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“Far too Preppy”? Also, Luxe Leisure by Banana Republic

Hello-Hello and good gracious… is it Thursday already? How did this happen?

We have lots of little tidbits of a preppish nature, beginning with an update on that Polo Ralph Lauren collection at JC Penney.   Some may recall the initial marketing campaign that featured photography by the amazing Bruce Weber.

Bruce Weber via NY Times

In a recent analysis about Polo Ralph Lauren’s overall performance an industry expert commented:

“… after almost 3 years in JC Penney, the American Living brand continues to underperform original expectations in almost all categories… according to multiple industry sources. Prices have been lowered from original targets and quality has slipped along with those adjustments.”

We originally posted about the line here, back in October.  As a quick explainer on the brand we share a few items – the Side Knot Wrap Dress and Men’s Classic Rugby are from the apparel line.








The group includes a Children’s collection.

JC Penney

And there is also the American Living Home Collection portion of the joint marketing endeavor.

JC Penney

From casual observations online, we have yet to be ‘wowed’ by this group, but to be fair, we have not seen any items from the collection in person.

More from that analysis:

“The American Living brand remains far too preppy for the prevailing tastes of the JC Penney consumer and it has not succeeded in attracting a new consumer to any meaningful degree.”

Hhhmmmm. This prompts us to impose upon our cherished readers, posing a question: does this slipper shriek Ralph Lauren to you?

JC Penney

Do tell, expiring minds are dying to know.


Next, some of this spring’s new looks at Talbots.  Many readers may have received this in their mailbox this week.

Courtesy Talbots

Some of the styles hold promise.


We like the Textured Sheath and the Animal Print Sheath.  More looks from the spring collection.

And two more…

The black and white combination seems to work well with this group.


We have word from WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.) about a new mini-collection (aka ‘capsule collection’) from Banana Republic.

Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

The group will not be sold everywhere:

“… a 40-piece range that includes swimwear, tunics and other beachy attire to be sold 12 months a year at its warm weather stores, as well as a handful of other locations.”

Essentially a resort collection with richer, deeper hues, the name for the line is Luxe Leisure.  Despite that moniker the WWD story says prices are going to be about the same as the core collection.

Courtesy Photo via WWD


Maybe it is because so many of our friends are expecting blessed arrivals, perhaps it is simply because we adore most things nautical. Either way we close today’s post with a look at one of the cutest darn baby items we have seen in some time.


The Infant Tee shirt at Spoon Sisters showcases an anchor tattoo with the word Mommy… “darling” comes to mind.  We originally learned about Spoon Sisters from the Coterie blog, they have a fabulous assortment of gift items, well worth a fly-by (in a cyber sense). Who wouldn’t melt at the sight of this?


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