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This One’s Gonna Hurt

Hello, all you Princess devotees.  The Princess Consort here stepping forward to give my blushing bride a day to catch up on paperwork.  I wish I could be funny and glib today.  But I can’t.  I saw something today that tore my heart out and I have to share it with you all.

During my career as a journalist I was exposed to some pretty ghastly things.  I was witness to the horrors that people will inflict upon each other.  I saw the devastation and death that nature unleashes on us.  Through all those years I was able to compartmentalize those images so I could objectively report the stories.   But I could never do that with stories that involved animals suffering.  I guess I never considered it a failing.  I’ve always had immense admiration for people who rescue and foster animals.  There is a special place in Heaven for those kind souls.

That’s why I urge you to visit this blog today.

Courtesy HopeforPaws.org

Courtesy HopeforPaws.org

There is something so sad about feeding cheeseburgers and chicken to that little pup.  It’s nice to think the last moments he had were spent with someone who cared for him and showed him tenderness.

If you’re a regular reader you know that our English bulldog Tilly came to us from a bulldog rescue group a couple of years ago.

Tilly Big Smile CU (exc)  3.26.07

Tilly is a goofball but she loves unconditionally.  She’s not our first venture into rescue/fostering.Bach

Bach was a big, sweet Giant Schnauzer.  If you’re not familiar with the breed I can tell you that they are smart, strong and can be jesters.  We had him for a very short time before he went to a good (forever) home and took a small part of my heart with him.   Here’s just one place where you can find out more about Giant Schnauzer rescue.

So what’s the point of all this?  You’ve all heard of the shady dog breeders and puppy mills out there.  Dogs that should never be sold are being dumped on the marketplace.   If you’re considering a dog (or cat, or horse, or…) please put some thought into a rescue.  You’ll be taking on a challenge but what you’ll get in return can’t be measured.

Sorry I’m not funny today.  I’m going to take Tilly for a walk now.  The Princess will be back tomorrow.  Thanks for sharing your time with me.


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End Your Year With A Freebie & It’s Open Season On The Princess Consort

Hello again, my friends.  My lovely and talented spouse, known to you all as The Preppy Princess, is on a shopping binge not seen since Imelda Marcos discovered Payless Shoes.  While she leaves a trail of exhausted and over-stressed sales associates I will step to the microphone and entertain you with some mindless drivel.  Which we all could use these days.

We’ll begin today with our final give-away for 2008.  Of course, as your parents have told you, nothing in life is free.  However, most things are, with good accounting, tax deductible.  But I digress.  To my point: The Princess is offering up a wonderful tote from our favorite website to the lucky winner this week. It’s tasteful, understated and just what you need to haul your holiday goodies.

You Could Win Kate's Tote in Ocean Blue

You Could Win Kate's Tote in Ocean Blue

Entering this week’s random drawing couldn’t be easier.  Just leave a comment asking The Consort a question.  Ask me anything.  Having relationship issues?  Go ahead and bare your soul.  I may not look like Oprah and I’m sure not Dr. Phil but I’ll give you my $.02 worth.  Trouble with a stopped up kitchen drain?  Can’t decide which shoes to wear to that office holiday party?  Go ahead and ask anything.  The answer you receive might surprise you.   It will certainly, I hope, entertain you.  Fire at will, friends.  This is your chance to probe into the kind of mind that wonders why people do things like this to family pets.

There are some things that are just not meant to be.  Like cats riding roombas.  Or English Bulldogs swimming.

As you may or may not know TPP and I are proud owners of Tilly, our own English Bulldog.  Tilly is a rescue dog who comes from a horrific background.  She was battered, abandoned and starved.  But her spirit is unbroken and her capacity to love unconditionally is remarkable.  Please permit me to ask you one favor today.  If you are thinking of bringing a new pet into your family circle consider a rescue animal.  It is not difficult to find rescue/adoption programs for full-breed dogs.  You will be taking on an animal with a history.  It’s not always pretty and it may not be easy.  But the rewards are unlike anything you’ve probably ever experienced.

Excuse me while I step down from the soapbox.  Thank you, that’s better.  Enough for tonight.  Remember, ask the Princess Consort any question and you’re entered to win a great tote.  It’s safe, non-fattening and fun for the whole family.  Now sit back, relax and enjoy the musical stylings of  “? and the Mysterians” with their hit song “96 Tears”.


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