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Brooks Brothers Online Outlet & “High Society”

Hello-Hello, welcome to a Wednesday.

In honor of the warming temps here at the Prepatorium we share a few looks from the Brooks Brothers spring/summer collection.

This seems to be the navy sleeveless wrap dress in the photo on the right.

Brooks Brothers

The images immediately below are all clickable if any of the styles are intriguing.

We do like most of the madras pieces shown for men.

The Black Fleece items are always… interesting. The spring styles seem much more wearable than Thom Browne’s previous collections.

Certain motifs work better on the ladies than they do on the gentlemen.


Perhaps of greater interest, word the retailer will be offering merchandise in a new format; more from a late February WWD story:

“eBay also is creating an online outlet mall for the U.S. with some well-known retail and apparel brands. Lord & Taylor’s outlet division is already on board and Brooks Brothers will be added next month.”

This one may hold promise for those seeking outlet mall price point without having to make a trip to said outlet.We’ll let you know when the site is live.


Next on today’s agenda: High Society. We are not talking about this version.

We refer to this incarnation.

Courtesy the CW

Debuting a week from tonight, the show is launching on the CW; the network’s blog describes the program:

“HIGH SOCIETY follows Tinsley Mortimer, New York’s most talked-about “Park Avenue Princess,” as she and her circle of often-controversial friends circulate through New York’s most prestigious black-tie affairs, outrageous parties and fashion exclusives, with never-before-seen access from behind the velvet rope.”

Or, as the New York Tix blog says:

““Jersey Shore,” look behind you. “The Real World,” step up the pace. “Dancing with the Stars,” watch your step. A new breed of reality show is coming to town, and it’s the New York bluebloods who will be in the spotlight. And no, it’s not “Gossip Girl”: This is the real deal.
Premiering March 10 on the CW, “High Society” looks at the infighting, cat-fighting and general, well, fighting, of a group of upper-crust society ladies.”


We close with two more quick items. First, yet another in the ever-growing list of Gossip Girl magazine covers, this time Jessica Szohr showcases the April issue of Lucky.

Lucky Magazine


Second, a sorta’-kinda’-maybe-not-really Pretty in Pink.  Meet the Christian Louboutin Barbie 2.0. (That’s our name for it.)


The official title is Dolly Forever Barbie, we love the miniature shoes that come with the doll.

But the life-size version is much more fun.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Until next time!


George Chinsee/Brooks Brothers Spring Collection


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Badgley Mischka for HSN Now Available, Chanel & Vuitton at CostCo?

Hello-Hello, and Happy Thursday!

We begin today with a question: does it seem a tad early for the Black Friday frenzy to be underway?

We have seen several stories on the topic in the last two days, including several focusing on the Target and Wal-Mart strategies for boosting sales. From a CNN/Money story:

“Target is hoping to lure this year’s Black Friday shoppers with $3 toasters and coffeemakers, deep deals on high-definition televisions, and discounts of 50% on clothes and toys…”

Le Boutique even has a Black Friday ad sign-up page on its website; we’re not clear what one receives when signing up on that page, and much as we adore our readers we just couldn’t bring ourselves to sign up in order to learn more.


Courtesy Target

There are a number of sites with the Target ad and many others to peruse if so inclined:

Last year we shared as much information as seemed reasonable about fiscally-friendly opportunities at retail establishments with a preppish slant, Brooks Brothers, Talbots, Neiman Marcus, J.Crew, and the like. We planned to do the same this year. We just feel there is an ever-earlier encroachment, but perhaps it is selective recall on our part.

Speaking of Target, we have more photos of the Rodarte for collection, due to debut December. Below, this dress is featured on Teen Vogue’s December cover with Dakota Fanning.


Teen Vogue

The issue also showcases this Lace Dress, it will run $45.


Courtesy Target

This next image is a scan from Marie Claire:


Marie Claire


Another major collaborative group launches much earlier than the Rodarte line seen above; the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection will be unveiled this Saturday.


Jimmy Choo for H&M

Below, actress Demi Moore sported a dress from the line in October.


Steve Granitz/Wire Image for H&M

Another look:


Jimmy Choo for H&M

We aren’t going to devote too much space to this however, as the collection isn’t available online in the US and not everyone is near an H&M.


There are a number of interesting stories on this line and the growing trend for fashion collaborations and defusion lines, including this piece from ABC.


One final joint effort to share today: the Badgley Mischka line for HSN, American Glamour.


The collection is scheduled to launch November 17th with a special program on the shopping channel, but from the looks of things, many pieces (if not the entire line) are already available online.

The Animal Print Bag is showcased in either a Cheetah or Zebra pattern, selling at $349.90.


Price points run from $39 to $499; the collection includes clothing, jewelry and accessories. (But no housewares as in Isaac Mizrahi’s line for QVC discussed in Tuesday’s post.) The Big Bold Ring is $59 and the coordinating 5 Stone Necklace is $79, $69 for the event price. (?)


The Hinged Cuff Bracelet runs $99.


Courtesy HSN

We find this all more-than-interesting to watch from the sidelines, the marketing and merchandising techniques are fascinating.


HSN/American Glamour

WWD’s story on the line says the launch online at HSN is November 15, but everything seems to be available now.


According to this story in today’s Times, Blake Lively hair is all the rage.


Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

“At the Bumble and bumble in Bloomingdale’s, Michael Wilson, a stylist, said that more than half his customers ask for the “Textured and Tousled, or Curled and Swirled” styling … It is a request he attributes to Ms. Lively’s hairstyle.”

And the popular Gossip Girl star’s reaction?

““I didn’t really realize the extent of it,” Ms. Lively said of her hair’s popularity, though she had an inkling: fashion forerunners like Vogue staffers routinely approach her at events and fixate on her hair, she said.”

Finally, news that may put smiles on the faces of some fashionistas, while creating scowls for others: one may now purchase both Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags at CostCo.

A post at StyleList notes the discount warehouse has the Classic Chanel Flap bag at $1999 :


Daniel Acker, Bloomberg via Getty Images via StyleList

From today’s Post:

“The Post found plenty of small-living-space-appropriate surprises in-store.

Like the massive wall of Ugg “Ultra” short boots ($124.99), the Chanel classic flap handbags ($1,999.99) and the classic Louis Vuitton “Speedy 30” mini-duffels ($589.99).”

Of course this is in addition to the Burberry, Tod’s, Ferragamo and Coach merchandise at Costco, at least from what we read.

We’re guessing Costco is not carrying this:


Courtesy Photo via Grazia Daily

This creation from Vuitton honors the Red Cross.


Courtesy Photo via Grazia

This story in Grazia explains more about the limited edition item:

“The box was commissioned by Patrick-Louis Vuitton, a fifth-generation descendant of the founder who says, ‘When reflecting on our collaboration with the Red Cross, it came to my mind to create a special Red Cross kit… [this is a] visually impactful and a truly unique piece.'”

The upscale leather goods firm is also donating a percentage of proceeds from certain handbag sales to the Red Cross.


For more on these efforts and loads of fab photos, click here.

With that we say good bye until next time!


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A Testosterone-fueled Thanksgiving & The Worst Gifts Ever

Greetings once again from The Princess Consort.  My lovely bride, whom you all know as The Preppy Princess, is carboloading for her Black Friday Mission.  She has asked me to share some gentlemanly thoughts.  Instead, I thought I’d wander down a different road.

Let’s discuss the turkey many of you are going to attempt to cook for your friends and/or family.  I would hope you bought a fresh bird.  Frozen turkey bears a depressing resemblance to a large white rock.  It can break your foot if you drop it while struggling to get it into your house.  If you are going to go the frozen route be sure to thaw it for about six days before attempting to cook the frigid beast.  Set your oven for about 700 degrees and cook that bird for about 14 hours.  All risk of botulism should be removed once cooking is completed.


Photo: fabulousfoods.com

Another option is to deep-fry your turkey.  This is always enjoyable because you add the risk of burning down your house/garage.  I found some delightful tips on deep-frying a turkey, including the memorable recommendation to keep a fire extinguisher nearby.  That, my friends, is a tip you can use anytime you are cooking.

Now the cooking is done and you’re ready to present your burnt offering at the table for the traditional carving.  Forget that carving set you inherited from Nana.  This is a time to show your loved ones that the Pilgrims had nothing on you when it comes to resourcefulness.


Photo: Stihl

I recommend a Stihl electric chainsaw.  The beauty of electric over gas is that there are no annoyingly noxious fumes.  Use caution to avoid dragging the power cord through the cranberry sauce.  Small price to pay for quiet elegance.  Hey, who wants a leg?

Now that you’ve successfully managed Thanksgiving it’s time to turn your full attention to the pursuit of the perfect gifts.  We won’t deal with that here; we’re going to continue to ride this train completely off the rails.

We begin in Australia.  Ever seen a cane toad?  They are big.  They are memorable.  They were never intended to be purses.  But they are.

Esquire Magazine

Photo: Esquire Magazine

I don’t know how much they cost.  If you are that interested you can go here to find out.  I’m sorry I brought it up.

I’m not sure that can be topped but let’s turn over another rock and see what we find.

Esquire Magazine

Photo: Esquire Magazine

Three Olives Root Beer flavored vodka.  I’ve always insisted that drinking is not for amateurs.  If you are going to imbibe at least be smart about it.  I’m not sure this meets that test.  But if you need a gag gift this certainly should do that.

That seems like a good ending point.  Thank you for your calm patience.  The Princess will return when her credit cards have burnt to a crisp.  Now please sit back and enjoy the musical ramblings of The Amboy Dukes and I’ll return soon.


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Gifts That Will Make A Man Weep With Joy & Being Thankful=Swag

Hello again, friends.  The Princess Consort is stepping mike-side to entertain you for these short minutes.  The Princess is in training for her Black Friday mission.  I know nothing of where she is going but she keeps talking about “Zero-dark Hundred” and the sudden need for a tactical web harness to carry her credit cards.  I see no good coming from this…

But there is a tremendous amount of good in what I want to share today.  The tumultuous markets may be playing havoc with your income/retirement.  Take heart – you can always dream.  Let’s spend some time fantasizing about how we’d spend unlimited funds this holiday season.  Since I am apologetically male the list will have a male slant.  I can’t help myself.  It’ll still be fun and might take our minds off the drudgery that is our new economic reality.

Let’s start with some basic hand tools.  Or, to be more precise, 1,470 Craftsman hand tools.


Our friends at Sears have built a lofty reputation on their handtools.   Speaking from experience I can say they are fine for consumer use.  This conglomeration of tools covers everything from small specialty tools to impact sets.  Overkill?  I think not.  The most important tool invariably is the one you need and don’t have.  This tool set on steroids resolves that problem. With a price tag of about $8,600 it should solve any number of problems. If the complete set is too much or is a duplication of tools then you can pick and choose what suits you best.  Check with your local Sears for more information and, for the love of God, don’t even consider having the entire set shipped to your house.  That expense would just be wasteful in today’s economy.  Have your staff pick it up at the Sears store.

You’re going to need a place to store that monstrous set of Craftsman tools.  Consider this: You’ve just spent thousands of dollars for tools.  You need to keep them in something that can handle the load.


This 53″ stainless steel tool chest from Kobalt is the answer.  Sixteen drawers, a Pioneer sound system, an onboard refrigerator, power strips and LED lights offer sufficient space and amenities to solve the housing crisis in several small cities.  A bargain at $1,600.  You might need two.  Check out your local Lowes home improvement store.

Now you have these great tools stored in an over-the-top tool chest.  You want a project.  Here you go:


Ah, yes.  The Aston Martin One-77.   This car, according to our friends at Luxist.com, will sell for more than US$1,498,701.10 (approximately).  That $1.5 Million dollars, friends.  Unless you were totally insane this car is not likely one you’d tinker with in your garage. Even with your fancy tools.  It has a V-12 engine, top speed of 200+ mph and goes from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.   Only 77 will be made to individual buyer specifications.  Great.  I want a towing package on mine so I can pull my boat.  There’s a statement.

Here’s another statement.  Make sure you leave a comment here about something you’re thankful for and you could win some wonderful swag from www.PreppyPrincess.com.  The Princess will announce the winner on Thursday.  C’mon and enter.  You must be thankful for something…

I’m thankful for your willingness to indulge me and I say good-bye until we meet again.  Now please enjoy the musical efforts of The Remains.  They’ll be here all week.

Photos: Sears, Kobalt Tools, Aston Martin


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Black Friday Ads: Target, Polo Ralph Lauren & Hilfiger & J. Crew, Banana Republic Outlet Stores

Greetings of the day and all appropriate niceties, we thought it best if we just shared this information with you right away.  We have more information on a number of Black Friday sales, starting with Target’s ad, available here.

To view the complete insert that will be in local newspapers the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, click here.

Also, expect lower prices at your local Boutique Tarzshay for the foreseeable future, especially in the clothing and home store areas.  The effort to jumpstart Target’s slow sales includes going head-to-head with Walmart on some merchandise, along with using the online component to boost sales. From a recent Associated Press story:

“The company will also offer half a dozen “value items” online every day at special prices.”

“We have taken a very aggressive point of view this year in terms of our promotional pricing, so we expect to be price leaders on selected items … “

The information for the Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Stores event is also now available; they are calling the promotion ‘Midnight Madness.’

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

We will continue to monitor them for information on what to expect at the regular Ralph Lauren stores as well as what additional savings are planned at factory stores other than this initial 20% discount off purchases of $150+.

Tommy Hilfiger is offering substantial savings for Black Friday:

There are also a number of coupons for specific savings, like the one shown below, “Save an Additional 25% on any $200 Purchase,” but we have no idea if one must have an “official coupon,” or if it could be printed off any site, like ours.

The J. Crew Factory Outlet stores are also doing Black Friday:

If it is difficult to read the small print up above, early risers who shop before 10am can take an additional 50% off clearance styles, nothing to sneeze at.

Bath and Body Works is doing a VIP Bag with purchases over $100, their scan can be seen here.

They are also doing Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% off now…

…along with several “Secret Online Sales.

Other savings at specific factory outlets and stores:

  • Banana Republic Factory Stores Midnight Madness 40% off the entire store! Expires: 11/28/08
  • Eddie Bauer Factory Stores Midnight Madness Save an extra 30% off your entire purchase. Ad Code: 5700. Expires: 11/28/08

Vera Bradley will be offering free shipping on Dec.1,

We are a little surprised at Nautica’s listings, essentially $20 off a purchase of $100 or more, not nearly as aggressive as we anticipated considering their ongoing struggles in the marketplace.

For online shoppers, right now the company is offering free ground shipping on orders totaling more than $100.

On the electronics front, Best Buy has a number of discounts and markdowns that can be seen here.  The retailer will open at 5am the Friday morning after Thanksgiving.

Circuit City will also open at 5am; their ad scans are available here.

We do not yet have specifics on the Ann Taylor Loft stores, but can tell you they are now taking an Additional 40% off already reduced prices, a good deal in and of itself…

as well as offering a $25 gift card for every $50 you spend.

Keep an eye on the Tanger Outlet store site as well as the Prime Outlets site; both are decent resources for updates on special discounts and hours for the stores, although Tanger provides much more information than the Prime Outlets site offers.

When we have more on other retailers generally thought to offer a ‘preppy aesthetic’ or preppy styles, we’ll get that information to you, including the non-factory store sales and markdowns.


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