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J. Crew Bridal Store Open & 769 Collection Launch

Hello-Hello and happy almost-weekend!

We jump right in to things today, starting with a look at the new J. Crew Bridal store.

John Aquino/WWD

Frequent readers are familiar with our tedious whining concerns about Crew’s ‘disdain’ for preppy, but we remain favorably impressed with the firm’s bridal line.

Crew is also launching a new line, the 769 Collection, available only in the new store. This collection will feature cocktail dresses and evening gowns, as well as tuxedo jackets and harem pants, according to the Women’s Wear Daily review of the store today. The story quotes Crew’s president, Tracy Gardner, on the store’s niche.

“… J. Crew bridal fills a price niche between David’s Bridal and Vera Wang, offering a range from $229 for a silk tricotine Sophia gown or $350 for a Duchess bow monde satin cocktail dress, to sequin gowns for $1,500, or $3,500 for a metallic Twenties-inspired tulle gown. “We’re not fancy here. We’re still J. Crew, but it’s an elevated experience,” Gardner said.

The Times also has a review of the new shop:

“… has cocktail dresses from the 769 Collection that are exclusive to the store (the one at left is $795) and jewelry pieces like Lulu Frost mesh necklaces with vintage pins and brooches attached (below, $695).” (Here are the images referenced in the Times story quote.)

Courtesy Images via NY Times

There appears to be a solid commitment to customer service, more from the WWD story:

“The receptionist in front of the store is the tip-off to the high-service environment of the store. It’s manned with four personal shoppers and six wedding specialists equipped with hand-held technology and Wi-Fi to quickly answer questions about products and locate items that may be elsewhere in the J. Crew’s multichannel distribution network. “

Shoppers will also find products from Cosabella, Leah C. veils, jewelry pieces from the firm’s collaboration with Miriam Haskell, and cosmetics from Bobbi Brown.

The store officially opens Tuesday with an appearance by Darcy Miller from Martha Stewart Weddings, so if in the city anywhere near Madison and 66th, pop in for a visit.


In other news from J. Crew Group, merchandise from their Madewell brand is finally now available online; the e-commerce site for Madewell is up and running.


Yesterday we talked about the single most-popular post here as we hit the one-million blog views milestone; we’ll merely say that post involved the Hamptons and Gossip Girl.  Imagine our surprise when checking WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription required) this morning, seeing a sizable story titled “Summer in the Hamptons: Better, But No Boom“.

The piece looks at the recession’s impact on the area, focusing on the retail sector, noting the departure of one luxury retailer, Gucci. But there is a lengthy roster of store openings: Balenciaga, Chico’s, Juicy Couture, and many more.  One way to gauge expectations for summer? Traffic on the Jitney, which a spokesperson described in the story:

““2009 was our best year ever as far as passenger counts, and currently for 2010, we are already surpassing those numbers, month to month,”

Good news for Jitney riders, the posh Ambassador service is returning, complete with on-board movies.

If in that corner of the globe on Saturday, fans of Hamptons Cottages & Gardens can meet the magazine’s new Editor in Chief, Kendell Cronstom; there’s a little get-together at the Maidstone from 5-7pm.


We have a few more Sales & Savings opportunities, beginning with an important note we forgot to mention in yesterday’s list of fiscally-friendly offerings:

  • And Neiman’s is promoting a special on Cole-Haan, 40% off select styles; this is also an online-only promotion and runs today (Thursday, 5/27) only, ending at midnight.



We leave you with a special Pretty in Pink today in keeping with our wedding chatter, a piece from the new Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaid collection.

On that lovely image we say g’bye until next time!


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Online Beauty Sales & When Logophobia Attacks

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

We are a tad crazed and dazed here at the Prepatorium, preparing to head to the spring market, getting the housekeeper/housesitter settled in (sadly, he is allergic to Tilly, so she gets to visit Grandma and Grandpa, it’s rather like spending her time at the Pooch Palace, honestly), attending to all of those details necessary to a good business trip.

We begin with an update to yesterday’s post about online ‘members-only sales’, where we offered suggested reading about the pricing practices at these sales.  Today WWD has an oustanding story about the proliferation of online sites offering deeply discounted beauty products.

Gilt.com Smashbox sale via WWD

The story looks at the increasing number of such sites and reactions within the industry. One of the websites mentioned is BeautyTicket.com, and we popped over for a quick visit.

Courtesy BeautyTicket.com

This shop does not require an invitation and they had an interesting mix of merchandise.  Bobbi Brown Lotion at $15.99 is nothing to sneeze at, nor is $32.99 for a Laszlo Face Mask easily ignored.

The YSL Highlighter Palette at $18.99 is an outrageous bargain, as is the Smashbox Lipstick Palette at $21.99

Other online options with a focus on beauty products include include Market for Drama and The Fairest.

The story exlains that many of the larger ‘invitation-only’ sites already offer beauty items:

“Some sites say they offer brands a more discreet outlet to sell their wares at a discount. In fact, Rue La La, an invitation-only private sale site with 1.2 million members, declined to discuss what beauty lines it has featured in its 48-hour sales.”

Happy shopping!


Because we have been fairly restrained of late in our neverending whineathon occasional references to logos we thought it time for an update. Yesterday while perusing the Coterie Blog we discovered there is now a solution for those in need of a lifeboat for their larger watercraft:

Courtesy Photo via Coterie Blog

What a relief.  Not in the market? How about having one of these on hand for the next family reunion at the beach, you know that sooner or later there will be a game of touch football.

Courtesy Photo via Nitrolicious

We actually thought it was rather humorous when initially seeing the lifeboat, and reading about a few of the other items on varying fashion websites we follow. Aside from the fact Coco Chanel is doing the proverbial rolling over, it seemed like a small entry into this venue, perhaps an almost tongue-in-cheek effort.

Courtesy photo via Nitrolicious

After all, these aren’t the first sports-related items Chanel has offered, they have been doing any number of products in this genre for years. Then we realized the company has an entire mini-web area devoted to all manner of ‘sporting goods’ (yes, we use that word in the broadest possible sense). And upon reading more about the collection, we now understand the items are being carried in all of the boutiques, so Chanel is clearly serious about the endeavor. Indeed.

(For a look at all of the items head over an visit the always-on-top-of-things Nitrolicious.)


We approach the weekend planning to park ourselves in front of the teewee for at least some portion of two events. The first is probably of interest to fellow skaters like Little Bow Prep.

Because this is an Olympic year the US Figure Skating Championships are of particular import as this is how our Olympic skating team is selected. Two contenders are shown above, Sasha Cohen (L) and Alissa Czisny (R).

The Mens and Pairs competitions were held last weekend, tonight and tomorrow the Ladies and Ice Dance competitions will play out. Below we see Kimberly Navarro and Brent Bommentre (L) and Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto (R).

We are guessing A Crafty Mom had her eye on the Canadian Championships last week.  The European Championships are also underway this weekend in Estonia.

As is said about other sports… it is a matter of inches.


Also happening, tonight’s Help for Haiti series of concerts.

May everyone enjoy a stellar weekend!


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Monday Musings

Hello and welcome to a new week!

We must share a delightful little excursion we enjoyed this weekend, visiting our dear and sweet Hannah at the Bobbi Brown counter located in our nearest Nordstrom.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown

One of our most exciting purchases was a new Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick.  (Secretly dolls, we queried Hannah, asking if it was still age-appropriate for TP to be ‘shimmering.’ The response was enthusiastically affirmative, thank heaven.) This is a new collection that looks ultra-fun, just in time for updated spring and summer looks!

Additionally we enjoyed seeing Hannah’s friend Stephanie, also a cosmetics whiz and Bobbi consultant. But most importantly, a very-recently-engaged Stephanie. We had been on pins and needles since first meeting Stephanie about a month as she was prepping for a very important day with her boyfriend. She confided that she hoped the evening might prove to be be “the night” he asked the question.  He did, and now the young lady is positively beaming so brightly she could power all the lights in the store with the wattage from her smile.

And then we were spoiled by Kristen, also with Bobbi Brown. She was in the store to do ‘makeovers’ using some of the new products being introduced, and she did TP’s face.  Kristen is one talented college student who did a spectacular job, making us feel happily pampered! These are all such darling young ladies, it is delightful to see the hard work and optimism they all carry within their spirits.


Now we offer a grateful acknowledgement of the kindness and generosity from a wonderful blogger, the Spanish Preppy Girl, who nominated TP for the Kreativ Blogger Award.  Thank you! Because we have been more-than-fortunate to have received this award previously, we are going to spare everyone another list of details about our life, a practice prompting applause all over Planet Blog, to be sure. (Pero, muchisimos gracias Miss SPG!)

We also thank another student with exquisite taste, the fabulous Little Bow Prep, who graciously tagged us with the Show Your Heart tag. As a rule we would be unlikely to participate in this one, as we were raised with a firm belief that sharing information of this nature is pretty much verboten, as there is nothing more boring than conversation about oneself.  However, we think the world of Little Bow Prep and do not want to disappoint her, and then we struggled with a much more frightening issue: isn’t blogging frequently about oneself? There’s a thought we shall have to ponder. 

Following her lead, we are directed to:

Show your heart in one picture:


...one poem:


Who am I? I am not sure.
Who are you? I want to know.
We didn’t sell Kool-aid together or hitchhike to school. We’re not from the same town, the same God, hardly the same world. There is no role to play, no security to provide, no commitment to make. I expect no answer save your presence, your eyes, your self. Friendship is freedom, is flowing, is
rare. It does not need stimulation, it stimulates itself. It trusts, understands, grows, explores, it smiles and weeps. It does not exhaust or cling, expect or demand. It is–and that is enough–and it dreams a lot.


(NOTE: This is merely one stanza taken from the poem by James Kavanaugh.)

...one item of clothing:

We share an example of a fashion style, rather than efforting an image of a contemporary party frock. (You do see the big bow, yes?)


While the era depicted in the vintage Vogue pattern pre-dates us, it makes us think once again that perhaps we would have fit in better as a young lady in the 1960’s…?  

...one song:

If you click here you will hear a portion of an early John Williams score, a composition for the television film Jane Eyre, starring a young George C. Scott. 



...one place:

A private home that we initially visited on our honeymoon, located on St. John in the middle of a US National Park. We return as frequently as possible.

…one quote:

Never, never, never, never give up.

– Winston Churchill

Sir Winston, short, sweet, and to the point.  

We express our thanks to Little Bow Prep for passing this on. We now offer it to a few classic stylemakers we admire, Lipstick at the Mailbox, Europa Fox, Mom x 2Queen Bee Swain, Misadventures of a Newlywed, and I Pick Pretty

We are flying out the door into the sunshine!


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Inside Story on the Candidate’s Suit, Bobbi Brown’s Plans in Denver & Other Style Stars

This just in to Princess HQ from a source deep inside Hart Schaffner & Marx: details on at least one well-tailored suit we can expect to see on The Presumptive Nominee as the race for the Presidency intensifies. And the word is we’re talking about one of those wonderful worsted wool 2-button suits from Hart Schaffner and Marx. The color? Why, it’s navy blue. You know, the navy blue that is oh-so-friendly-to-TV-cameras? Precisely that color. It would make perfect sense for Senator Obama to go with HSM; they are an American company and their headquarters are still in Chicago unless we’re mistaken.


Now, we were told only that such a suit is being made and, that after many canceled appointments for fittings apparently things worked out in such a fashion that the Hart Schaffner Marx tailoring folks were able to connect with the Senator, perhaps as a result of the candidate finally being home in Chicago. No retail stores were involved, this was handled strictly between the Senator’s staff and the people at Hart Schaffner and Marx.

Here is an example only of the basic Hart Schaffner Marx Navy Worsted Suit in the 2-Button style as shown on their web site. And loathe as we are to discuss anything to do with the ‘M’ word, as it is simply so uncouth, we accept that the question will be asked and rather than making things difficult for everyone, it is easier to say the suit shown in the photo below retails today at $695.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, The Princess Consort has more than one version of the HSM 2-button suit like the one shown, one in the navy and another in the charcoal pin stripe. TP thinks there are more, quite a few more in fact than just the two cited, he vehemently denies it, and we’ll leave it at that. However, both do agree one would do well to have at least one (if not several) of these in the walk-in, as they are simply divine, of superb quality and outstanding craftsmanship. And, as you already know the cost, you can see that they are *extremely* economical.

Now is it the model shown above that is being tailored for the Senator? We have absolutely no idea. There is one other Navy Blue suit on the Hart Schaffner Marx website, and it is a 2-button worsted wool, but it is a style we presume to be a summer weight, as it is on sale. It was also $695 but is now $486.50, quite an opportunity should you be in the market! The case is easily made that if this were to be worn in Illinois, oh say…today, that summer weight is ideal. Or that if one were considering wearing it in a place like, oh, Denver next week, their climate is summer-like, quite warm indeed, and a suit of this weight would be more than acceptable, it would be stylish. (But one can’t be too stylish you know, that’s not good either.)

So there you have all that TP can currently share about the inner machinations of one of America’s finest tailored clothing houses, and their role in helping a Presidential candidate look his best. As soon as we receive any updates, we promise to let you know. (The Princess can almost hear it now, “….I come to you today….in a suit made right here in America… in my home state of Illinois…made by American men and women… working men and women…”)

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown will also be in Denver, serving as a delegate with the New Jersey delegation. Ms. Brown hosted two fundraisers for the presumptive nominee and was asked by NJ Gov. John Corzine to serve as part of the delegation. In a story reported by WWD online, Ms. Brown shares more about of her thoughts about the Senator:

“I was an early Barack supporter and I’ve done Michelle’s makeup,” said Brown in a telephone interview from her Montclair, N.J., home, adding that her oldest son will be a page at the convention. “Barack is incredibly smart and he is the guy who will make the changes that need to be made.”

WWD also reports that in addition to providing Bobbi Brown samples to every Democratic delegate when they check into their rooms, all delegates are invited to the Bobbi Brown counter at the Nordstrom at Park Meadows shopping center. TP can attest to Park Meadows being a fine locale for cosmetics, Nordies, or just about any little thing you might need. It isn’t exactly close to all the happenings downtown, but then, everybody needs a break from the convention every now and again.


  • Sen. Obama: REUTERS/Jim Young
  • Suits: HSM
  • Bobbi Brown: Courtesy photo

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