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Fashion Week: Trina Turk, True Prep Party at Brooks Brothers

Hello-Hello, welcome to a Wednesday!

We have more Fashion Week goings-on to share, beginning with last night’s bash, the Brooks Brothers True Prep party.

Via True Prep Facebook

The festivities were at the Brooks mother ship on Madison, above, one of the theme windows.  The gala drew a big crowd,  as explained by Los Angeles Times writer Adam Tschorn in his blog post on the event:

“…the night’s stack of books had dwindled from 400 to just three in less than an hour, according to our madras-clad mole.”

Authors Lisa Birnbach and Chip Kidd were on hand, madly signing books and looking well, preppish in Mr. Tschorn’s photos.

PHOTOS: Adam Tschorn

Again, he describes the scene:

“The enthusiastic crowd took the opportunity to don its preppiest threads. As we arrived a a clutch of young girls in pink Lilly Pulitzer patterns spilled out the door, and, once amid the sea of Sperry Top-Siders, all-over embroidered trousers and navy-blue blazers made us feel like we’d fallen into our own version of “The Hot Tub Time Machine.”

For those recognizing Mr. Tschorn’s name, we have previously quoted from his stories in the Times, as well as his blog posts; he does a splendid job covering fashion and culture. It sounds like the True Prep special edition at Brooks Brothers (previously mentioned in this post) was quite the popular item. To read Mr. Tschorn’s piece in its entirety click here; it will make you smile.

The scene is likely to be similar this evening at the Vineyard Vines party in Georgetown.  That function gets underway at 6pm, showcasing not only the book and Ms. Birnbach, but also six new True Prep products.  We have previously shown the Vines tie featuring the book cover’s Golden Retriever, Henry; that pattern is also used on the new Vines True Prep tote.


Look for a fleece vest and several other co-branded items.


Back to Fashion Week runway shows, a speedy glance at a label we love, Mulberry. We rarely feature apparel, generally we’re gushing chatting about the company’s handbags; here are a few styles from WWD’s brief review.

Any company willing to put a pooch in a picture or two will grab our attention; the photos are all by Pasha Antonov via WWD.

Nothing to make us gaga, but some lovely prints and stellar bags.


Showing for the first time  in New York, a Princess fave, Trina Turk.  Some pieces were simply outstanding, with vibrant prints in rich, saturated colors.

This also held true for the menswear, making us wonder if this is what a marriage of Lilly Pulitzer and Loudmouth Golf might produce…?

As always, Ms. Turk presents some solid basics as well as pieces for fun and sun.

From the Women’s Wear Daily review:

“Trina Turk celebrated her 15th anniversary with her first New York presentation, offering pop prints and retro-infused wares with a Palm Springs attitude, including one-shoulder dresses in various lengths, airy knits and crisp shorts.”

We do enjoy much of Ms. Turk’s work, especially her home furnishings and accessories line.


In keeping with our tradition of tracking those former faux-prep school students, we have a few Gossip Girl updates.  More accurately, out and about mentions.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images for ATP

Above we see US Open champ Rafa Nadal with Blake Lively backstage at the Regis and Kelly show yesterday.  The actress then headed to Boston to promote the opening of her film, “The Town”. Also at the Fenway Park showing of the film, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm.

What an amazing place to see a film!

With that, it is g’bye until next time, when we look at the runway shows taking place today, Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch, among others.


  • Brian Snyder/REUTERS
  • Bryce Vickmark/REUTERS


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The Consort Is All Over This Fashion Thing

Hello-Hello, all.  The Consort skipping merrily mikeside to entertain you while The Lovely and Talented Princess gives back to the community.  Now that the Olympic Games are behind us we, as citizens of these United States, can go back to doing what we’ve done for years:  ignoring hockey.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the game.  Any sport that sends élite athletes into a “time out” box when they’ve misbehaved must have something going for it.  But until hockey is televised in the USA on something other than a minor cable channel it is going to be an uphill struggle to build an audience.  I must add that the gold medal game between Canada and the USA was packed with sixty of the most heart stopping minutes I’ve enjoyed in sports in years.  But now we turn our attention to other matters of importance.  Like Fashion Week in Milan.

Green has always been one of my favorite colors and this creation from Krizia is… green.  I’m fascinated by the belt and boots.  Somewhere a fetishist is riveted by the photo.  The design is almost German Beerhall hostess gone preppy dominatrix.  Now that’s a combination you don’t see often.

You can’t go wrong with pink.  However, on anyone other than a size 2 this might look like an open parachute.  I’m a guy and kind of a linear thinker.  How does one sit gracefully in this dress?  When seated does it drape gently around the legs?  I can only hope so because the alternative is too frightening to consider.  The shoes?  Excellent!  The sabre purse is to die for.  The Princess happens to have some vintage purses in that style around the Prepatorium somewhere.  Time to move on…

Oh, my.   This poor young thing forgot to put on her dress.  You would think someone would have said something before she walked out in front of everybody.  Nice necklace, though.

Just the other day I mentioned to The Princess “I sure wish someone would update the burqa look” and now my wish has been granted.

This design from Meadham-Kirchhoff is sure to make the mullahs mad.  Or is it more an homage to Cher’s “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” period?  Quite frankly I’m a little confused about this but the black lace is giving me kind of a funny feeling, if you get my drift.

I’ve always been a big fan of shoulder pads in fashion.  Joan Crawford could pull off that look like a champion.  What would the 80’s have been without shoulder pads?  However, I’m not sure if adding swirls of fabric to the shoulders of this LBD is working for me.  Sometimes too much is just too much.  Structurally (and here’s a guy point of view) I’m not convinced this dress is capable of holding up to sudden rotations of the torso or strong trailing winds.

Enough of the dresses.  Let’s turn our limited attention span to footwear.

A suggestion.  When someone says they are going to walk the dog I recommend against impaling the poor beast on your foot.  These are wrong for so many reasons I don’t even know where to begin.

Photo by George Chinsee/WWD

I’ve always been a fan of Jimmy Choo.  Here’s a design that will appeal to the two-year old in all of us because it lights up when you walk.  Kind of like those cool little shoes that kids wear.  I love that.

Now I’m exhausted.  Combing through all the bad fashion shown at Milan takes a toll.  So I leave you today with reassurance that my lovely bride will return tomorrow.  Don’t forget to treat your waitperson right tonight because they’re working hard for you.  I’ll leave you with a little musical number from the widow Bono.  Good night, everybody!

Photo credits:  Krizia – Mauricio Miranda/WWD, Meadham Kirchhoff – Giovanni Giannoni/WWD, Hakan – Giovanni Giannoni/WWD


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The Consort Goes All Olympic-manic & Here’s A Tip…

Hello-Hello, everyone.  The Consort skipping merrily mikeside while my beloved bride, The Princess, recovers from a long night of long-form skating viewing.  Let’s careen through some random thoughts, shall we?

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

I’m not much on ice skates.  The Princess has “mad skills” (as the kids nowadays like to say) but I’m basically a functioning idiot on skates.  Can’t turn, skate backwards or stop once I get moving.  But I appreciate the astounding exhibition of power and grace the men demonstrated in Vancouver.   Gold medalist Evan Lysacek of the United States, silver medalist Evgeni Plushenko of Russia and bronze medalist Daisuke Takahashi of Japan treated the world to the equivalent of a staredown on ice.  The controlled power in the leaps, the dazzling footwork and restrained costumes added up to a delightful night of viewing.  Performance under pressure is always something wonderful to behold.

One of the challenges facing the Olympic venues is the warm weather.  Is melting snow why this guy showed up?

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Always good to see Michael Phelps in the house.  I imagine he’d be something to see going downhill on the bobsled run.  He’d probably medal at that, too.

While we’re going downhill… Thom Browne unleashed his vision on Fashion Week in NYC.  Let’s look at some of the highlights, shall we?

(Courtesy: The Fashionisto)

This might surprise you but I like his salute to Elton John’s 1970’s look.  The pillbox hat works well and carrying a groundhog tops off the outfit.   You’ll have to agree Mr. Browne’s spin on outerwear is breathtaking.  Or makes you choke a little bit.

(Courtesy: The Fashionisto)

I can’t resist the urge to tell this guy that there are raccoons crawling up his dress.  He’s probably aware of that and is handling the situation very well.  Remember that “performance under pressure” we discussed earlier?  Well, here you go.

(Courtesy: The Fashionisto)

Now I really like this look.  The shades of gray look lush and flow together so well.  I’m serious.  Look at the lines on that coat.  Okay, the hat and muff are a bit over the top for me but those are accessories.  Mr. Browne is an artist of immense talent.  We need people with vision who are unafraid to take risks.  I think he’s great.  You won’t be seeing me in his designs but that’s probably a good thing for many reasons.

Rather than comment on the Tiger Woods controlled media propaganda event news conference I will let you fill in your own punch line.  There is no shortage.

So on that open-ended thought I will say good-bye for now.  The Princess will be back next time with another look at Fashion Week and Vancouver events.  I remind you to treat your waitperson right because they’re working hard for you tonight.  I’ll leave you with words of wisdom from a Motown giant who had some issues of his own.


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Gossip Girl Clothing Line, & The Siamese Slanket


We jump right into things today with the news there actually will be a Gossip Girl clothing line.  From a story in the Houston Chronicle we learn more about the collection:

“…based on the show’s stylish characters, including Blake Lively’s couture-clad socialite Serena van der Woodsen and Leighton Meester’s Blair Waldorf.”

The line is being produced by the UK’s Miss Selfridge, a delightful chain of stores on the far side of the pond.  Below we show the Black Stripe Bow dress from Miss Selfridge, and the store’s Cropped Tux Jacket.

As an executive put it:

“Fashion is intrinsic to Gossip Girl and a key ingredient in the continued popularity of the series.”

There’s no disagreeing with that statement.

Sophie Wilkinson/Splash News

The clothing line will be available in April. We do not know if it will be distributed in US stores; if not, Miss Selfridge does ship to the US.


Fashion Week continues apace, we have several looks from Mulberry to share:

BTW, that is Willis the French Bulldog you see on the left; his resumé lists “chewing headphones…general destruction” as some of his favorite things.

While not for someone practically in her dotage (heh-heh), these are going to be darling on the appropriate young ladies.


Next, two styles from the Elie Tahari show:

As mentioned in an earlier post, this is the first time Mr. Tahari has shown at Fashion Week.


The Tory Burch show was Thursday morning.

From the WWD review:

“…. with the eclectic, fashion-forward taste of the art-world archetype in mind, Burch put forth her boldest collection yet.”

More from the WWD writeup:

“It was a step in a riskier direction that paid off in vibrant, well-detailed clothes.”

We’re not sure how to characterize the brief comments on the show in the Times:

“It probably says something that guests at Tory Burch’s presentation greeted the designer as a celebrity. They oohed at the splatter-print jeans… and the jaunty sequined jacket with elastic at the waist and cuffs.”

More from the Times:

“They ahhed over the shoes, high-heeled hiking boots.”

Getty Images

“One woman said she took the train up from Washington just to have her picture taken with Ms. Burch.”

It’s not hard to see why. Ms. Burch has never given a thought to the red carpet.”

We can’t figure out if this was meant to be snarky or a compliment.

An interesting side note; Ms. Burch supported other designers this week: she attended the Narciso Rodriguez show, and following her own event Ms. Burch joined Tommy Hilfiger and other fashion notables at the first-ever runway show by Reed Krakoff.  Mr. Krakoff is the Coach CEO, regarded as the person responsible for bringing that brand back to life and making it a power player; he is now launching his own line of apparel and accessories.

We shall have a look at Mr. Krakoff’s new line tomorrow, as well as styles from the Hilfiger show, closing out Fashion Week tonight at 8.  Anyone interested in seeing the show live, as it happens, click here for the Tommy Hilfiger Facebook page. (And do pop over to visit The Princess on FB as well, one never knows what we’ll be up to!)


Two more tidbits:

1) Marie Claire has a story on “15 Preppy Chic Bargains” that we haven’t yet read; we cannot say if we think the looks are preppy or chic. Or bargains.

Marie Claire

2) Finally, because of our utterly irrational and inexplicable propensity passing interest in all things Snuggie/Slanket, we bring you the very latest: the Siamese Slanket.

We only discovered this last evening, via those sharp shoppers at Outblush. Keep in mind, the Slanket folks say they were first with the phenomenon, that the Snuggie is merely following in their footsteps.  (Click here for the post that really gets to the bottom of this important issue, with a look at what the Consort calls the Snuggie-Slanket Smackdown.)

Not  only do we have the Siamese Slanket, available in two snappy colors (ahem), we are happy to introduce readers to the Travel Slanket.

Courtesy Slanket.com

Because air travel isn’t miserable enough.

With that we say g’bye until next time!


  • Mulberry: Marcio Madeira/First View via Style.com
  • Mulberry: Pasha Antonov
  • Tahari: Marcio Madeira/First View via Style.com
  • Tory Burch: George Chinsee/WWD
  • Tory Burch: ImaxTree
  • Gossip Girl: Sophie Wilkinson/Splash News


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More Lacoste Outlet Stores, Hermès, Chace Crawford – Lonely Heart

Hello-Hello, isn’t it fab that Friday is upon us?  Although we are guessing some snow-impacted parents are not exactly rejoicing after multiple unplanned days with the offspring.

Lots of little bits and bytes to share today, we begin with news of the Jimmy Choo tennis shoes/sneakers/plimsets/trainers/what-nots.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

For those seeking a Choo for their workouts, these are available in May; there are 8 different styles with pricepoints starting at $625.

And we also have an early look at advertising for Jimmy Choo 24/7, the new collection by Choo now available at Saks as well as Nordstrom.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

The 24/7 line is comprised of best-selling styles, many re-engineered (our word) to make them more wearable.


Fashion Week is off and running, getting fully underway yesterday despite impact from the insane snow and the sad death of designer Alexander McQueenWomen’s Wear Daily has a story on designers getting ready for the big week.

Tory Burch preps for her show, which is early (for the fashion world) next Wednesday, at 9am.

PHOTO: Giovanni Giannoni

And the master, Oscar de la Renta.

PHOTO: Robert Mitra

Below left we see Tommy Hilfiger with two of his models and Thom Browne of Brooks Brothers Black Fleece.  Mr. Hilfiger closes out the event Thursday at 8pm.

Other designers of note:

  • Milly shows next Wednesday afternoon
  • The two Ralph Lauren shows are Thursday at 10 and 11am
  • Lacoste is tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10am

WWD also previews the Lacoste fall collection, they interviewed the firm’s new CEO, Steven Birkhold.  We can expect to see more advertising from the retailer, Mr. Birkhold plans to double the company’s advertising budget.

The story also explains plans to expand the number of Lacoste outlet stores:

“…opening new outlet stores to de-emphasize markdowns in full-price doors…”

Below, styles from the Lacoste Fall collection:

PHOTO: John Aquino

We are looking forward to seeing images from the Lacoste show tomorrow.


For those wondering how tough it can be at Fashion Week, below, the crush of photographers at BCBG demonstrates the  BCBG Max Azria show yesterday.

PHOTO: Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Here are a few looks from that show.


Also showing earlier this week, John Bartlett (Harvard, ’85) showed his first women’s collection in years.

As described in the WWD review:

“Bartlett… had his woman dressed for a riding party at an English country manor: Tapered trousers, snug vests and plaid button-downs dominated, cut narrow and lending a tomboyish appeal.”

We liked much of what the designer sent down the runway.


Manhattanite Minnie Mortimer showed a limited collection earlier in the week as well.

Described by WWD as “pure East Coast prep” with “boarding school blazers, bloomers and dresses cut from comfy PJ-like cottons and men’s wear plaids.”

Ms. Mortimer’s designs hold appeal for us, we have spent more than a little time looking at her online shop!


Earlier this week we mentioned that Hermès was opening its first mens’-only store. That happened Tuesday as scheduled; we couldn’t resist sharing this photo of the giant tie adorning the store.


The Consort would sooner amputate below the wrist than wear the classic Clipper watches by Hermès…

Hermès Clipper Watch

… personally, we would not be offended should we find the Cape Cod watch on our jewelry tray one morning.



For today’s Pretty in Pink we show Anthropologie’s Essential Tunic.


And we also must share one of our faves from Kate Spade, the designer’s Barrow Street Anabel.

A closing Valentine’s weekend note: evidently Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford is without a date for the holiday, at least according to this story on an internet gossip site.

“”I don’t really have any Valentine’s Day plans,” Chace tells Zap2it.”

Frazer Harrison/Getty

We’re guessing a few of our readers might be willing to help the young man out of his predicament.

On that note, we’re off until next time, hoping everyone enjoys a prepalicious weekend!


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The Consort Considers A High Fashion Makeover

Hello-hello, friends.  The Princess Consort here.  The lovely and talented Preppy Princess is hosting a luncheon with The Queen Mother today and has asked me to step to the microphone to share some thoughts.  I only have a very few thoughts remaining in what was once a fertile mind but I will be happy to share them.

I’ve been watching the various Fashion Weeks parade by with some interest and more than a little consternation.  I guess I don’t have a well-developed sense of high fashion.  A navy blue blazer and grey flannel slacks are all the fashion risk I care to take.  Boring, sure.  But watching the different designers is proving inspiring.  Let’s take a moment and consider a makeover for the Consort.


Photo Courtesy WWD

I must confess I’m not familiar with the Julius line by designer Tatsuro Horikawa.  However, this Asian-inspired look might work for me.  I’m wrestling with the question of shaving my legs to complete the statement.  That leads into a variety of issues of what other body parts should be shaved.  That brings forth all kinds of questions about razors, wax, lasers or other hair removal techniques.  Putting that all aside you have to agree that this would unleash my inner acolyte.  With the right hat I could do an homage to Sally Fields as “The Flying Nun” from the 1960s.   Before we cross much further into sacrilege we should look at another designer.


Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Now this might surprise you but I was thinking about sporting the Tarzan look before I saw designer Jeremy Scott trot this down the catwalk.  Sublime, isn’t it?  The pink leopard print is bold and the saucy bare shoulder just shrieks “Borat!”.   I think it will be perfect for those weekend basketball games at the city park or perhaps squash at the club.  Always eye-catching; always certain to inspire comments from admiring men.  But on the chilly days that are just around the corner perhaps something with more… um… cover would be appropriate.


Photo credit: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

A guy can never go wrong with the classic Little Black Dress.  Designer JW Anderson puts a twist on the look by adding a sassy little beaded skirt.  Help me out here.  Am I missing a crucial fashion statement or am I the only guy who noticed something wrong with this look?  Of course.  No shoes.  That’s what’s missing.  Now, because I am sartorially conservative, I would be wearing a nice pair of black wingtips with this dress.  That would complete the look from head to toe.  This outfit would be ideal for one of the many holiday parties looming on the horizon.  Perhaps I have overstepped my boundaries.  What’s that?  I’m a bad boy?  I need to be punished?

Fashion East

Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Our good friends at Fashion East have just the thing to unleash (or restrain) your inner bondage freak.  I happen to think the red is a little bold.  Black always seems more slimming, wouldn’t you agree?  This particular look is perfect for teatime at the club or the next time you’re in the pit at a Slipknot concert.   There’s not much to say about this outfit.  Only on the weekends, kids.  Behind closed doors.

This seems a good time to step aside.  You are all wonderful for indulging me.  The Princess, to everyone’s relief, will return tomorrow.  I remind you to take care of your waitperson today; they’re working hard for you.

Let’s close now with a look at three very fashionable young women from Detroit who might just have a future in the music business.  Good night, everybody!


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Taylor Swift says “Kanye Who?” Also, Target’s Next Designer Revealed, Ralph Lauren Fashion Week

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

We hope to make it a little happier for Miss Pink Tutu, our lucky winner in the Great Preppy Plate and Platter Giveaway! Miss Tutu indicated in her comment she favored the Damask, but we don’t know if it is Boatman’s Geller’s Madison Plate, or perhaps Preppy Plates brand Hot Pink Patter, the Lime Plate, or maybe another style?


Drop us an email Miss Tutu and let us know your selection, as well as how you would like your plate or platter personalized. (This really is Friday Fun to the nth degree, we *love* giving things away!)


This just in! (Gasp – breaking news here at the Prepatorium!) The word is out that the next designer collaboration for Targèt will be with Jean Paul Gaultier, perhaps best known for his cone-shaped bustier Madonna wore on tour. As reported in Women’s Wear Daily, Target has no details on when the collection will launch, what price points will be, or how many pieces will be in the line.

“Gaultier is known for edgy street fashion interpretations, a Parisian panache, over-the-edge couture, generating lots of media and groupie followings.”


Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Our second tidbit is old news for those who follow us on Twitter (you can follow TP here if so inclined) as we tweeted the sad news a couple of times yesterday: In what can only be called a SOTT (Sign Of The Times),  Prescriptives cosmetics is being closed.

There are a number of contributing factors but the overarching concern is the continued underperformance of the brand.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

The line is owned by Estee Lauder (it was originally launched by Ronald Lauder 30 years ago), and we don’t know a timetable for the shutdown. We have already heard  from a number of current customers who tell us they are making plans to stock up.


Fashion Week continues apace, as most everything was wrapping up with last night’s Tommy Hilfiger show. We’ll cover some the Hilfiger collection for Spring 2010 in our next post, but thought Friday Fun mandates we share some celebrity sightings and front-row attendees at yesterday’s shows.

First, recording star Taylor Swift at the Hilfiger show in what we’ll call her “Kanye Who?” look.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

After all, looking good is the best revenge. While Miss Swift is far beyond stooping to vengeful behavior, one can’t help but think about that when seeing her in such a stunning dress.

This next photo of the young star (yes, that is Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl to her right, our left, and yes, he’s underdressed once again in yet another tee-shirt, no threat however to James Dean or Marlon Brando) reminds us of an incredibly rigid rule a lesson taught at an early age: ladies cross their ankles, not their knees.  Of course.

PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

Also at the Hilfiger show Betty Draper, January Jones of Mad Men.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

Here is Ms. Jones with Mr. Hilfiger, better showing the Pretty in Pink sheath she is wearing.

PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

We cannot wait to see who she is wearing for Sunday’s Emmy Awards.


And now we cover today’s primary topic, the Ralph Lauren show at Fashion Week.  We start with the front row, Janet Jackson is seen below with Dylan Lauren.

Rob Loud/Getty

Rob Loud/Getty

Onto the main attraction: the clothing and accessories.



As described in the Journal’s Heard On The Runway blog (must reading for TP):

“When the going gets tough, the tough get back to honest American working clothes. That’s means jean jackets, striped cotton shirts and pink floral sundresses.”

Fernanda Calfat/Getty

Fernanda Calfat/Getty

Some of the denim looks were outstanding, although we recall owning a pair of overalls quite a. long. time. ago.

Robert Mitra/WWD

Robert Mitra/WWD

The references to Steinbeck’s dust bowl were everywhere, with some reviewers even titling their stories “The Grapes of Ralph”.


Here is a taste of the WWD review on Mr. Lauren’s Spring 2010 Collection:

“Certainly there is something wonderful about Lauren’s unabashed romanticism. In an industry rampant with cynicism, he’s proud to be American and believes deeply, as his show notes reminded, in this country’s “resilient spirit.”


More from WWD:

“…. he made some risky choices; It’s unlikely many designer customers will aspire to shredded jeans and faded shirts, no matter how perfectly arranged the decay. As for their feminine counterparts, floral house- and sundresses, charmers for sure, but late-to-the-party kind of frocks that have flooded the contemporary market for some time.”

We found some of the tailored styles more appealing…



… and a number of the party frocks divine.


Despite our love of sheer overlays, other looks just didn’t seem to have the right proportions, the skirts overly full.


The look below prompts us to recommend a visit to the High WASP for her views on high-end shorts.

Robert Mitra/WWD

Robert Mitra/WWD

Some touches were absolutely exquisite.


One of our favorite fashion writers, Cathy Horyn at the Times, was not as positive about the show as many other journalists:

“I wondered, looking at the collection—which was weak by Mr. Lauren’s usual standards—what the discussions in his studio were about such a theme. Can hard times and their associated misery ever be an acceptable theme for a fashion show?”

Clearly the designer’s execution of his theme did not sit well with Ms. Horyn.

Kyle Ericksen/WWD

Kyle Ericksen/WWD

More from Ms. Horyn’s blog post:

“And if the clothes don’t really attempt to explore legitimate modes of American dress, and instead remain on the surface—a little faded and ripped denim with rhinestone sandals—isn’t that somehow worse?”


Courtesy First Post

Most of the handbags shown were of the casual, western look Mr. Lauren favors.


Below, the designer and his wife, Ricky, upon completion of the show.

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images for IMG

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images for IMG

For more photos, click here. We are curious to hear from readers about the show… two thumbs up? Down? No thumbs at all? Do tell, TP is dying to hear your reaction. After all dolls, sharing is caring.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Fernanda Calfat/Getty


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