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Burberry & Hilfiger Limited Editions, Coach & Hermès Going for the Guys

Hello- Hello!

We are experiencing a bit of a Friday Frenzy here at the Prepatorium, but nothing like that caused by the big snow, yikes! We hope all of our friends impacted by the nasty weather are able to stay warm and dry.

In light of the inclement conditions a look at Burberry’s collaboration with French retailer Colette seems in order:


This may shock some readers, but TP rather likes what Burberry did with this piece.  (Calm, remain calm. We have no intention of purchasing one, so there is no peril you’ll have to cross the street when you see us coming.)  The details are a little over the top for us:


Besides, knowing our propensity for careening into walls and walking into furniture that has been in the same place for years, it seems likely we might injure ourselves on the studs.

We are not as fond of the trench in its longer version.


But then, we have never been accused of being fashion-forward. Hee-hee-hee.


Also available at Colette, the Tommy Hilfiger collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation.



The limited edition collection officially launches in September, but the chic French firm has pieces available now for men, women and children.

The Children’s Rain Boot above shows the iconic Haring motif, as does this hi-top tennis shoe.

A pair from the Men’s collection.

All of them are fun, with the touch of whimsy one might expect from such a pairing.


As we are on the footwear topic, we share a few pieces from the Sorel fall  collection.

Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Here are some of the boots we shall see in the fall:

Not unlike several styles currently available at the Sorel online shop, here are two more from next winter’s collection.

We had a pair of Sorels that were acquired in another century, they were absolutely fabulous. Sadly, they have been sent on to their next life for a variety of reasons unrelated to their warmth, high quality or waterproofing capabilities.


Word of a few companies recognizing the men in our lives, beginning with Coach. Come May the first Coach store for men only opens in the West Village, a great spot for such an establishment.  According to this story in WWD the new shop will offer  a broad selection of men’s leather goods and accessories, sunglasses, footwear and coats.

And the new Hermès MAN shop on Madison Avenue opens this Tuesday, the first stand-alone men’s store for the fabled brand.


We leave with two brief items, first a new bag offered by Louis Vuitton; in the blogosphere it is being called the “Trashbag Purse”.

LVMH via Refinery 29

Some readers may have already seen these on our Facebook page, over at the Coterie blog, perhaps elsewhere, we are actually rather tardy with the story. But because of our October post related to the brand and trashbags, we couldn’t resist sharing the latest. (Below is the October photo we are referencing.)

Via Trendhunter

Also noted on our FB page, the Tory Burch Valentine’s Collection,

This is the designer’s first Limited Edition Artist’s Series, done with illustrator Leanne Shapton.

We hope everyone can sit back and relax this weekend!


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Target’s Next Handbag Designer, Princely Polo, J Crew Talks Changes (More Price Cuts)

Happy-Happy Friday everyone, and may the sun be brightly shining upon you as we approach a respite from the frenzy that somehow took over the week.

We begin with news of the next designer collaboration for Le Boutique Tarzsay, aka Target.  The hip discount retailer is partnering with Carlos Falchi for a line of handbags in jewel tones like plum and teal, crafted of faux-snakeskin.

For those unfamiliar with this designer, we share a few current offerings from the upscale designer’s current collection, not associated with the upcoming Target line.


This will be Target’s eighth limited edition handbag collection; the line is slated to be available from Oct. 11 to Dec. 27.  Fashionistas can still purchase pieces from the company’s current collaborative effort: the Felix Ray for Target collection remains in stores until June 14.  (Pssst – several styles from this group are on clearance!)

Just to ensure we have a Pretty in Pink today, here is another piece from the current Carlos Falchi collection.

Falchi can be found at most of your standard stops: at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, eLuxury and Zappos.


Big doings for Burberry yesterday in honor of the company launching their new Madison Avenue headquarters.  In fact, Mayor Bloomberg officially decreed it Burberry Day, and we’re sure readers will not be surprised to hear there were plenty of posh people celebrating such an amazing (ahem) and august occasion.  Many of the usual suspects were party circuit regulars popped in, or at least made sure to visit the red carpet area leading into the bash.

PHOTO: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

PHOTO: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Actress Blake Lively from TV’s Gossip Girl was on hand,sharing her sentiments on what her favorite Burberry fashion is:

“I just live in my Burberry trenches,” Lively said about the fashion company’s signature coat.”

Indeed. Ms. Lively wasn’t the only G2 star on hand, co-star and real-life paramour Penn Badgley also made it to the festivities.

PHOTO: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Andrew H. Walker/Getty

The pièce de résistance for Burberry execs was the unveiling of the company’s logo high above Madison Avenue:

PHOTO: Kourvanis/Wire Image

PHOTO: Kambouris/Wire Image

While poking a little fun at some of these functions we don’t want to overlook a seriously good thing occurring in tandem with Burberry’s move into its new US digs. The company is putting $500,000 from their newly established Burberry Foundation into projects geared toward teens.


Some may remember a bit of our incredibly tedious pontificating post discussing the “Business of Preppy,” as we call it. We have an update for J. Crew, who released financial results for the quarter in a conference call with financial analysts yesterday. While things are still not good at Crew (profits down a whopping 33%), they were better than hoped.

One of the benefits of the earnings reports is the accompanying information that looks at future plans.  In today’s WWD story (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.) on J. Crew’s financial performance some of CEO Mickey Drexler’s insights and plans for the future are revealed:

  • Adjusting Crewcut prices downward.
  • Getting more aggressive on marketing the new Crewcuts catalogue. The first edition made its debut earlier this month; the second comes out in August.

  • Adjusting investments in higher-priced goods, including the range on Madewell jeans to emphasize those under $100 such as Madewell 37, priced at $59.50, and the “ex-boyfriend” style, priced at $95. Premium jeans can go as high as $198.

According to the story, Mr. Drexler indicated more J. Crew Collection and J. Crew Menswear stores are possibilities, saying he scouted locations this week in San Francisco and Los Angeles for such additions. And how does the retail and branding whiz kid feel about the overall situation?

“In a very perverse way, the bad environment was a big wake-up call. I kind of like it. The customer has become so much more acute and educated about buying goods.”

Good for Mickey, we have always admired his tenacity.


Because we want to end on some Friday Fun, we close with a quick peek at an addition to our Lilly Pulitzer Stationery line: the Lilly Party Pack.

Lilly Pulitzer Party Pack

Lilly Pulitzer Party Pack

If buying all of the items separately the cost would be $61.50, a more-than-fair and reasonable investment IOHO (but of course, we are biased!).

Lilly Party Pack in Taboo

Lilly Party Pack in Taboo

But why spend all that when you can snag everything you need in a Party Pack while lowering the cost to a mere $52.50!

Party Pack in Juice Bar

Party Pack in Juice Stand

Let Lilly and the Princess do some of the work for you with a Party Pack!

Party Pack in Loco Patch

Party Pack in Loco Patch

With those sunny images and bright colors we say sayonara until next time. And whether contemplating weekend activities that are lush and languid, or fast and furious, we hope you can savor each and every minute.


Whoops!!! In our fervor to pop into the sunshine we almost forgot to mention Prince Harry’s visit to the city today and tomorrow’s big goings on!

The Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic will feature some faces you may be familiar with:

This would be Nacho Figueras, arguably the best polo player in the world, captain of the Black Watch Polo team. He is also the face for Ralph Lauren’s Black Watch fragrance; Mr. Lauren sponsors the Black Watch team, and also sells limited edition apparel adorned with the team’s logo and Mr. Figueras’ number “2”.

The match this Saturday is destined to be great fun, pitting the Black Watch against another team featuring a famous face:

PHOTO: Matt Cardy/Getty

PHOTO: Matt Cardy/Getty

This would be Prince Harry, who also knows his way around and atop a polo pony. A news release on the event explains the ultimate good purpose behind the gala goings-on:

“Event proceeds will benefit American Friends of Sentebale, a U.S.-based charity that supports at-risk children in Lesotho, Africa”

HRH has already made his first official stops, posing for a photo with firefighters:

PHOTO: Chris Ison-Pool/Getty

PHOTO: Chris Ison-Pool/Getty

On his way to placing a wreath at Ground Zero.

PHOTO: Pool/Lucas Jackson/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Pool/Lucas Jackson/AFP/Getty

This is the first official visit to the US by the Prince, his first as a child was technically considered a private event.

To view any of several videos showcasing the Black Watch, Mr. Figueras and the Polo fragrances he fronts, click here.

Now finally, we say adieu.


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Preppy Sale News: Brooks Brothers, J Crew, Polo Ralph Lauren, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Saks

Brooks Brothers email Sale Graphic

As most of you already know, The Princess does not like to discuss anything involving the “M word.” Ever. It’s simply not a topic for public discourse. However, at times circumstances force our hand and we just have to violate our own standards. There is just no other way to share updates about all the sales at preppy shops this time of year. So you see, we actually do discuss money, at least in the ‘saving of’ sort of way.

At any rate, first off is the Brooks Brothers sale. And in addition to the markdowns, if you spend more than $200 your shipping is free; this portion (the shipping) is noted in our email from Brooks as only being effective through June 19. At our store, it seems other than sweaters, much of the Womens selection is slim, but there were loads of nice sport jackets and dress shirts in the Men’s Clearance section. And of course the selection may be quite different at your store, so be sure and check it yourself; don’t take our word for it!

Brooks Brothers Sale Free Shipping Info

Next is the J. Crew Summer Sale, and with goodies like their Halter Dress in Azalea, not to mention the Men’s Greenwich stripe polo shirt, how can you resist?J Crew Halter Dress in Azalea

J Crew Men\'s Greenwich Striped Polo Shirt

The markdowns are up to 40% off original prices at your nearest Saks Fifth Avenue and online, so don’t wait too long before your sizes and colors are gone!

Saks Fifth 5th Avenue Summer Sale Link

The Polo Ralph Lauren Private sale is still on; this includes pieces from Purple Label, Black Label, Big Pony, and RLX collections, not to mention the Golf and the Tennis lines. There is another ‘Private Sale,’ this one for the American Summer line as part of their Home Sale. We don’t want to forget the ongoing Polo Shirt and For the Pup sales either.

Polo American Summer sale notice

Next on the hit parade is the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Women and Kids, with markdowns up to 40%. Now, TP has tried to remain objective in this post, but simply must take a moment to interject a personal opinion: if you can only select one sale to participate in and you need a cross-section of merchandise do not miss the Nordstrom sale.

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Women & Kids

The merchandise mix is just superb, the prices are reasonable and the service is just about the finest you’ll receive. I mean ladies, they have the Bettye Mueller Peeptoe flat in madras I was foaming at the mouth over sharing with you two weeks ago! And let’s not forget things like this Gold Burberry Trench (not really for The Princess, but you might find it flattering, yes?) or the Mars and Valentine Blue Starburst bracelet. We truly must thank the ever-so-preppy and soon to be back in the US, Miss Nautical by Nature for alerting us to the stunning style statement Mars & Valentine piece can make!

Bettye Mueller Peeptoe Madras flat at Nordstrom 40% off Gold Burberry Trench on sale at Nordstrom

Mars & Valentine Blue Starburst Bracelet

The Bergdorf Goodman 5F Sale is another sale you don’t want to miss. One caveat ladies: if possible, do your shopping in-store because in some cases the discounts are higher, closer to 40% as opposed to the 30% this sale offers online.

Bergdorf Goodman Sale Flyer

As always, the Saks Fifth Avenue sale is worth your time as well, with pieces like Lilly Pulitzer’s Jacqueline Sateen Dress on sale as well as this elegant pump by Stuart Weitzman, whose shoes we adore. (And you thought you would never see The Princess put a heel on the blog…heh-heh-heh.) The white Paisy Air flat is from Cole-Haan in conjunction with Nike Air for that techno stuff that makes them so snuggly comfy!

Stuart Weitzman Pump Saks Fifth 5th Avenue sale Cole Haan Paisy Flat Saks Fifth 5th Avenue sale


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