is proof of that. Below, a few looks from the Hermes Spring and Fall 2008 RTW Collections.

Hermes Spring 2008 Hermes Fall 2008

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate our 100th (or 101st, we have to check!) post and chat about the competition Hermes will face from another upscale mens retailer also planning to open a store on Madison Avenue. 








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