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The Consort Gets A Mannerly Rap On The Knuckles

Hello-hello, all.  The Consort strolling casually mikeside to share a moment while The (lovely and talented) Princess recovers from a migraine.  I hope I’m not being rude and you’ll excuse my interrupting your day.  And that’s my point today: Manners.

While browsing the Wall Street Journal today I noticed an obit for Elizabeth Post.  Does the name ring a bell?  Perhaps her husband’s grandmother might be more familiar.  Emily Post wrote “Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage”, the 1922 book that has never been out of print.

Courtesy: Etsy

Elizabeth Post updated the classic book and was a gentle guide through the turbulent 1960s, 1970s and until she retired in 1995.  Her advice was grounded in the reality of the times in which we lived.   But now I wonder what has become of our manners?

Many of you readers are parents.  Do you pass on to your children the same etiquette lessons you learned?  I had an interesting experience the other day while having a conversation with a teenager.  While we were talking her cellphone rang.  She stopped our talk, turned sideways to me and began a phone conversation.  Perhaps I’m being overly sensitive but I couldn’t help but feel a bit put off.  I was also amused by the situation of being put on “live hold” in a face-to-face convo (as the kids nowadays like to say).

One of the things we enjoy most about sending out packages from The Preppy Princess is including a handwritten note in each box.  The Princess is much better at this because she is the more gifted writer in our family.  Isn’t sending a note a polite thing to do?  The power of the handwritten note cannot be ignored.  I know I get a special feeling when I open up a note from someone who took the time to take out a notecard, pick up a pen, write down their thoughts and mail the card to me.  Personalized notecards do not have to be budget-busters.  We found some wonderful personalized cards that are great for fiscally responsible men or women.

I remember when I was just a Young Consort I was looking forward to my first “big” dinner-dance.  It was to be a semi-formal event and I was escorting a delightful young woman.  A week before the big night my parents took me to the restaurant where I would be taking my date for dinner.  They wanted to make sure I was prepared to deal with ordering from a menu and how I conducted myself with our server.  They reminded me to be polite, use names and not “Hey, you” and how to figure a generous tip.  When I reflect on that night I realize how important that “test flight” was for me.

But enough of me.  What are some of the etiquette lessons you’ve learned?  Do they still apply today?  Let’s share with the group.

Look at the time!  I have to go check on my lovely bride so I will leave you with my usual advice:  Take care of your waitperson tonight because they’re working hard for you.  I’ll leave you with three gentlemen who know their way around a fretboard or two.  Good night, everyone!


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The Princess is Flummoxed

We were all set and ready to toddle on off to the upstairs when we said, “Oh, today was just so utterly frenzied coming back from the holiday, let’s just check on a few more of our favorites.” And then we saw it. The one and only Third Coast Preppy was at it again!

Third Coast Preppy

Third Coast Preppy

Actually, Miss TCP (is that a cool logo or what?) had done something very kind and overly generous that stopped us dead in our tracks, completely halting all forward progress on the trip up the stairs… and aren’t we glad of that! Miss TCP was the recipient of the ‘You Make My Day’ and the ‘Nice Matters’ Awards as bestowed upon her by über prepsters Mom x 2 and Tres Posh Preppy. And in receiving the Awards she then passed them on to other bloggers and we were fortunate enough to be included on her list of recipients!

Nice Matters Blogging Award

Nice Matters Blogging Award

You Make My Day

You Make My Day

Of course, upon seeing this, shrieking and caterwauling of a most unladylike sort then ensued, as we felt the need to notify TSU (The Spousal Unit) of the exciting news. It goes without saying (so naturally we’ll seize the opportunity to say it) that we are more-than-appreciative of Miss TCP’s generosity in thinking of us; being a completely neurotic Princess we don’t feel at all deserving of her high opinion. We’re working on that little inadequacy thing. (One would think a tiara would make this issue a complete non-starter. If only. Sigh.)

One of the cooler things about Miss TCP is her total comprehension of the etiquette thing. Total. She was way ahead of the Times on this front; one of their newer weekly columns is on that very subject. This week’s touches upon a topic TPP readers would never allow to be a concern; we’ll share the question as posed to columnist Philip Galanes so you might see how he responds:

When invited by a friend to dinner celebrating his or her own birthday at a restaurant, are the invitees obligated to split the tab and not allow the birthday celebrator to pay?

Galanes is an outstanding writer, with a new novel due out next month, Emma’s Table. It looks fabulous, just from the cover.

But back to the business at hand, asking two fabulous writers much closer to our heart to accept the awards: Lauren’s Adventures of a Southern Newlywed is a daily read and Lauren herself is more of a daily boost than she realizes, with quick, sweet, supportive thoughts and comments that keep us going when we don’t want to go-go no mo-mo! This *could* be a repeat performance for Muffy Martini, whose eye for preppy everything is awesome and who loves her fiancee almost as much as she loves ostriches. I think. (You did read that correctly.) And we must include Fashion Herald for her patience in attempting to move us into something beyond polos, pearls and twinsets.

If you don’t subscribe to Vanity Fair or usually grab it at the newsstand, you may want to consider the merits of the August issue. There is a healthy feature, The Hamptons: Billionaire Beach Boys, looking at real estate on the “American Riviera.” (VF’s title, not TP’s.)


Additionally, everyone’s favorite fictional prep school students, the Gossip Girls, are included as part of a lush photo piece from Mark Seliger, Bright Young Hollywood.

There is also Who’s Up? Hollywood’s Next Wave looking at the next generation of stars on their way up. And in an interesting twist with a bow to newer technologies, the magazine offers a couple of online photo albums at their Facebook site, including a behind the scenes peek at the August issue’s Hollywood shoot:

Whether they were surviving high winds in Coney Island, navigating a winding stretch of Malibu coastline on scooters, or freezing on a tree branch in Long Island, the stars and starlets of Vanity Fair’s 2008 New Wave Portfolio, photographed by Mark Seliger, proved that they were up for anything.

Those Facebook behind-the-scenes photo albums are linked to here; The Princess does not believe one needs to be a member to see the photos.

With that, The Princess is scooting off to another meeting. (But she’ll be back because there are some TDF Sales she feels a responsibility to report on; royal obligations as we see it. )





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