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Is ALL Black Fleece on Sale? Also, Obama Fashion Bailout?

Hello-Hello everyone…and happy It’s-Almost-the-Weekend-Day!

Today we start with one of TP’s favorite designers (regular readers know the truth), Thom Browne. Yes, he of the cropped pants on men’s suits, including his Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Collection. Among other things.

First off, next week Mr. Browne makes his European debut, presenting his line in Italy for the first time.

Daniel Garriga/WWD

PHOTO: Daniel Garriga/WWD

And in other Thom Browne news (heh-heh), an update on the standalone Black Fleece store in the West Village from the the eagle-eyed staff at Racked.com. They have been monitoring things at the site and reported yesterday that after months of inactivity, they saw movement!

“After months of darkness, the lights have come on inside of the corner store and it looks as though they are working on painting the walls and refinishing the floor.”

Below left, the Black Fleece Embroidered Trouser at Brooks, discounted a whopping 75% to a mere $375; but remember, it is only a bargain if Mr. Wonderful prefers flood pants.  On the right, a far more enticing item, the Men’s Cashmere Argyle Sweater, 50% off its original selling price, now $500.



Because we so care about proper maintenance of your trust fund, we scoured all the Black Fleece we had time for, and only discovered one item that was *not* on sale.  And that is….?  The Triple Guard Stripe tie, described this way on the site: As worn by Jennifer Aniston on the cover of the January 2009 GQ magazine.” Indeed. Was this not Ms. Aniston’s entire wardrobe for that photo?

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

Actually, the same tie is used with a look we happen to love, the Women’s Black Fleece Classic Wool Jacket. This will not surprise frequent blog visitors as we have been vocal about our fond feelings for many of Mr. Browne’s women’s designs.  This lush jacket is now at $950, half of the original selling price.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

We were more-than-surprised to see something unusual on sale at Brooks: their fragrances for Men and Women.  On the Shock-O-Meter, this is up there with the Saks Designer Jewelry sale.  Seriously.

Çourtesy Brooks Brothers

Çourtesy Brooks Brothers

We have *never* seen fragrances on sale at Brooks, so this clearly goes in the SOTT (Sign of the Times) category.  In this post we did talk about the three Men’s scents remaining in the line, but there was no guarantee they would be carried indefinitely.

And in another SOTT, we give you this:

Saks Designer Sale

Saks Designer Sale

80% Off at Saks?????

Please excuse us while we locate an ice pick to thrust directly between the eyeballs.  At the very least we require a Prozac Latte just to carry on. The thought of Saks disappearing from our horizon is unbearable. (Yes, we realize there are far more tragic things in the world, but they are not what TP elects to discuss in this blog.) We shall simply operate under the dum spiro, spero philosophy.

Next SOTT:  Polo Ralph Lauren is also pushing deeper discounts, “Up to 70% Off” original prices.  This Cashmere Turtleneck Dress looks snuggly and chic, and at only $129 it could be a great investment piece.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren


This could easily be a SOTT: A story in today’s Times headlined “U.S. Fashion’s One-Woman Bailout?” accompanied by this photo montage:

See below

photo credits below

Reporter Guy Trebay does an excellent job looking at Michelle Obama and her impact on the fashion industry, making for a great read.  There are also several online photo slide shows and interactive features  on the topic of First Ladies and Fashion (including inaugural gowns) worthy of your time.

And speaking of same, the marketing minds at retailer White House/Black Market have unveiled four sketches of Inaugural designs for the next First Lady.

Courtesy White House/Black Market

Courtesy White House/Black Market

The four gowns can be seen starting tomorrow at WHBM’s Union Station mini-store, and better yet, they are being used as a fundraiser for Clothes off our Back.

As explained in WWD’s story on the promotional effort:

“Back in June, we were thrust into the spotlight when Mrs. Obama wore us on ‘The View,’ and since then we’ve been on a journey with her and we wanted to take her to the inauguration,” said brand president Donna Noce. “Our tag line is ‘From Our White House to Yours.’”

The dresses are named The Abigail, The Eleanor, The Jackie and The Ladybird, and are all handmade, in Size 8.

Photo credits for the Michelle Obama NY Times montage: Darren McCollester/Getty Images; Ron Edmonds/Associated Press; Rick Wilking/Reuters/Corbis


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Comcast Buys Daily Candy, Black Fleece 70% Off, Cartier Sues Donna Karan

Okay, we simply must ask: have you bought either the one above…the one below…

or none of the above? Of course, it is *none* of our business whatsoever, you know we are merely curious and simply had to ask. Although, between the monies collected on behalf of the couple for the sale of the baby photos to both People and Hello, an immense amount of good will be done in places where help is badly needed, and we do applaud the couple for that.

A few other tidbits of note that may prove to be of interest to some of our readers. Do you recognize the artwork up above? If you thought of the oh-so-popular email newsletter Daily Candy then you’re right on target, just as they always are.

Well, there is news today they have been sold. To Comcast. Yes, that Comcast, the cable company. This, via today’s Times, first in print and now in the online version. And are you ready for the price? Sources put it at $125 million. Here is more information from the Times online story:

The site will serve as a natural partner for Comcast properties like E! and the Style Channel, he said.

In our dreams. We so adore all the newsletters, we can only pray Comcast does nothing to detract from a good thing. (And we openly admit we are just freaks for their artwork. LoveLoveLove it.) This is one piece of virtual correspondence The Princess always enjoys seeing in the electric In-bin, so hopefully any changes are only for the better. Let’s cross all our fingers and all our toes on that thought, shall we? After all, this *is* the cable company we’re talking about.

We also have word that the Rugby line from Ralph Lauren is receiving some much-needed TLC in the form of upgrades to its website. Apparently one will be able to shop online in the not too distant future. That is a beautiful development, particularly for the younger crowd, as the label targets a more collegiate demo; it also carries lower price points as well.

And since we are discussing lower price points, that provides the perfect segue to alert you to another end-of-summer clearance sale.

This time we showcase Brooks Brothers’ sale on their Black Fleece Collection. No big story (actually no story at all), just a note to remind you to head over to B2 if you are fond of Mr. Browne’s designs.

As you know, The Princess respects your pocketbook. Lest you doubt her concern over pennies saved becoming dollars earned and all that, some good news from Starbucks if you are a twice a day visitor to their establishments.

Big, cold iced grande drinks for just $2 after 2pm are here if you buy something at Starbucks in the morning and you save your receipt. In an effort to get more people back to the stores in the afternoon, the company has rolled the promotion out from now through Sept. 2. Since those big cups of cold caffeine (and other concoctions) can run up to $4, that is not a bad deal; just be sure to have your receipt stamped in the morning to receive the discount when you return in the afternoon.

In today’s “Can’t We All Just Get Along” category, Cartier sued Donna Karan yesterday, charging that the designer ripped off its famous “Tank” watch name. The Cartier Tank watch we show below is compliments of Neiman Marcus; it is the ‘Small Tank Solo Steel‘ version, at $2250 with the alligator strap as shown.

The Cartier lawyers say the DKNY folks deliberately used the word “Tank” when marketing their watches, making shoppers somehow think the DKNY watches are connected to Cartier. We think not.

It seems the watch Cartier is complaining about is a model called the DKNY Women’s Ion-Plated Tank Watch, seen above. We show a version available at the Bon-Ton stores, as shown it is $115. Of course, this watch is available at many other retailers if it appeals to you. Perhaps they’ll all get together after 2pm for a Latte Grande (is there such a thing?) and make nice.

We’ll leave you with this image…one of the hypothetically hot items from the Louis Vuitton ’09 Cruise Line, the fingerless glove with the charms attached to the little bracelet, not yet available for sale, but fascinating to look at nonetheless.


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