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What Khaki Says About You & Do What To A Preppy?

While the Princess takes a much deserved break she has asked me to engage our guests in conversation. I’m delighted because I have something I’ve been meaning to discuss. Khaki pants. Now you might think that is a fairly limited topic but something as versatile as a pair of khaki pants deserves a few moments of careful consideration. Pleats? Cuffs? Relaxed fit? We’ll touch on those points and discover what I think could well be the premier khaki trousers in the world.

Seen this look before? You certainly have. Likely on President GWH Bush. The pleated front is a more traditional cut than the flat front. It’s also more forgiving and there are many advantages to that as a gentleman ages. Something to think about: Excessive, voluminous pleats really serve no purpose other than to risk making a man look like a circus clown. There is great value in being subtle. The cuffs should range from an inch-and-a-quarter to a two-inch band. Always bear in mind that cuffs seem to work best for men with longer legs. The particular pair you see to the left are from Brooks Brothers. They are cotton-twill and could be yours for a mere $128. A bargain for a pair of pants that could well last for years. (photo Jeff Westbrook/Studio D)

How formal do you feel today? Do you put high value on a razor-sharp crease? Do you press your boxer shorts and socks? This is the look for you. The tab closure on these khaki trousers to your right creates an interesting, and sometimes valuable, optical illusion. If you have a waistline these pants will show off the results of all those crunches because the tab closure draws attention away from the buttons. Think of it as a decluttering device. Nice. I imagine these could be considered the most formal khakis. Depends on how sharp you like your creases. This is a great look and a steal at Dockers for just $70. (photo Jeff Westbrook/Studio D)

This is a look I love. Casual, unstructured and risky if you don’t have the body profile to pull off the look. These cotton trousers are from Gilded Age and are certainly worthy of your attention. They are slightly wrinkled and have a certain slouch that adds just a touch of panache. And that’s where the risk lies. There is a clear line between casual and sloppy. If you go down this style road you are best served to know which side of the line you are walking. Remember too that other people might see you on the other side of the line than you see yourself. Be careful out there… it’s a style jungle. Trousers from Gilded Age are $228 as shown. (photo Jeff Westbrook/Studio D)

You are more likely to see the khaki trousers to your right than any other style. They are a relaxed fit cut with wider legs and no creases. Comfort? Oh, yes. They are loose and easy to wear. Perfect for just about any casual occasion. Top off the look with some Sperry Top-siders in canvas or leather and you are making a confident fashion statement. The added bonus is that you can make this statement for a mere $49 thanks to your friends at Tommy Hilfiger. Time only serves to enhance the beauty of these trousers. A little fraying at the cuffs speaks volumes. (photo Jeff Westbrook/Studio D)

I promised you I’d make my pitch for the world’s best khaki. You and I both know that’s an opinion and if you have a different suggestion please include it in a comment. So here is my choice:

If you’ve never heard of this company then it’s time you did. Bills Khakis began as a bootstrap operation in inner-city Reading, Pennsylvania. They’ll tell you the rest of the story. Their clothing lines are sheer genius. The designs are true to the original military khakis. The trousers fit like a dream and wear like steel. You aren’t buying trousers – you’re making an investment and you’ll be glad of it. Trust me on this one.

BTW – want to make your own khaki trousers? Ask me how and I’ll send you a recipe.

I’m not sure how you were raised but I was always taught that it is impolite to kill people. I’m probably not in the minority on that point and for that we are all grateful. So how does one explain this?

This item was found on eBay. It has no bids. Proof that good taste will eventually win.

Thank you. The Princess is now stepping mikeside to entertain you. Good night.


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