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An Anti-Prep’s Antics, Chanel Does It Again

Hello-Hello, happy Tuesday!

We have a slew of bits and bytes combined with a heavy out-of-the-office schedule, so today shall be somewhat scattered and mercifully brief.

We begin with an update on a member of that oh-so-exclusive (but sadly growing) group known as the Anti-preps. We are referring to an individual sometimes called La Lohan; the celebrity is seen below just before today’s Chanel showing at Paris Fashion week.

Thibault Camus/AP Photo

The reason for mentioning Ms. Lohan today?  News she has filed a $100 million lawsuit over this television commercial.

Courtesy E-Trade via Page Six

For those unfamiliar with the E-Trade television campaign, the spots feature “voices” of babies who invest in the stock market. In this particular commercial the little tyke is apologizing for not calling his little female friend the previous night when she inquires in an accusatory fashion: “And that milk-a-holic Lindsey wasn’t over?” (As far as we know it could also be spelled Lindsey.)

Unless Ms. Lohan’s legal counsel has evidence the Grey creative team (E-Trade’s advertising agency) sat around discussing the benefits of aligning E-Trade with Ms. Lohan (an unlikely scenario) we fail to grasp the grounds for the litigation.  This story from Page Six explains that evidently Ms. Lohan believes she is on a level with entertainers recognized by a single name, like Oprah or Madonna.

Courtesy E-Trade via You Tube

Additionally Ms. Lohan’s counsel is requesting an injunction forcing the popular commercial off the air; more from the Post’s story with quotes from her attorney:

“”They used the name Lindsay,” Ovadia said. “They’re using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn’t they use the name Susan?”

Precisely our question.

This takes us back to our television days, when a certain NFL Team Owner decided that his Football Team owned the color orange. (This is also in the You Can’t Make This Stuff Up category.) Seriously. No one but the Official Team Station was to use that color in conjunction with the team. At all. That particular legal action was short-lived and unsuccessful for the Team Owner.

One last quote from the story:

“This is a subliminal message. Everybody’s talking about it and saying it’s Lindsay Lohan.”

Now we’re feeling like we’re not part of ‘everybody’.  Sigh.


As we mentioned the Chanel show at Fashion week, we want to share a few images. Below we see Alexa Chung and Caroline Seiber on their way into the event.

As always, there was incredible staging; in this case 25 tons of ice was brought in to create the desired backdrop.

Eric Ryan/Getty

It’s a tad difficult to look at fall/winter clothing when it is finally springlike outside.

We did like some styles.

Mr. Lagerfeld never fails to raise the bar, an amazing accomplishment considering his tenure at Chanel.



In our Sales & Savings category, J. Crew is doing an additional 30% off sale merchandise, use promo code EXTRA30 at checkout.  The promotion ends at midnight Friday, but we would not be surprised to see email on Friday announcing the discount has been extended through the weekend.

Speaking of J. Crew, the firm’s Bomber Jacket has been updated.

J. Crew via Luxist

This is the jacket done in collaboration with UK retailer Belstaff, the same one worn by Hilary Swank in Amelia.


For today’s Pretty in Pink we offer two items, the first is only available for a limited time at ‘by invitation’ sale site One King’s Lane.  Accessories from a line we love, Baekgaard, are on sale through the 12th.

Passion Fruit by Baekegaard

The group of four pieces seen above is now just $59.  If in need of an invitation to the site click here or email us at thepreppyplanet@gmail.com

Our piece of pink perfection is actually edible.  Meet the Candyglam ring.

If It's Hip It's Here

It definitely looks good enough to eat, and that’s the idea, these are made of hard candy. For more on the tasty jewelry visit If It’s Hip it’s Here.

On that yummy note we say goodbye until next time, may everyone enjoy the bright sun we are seeing here at the Prepatorium!

  • Lorenzo Santini/Getty Images
  • Giovanni Giannoni/WWD


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Pretty in Pink… and Green

Hello-Hello, and Happy Monday!

Does it seem like the weekend flew by ever-so-quickly, or is that simply a reflection of our addled brain? We hope everyone enjoyed family, fun, and perhaps even a little down time to reflect and regroup, we are in the middle of what can be a more-than-wacky time of year!

Today is mostly pix, not prose, as the insanity of orders piling in is consuming most of the day. Our focus today is on gifts with a pink and green theme; we start with a find from the Pink & Green Scene:

The Fleece Throw looks like it would rank very high on the Snuggleometer.

From the folks at Not Soap, Radio we show the I’m Really at the Country Club collection.

Not only does it look like a perfect color combination, it is also an Adventure in Argyle, albeit in an understated pattern.

For those seeking something with a musical influence, the Mini Pink Piano at Neiman Marcus is really very cute.

Also at Needless Markup this establishment, and also possessing a high cute factor, the Paw-Print Cuddles & Burpies.

In honor of Jen at When Pigs Fly, we share this beauty in papier-mâché:

We found the little porker at Middleburg, an etsy shop, just one of many treasures available there.  Also at etsy, the Pink & Green Vines sleep mask from SourdoughSF‘s store, perfect for helping to smooth over any holiday wrinkles.

If still looking for tree decor, our friends at Tar-szay offer the Skiing Hippo (L), and on the right, Kurt Adler’s pastel Pink & Green Heart.


Our fondness for the All Smiles ornament in pink will surprise no one,nor will our appreciation of the Pink 1959 Cadillac.

The Baby Girl’s Dress is sweet, and comes nicely packaged. On the right, the Painting Diva offers her handpainted pink and green ornaments in her etsy shop.

As one might expect, this year’s Lilly Pulitzer Glass ornaments are very popular; on the left we show Checking In, and on the right, Free Falling.

Both items shown above are at the Pink Pelican.  New this year are the Lilly Pulitzer Photo Ornaments, available at the Princess and many other retailers.


For something a little more upscale, Smythson never fails to offer outstanding choices. Their Small Jewelry Roll is perfection, and one can’t go too far astray with one of their Key Fobs.

Other leather goods in fun colors can be found at Baekgaard. The Slim Case is available in a number of colorways, and very attractive from a pocketbook perspective.

Saks has bright leather Passport Covers:

Keep your little one warm and toasty in this sweet Faux Fur Jacket. The Pink Rosette coat is done in fleece, equally cute, but not quite as heavy.

We leave you with a few ideas for the four-legged family members, beginning with the Fairisle Wool sweater, available at Pretentious Pooch.

And then this, the Bone on Board sweater at Paw Palace:

After this, what could we possibly add?  Nothing of value, other than a ‘thank you’ for popping in to visit, and we shall see you next time.


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It is All About the Pink!

Good afternoon dollfaces…

We seem to be a tad scattered this sunny afternoon; the prospect of sun and 60 degrees arriving at the same time has our brain addled.

Because of said addled state, we shall proceed with a brief, yet thematically consistent post.  We know how vitally important thematic standards are to everyone, precisely the reason we are so consistently inconsistent. (Heh-heh.)

We begin with additions to previous posts about ongoing sales at many retailers trading in preppish wares.  Now Tommy Hilfiger isn’t really in this category, more on the bubble in our mind, but they do merit the occasional drive-by and are having quite the clearance sale:


In The Pink Zone we show the Fitted Oxford Stripe Shirt, marked down about 40%, from $68 to $39.99.




Over at Lacoste there is also a broad selection of merchandise on sale. The Girls Cotton Drawstring Skirt was $65 and is now offered at $38.99, the Misses Cotton Knit Pea Coat is $163 from $235.


Next, we move to the treasures at Baekgaard, including the pink luggage Tags:


Courtesy Baekgaard Ltd.

Also on sale, Baekgaard’s Mini Card Case in scads of fabulous color combinations.


Courtesy Baekgaard Ltd.

We do adore this line, in large part because they do use lush, rich colors; we actually discussed carrying it here at the Princess.

For our final pink item selling at a reduced price, the Lilly Pulitzer Toddler’s Maddy Dress.


Lilly Ulitzer Maddy Dress at Saks.com

Lilly Ulitzer Maddy Dress at Saks.com

The dress originally retailed at $68; it is now $46.90. BTW, if planning a visit to Saks, remember it is Friends & Family Sale time, as discussed in this post.



We move on to a question for everyone about this Brooks Brothers skirt. On the surface it would seem the Country Club Embroidered Wrap Skirt has everything a Princess would love.


Courtesy Brooks Brothers

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

The skirt has pink. It has seersucker. It has little embroidered thingies. It even has grosgrain ribbon, used as tipping. Unfortunately when looking at it our mind sees only one thing: the word FRUMP.  What do you think? In our mind each and every reader is a Princess (or Prince), and we need your input. Are we being too hard on B2? Do you like it? Would you wear it? Do tell, as our expiring mind is dying to know.

Also not on sale but priced so reasonably it had to be shared:


The Pink Whale Supply Bags just landed here at the Prepatorium and we are loving them because they are so versatile.  At 9 x 4 x 4 they are simply perfect for your little one’s school supplies, or toiletries when traveling, or even your cosmetics.  The cute factor is off the charts, they are certified PVC-free, and at $14 a great buy. (Psst…if you like the whales, there are also Toddler Backpacks, bigger kids Book Backpacks, as well as Duffle Bags.)


Finally we share the snappiest item we have seen in a long, l-o-n-g time, perhaps the ultimate Pretty in Pink. This gem is a Digital Photo Frame Japanese design firm Greenhouse.  TDF.

Courtesy Greenhouse Design via Gizmodo

Courtesy Greenhouse Design via Gizmine

The frame is also an alarm clock and calendar. The screen is 3.5″ and the frame can run about 2 hours on one battery charge, or one may use the AC adapter, included in the $100 price. But wait – there’s still more! (We always wanted to sound like an infomercial.)

Are you sitting down? This also plays back MP3 audio and mjpeg video files! How cool is that?!  The frame is available at Gizmine and does come in several other colors. In fact, this is so nifty we just have to go oput on a limb and declare it to be officially Prepalicious!

With this on our minds, we are racing off to the Gizmine site.  Have a fabulous evening!


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