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Is It A Snuggie Death Match? Plus, Goodbye to a Prep Classic

Hello-Hello, welcome to a new week here at the Prepatorium.

We like to believe that some time ago we established this space as a “go to” source for information on all things Snuggie.  If unfamiliar with this tedious devotion mild interest in the topic, we share a snippet from a previous post:

How did this Snuggie ‘coverage’ start? What does it have to do with anything remotely related to the Preppy Planet? Has TP gone off her meds, or just off her rocker?

Sadly, there are no answers to such deep questions, we’ve nary a clue how it all began. (In the interest of full disclosure, we must share that we do not own any of the products shown here or on other posts.)

However, it has been brought to our attention we have fallen down on the job. More specifically, there are accusations we are remiss in not sharing news of the products for pooches now being offered. In an effort to catch up we show the Leopard Nesting Nook and a distinctive Buffalo Plaid Coat.


Tilly was troubled by our tardiness in reporting on these.

Perhaps an even bigger gaffe is in the fact we haven’t shared the addition of some very fashion forward prints that are now available, especially since several match and/or coordinate with oodles of preppy products. For example, why not pair your Skull and Crossbones Snuggie with these coasters by Smathers & Branson? You could even bundle them together as a Christmas gift for someone, think how special that would be.

Snuggie/Smathers & Branson

Ladies, admit it: if you had this Snuggie you would *so* carry it in your Brooks Brothers Buffalo Check Duffel, you can’t fool me.

Snuggie/Brooks Brothers

You might even be able to fit two into that Duffel.

Snuggie Facebook Page

Now there are even more Snuggies for all of your favorite sports teams.


But this is not the end of our fleece clothing coverage. Not by a long shot. Have you heard about these? If not, say hello to the Forever Lazy suit.

Forever Lazy

We thought the names they came up with for the colors were snappy, unfortunately we didn’t have room to share “Asleep on the Job Gray” in the photo above. However, our diligent research efforts (heh-heh-heh) have paid off, you can see that gray color in the image below.

Forever Lazy

It’s a good thing we saw this photo, it reminded us that you can throw parties for all of your Forever Lazy friends and everyone will wear their favorite Forever Lazy Suit. After all, what else does one wear to a party in a parking lot?

So what sayeth you, are you pro-Snuggie or pro-Forever Lazy?

(If in need of remedial reportage on the entire topic, fear not, here are links to a few of our previous posts, including that investigative report known as “Snuggie Truth Revealed,” and the fashion forward essay contained in “That Snuggie Suit“.  After all, this is why one goes to journalism school, no?)


A word or two about Andy Rooney, who died this weekend.

Mr. Rooney was a prep, attending Albany Academy and then Colgate. But much more importantly, in a time when much of what is described as “news” on television barely passes for that, and so-called “reality tv shows” are anything but, Mr. Rooney was the real deal.

What you saw on 60 Minutes was what you got. Many of us are so familiar with his writing and delivery style that upon seeing the photo below we can almost hear him starting one of his pieces, asking in a querulous tone “Why is it that the month of February….”

CBS via TV Worth Watching

The Consort had occasion to spend time with him, and says he was as portrayed, if not more so, adding that referring to Mr. Rooney as a ‘curmudgeon’ might be sugar-coating things.  Morley Safer’s description of him as “America’s favorite grouch-in-chief” makes sense. It also makes me smile.



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