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What was She Thinking? Preppy Sale Update #3

Hello-hello, is everyone excited for the weekend?

Before we do anything else we simply must say ‘Thank You’ to several generous, witty and oh-so-fun bloggers who were kind enough to give The Princess special recognition! We are flattered to be recognized; thank you for making us feel special!

Getting Here from There is an excellent writer; her “Ode to Allergies” is a must-read and Little Bow Prep is a brilliant teen with such exquisite taste she is a member of Coutorture. Those two both passed along their Sisterhood Awards to us! Whoo-hoo!

Thank You Miss Getting Here from There!

Thank You!

The Gifting Gumshoe, she of the awesome preppy finds, flattered TP with this honor:

Thank You Gifting Gumshoe!

Thank You Gifting Gumshoe!

The always-fabulous Muffy Martini generously shared the Queen Of ALL Things award with The Princess.

Thank You Miss Muffy!

Thank You Miss Muffy!

You are all just too nice.

We also want to publicly share our appreciation for the one and only Miss Janice, who so graciously commented about the Lilly Pulitzer Party Pack she won in Muffy Martini’s Great Bloggiversary Giveaway.  You are always the epitome of grace Miss Janice, and forever a Southern Lady in our book.


Today have a “Help Us Understand” moment, one that is actually tied to Gossip Girl actress and star Blake Lively.  But first we must explain the annual ritual known as the television upfront.

The upfront is held every year at this time. Each network reveals their fall programming schedules to potential advertisers, using clips of the shows accompanied by the trotting out of warm props presence of as many stars from said shows as they can muster.  Having participated in these, we can unequivocally state they are bizarre events, somewhere between a seance and a carnival sideshow.

Which brings us to Ms. Lively’s appearance at the CW’s upfront yesterday. In this:

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Dollfaces, yours truly is confused, and seeks your guidance. You must advise us on the appropriateness of the attire, as we ponder the possibility it is our old age and senility causing us to recoil in horror upon seeing such an egregious crime against fashion.  Or, is it just. plain. wrong. (You are correct, it wasn’t really a question, rather an affirmation of our distaste. Harrumph.)

Princess readers are possessed of the knowledge that good taste is not determined by decade, or popularity with the masses.  Generations pass accompanied by their ensuing cultural shifts, but basic grace and manners do not change with a whim and a wink, following the latest trends. Therefore, we eagerly await your wisdom on the topic as we are certain we can learn something, we always do.

EDITORIAL NOTE: The Princess Consort just proofed our post and while reading he suddenly gasped, “Oh my God, what was she thinking? It looks like something they used to wear in the girls gym class!” We offer this merely in the interest of fairness and transparency. Obviously.

As mentioned, stars are big winners at the upfront show and tell scene:

PHOTO: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The CW Network

PHOTO: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The CW Network

Above, most of the Gossip Girl cast at Madison Square Garden yesterday: Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick.

Why does Ms. Meester look far more elegant than Ms. Lively? (Below, Ms. Meester with Jessica Szohr.)

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Or is it our skewed and skeptical viewpoint that is the problem?

As we are catching up on the G2 news, we have word that Ed Westwick will star in the remake of Wuthering Heights.

PHOTO: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The CW Network

PHOTO: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Does he look like Heathcliff to you? While not an enormous fan it does appear to be a combination that could work.


A few quick sale updates, beginning with Best & Company:

We believe the sale prices are in effect at the Greenwich store as well as at Bergdorf Goodman.

Bargains are also available at Sak’s:

Others offering discounted price points:

  • Lands’ End is doing their “30% Off Summer Favorites” promotion
  • Polo Ralph Lauren is offering up to 50% Off; their spinoff brand Rugby is doing the same
  • Old Navy is being very smart, selling $1 Flip-flops on Saturday with a limit of 6 pairs


One more tidbit before we sign off with a ‘there’s a reason for the season’ moment reminder…

PHOTO:  Mark Wilson/Getty Images

PHOTO: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Monday’s National Moment of Remembrance happens at 3pm. No matter where we are physically, TP is guessing our hearts will all be in one place.


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It’s All About the Pink….and Perhaps a Little Green.

Hello-Hello…did everyone enjoy their weekend?

We have not featured a collection of items in the color pink for some time, and today seems like the perfect day to do just that.  Let’s start with something The Princess covets: the Jeffrey for Sperry top-sider leather lace-up in a neon pink patent, also available in an equally vivid lime green. These run $138 at a fabulous little shop, Gimme Shoes.


If these are a tad too bright for wearing to your somewhat shy teenager’s field hockey game (You know, “Mother, I will die! If you wear those to my game, I will be so embarrassed I will just die, I will never forgive you” sort of wailing), how about this Pink Plaid pair, also perfect for sloshing around in the mud.  They come from the oh-so-talented Tamara Henriques, and are approximately $65-$70 depending on the exchange rate for the British pound.

Everyone has at least one cable sweater in their sweater closet. But do you have the cable clog? Here is an opportunity to acquire your first pair, shown in pink but available in many other colors. These are also from the very talented Ms. Henriques and also require what is a reasonably small investment, $65-$70.


In showing this next item we must acknowledge that it would seem a modicum of sanity has returned to Tiffany.  For those who did not have to endure the sad, sorry saga of The Princess and “The Store Formerly Known as Tiffany,” we’ll only say we were aghast at the commercial aspect the company’s merchandise was taking on, believing them to be imperiling the brand itself with some products that violated the fundamental tenets upon which the company was founded.

This is why we are pleased to see the return of a more subdued (and subsequently far more elegant) classic, the Tiffany Purse pen in sterling silver with its pink diamond-textured motif.

Tiffany Pen

Tiffany Pen

Thinking about the holidays and wondering about something a little different for the tree? How about a Lilly Pulitzer Glass Christmas Ornament in the pink “Toile of Two Monkeys” pattern?


Perfect for your little Princess, Best & Co. offers the pink Pleated Sweater Skirt for Girls Sizes 2-12. Remember if the Greenwich store isn’t convenient, you can always stop by the boutique inside Bergdorf Goodman.

Best & Co.

Best carries a matching cardigan with a sweet ruffle on the front. If it’s just “too-too” or “frou-frou,” then consider any or both of the pieces in other colors; they come in cream, brown, navy, or red.

Always an excellent gift, the Cabo Isabella picture frame by Kate Spade is sleek and elegant.

Of course, The Princess is fond of the Larabee Dot Tidbit Plate set, also from Kate Spade. It comes in several colors but you won’t be surprised to know the two we consider to be the “must have” colors:

Here in The Great Midwest we are feeling a little nip in the air; we know that Gap’s fabulous Pink Peacoat will make anyone look great while also warding off the chill.

And this Girly Peacoat in rich raspberry pink will brighten anyone’s day! It is also from Gap and available in Sizes 12 Months to 5 Years.

The variety of childrens’ shoes available in all colors, prices, styles, and quality levels is  overwhelming. We offer this pair from Cienta, in a fuchsia that takes no prisoners, it is that bright. (C’mon ladies, you know you can’t say no to the bow.) These are available in Toddler Sizes, made in Spain; the pair cost $55 at Zappos.

And for the Lady of the House, what could be more snuggly than this pair of pink Madras Igloo Mocassin Slippers by Reef? These are also at Zappos, they run $29 and shipping is free.

And for Mom, this darling pair of Ballerina Flats from one of our favorites, London Sole, a shoe meriting your acquaintance if you are not already fast friends.


On the home front, a perfectly useable style statement for from IKEA, the Snille Swivel Chair in pink.

If all of this isn’t pink enough, consider the pink rooms of the fifties, this one compliments of the cool folks at Crater Ranch.

Crater Ranch

Crater Ranch

Here at the Prepatorium we sometimes must remind ourselves that our worries are really very, very small. Images like this help us put things in perspective. I mean, who would expect to find this pink room in the middle of a battle zone thousands of miles away in southern Baghdad…?

The caption for the photo reads:

“In an odd twist of irony our sniper (SGT G) and his fearsome weapon (the Barett .50 cal) were housed in a pink room….”

God love the men and women in uniform who are looking out for us.


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Wimbledon Fashion Fracas + SALES at Best & Co., Lilly Pulitzer

There is something satisfying about a buying trip, even when somewhat hurried, a bit harried, to look at textiles for our Fall/Winter 08/09 lines, including our first Holiday collections. This is where we are *so* blessed to have a Chief Design Officer with an eye for color and design that is really nothing short of remarkable, otherwise yours truly would still be left wandering the miles of aisles somewhere in the warehouse. More about our new additions to the lines in an upcoming post. (If you are stopping by for the first time and wondering what it is we are babbling on about, we have a little company designing and manufacturing placemats and napkins and pillows, and towels and all sorts of other goodies, all of them with a decidely preppy bent or aesthetic.)

While not posh, the surroundings at the varying fabric warehouses where we purchase our goods are certainly neat and clean and the people are extremely helpful and always polite. Which is apparently more than can be said for some of those playing tennis on Day Four of Wimbledon, hhmmm? To be a bit more precise, more than can be said for at least one of the parties playing on Court One yesterday? (Thursday, Day Four of play by the time anyone reads this as it is being written rather late.) My goodness. We’ll get to the “He said, she said” part of it in just a sec, but first we wanted to wade through a few of these SALE notices we feel we should share with everyone. And we think we need time to gather our wits as we’re still reeling and essentially sitting here at the iMac not wanting to go down the “Can you say catfight on Court One?” route. That would just be so totally tacky and beneath us. Completely. Beneath. Us.

Best & Company Favorite Looks

Best & Company Girl

So let’s chat about it being that time of year when the notices of summer SALES and increased savings and greater markdowns and deeper discounts and moremoremore buybuybuy information keep flying into your electronic inbox, not to mention all of the literature your poor postal employee has to cope with delivering to your humble abode. And may we talk about the Doorman? Is yours as, well, cranky as ours is becoming? Honestly! I wonder if he’ll go completely ballistic if Cook takes him down an iced Prozac Latte….

Keeping track of the flyers and email notices is almost a fulltime job in and of itself. At least that’s what our Social Secretary keeps telling us. But then that’s why you have The Princess, to help sort through everything and separate some of the wheat from the chaff, yes?

Best of Friends Best & Company Sale

And we must say, surfing the yummies for Boys and Girls at Best & Company is a delightful escape in and of itself, a brief respite in the midst of a chaotic evening. After all, how could you not fall in love with the little Blue Pique Dress shown up above on the right and below left, or the little floral frock below right?

Best & CompanY Blue Pique Girls DressBest & Caompany Floral Printed Shift Dress with Ric Rac Trim

Especially when the ‘Sneak Peek’ for the Annual Summer Sale provides an additional 10% off the SALE price. (If you can’t read the code, it is SUMMER08, and it is good through midnight June29th.) And that additional 10% will come in handy when you see this Pink Paneled Joan Calabrese dress with the grosgrain ribbon and bows. I swear, if I could take a pill to shrink me down to that size to wear that precious little dress, I just might swallow it.

Pink Paneled Joan Calabrese Dress Pink Paneled Joan Calabrese Dress Best & Co.

For that matter, the Dolphin Embroidered Dress is pretty difficult to pass on as well.

Best & Co.  Dolphin Embroidered DressBest & Co. Embroidered Dolphin Dress

And when it comes to this jaunty nautical sweater for infants, there’s no debate; you can pair it with the all cotton stripe cotton shortall, also for infants.

Best & Co. Infants Sailor Cardigan

Best & Co. Infants Navy Cotton Stripe shortall Best & Co. Navy Cotton Shortall Stripe

For Boys, there is the Printed Sailboat Ringer Tee (although a girl could wear it too) in red or in a nice blue as well. The Lobster Intarsia Sweater is very cool, perfect for breezy nights on the beach or on the water

 Printed Sailboat Ringer Tee

Best & Co Lobster Intarsia Sweater

We must move on to our next retailer, The Village Palm, which happens to be a Lilly Pulitzer signature shop, and where they have loads of Lilly on sale for 40% – 50% off for Men, Women and Kids sizes, well worth a stop if you have the time. And you can snag a copy of Essentially Lilly if you don’t already have one, for the amazing price of ….drum roll please….only $15.

Lilly Pulitzer Book at Village Palm shop

Okay. We seem to have recovered our equilibrium enough to at least approach the Wimbledon conversation, which is really not that big of a deal in the grander scheme of things but really seemed so… so… well, so extraordinarily bizarre when one considers the level of decorum generally used courtside. The whole thing is actually very silly on the surface, until one considers the role model issue. I don’t know about you, but there are an awful lot of teenage girls at the club who watch the ‘women’ (many of whom are little more than girls themselves) on the tour very closely; their clothes, their shoes, their rackets, their makeup, their accessories and jewelry, etc., and their behavior.

Why does this matter? Because good sportsmanship and civility are important characteristics all of us need to exhibit at all times, but especially when we are on a larger platform. Like Wimbledon. After we have just beaten Number 3 seed Maria Sharapova. Who won Wimbledon in 2004.

Wimbledon Day 4 Maria Looks Bummed

Which would have been the gracious and courteous thing for Sharapova’s opponent, Alla Kudryavtseva to do. Unfortunately it didn’t play out that way. Youthful exuberance is understandable after such an enormous upset, especially for the young woman who is a fellow Russian. Who is ranked 154th in the world.

Alla Kudryavtseva Wimbledon 6.26.08

Many of you reading this no doubt are aware of what transpired immediately following the match. When reporters started firing the standard questions at the 20-year-old Kudryavtsevas about how it felt to upset Maria Sharapova, what helped her to play so well…blah-blah-blah (TP gets to do that as a former reporter), the issue of Sharapova’s much discussed ‘Tennis Tuxedo’ came up, an outfit worn for both Sharapova’s matches that has garnered substantial attention, in some cases more than the actual tennis being played. Here is some of her response as described by the International Herald Tribune:

She said it was a pleasure to beat Sharapova — and not just because she is the biggest star in the women’s game. “Well, I don’t like her outfit. Can I put it this way?” she said with a grin.

Sharapova Loses at Wimbledon 6.26.08 Tuxedo outfit

Some reports have Kudryavtsevas irritated by the amount of endorsement money Sharapova earns for things like the now famous, if not infamous, Nike ‘Tennis Tuxedo’ discussed above. The outfit that generated fully 13 questions from reporters in the news conference after Sharapova’s first round victory. Thirteen fashion questions and three tennis questions. Prompting front page coverage in the British tabs like this:

Sun Cover Wimbledon 6.25.08

It is clear Kudryavtseva does not like the the level of attention devoted to fashion, and its dominate role in professional tennis. She comes from a family with a strong sports background: her father is a world champion wrestler. As best The Princess recalls, Wrestling does not dedicate this amount of time and attention to fashion and it would seem they are better off for it.

“I don’t like her outfit,” Kudryavtseva said. “It’s a little too much of everything, of the same thing.”

As far as Kudryavtsevas’s concerns about upsetting Sharapova with her comments, that is clearly not a worry.

If I’m not afraid to go play her and she’s world No. 3, I’m not afraid she’s going to catch me in the dressing room and say, ‘You know what, you said you don’t like my outfit. You were wrong.’ I will say, ‘Sorry. That’s just my opinion.'”

Sharapova Wimbledon 6.26.08Sharapova Wimbledon \'08

Here’s how columnist Will Brinson saw it:

Petty? Perhaps. But pettiness breeds contempt and contempt usually breeds rivalries. And, as far as I can tell, that’s exactly what tennis needs. If it happens to come from two attractive European women who take pleasure in destroying one another on the tennis court, so be it.

To be fair to Kudryavtseva, not all of her comments were of the nature seen above. Some could be looked upon as those coming from a professional on the Tour, courteous and civil (we’re not even asking for gracious at this point, agreed?) most of the time. None of us is perfect.

“She experiments, and I give her credit for that. She’s brave enough to experiment. Sometimes she has good ones, sometimes not.”

Don’t we all? The princess has had quite enough of this topic for the day; haven’t you?

Our next post will showcase several more *very* good sale notices we’ve received in the last two days or so, and we will update another Wimbledon fashion statement generating lots of buzz, the Federer cardigan. We’ll also share one more little dress that had prima ballerina types and fashion folks chatting it up together!

Wimbledon Nike Roger federer Cardigan


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Spring is Sprung

At last…..bright bouncy days alive with green shoots from optimism. Oh puh-leeze; that is so not happening at the moment. At least not in the great Midwest, most of the south and a good portion of the rest of the country. So here comes Peter Cottontail? I think not. In reality, Mother Nature is in utter hysterics like a girl at her first frat house party who has just experienced the joys of grain alcohol served straight out of what would normally be considered a trash can. “Easter egg hunt? Now? In the snow? Oh yeahhhhhhh.” Are you nuts?”

However, all is not lost: we can still enjoy a few fresh thoughts in recognition of the change of season. Instead of staring at the snow piling up (or whatever your particular misery may be), let’s start at Charles Tyrwhitt, fab friends from the UK with a shop or two in midtown (I think – do send us a note if we’re wrong on the location):

CT Women’s Pink Stripe ShirtTyrwhitt Black BlazerCharles Tyrwhitt Sky Stripe shirt

The striped beauty on the far left is marked down from $120 to a mere $75. Who can resist that price? This black jacket is simply a must have, in a to-die-for linen and cotton blend, and quite the bargain at only $295, marked down from $450. Coming in at third place is the sky blue stripe shirt on the far right at $65.  Here is a link to the US Home page for CT; you know we *live* to make your life easier. Of course, if you can repeatedly spell the name without any trouble, then by all means, put yourselves on the Headmaster’s List for the semester.

Moving on, we are pleasantly surprised to find ourselves favorably impressed by this delightful find suggested by FirstBlush.com, billing itself as “The Shopping Site for Women.” Hhhmmm…we are not convinced of that, but do stop by and take a peek if so inclined. (Do disregard their little typing error indicating the bag is from ‘piperline’, when they in fact mean to say “Piperlime.”) Better yet, pop on over to Piperlime and see the bag from every possible angle. BTW, any guidance you can give the Princess on the derivation of the name would be ever-so-appreciated. More importantly, is it a preppy purse in your opinion? Do tell.

We can’t toddle off without showing these divine, dreamy looks for your little one from Best and Company. And before you ask, yes, it’s the ‘new’ Best, the one Susie Hilfiger bought a few years back. What a fabulous job she has done with the company – we are so thrilled to see things going well. If you can’t get to Greenwich or Bergdorf’s (it’s on 7) then give them a call; I think they are still doing trunk shows. Makes us wish they did grown-up girls, or that we were petite and sweet once again. Sigh.

Best & Company Whale SweaterBest Pink Seersucker Smocked DressBest & Comapny Navy Sweater

Well, it’s been divine dolls, but we simply must fly. Time to haul out the snowblower in an effort to unearth the eggs we hid on the lawn. Silly us. Can you say Judy Garland in Easter Parade? (Too young to have a clue? Rent it, buy it, or look it up at IMDB.com.)

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