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The Times asks: Is Sarah Jessica Parker’s Dress the Cheapest in the World?

Steve & Barry\'s SJP Dress

Is This the World’s Cheapest Dress? asks Eric Wilson. For those who may not have seen Thursday’s NY Times, writer Eric Wilson raises the question in his story about Steve and Barry’s, the retailing phenomenon with stores where the most expensive items are just $8.98. That price point includes the dress shown above, from actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Bitten’ line of clothing. The article looks at Parker’s role with the company as well as the retailer’s philosophy and merchandising mantra. What The Princess found amazing was the story’s popularity online, as it was still the most popular story on the paper’s site at 5pm Friday evening. But then a little voice asked “How many stories on the front pages of every newspaper do you really need to read before remembering: “It’s the economy stupid!”? Or, as is popularly said these days, “Duh!”. BTW, a visit to the Steve & Barry’s website reveals that part of that philosophy mean capitalizing on the Sex and the City craze, one of the few phenoms giving Steve and Barry’s a run for their money.

Sex & the City SJP


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