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Oh, Those Party Frocks! And Prep World New York

Hello-Hello, it seems we might be back to “normal,” although ascertaining just what ‘normal’ is continues to evolve.

At the very least we return to more normal blather and bloviations topics, beginning with last night’s Met Ball. Considered by many as the fashion world’s Oscars, the night brings out the A-list.  As Hilary Alexander wrote in The Telegraph:

“In terms of style, effort, money and glamour, this red carpet mother of all fashion-fests, orchestrated by Anna Wintour for the last 13 years, outshines them all.

It was an occasion for the well dressed and the merely wealthy.”

Below we see Ms Wintour (yes, that is The André in all his regal splendor to her right) in a stunning Chanel couture gown. On the right she is with her daughter, Bee Shaffer, who wore Balenciaga.

Getty Images

The formal name for the event is the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala.  This year’s event coincides with tomorrow’s opening of the highly anticipated Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty show.

Met Photos via WWD

As one might imagine, coming on the heels of the royal wedding and the two Sarah Burton McQueen wedding gowns, the atmosphere was electric. Below, the woman of the hour, Ms. Burton.

AP/Getty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker was in vintage McQueen.

AP Photos

Hamish Bowles was in McQueen.


For those not familiar with the Costume Institute, it is part of the Met, housing more than 75,000 costumes and accessories.  Below, part of the Lauren clan, left to right we see Dylan Lauren, David Lauren and Lauren Bush.

Getty Images

Jessica Alba also wore Ralph Lauren, she was radiant.

Getty Images

There were some figure-hugging creations; below left, Fergie in a Marchesa gown more reminiscent of a wedding dress, on the right we see Beyonce in Emilio Pucci with her husband, Jay-Z.

Getty Images

How snug was Beyonce’s dress? She was unable to climb the stairs in it,

Getty Images

The lights are blinding, Renée Zellweger is silhouetted below.

Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty

Some of our favorite faux-prepsters from Gossip Girl were on hand, Leighton Meester was in Louis Vuitton, Blake Lively in Grecian-inspired Chanel and Jessica Szohr in… in.. umm, we have lost our notes, eek!


The level of detailing on these gowns is extraordinary.


Below, Dakota and Elle Fanning, both wore Valentino.

Getty Images

Perhaps our favorite gown of the evening was Ashley Greene’s, custom Donna Karan.

Getty Images

It was exquisite.

Last night the first menswear from Tory Burch debuted, seen on Kanye West; the designer was in vintage Jean Patou that was gorgeous.

Mike Segar/Reuters

Tommy Hilfiger his wife, Dee,and Jessica Stam wore Hilfiger.


It is a busy week for Mr. Hilfiger, the designer’s collaborative line with Lisa Birnbach, Prep World, launches its first pop-up store in the US.

Prep World/Tommy Hilfiger

As covered in this post, the first pop-up store was in Paris. The temporary stores are designed to look like a beachside cottage in the Hamptons, below we show the model store.

Courtesy Image

And here is the real deal under construction in the Meatpacking district, originally scheduled to open the 28th of April, now looking like it will be ready for a Thursday opening.

The capsule collection features an array of products, many of them appealing.


Some of the merchandise is available online.

For more background on the line, click here. If interested in seeing the Paris Prep World, click here.

Apologies for the brevity today, but we must race out the door!


  • Kristin Somody Whalen/WWD
  • Steve Eichner/WWD


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A Strike at Bloomingdale’s? (+A Party Frock Alert!)

The Princess wonders how the free world will cope if Bloomingdale’s management and union reps don’t make happy-happy by 6pm Wednesday night. That’s when the existing contract expires and there could be a strike. Actually, not to worry. Management is all ready with Plan B. As in, they (management) are Plan B. Those with a marketing background can only appreciate the following, taken from a Bloomies snooze release, explaining the company has “… activated a precautionary plan specifically developed for use under these circumstances, ensuring we are completely prepared to fully operate the store in the event the union moves to strike.” Translation: I can too work a register!

If you are wondering what union, it would be the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Workers Union Local 3. Now back when TP worked at the big department store, there definitely wasn’t any union representation for retail workers that we remember, and yes, this was at a large Federated or Associated owned store; it might even have been May Company at some point.  And before anyone starts to get their whiskers in a wad, The Princess is living and working in the Great. State. of Michigan. Where there is some sensitivity to Unions. And all of the vehicles in the garage would be American made from companies that for years were called “The Big Three,” as in General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. We can’t say American made these days because one was made in Canada and I’m not sure about the rest. It really should be changed from “American Made” to “Made by Companies with their Primary Headquarters in America” or something along those lines. At any rate, please feel free to accuse us of many things, but lack of sensitivity to unions should not be on your list. Ooooh, it’s beginning to sound like I’m off my meds, isn’t it? Time for a little Prozac latte? Hhhhmmm? “Bitter, party of one.”

Of course the Party Frock Alert referenced in the title for this post relates to the Costume Institute Gala at the Met just one short week from tonight. The Princess will not be in attendance this year. Sigh. And it will be simply huge in terms of sparkle and glitter, filled with goodies that will have you bug-eyed before you get through your second Manhattan. Why? The Honorary Chair is Giorgio Armani, with George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Anna Wintour as Co-chairs. Designers whose work is being featured in this year’s exhibit include: Atair, Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga, Pierre Cardin, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Eiko Ishioka, Alexander McQueen, Julien Macdonald, Moschino, Thierry Mugler, Nike, Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Speedo, Spyder, Three As Four, Walter van Beirendonck, Versace, and Bernhard Willhelm. Here are just a few photos from last year’s event to hold you until next Tuesday’s tabs or online photos, the first is Gucci’s new jewelry spokesperson Claire Danes, the second is Cameron Diaz and Gisele Bundchen.

Costume institute Claire Danes

Somehow Jessica Simpson and La Lohan just didn’t look quite as well… not as put together. It reminds us of Mommy’s refrain that seemed so tedious at the time: “Less is more dear. Always.” Night-night.

2007 Costume Institute Jessica Simpson Costume Institute 2007 La Lohan


Photos: All courtesy WireImage.com


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