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Fore, Please. The Consort Steps To The Teebox and Swings Away

Hello-hello, all.  The Consort here striding confidently to the microphone to amuse and confuse you while The (lovely and very talented) Princess deals with her commitments to the community.  Now that the temperature is climbing my thoughts are turning to golf.  To be more precise, golf fashion and a dash of fun.  Ready?  I believe we are up on the tee.

Let’s begin with some golf fashions that have caught my eye recently.

Photo: Maide Golf

Maide Golf is rolling out a great line of pants, shirts and more.  You’ve likely heard of their parent company Bonobos.  The pants come in a variety of colors and the attention to detail is exciting.  I’m loving the 2″ zipper on the hem to allow you to adjust the break of the pants on your shoes.  Nice touch.  Next time you have a spare minute give them a look and envision yourself sporting those clean lines the next time you step to the tee.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 2.50.17 PM

Or you could make a bolder statement with our friends from Loudmouth Golf.  You’ve no doubt seen their memorable patterns for pants, shorts, shirts and accessories.  Here’s one of the new looks for this season:

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 2.56.15 PM

This is the “Dropcloth” pattern but I imagine you figured that out for yourself.  They have a wide variety of patterns with a price tag for pants of around $100.  Go ahead and let the world know you have confidence in your game.

When I was younger we all believed there would be flying cars in our garages by the year 2000.  We’re not quite there yet but pro golfer and Masters Champion Bubba Watson might be taking us closer to that reality.

Bubba Watson's Hovercraft

Bubba and Oakley have reportedly created a hovercraft golf cart that might just usher in the next great age of golf cart racing.  Is it for real?  It seems to work in the video.  All I know is that this hovercraft might be just what I need to lower my handicap a few strokes.  The cost?  Who cares?  It’s a HOVERCRAFT GOLF CART!

It’s time to wrap this up for the day.  The Princess will be back here next time  with information you can actually use.  Until then remember to take care of your waitperson tonight because they’re working hard for you.  Good night, my friends!


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Lilly Wedding Gown Update, True prep & “I Don’t Wanna Be A Preppy”

Hello-Hello, welcome to a soggy Thursday here in The Great Midwest.  Frankly, we have absolutely nothing to complain about.


We are especially grateful our princely sibling who hails from Boston is here on holiday, but our thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted by the hurricane.


There is so much going on, today’s post is essentially a compendium of things happening on the Preppy Planet, from True Prep to Lilly Pulitzer wedding gowns.

We begin with a little something from the book section in today’s USA Today, “Cool fall authors: Lisa Birnbach and Chip Kidd“.

Todd Plitt, USA Today

Bob Minzesheimer managed to get a variety of fun facts and tidbits into the story profiling True Prep authors Lisa Birnbach and Chip Kidd, including how they met (can you say Facebook?!) and this:

Birnbach on preppies and money: “It’s not about the money. That’s what people misunderstand. It’s about a confidence level and good manners and sense of traditional style. That’s why our chapter on fashion is called ‘I Just Found It in My Closet.’ ” (She still wears her father’s tennis sweater and her grandmother’s pearls.)

Separately, the paper’s book column also carries a brief mention about True Prep (in addition to celebrity biographer Andrew Morton’s latest on Angeline Jolie, oh my!).


Perhaps the longest review on the book we’ve seen thus far is from Michael Oppenheimer in Slate, “Muffy Adores Synchilla“.  Mr. Oppenheimer begins hi story with a look back at TOPH (The Official Preppy Handbook), author Lisa Birnbach’s initial foray into the topic, and offers a reminder to readers:

“Her message was, Don’t be intimidated by prep, because it is mostly an aesthetic—a grand aesthetic, in fact, and easily copied!”

Mr. Oppenheimer likes many things about the soon to be released book:

True Prep does get a lot right in updating the original. For example, it’s absolutely true that the biggest innovation is prep style is “fleece” fibers, like the ones in Patagonia clothing. Prep clothing used to be defined by natural fibers, but now the ultimate prep material is a synthetic. Bull’s-eye, I say.”

But he isn’t crazy about parts of the volume:

“….the new book tells us that yoga is now preppy. So is apple pudding. And the lemon. “The Preppy Mix Tape” includes Thelma Houston and Laura Branigan (but apparently not Dave Matthews, who is the entire soundtrack on some prep-school campuses). Burberry is preppy, the authors say—well, maybe, although these days it is probably too high-fashion to be preppy. But Prada shoes? I must dissent.”

We particularly enjoyed Mr. Oppenhiemer’s take on what is necessary for “…prep to live on,” and recommend the review for those interested in the topic.

One last note from the folks over at Fashion Windows, in “Take Ivy, True Prep and Sperry Top-Siders: Kindred Spirits“.

Via FashionWindows

“Two books and a pair of shoes make an unlikely triad. But, when you talk about preppy style, they are interchangeably linked.”

The post, while brief, is a good read.

For those interested in staying on top of things related to the book, the True Prep Facebook page is a good place to start.


For those who enjoyed our post on the new Lilly Pulitzer Bridal Collection, the entire 2011 line is now up at Designer Bridal.

Perhaps the site’s best feature is the ability to zoom in on the dresses, that level of detail helps one appreciate the work going in to each gown.


Our last prepified item? An interesting post over at The Stir: “Forget Santa Sweaters- Let’s Have a Preppy Party!

Jason Rich via Kiel James Patrick

The post seems a trifle… well, negative. We rather liked the party’s theme, “From Boat Shoes to Blazers,” it was quite the big do in Newport last week. The festivities were hosted by our pal, Kiel James Patrick, along with Bonobos, Vineyard Vines, the Pink Pineapple and Fred of Unabashedly Prep.

We very much liked Sarah’s Lilly dress (R) in this fall’s Koi pattern, and Hannah (L), is always darling.

Via Kiel James Patrick

Knowing Kiel, those pants seemed almost tame! We have to disagree with the way The Stir captioned this photo.

Jason Rich via Kiel James Patrick

“Madras. It’s not just for pants. (But it should be.)” We love a riotous madras jacket hanging in the closet.  As we tweeted this morning in response to comment about the Stir story, “condemnant quod non intellegunt”.  (They condemn because they do not understand.) Rather than get our whiskers in a wad we’ll simply suggest popping over to Kiel’s site to see all of the party pix, it looks like it was loads of fun.


We close with something that made both The Consort and the entire staff here at the Prepatorium smile:

Via Hubpages

New to us, the record was first released in 1981; apparently there were only 200 copies pressed, making it quite rare.  While on our Facebook page this morning we discovered there is actually a FB page for fans or collectors of the record.  Amazing. The rumor is that Lady Gaga is searching for a copy because she wants to re-record the song.

With that, we sign off until next time!


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More Goodness at Goyard, Big Bucks for Bonobos

Hello-hello and a hearty harrumph.

Not at you of course, but rather, at Mother Nature, she of the unceasing rain and cloudy skies.  Another torrential downpour is really. not. needed.

But our conscience does remind us we would be pouting and whining endlessly somewhat miffed if this were a different form of precipitation falling from the sky (can you say snow?), so we’ll stop right here, and move along to a far more pleasant topic:

We are speaking of the new London store for one of TP’s favorites, Goyard.  All those with a love for the French leather-goods firm will be happy to know everything is still on track for a summer opening.

The new shop is near Grosvenor Square; our thanks to the kind and generous Joe of the 00o00 blog (“All the Inane and Unnecessary Wants in Life“) for sharing his fab photos of the soon-to-be-new-home for this classic design house.

The giant trunk replica in front of the construction site adds a touch of whimsy, showing again the company doesn’t take itself too seriously. But then, this is a firm with the wisdom to open a store carrying only their upscale pet products!


We were also pleased to read that Bonobos has received a cash infusion allowing the online-only retailer to offer more products. Fans of their classic men’s pants (the Supersoaker is on the left, the Twill Khakis on the right) will be happy to see the product line expanding.


A story last week in WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.) explained how the retailer wants to use the funding:

“…new categories such as shorts, knit shirts and swimwear, as well as bolster customer service and invest in its Web site…”

This is outstanding news for those of us who love the line’s attention to detail and outstanding customer service.


Is everyone familiar with the TDF tees from the stylish folks over at Ball and Buck? Their 100% Organic Pocket Tees are rapidly becoming de rigeur in many prep closets; we share a look below.



Becca and company are doing a nifty event tomorrow for a good cause:


For those anywhere near ONC (Our Nation’s Capital), Toast to Fashion starts at 6:30 pm Thursday (May 14) at Belle Haven Country Club in Alexandria.  The fundraiser promises to be a great time while also raising much-needed cash for The Campagna Center. What better way to treat yourself to one of these?


One more product update before we go..well, actually, it is multiple products for one designer, Philip Lim. The designer is entering three new product categories: swimwear…

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

As well as footwear…

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

And lingerie…

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Three new areas to merchandise and market is a big step, but this designer has been extremely popular, bucking many of the recessionary trends hitting so many in the fashion industry. What do you think of the new creations?


We close with news that Linens ‘n Things has been resurrected, at least online. The home fashions retailer’s name has been purchased by investors and they now have a new website up and running. We found the

Linens & Things

The Little Skipper Bedding Collection has a nice nautical look, in bright and cheery colors.


The seagoing theme reminded us we forgot to mention that our cotton canvas Boat Totes are now arriving in more colors in the Large size:


They feature heavy-duty cotton canvas with a zip top; at $20 they are an outstanding value. With that, we shall sail away until next time. (We do apologize for this, apparently the Princess took silly pills today.)


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Things we Like: Aspinal of London, Bonobos

Aspinal of London Mini Manicure set

There is always much to be fond of at Aspinal of London. We are particularly partial to the Mini Manicure set, in part because of its wonderful color and coordinating ribbon, but also because of the quality of the utensils. This is one you’ll have for decades, it’s that good. And by all means, do glance at some of the other items Aspinal has online, really a treasure trove of items for enhancing your life as well as future gift-giving needs.

Daily readers may remember our promise for equal opportunity here at the Prepatorium, with a tad more time spent on fashion and lifestyle discussion for the men in our lives. With that in mind, we present to you Bonobos.

Bonobos Clarks PantBonobos Midnight Blues

These really are extremely cool pants, and they are only available online. The Princess simply adores the rich blue pair, the Clarks, so named for their allegiance to all things Cubbie. As the descriptive portion of the page explains, “Go Clarks. And Go Cubs.” Well said. Absolutely.

Wisely marketed as “pants for real guys” at both their online store and their extremely witty blog, these are a “must see” and probably a “must have” for a lot of the gentlemen in your life. They are very high-quality with the best in materials, construction and style, but most importantly they are made for men who may be a bit more rugged in their style, men with a physique a trifle more…uh…more sturdy. How’s that? Even if you are not in the market for men’s pants, do yourself a favor and spend five minutes with the Bonobos blog, an endearing and witty compilation of many things, including customer testimonials accompanied by photos.

Bonobos Blog Clarks Cubs


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